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  1. azgadil

    Arcanist vs Sonnia

    Ramos is tricky versus Sonnia (playable but tricky). The trick is to ensure that you can defend the model being targeted from Sonnia and/or stay spread far enough so blast has least impact. Thing is Arachnids aren’t so great at avoiding that. Second issue with Ramos vs Sonnia is that all/most models are melee and getting around that wall is not easy. Again playable - but tricky.
  2. azgadil

    M2E Ramos

    I am skeptical of Vox Populi. To do damage am I right that the Net result is spend a Masters AP and The Captains AP to displace and damage? That seems inefficient and with no guarantees it’s going to potentially cost cards. One of the reasons I like Ramos’ other upgrade uoptions is that they don’t require a card. (Looking at under pressure or leviathan core). Cards are tight when playing Ramos. Vox and AirBustvboth requires a 6. The feels high
  3. azgadil

    Help Me - Sick of loosing

    SteamFitter helps with the ability to repeat Brass. SteamFitter pulls in Ramos 11T for instance. Also in a single turn I got it off twice with Stoke. one of the activations was a wild /straight flip - and that’s just unlucky for my opponent. So then I cheated the second re-activate. Lastly had Amina to pull in a target so Joss stayed fairly close to Brass. Set up was scored round three targeting Fransisco (who I am not sure I will ever make my set up target ever again). Opponent played around it very well and except for spiders and reactivate shenanigans I would not have scored. That said SteamFitter again was helpful. (1) Move (1) Interact Scheme. (0) Scheme. My third Scheme required Ramos AP to get the full three points and That’s not ideal. Overall I am not liking Brass Arachnid. I have seen how great Brass and be and I have seen him worthless. There are a lot of “ifs” that made this work. That said the game has some pretty weird swings in that regard (Segway into another thread).
  4. azgadil

    How to start Ironsides

    How did the OP find this advice? I am a new player (started in Jan). I tried a few things and here I what I found. Amina didn’t gain value for me as a model until over ten played games(without her). Her triggers and when to use them were a sore spot that after the second game I shelved her for a bit. PS - Amina doesn’t make every list but she is solid and has frequent presence. I purchased all prior upgrades and errata on WarGameVault and between the app - I installed one app on multiple devices. I did not need to purchase the books nor the arsenal or upgrade packs (Broken Promises an exception because it was easily available).
  5. azgadil

    Help Me - Sick of loosing

    Ramos Player Arcane Reservoir Under Pressure (MVP) Ramos AOE denotate may have been the game changer. Brass Arachnid (4Successful Reactivates) Joss Open Current (MVP) Amina (Turn 1 and 2 Pulls were critical) Imbued Energies Howard Langston (Imbued Energies) Union SteamFitter Ramos won 8-6. Ramos took set up and Under Cover entourage. Scoring six from schemes Perdita took Surround Them and Covert Breakthrough scoring six from schemes. Witch Hunters are very strong and scary. Feels like a three / four ap Model for six stones. They consistently get the redcuced damage because there aren’t many hitters at lower stones. There were two critical decisions that I think made a difference. First is hand management. Carefully choosing to lose a duel so that I won a big one later. (Amina was one shot without activating which I could have stopped). ^Not sure I made the right decision it was critical moment and I chose to let her go. Turn two is way too difficult to describe in any detail. Basically there is a very difficult decision to be made in turn two - kill or ply - we could literally start the same board position at turn two and have many different variations on the game. Great game NickDub PS - lots of good info on this thread.
  6. azgadil

    Amina Naidu

    I have been getting a lot of value out of Amina. Take a damage to protect your beaters from dying. Cast to prevent your beater from dying (This is a bit tricky to set up but can me really cool) Lure. Turn something to a peon. (Many uses). Gain a Soulstone on enemy scheme drop (rarely triggers). Average stats, and attack. I’d say she’s pretty solid. My play style is to put my crew within her bubble and position her in such away where she is a target for their beater. The goal is to counter attack so hard that it would kill their beater model. (That’s what I’m currently trying and I like it so far)
  7. azgadil

    Aionus in Arcanists

    I am skeptical. To give a Mage the following - No AP - discard a 7 to gain fast is great! I do like Bury until end of turn. Everything else is underpowered for a 13 point model. That potential for an AoE slow is good but I’m not keen on a 13 point model spending an AP to slow another model (who is likely less AP). All that said I have noted this and added to my “wishlist”.
  8. azgadil

    Vogel: How are you finding him so far?

    How did Tuesday’s game go?
  9. azgadil

    Last list you played: arcanists

    I’m not 100% sold on SteamFitter. I’m still exploring and signs are positive. Take this experience as you wish I’m new to Malifaux and new to WarGaming. But I have a tournament history as a chess player and poker player. Malifaux is the first (except for MTG) of many board and card games that I have played that has me interested in a tournament scene.
  10. azgadil

    Last list you played: arcanists

    I use one SteamFitter and he generates the first scrap. Let’s be real here - this is a resource drain - but has some upside in that you have a model who is above average as a schemer and at least he can hit better than an arachnid. I never spend a card on Weld and therefore don’t care that he can buff plate armor. Any turn one scrap marker shenigans - even if not ideal - are a bonus. Combat Medic is irrelevant in Turn One. I have played both extremes of turn one: Dream Scenario - Have two 10+ in your hand and a 11+ Tomb. Activate SteamFitter any time where a ten+ is your grave. Place Scrap. - Activate Ramos. - Activate Brass (give him reactivate and Stoke). - Activate Brass (give Joss and Howard Reactivate). Worse Scenario - You have a scrap marker and two Arachnids, no hand and no reactivates. For now I’m okay with even the worst case. I personally like paying six for SteamFitter as opppsoed to wasting a turn one Joss attack. Or a four point Electrical Creation. Things get fun in future turns where you have more scrap available and can take advantage of Accompliance.
  11. azgadil

    Last list you played: arcanists

    New to the game but here’s what I’ve been playing. Ramos (Comabt Medic, Arcane Reservoir, Under Pressure) Brass Arachnid Joss (Open Current) Howard Langston (Imbued Energies) Amina Union SteamFitter Executions/Leadership Set Up Under Cover Entourage Show of Force Search the Ruins I used a similar list (only traded Johan for Amina and UnderPressure for Leviathan Powe Core) Ours / Guarded Treasure Hold up Their Forces Inescapable Trap Recover Evidence Public Demonstrations
  12. azgadil

    M2E Ramos

    Combat Medic on Ramos has been pretty sweet! I mainly use it for accomplice and rarely for the heal. Turn 1: Unlikely to be used Turn 1 and it seems a stretch to come up with scenarios where I would. Turn 2: Assuming scrap is in play. Ramos summon as your last action. Chain into SteamFitter. Turn 3-4: Summon Three Arachnids around an enemy. Their defense is reduced by three. Attack with Ramos twice. Chain into a Construct Beater and have them attack the same model. At minus three that is likely one dead model. That chain should result in a dead model. Turn 5: Niche cases to get in position and block some scheme movement.
  13. azgadil

    Steamfitter condition and red joker ?

    Steam Archnids dying generates scrap.
  14. azgadil

    M2e Kaeris

    I am pleased to hear! I find her very difficult to pilot. What tactics and crews are getting results? I haven’t tried playing her as a full support master so that is at least one playstyle I can explore.
  15. azgadil

    M2e Kaeris

    Ha! I missed that! Very promising. Thank you!