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  1. Again, super helpful. Thank you so much man! The Trap won't die in a single hit thanks to 3 Wd and Armor +2. Btw, it's not a Construct, so it won't leave any Scrap.
  2. And why a Wastrel? Why not choosing another 5 Wd Minion?
  3. Mate, thanks for your awesome tactica. It really helps me understand what I'm supposed to bring into the game with Yan Lo, and what to do with his Aps. The only doubt I got, reading this and another thread, is how I build Chi using Wastrel (and you mentioned a Goryo too). It seems I need to go severe on damaging the Wastrel (+1 Chi), then killing him with another one (+1 Chi). Where does the third Chi point come from? You even talked about a 4th. This is leaving me a bit disoriented ahahah
  4. Searched a bit, didn't found anything that could satisfy my curiosity. So here I am, asking you: what's a typical Yan Lo build? What's his general plan? What is he supposed to do? I see him (looking at cards) as a bruiser that can disrupt your opponent's plans. Am I wrong? Help me understanding my new Master for a virtual hug.
  5. Played this one: Hamelin (5 SS Cache) - Sewer King - The Piper - The Plague (wanted to try it) The Stolen Baby Kade Bishop - Oathkeeper The Midnight Stalker - The Bigger They Are Crooligan Crooligan Obedient Wretch Malifaux Rat Won 10-4 vs Rasputina with some stuff, Snowstorm, 2x Acolytes, 2x Ice Dancers, Silent One. Took Vendetta and Surround Them. Crooligans and Obedient scored the latter. Bishop did Vendetta, killing the Storm turn 2 (he killed an Acolyte too in turn 1), getting killed in response by the explosion. Totally worth his 10 points, even if I almost wasted the Fast. Midnight Stalker did his thing, but I was often engaged with models that had already activated, and he couldn't get use of his Upgrade. Still a nuisance for my opponent tho. Kade did almost nothing, except for killing one Dancer. Missed 2 Lures, got killed by 2 Raspy's attacks. Nothing to declare, but I can see his potential. One Stolen sacrificed for 2 Rats, 3 Rats in play, Wretch shot one to create another one, Rat King. Usual rat-engine, but apart from that, couldn't do more 'cause blasts are a pain. Plague is good, probably Pits would have been awesome with the Informant Marker but no worries at all, Hamelin is still powerful and able to play in every scenario (kind of).
  6. With a bit of positioning, I've made more than once 2 Yokais lose Slow and Charge for 1 Ap. Gorgeous.
  7. My point was to explain I don't see 10T Masters so weak in the resilience department. Btw, you're right, Flicker is not that strong and the Emissary Conflux is crap (regarding the 0 Action). Probably then, our summoning engines are pretty meh.
  8. Why do you consider The Plague mandatory? Btw, I've used Plague Pits with great results, just place them near important Strategy points or into bottlenecks, but ye, I can see your point.
  9. Has any of you ever tried something different with Hamelin? I'm wondering if it's possible to use him as a melee model, or hire stuff never seen in his classic builds and make it effective. Are Candy, Iggy or Kade useful for his plan?
  10. Hey guys, after a long break (played a lot of 10T lately), I decided to give my Outcasts a try in GG18. Unfortunately, I don't own so much, so I haven't a real flexibility in builds. The rolled Strategy and Schemes are these: Ply For Information (we decided to play Extraction, just to change a bit) Surround Them Inescapable Trap Public Demonstration Hold Up Their Forces Vendetta Given I own Hamelin, Parker, Jack Daw and some random stuff, what are your advises about the game? Is Hamelin able to play into these Schemes? I know he's really powerful and can do almost everything, but don't know. By the way, I thought to go for Hold Up Their Forces and another one (Surround Them or Vendetta, probably), 'cause I think Montresor will shine into Hold Up. What can be an efficient runner? The Midnight Stalker? Thanks in advance.
  11. Again, Warders are not a bad choice. Probably still not the solution I needed. Maybe Toshiro with Mei? A bit of activations more, some tankiness, more jumps around. A lot of resources needed tho.
  12. And forgot to ask, but what's your Brewie's idea of list into summoners? A typical one? Do you prefer debuffing your enemies with Swill or Poison them to death? Drinking Contest all night long or your beaters have to wash their hands in opponent's blood?
  13. Probably the only example I can think of, and in 10T you've many heals and buff to cover her. Misdirection, Disguised or Vanished, ending conditions with LRM. Not too shabby.
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