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  1. Hi all The past three weeks I've moved factions to Bayou from Arcanists for M3E as I wasn't getting much fun out of my Arcanist crews anymore. Holy wow. The amount of fun and power in the Bayou is insane! It's totally revitalised my hobby. Just wanted to share a few thoughts, and curious of opinions on them. Currently I find Big Brain Brin and First Mate go in every crew without exception: First Mate is extremely versatile - can get to 4/5/7 damage with a ram card and is nearly always drawing a card. He also scheme runs like crazy, and makes an excellent anti scheme runner. Butterfly jump, Stealth and soulstone access means he's almost not worth bothering with for the opponent. He can do everything. Big Brain Brin's Calculate the possibilities is mad too. Being able to discard 20 cards and shuffle 6 from your discard pile back into your deck is very powerful - you should be getting 2 red jokers most turns, and if timed correctly, it can turn the final few flips of your deck into a really oppressive experience for your opponent. First mate managed 15 damage across 2 AP today by using Brin's deck stack. The condition removal is also necessary in most games. Canceling triggers and Serene Countenance is just gravy. What are your thoughts on these models? As for the masters, I'm thoroughly enjoying Ulix for all the AP manipulation, card draw and positioning mechanics but it does feel like a bit of a glass cannon if touched in the right places. War Pigs are insanely good - this weekend at a tournament one of my War Pigs vs @shakes1066 climbed from 1hp to full wounds by hitting Tear of Bite three times then gaining Eat your fill. In another game a single War Pig killed both Viktoria's from full health to dead in 5 AP, whilst my opponent discarded 4-5 stones trying to save them. Ulix being able to grow and obey the same pig 3 times a turn has real potential too - so much movement! Today I had my first games with Mah and she is ridiculous good - the activation control by gaining pass tokens off initiative together with the card draw across the crew, and being able to make all models within pulse 3 focus sets the crew up for a huge punch turn 2/3. My opponent today claimed it was the most powerless he has ever felt in a game of Malifaux.... Not sure if that's a good thing I've dabbled with Zipp but haven't really worked out what I'm doing with him yet - considering putting the Trench Coat on a skeeter so it can carry Mancha Roja around. I've also looked at Brewmaster too but haven't had the opportunity to put him on the table. Fingers' Pilfer trigger seems crazy good - a 2 soulstone swing feels a little like cheating haha. Been looking at Zoraida, Ophelia and Wong too - so much to try (Big Hat seems a little underwhelming?). How have your experiences been of the first 2 months of Bayou, with the M3E official rules? Do we feel a little too good? (Currently, I worry we are!)
  2. Payment sent for Chris Draper and I. We'll be a team.
  3. Winner! I'll wait and see what Dave's event looks like and whether I can get my innoculations in time
  4. Was there talk of someone hosting a second event up north on the Sunday too? May have imagined it, i wasnt myself last Sunday 😂 Very tempting if so!
  5. Sorry for the late notice but I'm pulling out of the event - mixture of work needing to be done for Monday and not had time to prepare for the event- think my m3e cards are about a month out of date! Good luck with the event.
  6. In the multiple games I played vs. Brewmaster I found that 2 instances of condition removal was not enough because it was far too easy for the crew to reapply it once the condition removal had activated. AoE condition removal is near essential. I have not had a chance to play vs. the aura8 poison3+ iteration though.
  7. I do sometimes have the habit of speaking in exaggerations, but I stand by the point: Ironsides' crew works, but there a couple of things on her card which are too good. I think it's mostly good to go because it does what it does very well. It's by no means an autopick crew due to its mobility for schemes, but there are definitely pools where you would hire it and do very well in. Aside from the M&SU models you can hire a couple of non-M&SU scheme runners and the crew will compete in many settings. Isn't this the point of M3E, select hiring where no one crew does everything? When I say the crew doesnt scheme run well I mean it isn't mobile enough to do them all - there are still a couple it excels at. The keyword doesn't necessarily need better mobile scheme runners than we currently have when there are decent others available for cheap out of keyword. The Union miner will do a job for many enemy related scheme marker jobbies too. The crew is ok. A couple of minor tweaks to Ironsides and we are there, in my opinion.
  8. There is some real merit in this. Aside from being the trundling ball of death, the crew doesn't do anything else. It can't spread out quickly to scheme run or score the strategy. The only reason I scored points vs Jamie was because I hired Colette as a second master. Its difficult to know what to do with M&SU. I do think something has to change with Ironsides, particularly with the resist trigger and Pumped Up, but otherwise I think the crew is in an ok place in M3E terms. Perhaps more testing is needed to prove otherwise because at the moment its mostly theory.
  9. Well we need to get our arses out of the pub and into the testing lab more often 😂
  10. We probably need a new M&SU thread to discuss the crew power if we think it's an issue. Ive found the crew does very little offensively. It is tanky as hell and extremely difficult to shift, but doesnt hasnt done much else offensively or scheme wise for me in my games.
  11. If you dont feel the Arcanist forum are playtesting to your standards, please feel free to test this crew yourself.
  12. Ok I think I may have given some people the wrong end of the stick. The issue is that her resist trigger is so good that people are not attacking her in close at all. It needs to be toned down to encourage more close attacks against her because at the moment, past the opponent's first couple of games vs her, it feels like dead mechanic.
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