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  1. We sit and wait, hope the game doesn't get dropped by everyone locally as they still wait for items 6 months in and unlike privateer press at some point wyrd gets out more product here but it just depends how many people are still waiting and didn't just move on at this point.
  2. I've had this sad little pirate hat sitting on my shelf by my nightmare Molly Crew just waiting!
  3. I ended up having to go to ebay for mine. Theres still folks i know waiting on their June preorders for lots of stuff.
  4. Honestly -and i dont expect this to change- bad preassembelled models has put people off and i would prefer a kit. if i can assemble Molly's Necrotic Machine i can put a stalking portal together without massive gaps. To say nothing of horror stories like that abyssinia bike model that was bent like a question mark that was doing the rounds a while back. That put a lot of traditional tabletop players i know right off.
  5. I know, i know, easy to say but its time and resources. But i don't think anyone can say the current state of the game in the eyes of consumers is 'healthy'. The game is great. Its Malifaux with a twist to allow for large scale fast and simple games to scratch that wargame itch in the universe we all know and love. But, and its a big immolated rhino but, It feels like its fallen to the wayside. Most people blame rumours M3E leaked a year early and this was meant to be a year pushing TOS and wyrd had to scramble to adapt. Its business, it happens. But its made it quite hard to try and build a local scene both in my personal experience and from what i hear elsewhere. Every FLGS i visit has a social media page be a facebook page or forum where people want to play but either have trouble travelling often to find games or they tried to get people interested but the one "metagrog" ran the rhino cheese and demolished all the beginners with a "get serious or get lost" mentality right out of Warmachines infamous page 5 dudebro throwback mentality that put people right off. I've seen Wyrd post elsewhere in the forums looking for playtesters which suggests a nice big errate is on the way and that feels like a nice point -along with things like the court of two finally showing up- to really try and push a "TOS 1.1" and get people interested again. Maybe a "the adventure continues" single page leaflet included in malifaux boxes like GW does for Age of Sigmar in Warcry and Underworlds boxes? Maybe resurrect their youtube presence for some tutorials to show how easy it is to get into? Theres ways we as the players can push and shill the game till we are blue in the face but the consumer needs to see something from the developers to show its still supported and while i totally understand why their core game had to get the most love the last 6 months but with the faction books finally on the way and hopefully most of the core 3rd edition out of the way 'soon' maybe its time to wonder if TOS needs more than just new models and maybe need another push with stores and social media to get people interested? because i really like this game a lot and all the hooks like the fate decks and plug bases and reinforcements are unique and i really hope this game is another hit and not another case of a company trying to expand only for it to wither within a year y'know?
  6. Has there been another delay on the rulebook? the uk stores i frequent are now listing the release date as January 2020.
  7. Exactly right. Case in point i was super excited for Monsterpocalypse. Trouble is i live i England and Privateer Press does not really support regions outside the US with new stock. They do one wave and then its individual blisters or nothing. I shopped around and eventually found a shop in whales with the two starter kits. I legitimately am not exaggerating when i say i honestly think i found the last two copies in my country. The game had been out for a few months and that wave was gone and a new wave of stock never arrived. So i played the game with friends at my FLGS and lots of people badgered the owners for orders for it. But there just wasn't any to be had. The only option was import from the US which before the import tax was 60 quid shipping which totalled over 100quid/nearly 130 bucks for 6 minis in a starter box and having to hope someone else had a starter, god forbid buying two! So now the game is dead here. There are no new models and people that desperately wanted to jump in got burnt and moved on. At least unlike PP Wyrds odds of sorting their issues out are a hell of a lot more likely to happen.
  8. Theres a saying by Stan Lee about the ethos to his work that was "every issue i write is somebodies first comic book so i have to grab them on page one" and television has a similar idea of "if you don't catch the viewer in 30 seconds you never will" and i think theres a similar element to tabletop games. Its very easy for any of us from 2nd to go "eh i got my existing figures already and can play, clearly those people aren't TRUE FANS like me" but the whole crux of that brand of high horse is A: already being monetarily invested, B: already having possibly multiple years of good experiences built up and C :this is a bump in the road and not your first experience. There are people i know from 2nd that have not given up on the game but shelved it for something like Warcry or Bushido until the problems resolve. Because they have prior experience to suggest it will and its no skin off their back just to wait. However there are also people that were interested for the first time and their only experience is little or no stock depending on where you ordered from, months of delays with repeat apologies that keep blaming different third parties and no starter kit so they need to gather up all the stuff like fate decks and minis and cards while also hoping they have someone else who has done or will do the same. Thats a bad first consumer experience. Lets just rip the bandaid off and call it what it is. It was an attempt to grow the audience and it shit the bed. Not enough to have people saying its the death of the game like you hear folks talking about Guild Ball or Warmachine nowadays but there is absolutely no reason to get angry with people whos only experience with malifaux has been a poor one. Thats on the product provider. Doesn't mean Wyrd is in the shit pile from now on forever, leave that binary thinking to the outrage/cancel culture crowd online, but they had a chance with new people and blew it with many of them. Thats an objective fact and to blame a consumer for getting burned after putting money down and deciding they want to find greener pastures is a bit of an overreaction in terms of brand loyalty. You can't force people to stick around with promises it might get better. Because they can always come back when it does, but its up to wyrd to convince them the problems are solved by solving them at the end of the day.
  9. I dunno man. I buy from a lot of other mini companies as well and right now Wyrd is the only one where A - only 3 of the 16 items i preordered before june have shown up by september B - 3 core boxes i have bought have had missing pieces/miscasts in. C - every month something is delayed and D - No FLGS has gotten more than a dozen items to stock since 3rd launched. Part of the reason everyone i know is jumping to Warcry, Bushido, Monsterpocalypse, Frostgrave and more is because they are not having these issues. And in cases like Bushido its actually a very small team way smaller than Wyrds. I love Malifaux and have a lot of product for all 3 games in the setting but the troubles Wyrd has had are not the norm for the , not remotely. 3rd edition launched in June. Its a quarter of the year later and it feels like i'm still waiting for release to happen and we just had some stuff come out early. Its a bad situation that they dont deserve but how many months till the "thisisfinedog.png" attitude loses traction?
  10. Yeah i triple check the sprues, nothing else on them. Which would make this my 3rd crew box i've bought for 3rd and the 3rd with a missing piece. All i can do is shrug and contact wyrd but man,
  11. So i finally got my nightmare Molly crew and i'm down to finishing the last skellywag and hitting a wall here. Without any assembly guide the rest were clear and easy but going by the box on the back i genuinely can't tell if i'm missing a piece on one of the legs here: It looks like one leg is only supported by cloth but the models i've found on the forums all look like the cloth wraps around a bone but then the other bottom leg doesnt have anything to connect to at all. Maybe it just hides that behind the tabard like rags in the middle but i dont want to turn it into a gummed up nightmare only to find that there should be two upper legs and i'm missing one. Anyone put this one together who can tell me if i'm just missing something obvious or trying to make a stool with two legs here?
  12. Warcry and Wild West Exodus in my area. The 2nd players just shelved their stuff till its sorted out and the people trying it for the first time got burnt and now have an opinion that Wyrd is a name you can't trust and games you don't touch and got refunds or just moved on.
  13. Depending on who you ask that gets considered part of the problem. Wyrd, if they have been totally honest, has been the victim of a string of bad luck. From rumours that the edition was forced out a year early due to it leaking in a year meant to push The Other Side hard to allll the shipping issues so many of us are waiting on your June preorders for launch product still in september to stuff like Games Workshops new Warcry being a massive player vaccuum as people are feeling burnt and seeing an easier option. Its been a mess. But some people are taking that another way and going "okay Wyrd, every delay you blame a different party in this but the only recurring constant is you, its starting to look like the boy who cried wolf and you dropped the ball and keep blaming others" so really they can't win either way. Honestly i'm in for the long haul but i'm expecting we dont see a return to normalcy till 2020.
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