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  1. I wouldn't worry too much, I'll generate you plenty of corpses by killing your crew Just run to the centre and you'll get all the corpses you could ever need 😁
  2. Wording is clear You need 2 friendly models to relent, you do not have this so cannot relent Not already chosen for this ability this activation - it doesn't say by by this model, if you've chosen a model for any we are legion ping that activation, it cannot be chosen again, because it has already been chosen
  3. Oooo now there's a spicy bit of info, so although you lost this game you haven't had an issue toppling cadmus previously Maybe we should nerf @Plaag instead haha 😋
  4. There was a guy that said he was going to do that, immediately after a game He's signed up and is playing in the new world series event So I think this isn't so much a fact but more using a comment made whilst the chap was reeling from a bad game as fact I mean, regardless it's still not a great thing for someone to say
  5. Thats a really interesting page! As you say fairly limited currently but if we get this level of info over a few more events it'll definitely paint a great picture from a data perspective
  6. I'm going by the results page so I couldn't tell you what masters we're used, it just seemed like more positive news which I thought was great As I said if it's an actual issue I would rather it was changed, and whilst I'm definitely in the we need more evidence and time camp I can appreciate everyone's point of view I've seen claims in discord and messenger that multiple EXS masters are broken so I'm glad to see that so far the data doesn't back that up. Colette has definitely caused problems here in the UK tournament scene (when it was for actual in person events) and has proven over a sustained period of time across 2 different GG that she has too good of a toolkit currently so in my opinion if she were to get nerfed I would feel that's justified based on the data, I won't comment on your claim you're the only good Colette player in the world as I'm sure that's just your online typing as you seem like a nice guy to play in your videos even if that doesn't always come across well on here haha I 100% get that. And I'm not arguing anyone is wrong, I'm just trying to look at the big picture and present a different view I still think regardless of slight imbalances Malifaux is massively in favour of skill over tools. If the imbalance is not slight then that can be an issue which absolutely should be dealt with but it's whether that can be justified or proven yet which I'm not sure about
  7. So, partly as devil's advocate and partly because the data is more or less available now It doesn't seem like Explorers dominated either of the latest Vassal events as they were predicted to do So we've got games from Plaag, who wins most of his games anyway, winning with Cadmus But the evidence from the tournament tells a different story about the power level to the claims of outright broken that are being thrown around For clarity, whilst I don't have an issue with them personally I do feel if there is a real proven issue that it absolutely should get changed, but I'm not sure the claims being put forward can really be backed up currently. Plaag winning games, whilst I appreciate the effort going in, isn't a surprise. And it seems in the hands of the rest of the community they perform at a similar level to the other factions? They seem to be spread pretty evenly throughout the field of both events (Not trying to say anyone is right or wrong as to me, 2 events isn't enough data to prove anything, although more substantial than just Plaags games, but I think it's potentially a more positive light on the faction balance given the results that have come through)
  8. I enjoy playing with and against Cadmus, they are fun and challenging, like so many keywords in Malifaux. Make your own opinion and don't rely on a handful of vocal people to tell you how something is, because it's ultimately just their opinion Not fun for friendly or against less experienced players is something that can be used to describe lots of stuff in the game when played well
  9. @Alcathous Explorers Society book releases in just under a week, are the full faction included in the event? Obviously assuming @katadderupdates the vassal module with the artwork and models in time
  10. I am planning on coming to this, I can't confirm 100% until next week as it could be undone by a situation at work but most likely I'll be coming along 😊
  11. Hey Dave Just paid for my ticket, see you at the weekend 😊 @Mayt is Matt McConnell btw
  12. Is there an attendance list anywhere? Space for more players if we can rally a few?
  13. You'll definitely have some of us down for this
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