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  1. Hope this wont be the only event here! Unfortunately we are all at Scottish GT that weekend but will definitely keep an eye out for future events 😊
  2. No flank deployment over 6 games? One or 2 should be flank at least for variety and speed of the games for people new to the game (just some feedback if this isn't set in stone) Also 4 games with vendetta I think you should use some artistic licence with this to make sure we get a variety of schemes more evenly spread tbh you're impartial as the TO so no issues with you creating the encounters
  3. We are trying to put a team together will let you know asap
  4. I cant say it's been an issue but then I dont play Molly as a beater at all. If you're using Molly it's probably not a killy game and her actions are better spent reactivating and positioning IMO. Regardless I'm not sure it's really a problem with the cap at 3 DMG per attack. To push 9 dmg out you would need to be in the right position to start and have the cards to force it through, in reality Molly barely ever has cards in her hand because you spend them all to do the cool things she and her crew do I could see potentially in a pinch you could walk and get 2 of these off but it forces you to time her activation based on your opponents hand and hugely reduces the ability for you to use the actions that bring the power in Molly's crew. With the amount of molly being played it would have come up by now if it was causing issues. It's just a solid option for her that you'll probably rarely use
  5. Part of the game is weighing up the value in killing an already activated priority already activated model vs the control gained by killing an unactivated model The current set up for pass tokens etc works and balances is out well There are a few ways to get extra activations like re activate which is few and far between and killing unactivated models but the game has been play tested and balanced with these working like this Certainly to give a pass token for the death of an unactivated model would be bad from a tactical complexity point of view IMO The reactivate thing is so rare that actually just becomes a unique thing a few crews can do which is nice from a variation point of view. Out activation is almost non existent in m3e and that's good. That doesn't mean there cant be a few niche cases of it to add flavour to strategies and playstyles to a few keywords
  6. And stop lucius obeying agent 46 3 times during his activation via other models This should be a thing
  7. The end of chained obeys would definitely help balance it and stop alot of uninteractive play
  8. To clarify I don't want this model to be bad I just strongly feel from my experience playing against it and knowing the game well that it shouldn't be how it is
  9. It's a henchman that can have armour and shielded it's not that fragile but it's no tank. It doesn't really matter if it dies after it's been in and killed a load of models plus you can just add another beater or 2 into the crew and then mop up what's left. Agent only needs lucius and a couple of lawyers to perform at peak the rest of the crew can be whatever is needed
  10. So 3 obeys on top of his activation each triggering the jump and attack again would do it. An extreme example I admit but easily done. Those models actions are well spent on a model that has a better chance of connecting than most other models in the game. Plus draw a card in the process
  11. I feel like we are playing down the impact of being unable to use your control hand on a model that can attack what 10 times a turn if you put enough resources into it, maybe more. Mod damage 4, execute trigger, trigger to attack again, action to ignore armour and shielded and the support of 16ish cards through your hand across the turn. I'm super okay with this model being strong but how ot is now is a problem
  12. You guys need to realise this is an oppressive and uninteractive model currently. Also that as 9ss models go, even if you removed inhuman psychology and it got nothing in return it would still be a decent model. Especially in a crew where it gets so many opportunities to attack, gets shielded put on it and can have an armour upgrade Arguing its costly to use stones for triggers, well we are talking about the crew in the game that is most likely to have the card it needs anyway, and if using those triggers you decimate alot of the enemy crew it doesn't really matter if you spend a few stones on it. That's good economy Inhuman psychology and mimic are a combination that cannot stay in the game. We probably haven't got close to seeing all the broken things you can do with it and it would cause balance issues with new models released in future that can have their actions mimicked
  13. I would love him to get serene countenance tbh. Everything on his card makes him an early activation in the crew so manipulative probably wont be much help past screwing with your activation order Serene countenance and stay at 10 wds would work. Still lots of ways around it but means he can be up close where he needs to be.
  14. So just as a continuation from what a few of us have said I played Albus for a round in an m3e tournament this Sunday Albus got OWNED. The crew thankfully did quite well but Albus put up as much fight as a wet paper towel as soon as my opponent got to him. I tried to put stunned on the threats but only managed to get it off once. I can see that if the DF trigger is in play he would be a bit tanky but you just cant get stunned on all the threats and condition removal is a thing. He is a mid range master and needs to be close to his melee crew to do his best work but this puts him right in the danger zone and DF 5 10 wds he just drops. 12 wds would help and I'd definitely like to see that happen but I think that just means he needs one more hit to be killed. Albus actually has some space on the front of his card so there is potential for him to gain another ability. Something like protected (transmortis), manipulative (he is an old man after all) or hard to kill. Or my preference something like kirai does with adversary. When the stunned condition would end on an enemy model in this models LOS this model may inflict 1 dmg on a friendly transmortis model in aura 6", if it does so the condition does not end. Cool and themey but there are some suggestions. I really feel he needs something to help him stay on the board a bit longer
  15. To be fair speed wise I found it took no more time than asking the standard do you have any triggers built in I think it should be one card per duel no opportunity to draw multiple cards And once per activation Keeps it in check but makes it useful when it comes up
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