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  1. There are some different considerations with plastic as there can be no undercuts at all, but I think it's fair to say Wyrd's plastics have improved somewhat. That also implies they were not exactly optimised from the outset...
  2. (0) "Welcome to Malifaux!" 😛 Joke aside, you found one of the worst places to start. The Bayou Boss, along with Yan Lo's box, are notoriously hard to put together... In general, Wyrd make some of the best plastic crack out there, but the price to pay is that they seem to pay close to zero attention to how easy their stuff is to put together. This allows them to create crazy dynamic poses, but we pay for it with hours of frustration. A few survival tips for Wyrd plastic: 1. Always use the thinnest plastic cement you can get your hands on. I use Tamiya Lemonene cement, because it doesn't give me headaches, but I keep around a jar of regular Tamiya Extra Thin because the brush in that is fine and thus superior. 2. WIPE OFF THE BRUSH WHEN PAINTING ON THE CEMENT!!! You need cement on both pieces, but only a tiny amount. I also like to let the pieces dry ever so slightly. Too much cement and the tiny parts drown out. 3. Keep superglue ready as a backup. In Malifaux, bad things happen, and sometimes things will come loose. Most of the time a tiny drop of Tamiya cement will fix things, but sometimes the joint surface will become porous, and the new joint will be poor. Then a tiny drop of super glue, applied with an applicator like a toothpick, is your only solution. I use something called Super Attack, but any thin cyanoacrylate will do. Don't get the gel kind!! 4. Do as much of you sanding/scraping/filing with the pieces still on their sprues. Smaller parts are much harder to handle, but they still have mould lines... 5. Never, ever, EVER, use tweezers when putting the minis together, even though it will be tempting in order to grab a tiny moustache by a pair if tweezers rather than your sausage fingers. It seems like a great idea until you squeeze a little too hard and the moustache flies through the room and embeds itself in the wall on the other side of the room. Good luck getting it out again! 6. Similarly, do your assembly over a white box (avoid grey!!), and for all that is good in the world, NEVER ASSEMBLY WYRD MINIS OVER A CARPETED FLOOR! The Carpet God WILL claim his due... When all is said and done, you will adjust, and the payoff is well worth it. GW designs their models largely to be easy to assemble. The result is not bad (I have thousands of Citadel minis myself), but they tend to be unrealistically clumpy and with static poses (though there are notable exceptions). Wyrd minis are slender, well proportioned, realistic and with very dynamic poses, but much harder to assemble. Good luck!! 🙂
  3. tmod

    Bases crisis...

    The profile is different, so will not match up anyway. I guess I could buy a 3rd party base matching the profile, cut away the slot, glue in a magnet and fill the underside with putty. Just an awful lot of work and putty in the end, just to get a close approximation of a early/mid M2E style base and a drop of super glue... Buying bases through the cheaper m2e kits are hardly feasibly on scale; still about £5 per base, maybe £4 if I get lucky. Now to get bases for the next 50 sculpts to be released... 😞
  4. I ordered some packs of 30mm bases to replace the new style bases in some of my latest put together models. I own every single model in plastic, and I have bought hundreds of magnets fitting into the slot underneath the previous style 30mm bases, so switching to the latest style with less room underneath and different bevel I not really an option. The disaster is that when the packs arrived they were in the new style, so pretty much useless to me. Anyone know of somewhere to get old stocks of the previous style bases? Or a way to distinguish them so I know what I order? I'd like to stock up so I'm set until Wyrd release a new style of bases compatible with the previous one (not holding my breath)... No local store carries Malifaux, so that's not an option...
  5. Finally receive the last of my dual commander pledge in Norway just before the weekend. Due to some cock-up I didn't get the field intelligence unit that supposedly was supposed to be sent separately. When I found out I was supposed to have gotten it I got a polite reply and quickly received the box in the mail. I did struggle a bit with figuring out whether it was all there or not as I couldn't access the backerkit page (as late backing is closed), but found out in the end...
  6. Would love to see a female Seamus, but maybe preferably with a box of male Rotten Belles. A Rotten Belle or Beckoner as a gender-swapped single would be neat by itself though. Would love a miss that helped fill out a theme, like Benny or the Unicorn Ulix set. I'm guessing a gender-swapped Sow-as-a-pony could be pretty disturbing... (Miss-Placed...?). My daughter loves the pony set, and it makes me sad that I can't field it in theme in any reasonably way (the fact that she is four and think it's perfectly natural with a man-eating horse also touches my heart in a special way...).
  7. This IS possibly a very serious issue, if it's widespread problem it could be a finecast-level (I still have two very sad Mangler Squigs sleeping face planted on a shelf). This would need to be addressed. But there is also the possibility that you've been particularly unlucky, and that a replacement would sort you out. None of my models show any sign of dropping (dual commander Empire/Cult, + some extras), but I don't have an alpha crawler or anything Abyssinia, so could be my stuff are sculpts better suited to the material. I even have some rare finecast models that I consider amongst the fine GW models in my collection...
  8. Maybe it varies, and maybe it has changed recently (I seem to recall Nathan, or possibly one of the employees, saying they don't do notifications; anyway I know I have read many others saying this has been the norm over the years). I have every single Malifaux miniature released in plastic, so I have naturally filed a few requests over the years (surprisingly few though!), and I have not received a notification so far. They have all arrived silently in the mail though. But great if it's changing; especially for us overseas customers it can get a bit nerve-wrecking to wait for a replacement part but not actually knowing whether it has been sent. 🙂
  9. Largely agree, but have some comments: "Hungering Darkness (both the Manic Tadpole and the Hippo Squid - awful)" Definitely. The alt is an improvement, but not a practical gaming figure, so still waiting for a sensible not-ridiculous alternative. "Copycat Killer (why the multiple hats?)" Hardly my favourite sculpt, but the hats make sense as it's a throw-back to Seamus' hat which can be dropped and picket up. Not necessarily aesthetically pleasing though... "Nino Ortega (a gatling sniper?)" Should be a no brainer. Was the same in M1e, for some absurd reason it carried over to plastic. Still makes no sense. "Metal Gamin (no cohesion, bad sculpts)" I kinda like them, but still a valid point. "Scion of Black Blood (so adynamic)" Yes, this one is probably the single worst pose Wyrd ever did" "Tara (why the arm? Why the idiotic sword?)" Because her arm is a soulstone put there by Obliteration, and ditto her sword. Doesn't look particularly good, but the why is easily answered in the stories. "Abominations (they look like they were scratchbuilt, but not in a good way)" Again, I kinda like them. My wife hates them. What bothers me is that four piles of flesh and machine parts can combine into the organis, smooth muscled beast that is the Desolation Engine. So, the small ones are a patchwork of bits, but if you stitch four of them together they suddenly become organic? This might be what bothers med the most in all of Malifaux... "Nekima (that sword looks like a 12 year old designed it)" This, so much this!! The Nekima Alt is great, but the sword is an absolute travesty. I agree with the earlier post about getting a remake of the metal Nekima done in plastic. Nekima is a bit sad in that all three sculpts have great promise, but are horribly flawed. The metal one is a bit too large, much too heavy, and when done in metal the ancle is too thin/soft. The regular plastic one is pretty nice, underwear notwithstanding, but too smal for "the largest Nephilim ever". The alt is great, but with one of the worst swords ever designed...
  10. Usually Wyrd customer service gives no notification when sending replacement parts. You normally just get an automated reply and, sometime later, and package in the mail.. Now I had to check... It turns out I was wrong, they said they will add unassembled versions to their webstore "some time after the release date"...
  11. I thought they had unsassembled as an add-on option for Kickstarter backers. I seem to remember specifically that it was not supposed to be available later, but it was during the campaign due to some backers' concerns about gaps, flash lines, etc. I cannot recall why I didn't go for this myself (hence my belief that it was an extra cost, or only available for certain levels), but I remember thinking it was a good idea, and a shame it wouldn't be generally available... Edit: I seem to recall them citing the extra sorting work as the reason for not offering this in general retail...
  12. After finally receiving my package I was going to post some thoughts on the model quality, but thought I might as well add to this discussion rather than starting my own... I agree mostly with Burning Coal here, the cast quality is excellent. The minis are simply every bit as detailed as anything out there, except high-end hand cast resin. If anyone believed they were getting Forgeworld type minis here I don't think Wyrd is at fault. That said, there are huge gaps, and the minis are at times horribly put together. The plastic is really annoying to clean, especially when already put together, and if you want to get the most out of them you'd have to toss them in the freezer, take them apart and glue them, together again. This also means that in order to get the best results there is quite a bit more involved with getting the TOS minis to perfection compared to Malifaux minis. This is definitely annoying to me, as I'm a bit of a perfectionist. The upside is that you can get a whole army ready to play in an hour or less. I would have prefered the minis to come in parts, as that would actually save me time, but this was hardly something I didn't know when I pledged. The minis are in many ways an intermediary between high-end board game minis and miniature game minis. The gaps, flappyness and all imperfections still seem pretty good when compared to most board games. But yeah, they are not going to out of the box beat Malifaux minis, lovingly put together by an enthusiast. I like my TOS minis, but I still prefer Malifaux, miniatures-wise. I also think it's a smart move by Wyrd to marked a minis game to the board game crowd. CMON recently did something similar with A Song of Ice and Fire, which I also backed, and also like. For what it's worth I prefer the TOS minis to the ASOIAF minis in terms of quality, durability, detail and feel, but to each their own. TLDR; If you bought pre-assembled TOS minis and expected them to be already scraped and filed for a perfect fit, you should also expect a much, much higher price. They are quickly put together, sometime quite badly. That's what you get with pre-assembled minis. They are not bad quality, they are what was promised or better, but they are not resin cast, nor are they prepared for painting to a exhibition standard. But they are nice minis, nice sculpts, and they are table top ready.
  13. Yay, got my package yesterday! It arrived just as I was rummaging through my inbox trying to find the order confirmation from backer kit to file a missing item request... 😄 I think it should all be there, but will have to have a look during the weekend. One thing I did notice though was that my King's Hand Titan was in a pretty poor shape; the fingers had come off, the same with the gun, and the attachment point for the hand was broken (ie, the plastic shattered). I can probably fix it, but this seems a little more fragile than "we can throw them at the wall without damage" quality I had expected. And not ideal for a rather expensive model that'a supposed to ready to play out of the box. They were very well packed (inside a vacuum formed plastic tray, inside a cardboard box, the whole thing in a very well padded cardboard box), so it cannot have been caused by impact. Anyone else experienced something like this?
  14. I don't agree at all with ten thunders being out of place. That said, I can understand the sentiment for the Asian ressurectionists being out of place before the thunders were added. Kirai was well explained in the fluff, but things like Datsue Bae and Jakuuna Ubume seemed a little odd before the Asian links with different breaches were explained...
  15. This not being possible have been a design goal from the very beginning of Malifaux. Some masters have certainly been able to do this at times, but have usually been errataed soon after this ability has been demonstrated over a few major events. Pre-built crews being competitive run directly against what this game is supposed to be about. If you can pull off decent results with pre-built lists, more power to you. But you shouldn't expect the erratas to warp the game to make this easier; it makes no sense for Wyrd to errata out one of the main draws the game has compared to the competition. Also, it wouldn't make much sense economically for Wyrd as many, if not most, models justify themselves as niche pieces that only works in very specific situations. If generalists could successfully replace specialist in competitive meats that would make a large portion if the game's model base superfluous. Not a sensible business decision...
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