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  1. Flippin' Wyrd Jamie

    Von Schtook's actions interfere with each other again

    Maybe. Not that I saw but I jumped on it quite late in the playtest so maybe I missed it. I haven't found that they've been particularly survivable as mostly low DF value. But the bigger point for me being the amount of hoops you have to jump through to get a model it doesn't really need to have much of a drawback if you actually manage it.
  2. Flippin' Wyrd Jamie

    Von Schtook's actions interfere with each other again

    Oh i see. Yeah that's crazy. He's struggling for a place as it is no idea why that was changed Also whilst we're on the subject Why do his summons come in slow and wounded when not near him. He's got the most janky and gimmicky summoning mechanic that frankly is poor. He's not a damage dealer and not even a great support master. Decay is the best thing on his card and plenty of things have that. And his keyword ability to increase dual totals is again a gimmick and not something that's hugely in your control. When I fought for this in the closed beta I was told that His summoning felt bad when you were trading a killed enemy model for a fully healed model. So what's the deal with Sonnia? She IMO is a much more impactful master and summoner than Albus. Here's my key issues with Albus Keyword ability- cool and themey but can't be used to justify poor stats as rarely comes up Recruitment drive- pointless. a waste of what could be a cool and thematic ability that actually helps his keyword. Surgical instruments- just what. Why is it st 5. Why is it rg 0. So we've made his summoning make him want to be close to the action when he has a melee attack that's fit for a 5ss minion. Administrative review- ending a condition needs to be a choice. He is now a counter synergy to his own mechanic Gruesome lecture/ summoning- target number has increased again? Can anyone who's been finding that Albus needed a nerf please have a comment? I played so many games with this crew to get some of the late changes made and some of them have been reversed. This summoning mechanic sucks. But what is Albus hanging his hat on because aside from decay (which isn't exclusive to him) the rest of his actions are pretty lacklustre and it's not like his keyword models are top of their field, all mid level beaters in a pretty boring and one dimensional crew. So let's get this straight I need to pay an 8 of crows to put an upgrade on a model which means it doesn't then get focus That model can't chain activate so needs to survive it's march up the board That model then has to kill an enemy model which needs to be of a cost to summon a transmortis model because that got changed from the cost of the killer to cost of the killed Bear in mind models with upgrades are priority targets for your opponent and that you'll usually have to soften it up with another model giving your opponent the chance to move it kill it or heal it to stop you summoning That summoned model then suffers 2 damage unless our slow and rubbish in melee master is within 6" of where I can place the summon. And gains slow. What does albus do well.... Why is his summoning mechanic so many hoops to jump through.... Why is it fine for Sonnia but not fine for this ridiculous summoning mechanic.... I love the theme of transmortis and it's new and shiney and want it to have a place in the game. But as it is I don't know why you'd take it in any game over another keyword. So many small fixes needed on his card and summoning that add up to making him poor. And we got closer to okay at the end of the closed beta but the upgrade cost has gone up (fine if you take away the need for suit seeing the amount of hoops to jump through to summon this shouldn't be a problem) and the condition removal got changed back which is crazy imo. Take off the focus bubble and he's basically a mid level henchman. This is a master, can we make him feel and play like one! Rant over! I put alot of energy into Transmortis in the closed beta and I'm sad to see him go backwards when he still had a little way to go to be good.
  3. Flippin' Wyrd Jamie

    Von Schtook's actions interfere with each other again

    End any number of conditions on target model. 0 is a number? I don't see why you can't still choose to not end the focus condition? That's how I read that
  4. Flippin' Wyrd Jamie

    Molly's disturbing story

    Agreed. I'm sure there are occasions and games when it comes up alot but against the opponents I was playing they managed their hand sizes to stop me from getting any benefit from it and giving your opponent cards is just never a good idea I'll submit battle reports and feedback through the forms based on games I play with the new rules in the open beta
  5. Flippin' Wyrd Jamie

    Mindless zombies

    It's not great economy. You need to usually pay a stone to summon unless you are lucky enough to draw the required card and you're giving away a pass token. Cost is the same unless you have the card in hand
  6. Flippin' Wyrd Jamie

    Molly- Let's have a chat about Lethe's Caress

    This all makes sense and I agree with most of it There are way too many abilities and mechanics in m3e now that if used against a new player could create a negative experience potentially but add flavour and variety to the game and that's overall positive It's up to existing players to introduce new players in a positive way. You wouldn't use a top tier tournament list against a new player in any game. And likewise you shouldn't use a complicated or challenging mechanic against a new player to m3e Remember wyrd are looking at tweaks not massive changes in the open beta.
  7. Flippin' Wyrd Jamie


    Have you played with it? It's balanced and a big ask at 2ss on a minion if you want all 3 effects I've taken it a few times but by no means an auto include Balancing factor being almost all minions are easily killed in one turn
  8. Flippin' Wyrd Jamie

    Not-very-special Dispensations

    Yeah exactly What you have described there is playtesting Sorry if it's not what you're expecting
  9. Flippin' Wyrd Jamie

    Not-very-special Dispensations

    Well! No point playtesting anything then 😂 If it is consistently the case across multiple playtests that the feedback is that the model in question isn't worth it's cost now I'd say that is doing the job. I'm saying that because I don't want anyone to feel their models aren't worth taking. But it needs to be shown in battle reports that this is the case consistently before it would be looked at for a change Either way that rule is better out of the game for balance. It's easier to test one model for balance than one model that allows hiring from multiple other places that can then be hired into any crew in its faction. The amount of combos that could be missed there are crazy
  10. Flippin' Wyrd Jamie

    Not-very-special Dispensations

    It's better off out the game IMO. If the models aren't good enough without it then playtest and show that But it leads to so many combos it's hard to test and balance them all and becomes an issue at every future release So many new options in m3e currently I'm sure we can make balanced models without stuff like this so it's good that it's gone
  11. Flippin' Wyrd Jamie


    No not really. But where the schemes and strat require their mobility I will take them if I don't have anything in the keyword that can do it (tormented for example) Most keywords have something that can be an effective scheme runner though
  12. Flippin' Wyrd Jamie


    I have. Multiple times. He is self sufficient and a good scheme runner. I found that for 4ss less 2 necropunks hired out of keyword were better than 1 Seamus hired out of keyword. Sure they die easier but in most situations the 2 models were better than 1
  13. Flippin' Wyrd Jamie


    I wouldn't say just plain bad. There is a power in the faction. But I would agree that the low stat is more crippling than it was in m2e. In the age of debilitating conditions the model (zombie?) that gets hit in the face easiest is having a bad time However as Wyrd have said there is not going to be wide sweeping changes so focus in on what is essential. Doxies I agree are overcosted for what they bring to the table. But in practice not as bad as they seem on paper. Whilst not holding up to most 7ss models cards they aren't terrible. A 1ss cost reduction would put them in a place you would hire them again Sybelle I fought for to get her where she is. She still feels like a 9ss model but again not terrible. Other than that the crew is in a fairly good place. Not a killy crew by any stretch but we have a couple of versatile beaters if you need them Lots of people want to see Seamus get a summon back. Don't get me wrong I'd love to see it! If it were to be done I think changing execute on a crow on bag of tools to "if the model is killed and was living or undead summon a redchapel minion of a lower cost in base contact, model gains slow" or something to that effect would be cool and thematic. Seamus is more of a scheme runner so it would mean making a conscious choice to not be doing the thing he does best to summon which is a fair trade. Gets some more of the Resser flavour back into the faction without breaking anything
  14. Flippin' Wyrd Jamie

    Molly- Let's have a chat about Lethe's Caress

    You're brave getting involved in this again mate! I said to myself that I wouldn't do it 😂 all we need now is @thewrathchilde and we've got the old gang back together haha. Good to see it's changed to LOS which should alleviate some of the negative feeling it was causing. I still think the keyword ability sucks but will playtest it some more and submit some actual data around this Hopefully most people will give it a couple of games with the rule change before forming an opinion on it And for the super new to m3e among you reading this, you can charge without a target! So only movement restriction in her LOS is finding a straight path to push down
  15. Flippin' Wyrd Jamie

    ELI5 Nikko Kantouri Movement

    Irrelevant now but only just seen this. They don't move during Nico's activation so possible I wasn't clear enough about the order of things but our battle reports or more of an overview than in depth