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  1. So, if Nellie is within 2” of a model that she “one more question”ed to interact and controls that interact with dropping a guild marker, does Nellie get to draw the card and journalists get focused +1? The 8” aura abilities for draw and focus state “when an enemy model within 8”. Thoughts?
  2. What does your typical crew make-up look like? Mostly in keyword? Is there certain auto-includes you use? I see synergy with Perdita + Riflemen with their anti-charge tech.
  3. I can't seem to get my head around how to use her in current form. I really liked her upgrade she gave out in Beta, the Aura did need to be applied to the free focus/interact. Any tips and/or guidance on how to utilize Nellie now?
  4. It sounds efficient by itself, but even more efficient with A Por El. Majority of Family is more expensive and Nino's everlast aura you can get the movement + shot to be in right place/right time......I like!
  5. How did the Monster Hunters do? Ive wanted to do the Run/Gun upgrade on them for some time but havent jumped on it
  6. NickDub

    Lucius Help

    I like that idea a lot. I did not get mileage out of Rider in this game (first time running him). I may ask for a re-rack and see how things fare differently with that change.
  7. NickDub

    Lucius Help

    So things I learned from this list..... 1)Mimic Ryles gun is pretty great with Agent 46 specially since he has the no cheat rule. 2)Mimic Ryles gun with Dopple is not as "great" since she looses the + flips but gains a +1 stat to Stat 7 (still good, but still required focus to mitigate concealment/serene cont.) 3)Agent is fragile =/ He was a big target and I put him out too far and got chopped 4)Bring more "commandable" models for lucius. I had some inefficient master AP due to loosing agent early. 5)The undead obey with Pale and Ryle, worked once, ultimately I misplaced my pale rider out of LoS so I was not able to effectively obey like I wanted 6)Archie is a beast 😃 I am still processing on what I would do better specifically.
  8. NickDub

    Lucius Help

    I wound up locking in the following list and will see how “effective” it really is. Lucius Scribe Agent 46 Ryle Domador Pale Rider Doppleganger With Ryle and Rider being undead I “should” get plenty of obeys with the Domador, also Lucius commanding Domador to do same action. Agent and Dopple can mimic anything from ryles gun to obey undead (friendly and enemy) not it sure what schemes to tackle tho, just exploring combo-wombos
  9. NickDub

    Lucius Help

    Or thoughts on a staggered list and incorporate papa with his shockwave attack. Easyish TN for a changeling.
  10. NickDub

    Lucius Help

    I have considered the doppelgänger. I’m leaning towards agent 46, a domador, pale rider and Ryle (undead) but unsure. With a lot of ruthless and ranged attack’s I think I can get some value and efficiency out of the undead models. Then something to scheme?
  11. NickDub

    Lucius Help

    I’m playing Molly tomorrow in the below game. Any help building a list would be appreciated. Turf War in Flank Detonate Charges Breakthru Search Ruins Assassinate Vendetta I was thinking of running Nellie as a 2nd master and 2 false witnesses. Then agent 46 and a thrall.
  12. NickDub

    dashel advice?

    Please remember that Nellie has changed ALOT since that episode. ALOT ALOT
  13. I enjoyed No Prisoner on the Monster Hunters. Makes them very mobile
  14. I got a planned game coming up this week. With our meta, we plan home games where we setup a board, make our start of game flips to determine game, then build lists and then at a later date, we play (gives us a chance to learn our crews + opponents) Game: Turf War - Flank Harness Ley Line Hold Up Forces Take Prisoner Power Ritual Claim Jump My Crew: Perdita Ortega Enslaved Nephilim The Jury (9) The Judge (11) Monster Hunter (6) Monster Hunter (6) Exorcist (7) Exorcist (7) ( I announced Perdita to have some extra movement, the board has decent LOS lanes, opponent announced Tara. Never played against her in both 2e and 3e. Focused on her bury and summon abilities to try and counter. Jury seemed like a great option, and exorcists as well. I need to select schemes correctly to shoot for the win....any thoughts?) vs. My Opponent: Tara Blake Karina Ostrowski Aionus (10) Scion of the Void (6) The Nothing Beast (9) Void Wretch (4) Void Wretch (4) Pride (7)
  15. I am having a hard time committing the SS for our upgrades. What is everyones experience using these upgrades? Are they entirely situational? Are there any auto-takes on certain models?
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