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  1. Back in M1e there was a painting log with gremlins with human skin colour. Really disturbing, but looked great! On my phone right now, but if you look through really old painting logs on here (probably pre 2015) you'll likely find it. Lots of good old stuff on here in general (look up Mako's log for instance!)...
  2. I'd go with extra thin poly cement. Great match with fiddly plastics! I really like the Tamiya brand Extra Thin bottle, as it has a really pointy and nice glue brush in the cap. However I prefer the Tamoya Limonene glue, as it's cconsiderably less smelly and headache-inducing, and supposedly a lot safer as well. So I've bough quite a few of each over the years, and use the green cap from the regular "Extra thin" in place of the orange cap from the Limonene-based version... Also handy to have a bottle of superglue handy. Plastic glue is ususally superior, but sometimes there are gaps that could need filling with small joints, or something comes loose while the glue sets. Sometimer it's impossible to get a smooth surface to glue together with plasti cement, and then thin superglue is my best bet. Any brand should be fine, as long as you don't get a gel version most should be pretty much pure cyanoacrylate anyway...
  3. Still got it? How much is shipping to Norway? I'm in the marker for å ressurectionist and neverborn faction box, and I need to order anyway, so there will be some shipping costs anyway...
  4. Being early is never about getting your order first, it's about getting an order in of limited availability stuff before current stock run out. Wyrd have stated several times over the years that it's not efficient to sort shipments by order number, so they will be shipped more or less randomly. But the later you place an order the higher the risk of something having run out...
  5. https://www.waylandgames.co.uk/the-guild/65955-brutal-fate It has apparently hit at least some distributors, but seems like demand once again is bigger than supply...
  6. Because these where pre-releases during GenCon... Also, eBay says game stores have started to receive at least some of the books...
  7. We've seen renders suggesting they have designed a lot already. The issue is probably how much capital to sink into molds, as that gets expensive fast. I'm struggling to buy as many wyrdscapes building as I want due to the price tag, but man are the ones I've got awesome. Really wish they could release the whole tableworth, but I'd probably take a few years to complete a set...
  8. No offence, but I hope you're the idiot and someone can explain how; will be putting these together sometimes this week, and I've been putting them off so far... 😉
  9. https://www.waylandgames.co.uk/temple-of-ro-kan/6624-fisherman-of-ro-kan https://www.waylandgames.co.uk/bushido/6629-hisao https://www.waylandgames.co.uk/bushido/6534-waku-soul-collector Just some examples...
  10. Don't have anything specific, but have a look at the Bushido range. Should be something similar in that range. Might not be a perfect fit, but should be close enough to avoid confusion...
  11. New sword for Francisco, new watchers, additional pose for hunters and maybe some more dynamic poses for things like Guardians and I think we're pretty good.
  12. https://www.wyrd-games.net/m3e-digital-book-promotion?fbclid=IwAR29mUR7n5tHcZfP7629jC2CcZg7gUfD6ucEtfKsIsm1XIZXBdFr0ZoMCrM
  13. Pretty certain Wyrd is doing all they can to speed up production. The issue was caused by a massive overperformance of M3e, and Wyrd have everything to gain from increasing production rates and sell more product. The issue is probably that there is quite a bit of lead time on injection moulded plastic, but I'm sure they're turning every stone...
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