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  1. azgadil

    M2e Kaeris

    My issue with HeatWave with is two fold: needed to get up and close, Kaeris does not have the defense to be up close (missing Hard to Wound? Or opponents get negative to attacks against Kaeris?) HeatWave upgrade is both 2ss and Limited. I played with it a few times and their was one time it was fun to watch my enemies 12 SS be reduced to nothing. ... while it was fun, it took a lot of set up. Conclusion the new models are going to help Kaeirs (all builds), they are more likely to help the best build and I have a hard time seeing fringe upgrades replacing existing. *I look forward to receiving my models and testing
  2. If BETA team approves of the hiring rules Kaeris gets Lampads. Fun times ahead. Kaeris is is the new M&SU leader. Sweet!
  3. azgadil

    Who can take the most beating?

    Neat trick on Carlos. Combined with his already strong three inch reach I see more reason to include him. Thanks!
  4. azgadil

    Canada, ON, Sudbury: Story Encounter League

    Thanks for the feedback. Where do you pull the story encounters? Or if you’ve tried many of them, which story encounters have you seen to be the most enjoyable? I’m looking to introduce story encounters to our group.
  5. azgadil

    The coming of the story encounter boxes

    I only view upside (or at least understand the positives to out weigh the negatives). From a pure business perspective; if Wyrd is going to stick around in today’s economy it has to add a new way to generate revenue. The story encounters meet both a demand by the public for more models and an incremental release schedule. There’s a debate to be had that there approach is the best - but best, better or just good - the business approach seems solid. My writing comes from a concern that Malifaux (one of my favorites games) could be small enough to fail. The business is at a critical stage of development and its next products and business decisions could break the company. Just a couple of thoughts from some body who knows nothing about starting a small business. 🧚‍♀️
  6. azgadil

    Canada, ON, Sudbury: Story Encounter League

    I am curious to hear feedback from playing story encounters. 1) was it fun? 2) How does this compare to GG? 3) When choosing story Schemes were they allowed to choose faction specific schemes? How did that go? Very cool.
  7. azgadil

    [Umeå, SWEDEN] Story tournament - july 15

    How do you build the story encounters?
  8. azgadil

    M2E Ramos

    I have run Bleeding Edge Tech and I like it. I didn’t want the post too long so I didn’t branch out. Swapping Bleeding Edge Tech for Open Current seems great.
  9. azgadil

    M2E Ramos

    Declared Faction: Arcanists Crew Name: Ramos Tournament 2 50ss Leader: Ramos - Cache:(3) Under Pressure 2ss Arcane Reservoir 2ss Brass Arachnid 4ss Joss 10ss Open Current 1ss Amina Naidu 9ss Howard Langston 12ss Imbued Energies 1ss Union Steamfitter 6ss I typically make one decision - Amina or Johan - Otherwise the crew does not vary much. I have played this list at least eight times with good effect. Even choosing it in very bad scheme pools just to play test it. My play style varies based on terrain and schemes. There are some rare times where I only summon twice and play defensive (note: though I have done this I can’t say this is optimal). And other times where I summon every round. Some times summon to simply block a charge lane, others to score in the next turn. One of my favorite all around things to do is drop Arachnids around critical enemy models to slow them down. The steam Arachnids are one of the most annoying summons to deal with at 6 Df and Wp. Just about any time they are the board You are getting value out of your 11 and SS. This crew and Ramos in general is very swingy. (Bad Swing) If you Black Joker your summons attempt it’s typically a tough climb (if not a direct loss). (Good Swing) If you get off two or three reactives on Joss/Howard in the game you are likely to win. There are times when you don’t draw a big but Ramos summoning two is quite alright. This list can score with Arachnids and Kill with others. All around solid. Also I know people don’t like Under Pressure at 2SS but I will say this for comparison; read this as 1 SS that occupies two upgrade slots. Plus flips are one of the best abilities in the game. Even your Arachnids at plus flips improves chance to detonate. The crew is boring but learning when to summon and how to utilize your Arachnids is a fun Learning experience.
  10. azgadil

    Anna Lovelace- do you use her?

    Are her abilities really that strong? The way I envision this working is the enemy will simply push/place to the aura range then perform a charge or walk. I’m trying to figure out how it works before I buy her but I’m guessing this is the type of model I’ll just have to play to evaluate.
  11. azgadil

    M2e Kaeris

    Unless the back draft box contains a specific buff to Kaeris (in the form of “if Kaeris is in your crew...”) then I am taking a guess that Fire Golem will play just as well in a crew led by another master. I hope I’m wrong(I’m so optimistic I pre ordered unseen) but right now Kaeris’s kit is too far under the curve. She is a fun master but at competitive tournaments she is not present. I propose two things that would at least make her interesting. 1) Remove “Limited” from Grab and Drop. 2) Remove the icon from her attacks. Im not sure that’s enough but it feels like a good start. I’m a new player so take what I say lightly. I look forward to hearing from those who’ve played a lot more.
  12. azgadil

    M2E Ramos

    You’ve convinced me.
  13. azgadil

    M2e Kaeris

    Kaeris has some fun toys - try them out - but many in the forums and my own experience have concluded Kaeris is still low on the curve. Kaeris fans are eager for BackDraft which is has been delayed multiple times over.
  14. azgadil

    M2E Ramos

    Timing will matter here. And the card says after being damaged gain the stone - meaning the chance to prevent has passed. Then the miner is damaged and gains a stone. Now if there is a stone already in the pool this is okay.
  15. azgadil

    M2E Ramos

    I find myself (and others) playing Joss in Ramos who benefit from the extra scrap. That’s what tips the scales for me every time. I didn’t see this posted yet but it’s too critical to over look. The biggest boon If Joss gets one target that is up field then Ramos can usually cast spiders that are already engaged. And that is awesome for control.