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  1. NickDub

    dashel advice?

    Please remember that Nellie has changed ALOT since that episode. ALOT ALOT
  2. I enjoyed No Prisoner on the Monster Hunters. Makes them very mobile
  3. I got a planned game coming up this week. With our meta, we plan home games where we setup a board, make our start of game flips to determine game, then build lists and then at a later date, we play (gives us a chance to learn our crews + opponents) Game: Turf War - Flank Harness Ley Line Hold Up Forces Take Prisoner Power Ritual Claim Jump My Crew: Perdita Ortega Enslaved Nephilim The Jury (9) The Judge (11) Monster Hunter (6) Monster Hunter (6) Exorcist (7) Exorcist (7) ( I announced Perdita to have some extra movement, the board has decent LOS lanes, opponent announced Tara. Never played against her in both 2e and 3e. Focused on her bury and summon abilities to try and counter. Jury seemed like a great option, and exorcists as well. I need to select schemes correctly to shoot for the win....any thoughts?) vs. My Opponent: Tara Blake Karina Ostrowski Aionus (10) Scion of the Void (6) The Nothing Beast (9) Void Wretch (4) Void Wretch (4) Pride (7)
  4. I am having a hard time committing the SS for our upgrades. What is everyones experience using these upgrades? Are they entirely situational? Are there any auto-takes on certain models?
  5. Changeling can copy Lucius' obey to get more AP out of front line minions.
  6. So Little Time, So Many Things To Try!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhh
  7. The trigger to "Twisting Their Ideals". Mask "Target must take the charge action even if engaged"
  8. If in wedge or flank I wouldn't. 4ss for 4 beater AP that can be used in turns 1 and 2 if you can close the gap is worth it IMO. Effigy w/ Upgrade is situational for me.
  9. Gotcha, Combo was Sonnia w/ pathfinder for push. Was trying to tie the spellcaster to pathfinder and couldn't get there. They are great for there cost I do agree!
  10. What am I missing in this spellcaster/pathfinder combo? I get 4ss cost on spellcaster w/ chance at fast = great scheme runner, not sure the tie in with pathfinder specifically.
  11. After more playtime, how does everyone feel about rankings now? Any updates?
  12. Silver lining..... We have a talented group of M3e contributors that have provided EXCELLENT web apps to buy us time on it. I hope Wyrd can accommodate, if not, we will still have alternative solutions that works great.
  13. NickDub

    Muy first time

    I still have a hard time paying the cost for either of those options. Do you get mileage out of them thats worth the cost? Or were they a solution to a specific problem/scheme you were going for?
  14. My opponent conceded near end of first round. Was able to get Basse's shotgun to kill Mah's Totem on a RJ damage flip and blasting onto Mah, Trixie and BigBrin. 2 AP later Reichart charged Mah killing her, Pathfinders finished off Trixie and was in line to finish off Brin leaving 2 Rooster RIders and 2 Soulstone Miners left. The pressure applied on Turn 1 is worth the advanced deployment. It was enough for my opponent to make some mistakes on deployment and on order of model activations. This board had 3 decent patches of severe terrain and a few impassible terrain but was not really utilized in turn 1. BTW, Bushwackers in Bayou are OP for there SS IMO.....eek.
  15. 5 Stones Left. I am the defender so my opponent picks sides and I would only assume he would try to negate my abilities even if it meant he had a harder deployment or movement lanes. However. In wedge deployment and 8 models with HotR +1, I have 20" DZ in mid field. The DZ drops back closer to edges but still leaves a decent range to maybe drop some models out the gate.....
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