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  1. My two main masters are Mei and Molly so boy i looked out with alts recently huh? -also inb4 tinfoils that the card art means we are getting a second 80's malifaux setting to lure in the shadowrun crowd with agnostic rules/characters with two sculpts.
  2. I just came back from my FLGS and the owner was actually taking his personal Cult of the Burning Man models out of the display case he has for some of his personal stuff behind the counter and throwing them out in the trash to make room because "the games dead mate, haven't shifted any product in about 6 months and nobody plays it or asks about it" and the shelf that used to be used for it is now a second cabinet for M3E stock. I like the game a lot and its nice to see a larger scale thing in the Malifaux universe but unless they can turn it around "it doesn't have to be big as long as its fun" isn't going to go very far if its a money pit.
  3. I thought he was meant to be what with the Mollly Nightmare box coming with a hat for him to match the theme but i checked three stores near me in the uk and even the one where the owners a diehard fan of game was like "huh, yeah i guess he fell of the back of a truck again or something?"
  4. Did Archie get put back again? went into my local to pick him up with some recent repackages like Hinamatsu but the store said hes back to no date for release again.
  5. Thats a steal but its probably a steal for a reason. I have one friend to play with but 8 FLGS's in my area that all play or have played Malifaux, even one with a regular Through the Breach group. But badly put together or warped preassembelled models put too many people off, which meant not enough people getting into the game which snowballed and so on and yadda yadda you get the idea. I like the game as a larger scale take on the malifaux system and the setting back earthside but its kind of hard to say its not at best a mild flop right now. Hopefully they can turn it around but they are still dealing with the mess of Malifaux 3rd editions launch and thats the big name money maker so TOS is probably going to have to wait. If it can of course.
  6. i tried element games, firestorm games, wayland games and another i hadn't used before. On release day i got the Youko Box and a Fate Deck. I ordered 1 of everything bar the crew boxes. Its a wierd situation where the customer is going "i know this is free but let me give you money anyway!" but this isn't some industry giant like GW so its got to be a more impactful absence when they aren't selling stuff and giving it away for free. Personally i just prefer hardcopy rulebooks you can pass around at the table and sure i can pay to have it printed off by a 3rd party but thats just wyrd losing money i would rather give to them.
  7. So its December, its now been 7 months since i was told stuff like the rulebook i preordered didnt show at any uk retailer i use and i had to rely on a pdf that means dragging my laptop to game stores or trying to play the pinch and squint game on my phone "until new stock showed up". I've been willing to wait patiently since its really just giving money to support a game you love when technically the rules are free but at the same time over half a year is a long time and the people i tried to get into the game with 3rd have gone beyond "dont worry it will get sorted out" a few months back to full on "fool me twice, shame on me" and its actually harder to find people to play with now than in the drought at the end of 2nd. Has there been any news about rulebooks? it just seems so odd trying to sell someone on a game going "oh but theres no rulebook you can buy yet" and getting a blank stare and a comment of "i thought you said this came out in june, how can i not buy a rulebook when even stuff like bushido has them and thats a game made by like four people" and what can you even say to that at this point?
  8. We sit and wait, hope the game doesn't get dropped by everyone locally as they still wait for items 6 months in and unlike privateer press at some point wyrd gets out more product here but it just depends how many people are still waiting and didn't just move on at this point.
  9. I've had this sad little pirate hat sitting on my shelf by my nightmare Molly Crew just waiting!
  10. I ended up having to go to ebay for mine. Theres still folks i know waiting on their June preorders for lots of stuff.
  11. Honestly -and i dont expect this to change- bad preassembelled models has put people off and i would prefer a kit. if i can assemble Molly's Necrotic Machine i can put a stalking portal together without massive gaps. To say nothing of horror stories like that abyssinia bike model that was bent like a question mark that was doing the rounds a while back. That put a lot of traditional tabletop players i know right off.
  12. I know, i know, easy to say but its time and resources. But i don't think anyone can say the current state of the game in the eyes of consumers is 'healthy'. The game is great. Its Malifaux with a twist to allow for large scale fast and simple games to scratch that wargame itch in the universe we all know and love. But, and its a big immolated rhino but, It feels like its fallen to the wayside. Most people blame rumours M3E leaked a year early and this was meant to be a year pushing TOS and wyrd had to scramble to adapt. Its business, it happens. But its made it quite hard to try and build a local scene both in my personal experience and from what i hear elsewhere. Every FLGS i visit has a social media page be a facebook page or forum where people want to play but either have trouble travelling often to find games or they tried to get people interested but the one "metagrog" ran the rhino cheese and demolished all the beginners with a "get serious or get lost" mentality right out of Warmachines infamous page 5 dudebro throwback mentality that put people right off. I've seen Wyrd post elsewhere in the forums looking for playtesters which suggests a nice big errate is on the way and that feels like a nice point -along with things like the court of two finally showing up- to really try and push a "TOS 1.1" and get people interested again. Maybe a "the adventure continues" single page leaflet included in malifaux boxes like GW does for Age of Sigmar in Warcry and Underworlds boxes? Maybe resurrect their youtube presence for some tutorials to show how easy it is to get into? Theres ways we as the players can push and shill the game till we are blue in the face but the consumer needs to see something from the developers to show its still supported and while i totally understand why their core game had to get the most love the last 6 months but with the faction books finally on the way and hopefully most of the core 3rd edition out of the way 'soon' maybe its time to wonder if TOS needs more than just new models and maybe need another push with stores and social media to get people interested? because i really like this game a lot and all the hooks like the fate decks and plug bases and reinforcements are unique and i really hope this game is another hit and not another case of a company trying to expand only for it to wither within a year y'know?
  13. Has there been another delay on the rulebook? the uk stores i frequent are now listing the release date as January 2020.
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