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Found 14 results

  1. Can i get some feedback for the below list? i'm looking to build a bit of a "beat-y" lineup, focusing on victory though fire power. my thought is to keep enough mini's on the table through the two death marshals, then focus on debuffing via Jury and killing through Executioner. I havn't played much Lady Justice, prefering Zipp, but want to diversify to keep things interesting. Any suggestions? should i swap out a death marshal, or use different upgrades? Crew Name: Lady J 50 point, JJ&ELeader: Lady Justice - Cache:(4) Vendetta 2ss Scales of Justice 3ss The Judge 9ss Unrelenting Leader 2ss The Jury 8ss A Debt To The Guild 1ss Executioner 9ss Plant Evidence 1ss Death Marshal 6ss Death Marshal 6ss
  2. Hi Guys ! I'm Daju, from Grenoble, I'm passionate about Hobby. I'm here to share with you my passion & work : I'm a miniature painter always looking for new ideas ! You can take a look at my webSite & facebook page : - http://www.dajus-miniatures.fr/ - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dajus-miniatures/354188164666603?ref=ts&fref=ts There is some pics of my Guild Crew : Effigies : Justice's Crew : Hoffman's crew : Comments will help me to improve my services ! Good game to all of you ! Daju.
  3. From the album: My Malifaux miniatures

  4. I've just acquired the following models and I'm wanting to fill in the gaps to make a competitive set of models. What more would I need to get some decent lists going? Lady Justice Sonnia McCabe Lucius Judge Pale rider 3 Executioners 3 Death Marshals 3 Austringers 3 Witchling stalkers 4 Guild dogs 1 Peacekeeper 4 Arachnids 3 Guild guard 3 Guild riflemen 1 Guild sergeant. 1 Doppleganger 1 Brutal effigy I'm not expecting people to make lists for me, just to help suggest where I turn from here to flesh out the options since it's lacking a little.
  5. I am going up against Neverborn, we have flipped Reckoning as strategy, we have added a condition, we are not allowed to bring the master we played the last game, so no Perdita for me. Lady J time then, suddenly it dawned on me, I might meet Collodi, which I know nothing about, the other two masters who can appear are, Lilith or Pandora. How should I counter Collodis strengths, maybe Lady J is the wrong master, as proxies are a no no, I can only bring McCabe or Lucius. I can't use austringers or riflemen, stupid LGS. Should I merc in Killjoy as a large killy suprise? Best regards Cate
  6. There we sat down... Hey Wyrdos, how are you? My name is Andy I have been a long time wargamer, but Malifaux is completely new to me. The main thing that got me in to the game were the models, so before even ready any rules etc, I bought the models I liked. I picked up the Lady Justice crew box set as my first crew, and this log will guide you through my adventures through Malifaux. First up here is a picture of the Lady J box set: As you can plainly see Lady isn't there, why you ask? I had a few problems with this model, the hair was kind of a put off to me and I feel that she is so small compared to the rest of the crew, though it is a nice model. Oh yeah I also broke her sword. I ended up ordering some other bits before I had even finished building my initial box set. I picked up the guild riflemen box set, and the alternate perdita and justice sculpts: For my bases I am going for a "Hell on Wheels" style, with lots of mud and wooden slabs, If you have seen the TV show, you will know what I mean. Like I said, I am only buying the models I really like so my crew may not be the best but atleast I will think they look good. So this weekend I met up with @jbalderstone at Outpost Games in Sheffield and he gave me a demo game. We only used the starter crews, so I had Lady J and he used Shamus. I really enjoyed my first game, I some how won, and can't wait to play again, here is an action shot: Lastly due to my Death Marshals "pine boxing" 2 of Jimmy's Belles I made these markers so I remember in future games: Any way thats all I have done so far, pretty good for only a week of Malifaux? Next post expect some painted models as I currently have Lady J on the painting table. Any advice then please let me know, or if you are in the Yorshire area let me know and we can arrange a game. Thanks for reading. Andy - @Praetoriian
  7. Hi everyone, here are the first few Malifaux models I've painted. Fun models to paint! There are a few more photos available at http://thereforthenoise.blogspot.com/ if you are interested. I think I need more light for the next round of photos though. Comments and feedback are welcome! I've also started working on a Death Marshall, and an Executioner.
  8. From the album: My Guild

    Photo taken with Samsung S3 cell cam, Camera Zoom FX software and placed on gorilla pod
  9. Hi everyone, its been a while since i posted. a couple of years back i bought a few boxes of Malifaux to try out the game and finally paint them beautiful minis, you can still see the results from that foray here . However, time passes, a mind wanders and things change, so I got around to the new edition and the new even more amazing miniatures for this edition, looking forward to play a bit more with the new growing community here in Venezuela ( shout out to my friend Drako!), so I've spent a couple of weeks painting up and here are some results: Sonnia Criid and Sammael I painted these first so i could work up to the fiery marshalls in lady J's box, the flame turned out nicely! Sammael sports an armorcast burst effect found here Sonnia looking rather pensive in her silver mask witchlings are a simple affair tweaked a bit in Snapseed for Android New Crew, old Lady J. just not a fan of the new sculpt, but old one was tall enough to mesh with the upscaling! Scales of Justice Marshalls, fiery, dangerous, super cool marshalls... i actually bluetacked the coffin on this one's back, somehow, he looks as if he's being crushed by it... Faithful Judge, now in more discreet but definitely arse kicking/blasting attire leathers turned out nicely even if she doesnt have flames over her, shes smoking hot, Miss Terious A friend got her in his Goblin's box, so i nabbed her for my collection. Three strong red heads in Malifaux seemed like a bit too much for me (specially since i divorced a red hed already...), so shes blond and colorful instead of broody. Heres Joanna Thats it for now, let me know what you guys think!, ill be posting some games later this month. Best GS
  10. I was on a roll tonight, and managed to polish off all of my Guild! imgur.com/a/yuSYG I'm not the best painter, but I'm slowly getting better. I really do like painting purple, though. It feels good to have both my crews fully painted, but if truth be told I'm already eying models like the Exorcist, Beckoners, and more Guild Guard. Not pictured is the poor Death Marshall who lost his arm... I seriously cannot find it anywhere. Fortunately I haven't fielded more than 2 in a very long time.
  11. I'm a newbie that just got into the game. Can anyone please definitively answer the following question for me? 1) In an email I just received today, wyrd now has a new "Children of December" (Rasptina) crew, and a "Guild of judgement" (Lady Justice) crew. I have recently purchased the Lady Justice AND Rasputina crew. Are my two existing crews now outdated? As I have recently discovered Malifaux and put a lot of money in what I have already...hopefully everything so far is playable in 2.0. 2) For playing in rules 2.0, do I need new cards for compatibility (for any or all my characters)? 3) Perhaps as a tie-in to my second question, for playing rules 2.0 are there any confirmed characters that will no longer be usable? I heard Misaki is one...which is a favorite of mine from the 10 thunders set.
  12. Hi everyone! Long time, no post! I figured I should put up some quick pictures of my Lady Justice Guild Crew. I finished it recently after about 3 months of casual work on it for a slow grow with a few friends (The same one Borzag did a christmas crew for). I went with Justice as her crew was the one I had with the most number of models unpainted, and I built on it to get it to a decent sized crew. I also planned out the bases a bit more than I usually do for an army, so did them with cracked earth and sand, as well as some of the Ghost Town accessories (Which are useful on things like the hounds to tell the duplicate models apart). Anyway, photos! Lady Justice, the Governor’s Proxy, the Scales of Justice, and some Guild Hounds: The Executioner, Brutal Effigy, and Death Marshals: Avatar Justice, Austringers, Judge, and Exorcist: C&C welcome, although I do promise to get some better photos of these (And a bunch of other models I have painted over the past year or so) sorted out over the next few weeks once I get back from Cancon on the weekend.
  13. Hello, I'm a newly discovered member of Malifaux, having picked it up rapidly (dragging my boyfriend along with me) after catching it at a local gaming shop I had visited for the first time about two weeks ago. I haven't ever done any sort of tabletop mini-gaming (beyond D&D) so it almost flew under my radar, but the setting was so unique I couldn't pass it up. My first miniature that I painted was my boyfriend's figure, a gunsmith female. I have others painted, but I don't have pictures of them quite yet. I am not a beginner painter, but I am far from an expert. I've been painting minatures since I was about 13-14 and slowly lost interest in both painting and playing D&D Mini's when I was about 21 or so. I painted a few off and on, and my last painted mini was probably about 3 years ago, if not more, so I think I am a little rusty. My skin and faces aren't NEARLY what I've seen here on the forum, and any critique or helpful hints would be very welcome! I hope to share more in the future, and I have a Lady Justice I am waaay overly proud of that I hope to post soon! I hope you guys like them!
  14. My friends tricked me into trying Malifaux and these miniatures are a result of that: I'm a long time wargamer but a complete beginner at Malifaux, so I'm not sure the feel of these is correct to the background, but I've heard it's a crazy mix of victorian era, fantasy and cowboys. Any comments are welcome!
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