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  1. I dunno man. I buy from a lot of other mini companies as well and right now Wyrd is the only one where A - only 3 of the 16 items i preordered before june have shown up by september B - 3 core boxes i have bought have had missing pieces/miscasts in. C - every month something is delayed and D - No FLGS has gotten more than a dozen items to stock since 3rd launched. Part of the reason everyone i know is jumping to Warcry, Bushido, Monsterpocalypse, Frostgrave and more is because they are not having these issues. And in cases like Bushido its actually a very small team way smaller than Wyrds. I love Malifaux and have a lot of product for all 3 games in the setting but the troubles Wyrd has had are not the norm for the , not remotely. 3rd edition launched in June. Its a quarter of the year later and it feels like i'm still waiting for release to happen and we just had some stuff come out early. Its a bad situation that they dont deserve but how many months till the "thisisfinedog.png" attitude loses traction?
  2. Yeah i triple check the sprues, nothing else on them. Which would make this my 3rd crew box i've bought for 3rd and the 3rd with a missing piece. All i can do is shrug and contact wyrd but man,
  3. So i finally got my nightmare Molly crew and i'm down to finishing the last skellywag and hitting a wall here. Without any assembly guide the rest were clear and easy but going by the box on the back i genuinely can't tell if i'm missing a piece on one of the legs here: It looks like one leg is only supported by cloth but the models i've found on the forums all look like the cloth wraps around a bone but then the other bottom leg doesnt have anything to connect to at all. Maybe it just hides that behind the tabard like rags in the middle but i dont want to turn it into a gummed up nightmare only to find that there should be two upper legs and i'm missing one. Anyone put this one together who can tell me if i'm just missing something obvious or trying to make a stool with two legs here?
  4. Warcry and Wild West Exodus in my area. The 2nd players just shelved their stuff till its sorted out and the people trying it for the first time got burnt and now have an opinion that Wyrd is a name you can't trust and games you don't touch and got refunds or just moved on.
  5. Depending on who you ask that gets considered part of the problem. Wyrd, if they have been totally honest, has been the victim of a string of bad luck. From rumours that the edition was forced out a year early due to it leaking in a year meant to push The Other Side hard to allll the shipping issues so many of us are waiting on your June preorders for launch product still in september to stuff like Games Workshops new Warcry being a massive player vaccuum as people are feeling burnt and seeing an easier option. Its been a mess. But some people are taking that another way and going "okay Wyrd, every delay you blame a different party in this but the only recurring constant is you, its starting to look like the boy who cried wolf and you dropped the ball and keep blaming others" so really they can't win either way. Honestly i'm in for the long haul but i'm expecting we dont see a return to normalcy till 2020.
  6. Some phsyical stuff like the rulebook are basically none existant in the wild right now so you are best grabbing the free pdf since its that or nothing right now and checking what keyword each master has which is basically an entry level guide for building a crew. you can get things outside the keyword but they cost more and thats often more of a meta thing. Most of the new master boxes are okay but the 2nd ones for the most part just have the new taro sized cards with in many cases just reblanced rules. So for some like Molly they play completely differently, others like Seamus are strong but still suffer from the "heres the boxes to replace all those terribad models he comes with" situation.
  7. Well the Explorers Society is a new faction about explorers and 'dark tourists' which sounds a little like the wave of tourists/thieves/vandals/graverobbers of the 20's and 30's that pillaged tombs. It would be neat if some of its inspired by the wave of egyptian fanatacism of the time like "The Heliotropic brotherhood of Ra" where tomb robbers and spiritualist snake oil salesman raided tombs for loot. God knows what kind of temples and ziggurats are out there breachside.
  8. So i preordered a bunch of Malifaux stuff before release. To date i've got a fate deck and a youko box that was missing an arm. Really however the Rulebook was the thing i was after in the short term but i was told about the delays so i waited. And waited. Eventually i was told stock would come in August 30th. Today i got an email saying nothing showed up and to expect the rulebook in november at the latest. So i might get the rulebook half a year after the new edition. Ouch. The alternative of course is the PDF but my printer sucks and it would probably drain the little cartridges it takes so i just gotta ask, given they have supplied print on demand cards for models that get buffed or nerfed in errata, why not have Drive-Thru rpg as a print on demand option? plenty of people i know use it for the smallest indie things to the pricest white wolf releases. Sometimes for something as simple as a durable, high quality paper soft spin version to proper hardcover stuff. With this weeks comments that suggest losing trust in your current suppliers maybe this is a stopgap option to consider in future?
  9. So whats the deal with Archie right now? i've had a Molly crew years years, she was my second box in fact just when she released, but i never really thought about picking him up till now and outside of the Wyrd store -and i dont really want to deal with shipping time and import on a single miniature- hes either listed as unavailable or simply not on any of the go to sites i visit even as a 3rd edition rebox.
  10. While i understand its out of Wyrds hands its hard not to be a bit salty that a June preorder rulebook might not arrive till a quarter of a year later or even longer.
  11. i got an email saying rulebooks expected to ship tomorrow, but faction books not till the 6th.
  12. I think if im reading it right my orders been in the hell that is Newark NJ, where packages to england go to hibernate for the winter as of the 14th but its not moved since. At least its out the warehouse? ๐Ÿ˜›
  13. That or all the dead riders are secretly artisanal goods made by one lone sculptor working alone in a shed out back?
  14. Just got an email that the nightmare molly and miss feassance order i placed during gen con shipped. Took a while but we got there i guess ๐Ÿ˜› -but i didnt get the whole order as one email, i also picked up a dead rider in the same order and was emailed separately about that. Maybe because its regular stock and not a limited thing?
  15. The cards for 3rd say at the bottom "THIS MODEL COUNTS AS X IN EVERY WAY", its a proxy not a separate character. Miss Feasance is Seamus as far as the game is concerned for example.
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