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  1. And stop lucius obeying agent 46 3 times during his activation via other models This should be a thing
  2. The end of chained obeys would definitely help balance it and stop alot of uninteractive play
  3. To clarify I don't want this model to be bad I just strongly feel from my experience playing against it and knowing the game well that it shouldn't be how it is
  4. It's a henchman that can have armour and shielded it's not that fragile but it's no tank. It doesn't really matter if it dies after it's been in and killed a load of models plus you can just add another beater or 2 into the crew and then mop up what's left. Agent only needs lucius and a couple of lawyers to perform at peak the rest of the crew can be whatever is needed
  5. So 3 obeys on top of his activation each triggering the jump and attack again would do it. An extreme example I admit but easily done. Those models actions are well spent on a model that has a better chance of connecting than most other models in the game. Plus draw a card in the process
  6. I feel like we are playing down the impact of being unable to use your control hand on a model that can attack what 10 times a turn if you put enough resources into it, maybe more. Mod damage 4, execute trigger, trigger to attack again, action to ignore armour and shielded and the support of 16ish cards through your hand across the turn. I'm super okay with this model being strong but how ot is now is a problem
  7. You guys need to realise this is an oppressive and uninteractive model currently. Also that as 9ss models go, even if you removed inhuman psychology and it got nothing in return it would still be a decent model. Especially in a crew where it gets so many opportunities to attack, gets shielded put on it and can have an armour upgrade Arguing its costly to use stones for triggers, well we are talking about the crew in the game that is most likely to have the card it needs anyway, and if using those triggers you decimate alot of the enemy crew it doesn't really matter if you spend a few stones on it. That's good economy Inhuman psychology and mimic are a combination that cannot stay in the game. We probably haven't got close to seeing all the broken things you can do with it and it would cause balance issues with new models released in future that can have their actions mimicked
  8. I would love him to get serene countenance tbh. Everything on his card makes him an early activation in the crew so manipulative probably wont be much help past screwing with your activation order Serene countenance and stay at 10 wds would work. Still lots of ways around it but means he can be up close where he needs to be.
  9. So just as a continuation from what a few of us have said I played Albus for a round in an m3e tournament this Sunday Albus got OWNED. The crew thankfully did quite well but Albus put up as much fight as a wet paper towel as soon as my opponent got to him. I tried to put stunned on the threats but only managed to get it off once. I can see that if the DF trigger is in play he would be a bit tanky but you just cant get stunned on all the threats and condition removal is a thing. He is a mid range master and needs to be close to his melee crew to do his best work but this puts him right in the danger zone and DF 5 10 wds he just drops. 12 wds would help and I'd definitely like to see that happen but I think that just means he needs one more hit to be killed. Albus actually has some space on the front of his card so there is potential for him to gain another ability. Something like protected (transmortis), manipulative (he is an old man after all) or hard to kill. Or my preference something like kirai does with adversary. When the stunned condition would end on an enemy model in this models LOS this model may inflict 1 dmg on a friendly transmortis model in aura 6", if it does so the condition does not end. Cool and themey but there are some suggestions. I really feel he needs something to help him stay on the board a bit longer
  10. To be fair speed wise I found it took no more time than asking the standard do you have any triggers built in I think it should be one card per duel no opportunity to draw multiple cards And once per activation Keeps it in check but makes it useful when it comes up
  11. Tbf we did discuss this as a possible fix but I'm not sure it isn't too much still with the volume of attacks she can do. Don't get me wrong it's better than it is now but feels like it just further hammers home the insane card advantage the elite crew has over other crews. Swapping inhuman psychology for the thematic defensive ability would be fairer I think. She can still get so many attacks every turn and gets some staying power on top
  12. I disagree, I think you could take Agent in other crews and see a lot of success with it. Don't get me wrong the killing power is hugely amplified by the fact in an Elite crew it takes 6 attacks before activating but that is the problem I'm trying to address. A model that can attack that much with great triggers and decent damage track and ruthless and insane card support, shouldn't have an ability that stops you cheating against it. Take away inhuman psychology, it's got no place in the game really, especially on a model like this. Youd still have a solid 9ss beater especially in theme where it can attack so many times per turn. To be honest take away that ability and give it the discard a card for - flips ability and it's good to go. Youd still see it in every Lucius crew and gives it the survivability
  13. The other option is once per activation Which would limit it a bit but mean you could do it on the offense and the defense
  14. @matt @Kyle Played a couple of games to test out the proposed transmortis changes today We played it as Studied opponent: after resolving an opposed duel with an enemy model, if one or more suits are in this models final duel total and are also in the enemy models duel total this model may draw a card. It was pretty hit and miss to be honest but much better than the current studied opponent and actually helped the crew We played Transmortis vs Guard Turn 1 no card drawn Turn 2- 5 cards drawn, player cheated low to cycle 2 times, opponent cheated to prevent draw 1 time Turn 3- 6 cards drawn, player cheated low to cycle 2 time, opponent cheated to prevent 0 times Turn 4- 3 cards drawn, player cheated low to cycle 0 times, opponent cheated to prevent 0 times Game 2 Transmortis vs Marshall Turn 1 - 1 card drawn Turn 2 - 4 cards drawn, player cheated to draw 2 times, opponent cheated to prevent 1 time Turn 3 - 4 cards drawn, player cheated to draw 1 time, opponent cheated to prevent 0 times I felt the change was much improved over the previous version. The crew is very card hungry with albus often going though half your hand just to get the crew set up but I'm conscious I don't want to end up with it having too much card draw. *cough* Lucius *cough* It was often a cycle more than luck that the suits matched, my opponent also had the ability to influence whether I would be able to trigger this or not. We did discuss whether it would be more balanced with a during this models activation clause to it and my opponent felt it should be this way. This would mostly just stop you cycling low cards on defensive duels. Again it is very luck based. You could have a turn where you get lucky and draw a lot from matching suits but it is more likely to go the other way as there are 4 suits! Given the nature of what needs to happen to draw a card I'm not sure it causes an issue as we played it but I'd be fine with it being only during their activations if it meant we could make this change happen. Albus was the only reliable card draw with 2 suits built in but he doesn't often use his attack in my experience being more of a buff piece as I play him Still really enjoying the transmortis crew as a whole Albus is still SUPER squishy at 10 wds. Everything seems to have the triggers to bypass his resistance triggers and getting stunned and more keeping stunned on the threats to him is not really happening
  15. Matt wasn't even using the changeling thing and still it was too much The value of the cards drawn is somewhat irrelevant as you are still taking an action at the end of it so the value is there. If it's a high card great, a low card, well it's out of the deck and can be used to put enemies on - flips when they attack you Card draw in itself make you better off regardless of the card drawn especially in an elite crew And whilst we're talking about agent 46 I actually think in neverborn with the butterfly jump upgrade she would be even more powerful
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