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  1. Thank you, I have responded to your email.
  2. Hi @Wyrd Office, can I get an update on this??? I'm am beginning to lose patience over the lack of communication. George
  3. Thank you for your reply Sadly I did not receive an update or email as promised. I have checked all of my email addresses and their respective junk folders. Can you confirm it was sent, might be an issue my end. Otherwise, can you let me know when to expect further communication? George
  4. Hi @Kyle On 20th August I requested my GenCon order be cancelled by email - I received a reply saying this had been passed on to a supervisor. Two weeks later, yesterday, I received an email saying the order had been shipped to me. Very disappointed by this as I gave plenty of notice between cancellation and shipping. I sent an email immediately yesterday but it has been 24 hours and I've had no communication back. Sorry if this isn't really your area, or the right way to go about trying to get this fixed, but where should I go from now? I really don't want it to be shipped to the UK as I will have to pay customs to release it and send back for a refund. Do I have to accept the fact I will receive the unwanted miniatures? Can I return them? Please point me in the right direction if you can! Ta George
  5. I'd love to, but together with lumping my figures it's not really feasible on the tube! Could maybe manage some scatter though.
  6. Sneaky scheme markers can be deployed this way, very easy for your opponent to miss though! 🕵️‍♂️🐷
  7. I used three Flying Piglets in Plant explosives: Detonate, Hold Up Their Forces, Search the Ruins, Assassinate, Claim Jump yesterday. I took Hold Up and Search. Two Flying Pigs had a bomb, while the third was running interference. They scored my first Hold Up by bombing in at the last second to my opponent, but didn't have the staying power to gain the second point was the scheme was revealed. Two had bombs assigned but one, unfortunately, blasted off into space and was unburied next to Lord Chompy Bits 😂 Was very impressed though. Think I will hire a least two every Zipp game!
  8. The model still suffers 1 damage, it just gets reduced to 0. The second part of text doesn't seem reliant on the first part, and the ability doesn't read like "if this model suffered damage" so I think its probably fine, Radek! I'm sure Wyrd would have made it irreducible if they wanted the damage to stick.
  9. I've just finished building my third Flying Piglet today. Going to get some colour on them and, I think, hire 3 in every Zipp crew. (Even if just to abuse Showboating!)
  10. When my models only had 2 AP and had to use both of them to hit the Coryphee because of concealment, and the Mannequin had a way to heal, it didn't matter so much.
  11. 🤮🤮🤮 This crew was just gross. It went so wide, so quickly, that there was nothing my hired Zoraida crew could do to stop any of Matt's scheme or idol points, especially with Colette being able to teleport to any friendly model she wanted. I'm not even sure he killed any of my models except the Silurid, and Bokor very late on? There was no need. I tried to kill the Coryphee (which had to be done at range with focus because they were so far out and concealed), but they are just replaced with a significant Mannequin so it doesn't feel like any inroads are made. The Soulstone miner and Colette stay hidden until they are needed, and then teleport where required. I think I could have put most any Bayou crew on the table and the outcome would have been the same. A very well put together, cleverly constructed, crew. I'm going to have to seriously think about my hires vs. Arcanists in this sort of scheme pool!
  12. Hey all I just got back from the Scottish GT this weekend and had a whale of a time. Had a brilliant first day where I was top of the draw but got smashed back down into mid table mediocrity day 2. During the weekend I found myself reliant on hiring one particular cheap minion in most games, out of key word: Piglet. For a measly 4 stones I have a reckless, relatively quick scheme runner with Demise(Delicious Bacon) which can be used for a multitude of options: Activating near the centreline, dropping two scheme markers in one activation (delicious bacon a third if you fancy). Being moved into a position and killed by opponent (or yourself) for a scheme marker in hard to reach places. Torpedoing 15" towards a Take Prisoner target on a final activation of the turn Moving 10" and still having AP to score strat points or scheme run Bombing into Outflank position at the end of the turn. Sitting centrally and running towards a Breakthrough model to deny the opponent their scheme If you find a way to put shielded on the Piglet you effectively making it fast every turn through Reckless Reckless is so powerful. The Piglet can stay in relative safety behind some terrain until required. Don't get me wrong, defence 4 and 3 wounds they are extremely easy to kill, so they don't want to be in the thick of the action, but they operate very well down the flanks. You will probably get one good meaningful play with the Piglet before it dies, so use it wisely! And you can even think of their squishyness as an advantage to get you some reliable delicious bacon when you need it! So yeah, across the weekend I think Piglets scored (or denied my opponent) a net gain of least 2 points in each game I hired it. In some games, even more! They were worth 4 stones every time. My question to you is: which cheap minions are you finding yourself regularly hiring or relying on in encounters, and why? I'm trying to branch out my hiring pool and curious what you guys have found ☺️🐷
  13. I am hoping the format will follow suit of Gencon by restricting second masters.
  14. Thank you! It is pretty much entirely from TT combat and was assembled for just under £100 I think... Who knows about the wheel! Perhaps there was a drought 🤔
  15. We use plenty, I reckon. This is a typical board minus some concealing/severe.
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