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  1. In a similar vein.... For my M2e cards I sleeved them and put them in an aluminium suitcase meant for Magic cards. I originally bought it for Munchkin cards, and it has colour plastic dividers, so I can keep my cards sorted by faction. The tarot sized cards won't fit, anyone knows about an alternative that will fit? I'm looking at something big enough to keep every card for every faction in one suitcase...
  2. No denomination (by definition), and could be anything. As costs are mentioned in x Guild Scrip (with symbol §, I think), they would not have any denomination... I doubt they'd be elaborate, more like this: Edit: that came out like I was shouting, don't know what happened to the formatting...
  3. Scrip is basically paper money only recognized in the store of the company you work for, ie a voucher that you get instead/in addition to regular wage for the work you do. In Malifaux this means Guild-issued money that is not legal tender anywhere except the Guild's own stores. As the Guild controls pretty much all legal trade in Malifaux, Guild scrip is still pretty much universal. So basically any kind of paper money. On my outcasts (well, Leveticus, I'll probably change things around for different keywords with M3e) I did a wavy pattern setts theme, with the odd stone pulled out, and lots and lots of loose stones. I made a large silicone mould and cast up dozens of rounded cubes, and put them in piles. For the more metallic parts of the crew I added some small clockwork pieces, for the shooty members I added some green stuff shells, for Leveticus himself I added a partly dismembered female corpse (from the Secret Weapon Bodyparts kit), with the undead skin painted like the skin of my waifs. Desolation engine also had some torn-up body parts. But all bases had the half-circle setts stone pattern (made by a rubber press mould I bought somewhere; like the ones Happy Seppuku makes) and the piles of stones. I thought that told a story, bit still looked like they all belonged in the same area of the quarantine zone...
  4. As I understand it you can in fact buy the ltd ed cards, but you'll have to wait until their available from Wargames Vault. I'm eagerly awaiting this myself...
  5. Not tried, and not likely to try it either, I've just heard good things about it online. Could be it's just slightly better than the usual stuff,but it does seem to generate some buzz at least. At any rate I'd prefer it not to release at about the same time as M3e...
  6. tmod

    Nekima Crew Box

    Well, Well, technically the first Ten Thunders masters in M1 also included totems, but that's because they were released in plastic during the last 1st ed book. Unless I'm mistaken I got the first edition versions of Huggy, Emberling, Shang and Soul Porter...
  7. Everyone can; it's just highly unreliable when the distributors ordered/got delivered less than the demand. So the store might have ordered 10 and gotten 5, or the distributor might have gotten 100, not 500. Which store gets how much out of those 100 seems to be pretty random. I presume the same goes for restocks. So we should expect back ordered stuff to start showing up more or less randomly until everything is back in stock every where, whenever that might be... Glad you got the book! 🙂
  8. Really sad. Really bad luck GW seems to finally release a decent skirmish fantasy game just when demand outstrips supply for Malifaux...
  9. Man, that sucks! I bought the rulebook and Outcasts, Gremlin and Arcanists faction pack from Element Games at release week. Have since bought Dead Man's Hand and Guild pack from Wayland. At least they've had it in at some point. Hope you get your stuff soon!!
  10. Yeah, that's not really fitting visually... 🙂
  11. tmod

    Bases crisis...

    I struggle to distinguish the generic from the Wyrd one from the top. The great thing about the M2e era Wyrd bases is the round slot that fits a magnet perfect underneath. I found a magnet that due to the difference in metric/imperial measurements was slightly too thin, which was perfect. Doesn't stick the model so hard to sheet metal that you rip the feet of, but won't come loose by itself. The older style (and generic lipped 30mm bases), with the long slot, looks the same from the top as long as you fill in the slot, but you need different magnets. Never found reasonably priced cube magnets the perfect size for those, but might have another look. I think the Manos base is really sticking out; if I hadn't seen the new style bases I'd assumed it was a case from Mierce or something. Nothing wrong with the look of the new style per se, but doesn't mix well with the old style at all. I've done some more comparing, and noticed that the profile of 30mm bases (old and new style) seems different from the profiles for 40mm and 50mm bases. Might be different versions of those as well that I haven't noticed before (so presumably they have been pretty similar), but I'm excited to see how the new style 30mm looks like next to 40mm and 50mm with Wyrdscapes toppers. Will post pictures whe I get them! 🙂 Yeah, the underside is the big difference. I think the new 30mm profile stand out quite a bit, but the best feature of the previous style was the space for round magnets.
  12. I don't think it's really out of scale as such. Don't get me wrong, it's massively oversized (I can't even get it into my cabinet when based), but it looks more like a massive creature than an out of scale one. A big part of the size is that it's not compressed height-wise at all. By compressed I mean the tendency by most makers to make big models crouch, bend over, or otherwise pose themselves to be smaller overall, whereas many small miniatures are more upright. We tend to see this mostly in Malitaux with the kneeling giant phenomenon, where any models kneeling or bending over tend to be larger than those standing up. (I don't think the variance usually is as big as some others do; the kneeling M2e Death Marshall's height is well within natural variance for instance, but that's another topic. It's still a fact that most of all Malifaux humans 6 feet or higher have a tendency to kneel at all times...). This mini is designed to be a monster centrepiece, so in addition to being tall it has outstretched wings (nearly doubling the height) and is perched on a rock). Also note that the Carrion Emissary is also bent forward, so it would also be quite a bit taller standing up and stretching its wings upwards. Again, it's not really practical (it wouldn't fit inside buildings either), but looks very nice!
  13. I'm aware. I don't particularly care for the change, but not that big an issue for me. Left if here anyway, sort of like an Easter egg. Maybe I shouldn't, but couldn't resist...
  14. Update: I quickly slapped it together and put it next to an unpainted Carrion Emissary. I know which one I'd prefer to travel with, but OMG is it a beautiful model. I also think it fits reasonably as an Emissary, but there's nothing reasonable with transporting this to a tournament. Especially if proxying isn't cleared with the TO beforehand...
  15. Don't have the cards easily available, so I'll let someone who knows what they're taking about answer those specifics. I don't know if Gaining Grounds 2019 is still available on the website; the current version is meant for M2e. But there will most definitely come a new one in the winter. But I'm sure you'll find it if you google "Gaining Grounds 2019". The document contains some general guidelines that have been basically unchanged since the stone age (hence the expectation about how they will be) as well as a calendar based rotation of objectives and an alternate set of stats and/or schemes that supersede/supplement those in the rulebook. The GG schemes/strats change subtly every year, hence keeping the game fresh. The general guidelines (proxy rules, rules for using only painted miniatures, etc) stay the same, making things predictable. Note that the guidelines in Gaining Grounds are just that, guidelines, and most tournaments seem to be a little more relaxed than gaining grounds (especially with proxies, but sometimes also painting standards and other things)... "(0) Welcome to Malifaux", by the way
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