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  1. So Wyrd announced instead of one big core rulebook they are trying something closer to Age of Sigmars Battletomes for 3rd edition. One book per faction with more pages overall dedicated to each. Question is how to the dual masters fit into this? and have they actually listed where? For example Mei Feng seems to be treated as far more Arcanist leaning gameplay wise but is a prominent Ten Thunders character, while Marcus is going from pure Arcanist to dual faction with Neverborn as well. Have they outlined whats happening with these? Like are they going to be arranging them based on their original/core faction or by the keyword focus? Like i use Mei as an example as shes my only Ten Thunders Master but imagine buying the TT book to find out shes in the foundry section of the Arcanist book instead.
  2. That makes me wonder if we will see something like drive thru rpgs 'errata fixed' cards they do now.
  3. Back during the reveal a new type of vertical card was shown as a 'example of a potential design' and while there was debate between people if the new Bioshock Infinite style aesthetic was more welcome or unwelcome than the 'wanted poster/guild dossier' style of 2nd which is largely personal choice the across the board reaction was "are they too big?". Personally when i play now, and anecdotal but everyone i play with does the same, we use the cards in blank trading card sleeves and use a white board marker to fill in each bullet hole HP pip on the card, to say nothing of carrying a small card binder that holds our collections to accompany the minatures rather than a stack sliding around in a figure case, and when the games over we just wipe them off and good as new. Not only are the health marks looking a bit too small for that on the new prototype designs but large cards means you can't do that unless you go out of your way to laminate them or something if they no longer fit card sleeves. I've looked around but since the initial reactions i've not seen much talking about the cards. Horizontal or Vertical is really up to the designers/art team but 7-12+ large cards are going to take up a fair chunk of tabletop space. For example Warhammers Age of Sigmar 2nd edition brought in these stat cards for each unit that are about the size of a smartphone or larger and in a game with 6 or 7 of those thats a lot of tabletop space, especially when some fold open due to more abilities and stats. Difference there however is you aren't marking them so you can stack them up and check them when you need to. With the 3x3 style skirmish games like malifaux i never see people do anything but have their side of the table with a row of cards all at once showing markers, wounds, tokens and so on. So naturally theres a worry that its going to be a case of 'real estate creep' when we also need space for stuff like fate decks that you can't just plop on the game area like dice to boot. I could be a minority worrying over nothing but has anything been said about the whole 'making the cards bigger' deal?
  4. I'm surprised its not a default honestly. Like you look up Malifaux on twitter and theres a lotta japanese folks playing. I know stuff like Chaosiums Call of Cthulu is popular over there as a 'trpg' and got a native jp translation but do they have to puzzle their way through an english copy by default? I mean hey i'm English so an english language version isn't a personal problem and i get a smaller product can't pull off the same stuff GW does with ease but i assumed multi language options would be the norm. Its more regions buying models at the end of the day right?
  5. Looking at my collection the only model i really see as kind of stand out in need of a resdesign is Lady Justice. The pose is a little too early 2000's Underworld meets Paul WS Anderson Resident evil, The big plastic question mark hair doesnt match her pose at all and she just looks tiny and compared to The Judge seems like the henchman rather than the master. Maybe something where shes standing up, raising her sword in challenge since she has the whole 'ronin dishing out the local lords justice' type deal.
  6. I imagine a fair few will, but probably the 'time skip' element will decide who takes precedent. Like the Dreamer being a teenager now for example. I would love to see Mei maybe get a new or just alternate sculpt since hers is very much flat if you dont look at her from the front but its probably not nearly as urgent as stuff like the inevitable frankenstein, stitched up and mutated Mortimer piloted by the soul of Nicodem (lets be honest well all know that soul stone is not just being used for fuel) or maybe give lady justice one since her current one is super tiny and her hair looks more like a fish hook than a dynamic motion frozen in time.
  7. Its nice to see the Rail Workers be more useful. Rail Crew as a box in 2nd always kind of felt like "heres a neat master and minion and kangs okay, now lets just put these workers away and replace them with gamin yeah?". Also i only realised now i never actually listed what i have for arcnaists i've been using in general: -Mei Feng -Emberling -Kang -3 Rail Workers -3 Union Steamfitters -3 Union Miners -3 Metal Gamin -Willie the Demolitionist -1 Rail Golem -2 Medical Automatons - Amina Naidu -2 Soulstone Miners -Mechanised Porkchop I know most in 2nd grabbed Sparks straight away but i just preffered the whole 'union and ten thunders building the railroads' aesthetic and gobbos didn't feel like a nice fit so i kept putting them off. Though based on keywords, extra henchman SS costs and so on i imagine i'll porbably end up swapping something like Amina out of my Rail Crew lists for something else, even if i dont like the looks of it 😛
  8. So i've been getting a hankering for expanding/mixing up my Rail Crew. Right now i've been using in smaller games the base crew with the Metal Gamin/Rail Golem but through most of 2nd was always recommended i should pick up something like the Steam Arachnids for a Foundry build. With 3rd now in open beta and more people getting hands on with the changes are they still a go to replacement for Rail Workers in a Mei Fenge crew, or is there something else i should be looking at now instead?
  9. Tinfoil but i felt like it was trying to stay more unique. I forget who, it may have been privateer press, but there have been a couple of companies that started putting out art under a new direction that had their fans going "are you just ripping off malifaux now?" and nothings worse for a minatures game than having people not recognising your models and art are even from your game. Personally i got into Malifaux for the juxtaposition of the wierd western imagery of supernatural judges riding past sunbleached boardwalks on the magical frontier and a top hatted serial killer luring victims down foggy cobbled backalleys where his tools are waiting for a necromantic ritual or two. Its deadwood meets bloodborne meets steampunk meets lovecraft with a general blend of wierd westerns and victorian horror over it all and sure theres games like Wild West Exodus but they dont get the creepy aspect done in nearly as competent a way as malifaux that feels like the only skirmish game that took up the moody mantle from the death of Mordheim. But thats just catering to my tastes really 😛
  10. Depends on your locals really. The 2e rulebook lists judging line of site and cover using the height of the model on the card but some people take a more literal approach and you can't hide your lord chompy bits behind a collapsing wall if hes standing atop a ruined statue or something taller than the cover.
  11. My brother and his girlfriend have been round the last few times its been a game night with friends and we played malifaux. They were interested enough to ask where to start so i was thinking of grabbing the 2 player starter kit for them as a christmas gift. When looking around all my FLGS's that had one or two on the malifaux shelves for years every one was gone. Most uk sites i visit are out of stock and a search on amazon didn't even list the thing anymore. Granted it could be people panic buying just for the models and fate decks or something just on the expectation of a new starter kit for 3rd but has anything been said about when this set might be retired that could cause it to run out of stock in so many places? Or has it just been caught in another stock shortage in general like models such as Toshiro were back in the spring and i hear some like Lady Justices crew are right now?
  12. So its now been multiple years since the breach opened a second time and started another soul stone rush. The Guild tried to pull back settlers to a more contained area in the city but in the expanded media stories how far out have people gone? The maps i've seen include the bayou, the badlands as far as Nythera and the far peaks to the west and ten peaks to the north. Are there any others to suggest the scale of the continent? I always wondered if it was straight up an alternate earth and the continent was an alternate north america or if the similarities were more of the 'like all the architecture of our world in a layer cake' like the city but extrapolated into nature as well. So what is the furthest people have gone so far? are there signs of oceans in the lore yet for example?
  13. Essentially it seems like some folks -not me personally Mei Feng main ftw- see the things like Terracotta Warriors or Zombie Samurai too 'out there' like a sci-fi robot showing up in a witcher game or something. Its not something i agree with but with TT being apparently the least popular faction i wondered if i was in the minority for having no problem with them.
  14. Listening to a couple of podcasts about 3rd i noticed a recurring trend in terms of a sentiment that 'asian culture feels out of place and intrusive in the game' and i was surprised to hear it so much. Personally i've always been a fan of westerns and wierd westerns and the latter always seemed to shy away or outright ignore the whole chinese railroad situation. Maybe its because one of my main crews is Mei Fengs Rail Crew but a downtrodden workforce being fitted with steam powered mechanical limbs to replace grievous injuries from building the rail lines feels to me like a cool aspect of weird westerns thats not been explored much in other examples of the sub genre. Granted i could see things like Toshiro or Terracotta Warriors feeling a bit 'out of place' but then isn't that strangeness the norm with necropunks or warpigs? I heard some Wyrd employees lately state TT are the least popular faction for players and i wondered if there is a sentiment that they dont mix well. What do you think about them now they've been around a good while?
  15. I think its a bit of following the trend of new gateway games like Shadespire artwise. Personally the new cards look a bit too much 'Bioshock Infinite Vigour management UI' and not nearly enough 'Weird Western' for me. I liked the HP bullet holes and tatty old parchment look!
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