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  1. I tended in the beta to take the 3 rail workers you get with mei and replaced 2 with gamin for markers and something that helps the crew last longer.
  2. The big debate at my locals always tends to sum up as "the golem costs a lot and if its dead you have lost a lot, the porkchop is also tanky but cheaper so you can spread out more upgrades, or reflip more duels". Which is really based on how the game goes more than anything and personally i prefer the golem just for the token and the vent steam but i have seen people go porkchop instead and do well because its 'okay, just not as good' on its own, but with the extra soul stones from its cheaper cost its not a straight 1 for 1 trade but its what you do with that extra budget that makes the porkchop an option. -all of course based on the idea at my locals that if you take mei you take the gamin as a mandatory baseline and build around them. Then you get into stuff like Willie or Niel based on what master your opponents picked and what you might be going up against e.g summoning or damage mitigation and so on. Overall it just feels like a keyword thats like a once removed Seamus. He has his rotten belles pull things into his LOS as part of the basic synergy and in a wierd way i feel the same about Foundry being all about "i have all these tokens turn 1 that might make my crew look too spread out, but now thanks to ride the rail most of them, mei especially spend the rest of the game straight up blinking around. As long as you dont come up against something that messes with the scrap tokens of course.
  3. +for Mei feng. Just grab the Rail Crew core box then a Metal Golem and a box of Metal Gamin and thats almost all the core stuff you will ever need and more than enough to get started.
  4. Honestly at the last stage i used her in the beta the difference between foundry and no foundry was too severe. Most obvious example being if you didn't take metal gamin for ride the rails. With them dropping scrap so often a distance of 30" is nothing to her. If she can't ride the rails she moves like 5"? Theres a few other Masters i got a lot of use out of the versatile keyword but it feels like Wyrd changed her into a very compartmentalised arcanist leaning master who basically looks at the ten thunders models with ride the rail and goes 'okay you guys made the cut' and theres only a couple of those to begin with. But thats just my gameplay experience based on how i play her in general. I tried some stuff like Soulstone Miners, healing automatons and even tried to get some silly stuff with Toshiro working just because and it feels like you take Mei Feng at least two Metal Gamin are mandatory and that really influences your other choices. Or i'm a bad player and totally full of shit and missing something obvious which is totally possible. So i ended up picking up Youkos box and a bunch of Qi and Gong to get my TT on while my locals argue Metal Golem vs Mechanical Porkchop as the Mei Feng dilemna of the week 😛
  5. one store in my area has 2 allegiance boxes on a shelf under a bunch of board games and even the owners didnt know what it was when i asked.
  6. The only buildings my locals tend to use are either the typical "two separate halves of ruin" or solid blocks with balcony's and rooftops. The sentiment seems to be "make it look as close to the setting as possible, but balance it like making a map in a first person shooters pvp mode". Sometimes you gotta give up on some flavour in the name of your map layout serving the game better. I figure thats why everything companies like GW make are open air or half crumbled ruins.
  7. I'm sticking with my Rail Crew/Foundry main but i've pre ordered Von Schtook for some new ressers to paint but i've got Youko, Kinoichi, hinamatsu, charm warders and Bunraku on order to really get into Ten Thunders proper rather than technically being an Arcanist player for the most part. Her abilities and pass token mechanics are really interesting and a nice change to the aggressive 'set up your rail network and keep the pressure on' of Mei and her Metal Golem/Gamins. Plus Sekiro got me in the mood to paint something inspired by the Fountainhead Palace in that game 😛
  8. I have a friend whos been interested in the game for a while but when she read about the Explorers Society she kind of took it as the beginning of a 7th faction and being a huge fan of 'At the Mountains of Madness' jumped on them as a 'going where they shouldn't explorer type group and the one she wanted to order. But from what i've seen on the sites and stores taking preorders in my area -baring in mind no single store seems to be offering everything and only Wayland games was offering all 6 books for example- it looks like its just an addition to certain Guild models. So i recommended that maybe she might want to look into guild models that share the keywords once it comes out. Is there anyone thus far outside the Crew Box which has the new Explorer's Society icon? and has Wyrd confirmed its a 7th faction? or just something tied into one of the other two games in the universe?
  9. So i've just about gotten everything bar Willie and Neil painted up to have everything i need for Mei Feng and since its a new edition and i fancied something a little more pure TT in aesthetic, since Mei's Rail Crew really feels much more arcanist on the tabletop compared to the lore, i preordered a new crew and some loose boxes from the first and third wave. I'll be picking up the following: -Youko Core Box -Hinamatsu -Bunraku -Kunoichi -Charm Warder Now i like to give my characters some flair on the base, to cover my atrocious painting skills, and after playing through Sekiro a bunch i'm really in the mood for some Ashina meets Fountainhead Palace looking bases to look more earthside than breachside for a change. Trouble is not a lot of sites list the base size for some of these figures. So in terms of chasing down some blank bases or some of those nice inserts wyrd does or the 3rd party ones floating around does anyone know which base sizes they are? a lot look like standard 32mm but i don't want to get something on a 40 or 50 base that stands out with the ole' sand and static grass job y'know? I know at least one of them hasn't been released yet if memory serves so anyone got a list of the sizes here?
  10. i would say read up on the factions and pick the one you like first. For example Mei Feng is a pretty solid beginners choice for Ten Thunders and also has some arcanist stuff too, while McMourning is a choice for Ressurectionists for example. You can check each faction section on the forum and theres at least once thread comparing each i've seen thats a good point to start with. Then you need the core rules, your faction book, a fate deck and not urgently but eventually probably a pack of faction cards which includes 3e stat cards for all 2e models. Stores may sell off 2nd edition stuff cheaper so its a saving, or the repackage isn't coming out for a while. Case in point pretty much everyone i've seen recommends people who play Mei Feng, Malifauxs resident metal bender, picks up the Rail/Metal Golem and Metal Gamins. You can pick those up now and the arcanist faction card pack will include their cards. Beyond that just make sure you got a 3x3 tabletop and folks to play it with.
  11. most interesting thing i've seen thus far is Nicodem being the only resser getting a lot of play while a lot of people are putting their seamus/molly/mcmourning crews on ebay and buying into TT or Arcanists instead. In my area 2nd started Resser/Neverborn heavy and ended Neverborn/Gremlin heavy but it looks like way more people are looking into arcanists, ten thunders and to a lesser extent guild and none of those have ever been the majority in my area before. But thats a new edition for you, better it mixes it up than you play against the same meta forever till it gets boring. Thats been the death of a lotta TCG's in my experience.
  12. Far as my locals are treating it its like this: The DMH makes them playable, but they aren't canon characters in the setting right now. Thats it. No restrictions since the entire point is keeping them around for people who like them and its up to the tournament host to allow them or not, tweaking them is a little too playground rules "no but i had an invisible force field i never told you about!" last minute asspulling and i can't really say why you would. I mean at worst i've heard a few people complain Nicodrem in DMH is significantly stronger than he was before with no trade off to balance a straight power uptick but thats really it. Better question is were any of the players demanding it? was Ramos or Collodi on the tabletop a huge dealbreaker to somebody when 2nd isn't technically dead yet to begin with?
  13. i've seen some assumptions its just rolling out when the new edition is officially out but with no official confirmation i can find that could just be wishful thinking. Has there been any word anywhere about the switch to the stat cards of 3rd edition?
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