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  1. Are you sure about that "ignoring LoS" means that he loses the concealment bonus?
  2. How does Frontier counter DUA? Nice tips for the Nexus matchup btw.
  3. Still fragil af, but I've learnt to like them with Basse.
  4. The hard task for Lucius is surviving shockwaves from Meredith and Ngaatoro's Obey. Having a mediocre Mv (Agent and DP aside), that stuff hurts a lot.
  5. I'd like to play her and Lucius (and maybe Basse) into Nexus. Let's see if I can arrange some games soon.
  6. Outcast boy here! Ready for action!
  7. How's Nix so resistant in your opinion? On paper, he seem good but not a real "tank". I'm probably missing something as I don't play Hamelin since M2E lol
  8. And I'm gonna add to this thread, as I haven't played them as well: what about Burt, Gracie and Piglets? Are they just straight better in Bayou? Have they uses in OC?
  9. Ye, Prospectors are awesome with everyone. Smugglers seem ok too but I still have to test them (with Benny they can do a great draw engine, but that would be a Parker crew and a passive one).
  10. Never said I use Skeeters to taxi Mancha. Mainly they move Pride, Alyce etc.
  11. As a player who used OC Zipp a few times, I'm gonna say that Mancha as an anchor is awesome. Pair him with runners as Mate or Stalker, damage dealer as Alyce and Merris, control pieces as Pride, support as Prospectors and Emissary and taxi as Skeeters and the crew will always shine in most pools. So guys, as title suggests, I'm asking you: what's the point and role of Wrastlers in OC? They should be a lighter version of Mancha, but still too fragile. Any success with them?
  12. What was your list? Were you against Kirai into which strategy?
  13. Would you play something similar into Leylines? The list is intriguing.
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