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  1. @Alcathous Explorers Society book releases in just under a week, are the full faction included in the event? Obviously assuming @katadderupdates the vassal module with the artwork and models in time
  2. I am planning on coming to this, I can't confirm 100% until next week as it could be undone by a situation at work but most likely I'll be coming along 😊
  3. Hey Dave Just paid for my ticket, see you at the weekend 😊 @Mayt is Matt McConnell btw
  4. Is there an attendance list anywhere? Space for more players if we can rally a few?
  5. You'll definitely have some of us down for this
  6. 5 x Flippin Wyrds please Jamie Varney Matt Lewin George Hollingdale Chris Draper Matthew Mcconnell
  7. There is a Resser fb messenger chat group that is very active every day Here is a link to join if you want https://m.me/join/Abbf4XP6duV8qkwK
  8. Any plans for a group meal or night out?
  9. Contrary to what most seem to think I find Jaakuna amazing in Urami and tormented The amount of damage she can put out with the hazardous aura when she is in the right place is scary and the Urami crew gives her healing (and she is already pretty annoying to deal with) and out of activation movement to get her into place or back into place if your opponent moves her
  10. This has just sort of turned into a passive aggressive mess now which is a shame The cards will be printed already so what it is won't change for release I think it's pretty safe to assume that Wyrd are aware there will be things that may be a little ahead or behind of the curve upon initial release, there was simply too much to test and too wide a range of opinions being given to have it completely spot on but I personally would rather have it released now and let results show what is "OP" and see Wyrd respond to them with appropriate erratas as needed. I'm not sure I complete
  11. Just grabbed my ticket, can't wait for the first nationals of M3E
  12. Hope this wont be the only event here! Unfortunately we are all at Scottish GT that weekend but will definitely keep an eye out for future events 😊
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