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  1. Fictor

    Who can take the most beating?

    I'm with your opinion, but I desire to know the truth... We must post that in rules xD
  2. Fictor

    Best dmg on hit in our faction

    One thing of Envy, if the enemy is near of and Scheme Marker get +1Sh and or only + ? In the card says +1 and in my group have two opinions ^^'
  3. Fictor

    The AWESOME Colette (Nop)

    Yes, and I really WANT to do something competitive with her, because for some reason that I can't understand is a big challenge for me, but... still fail 😟
  4. Fictor

    Best dmg on hit in our faction

    After think a little, Envy, Large Arachnid and Rail Golem have the same problem for me, Sh5/Ml5, its low and sometimes the enemy can avoid that, but Envy have and it's nice. And my bigger problem with Shastas Vidaya Guard, is the 3 miniature box xD, Wyrrrrrrrrd!!! xD
  5. Fictor

    Best dmg on hit in our faction

    Yeeeeees, I'm looking for things like that, thx, something else? 😁
  6. Fictor

    Best dmg on hit in our faction

    For sure, but you need can cheat the dmg, have the RJ, and have an Ice Gaming near with his aura active, I'm not speak about that. I'm search a reasonable dmg, for that reason speak about the on snow, or the min 9dmg on the Golem. For example in your case you need the Golem, Ramos with his Under Pressure, the Mobile Toolkit to give on dmg and the Ice Gaming. So much easy to push Carlos with his 0AP, 1AP for Focus and hit for 7dmg.
  7. I try to explain that, I'm think on the highest dmg we can get with only one hit that we can get in one model of our faction. Something like that: Snow can SS for and try to get 6 dmg cheating (but this is invalid vs Impossible hound models) Ice Golem can cheat to hit his Smash and get 9/10/12 Carlos with 3 burning on him, can Focus and hit to cheat severe and trigger to convert burning on dmg for 7dmg Some ideas about that?
  8. Fictor

    The AWESOME Colette (Nop)

    I'm Agree 110% with @edopersichetti, @WWHSD and @Morgan Vening, can't explain more times the same or add something else. And my personal choice is never play again Colette since they fix something on her, it's a fact that I doesn't get fun in my games with an unbalanced thing like this, and I try this couple of time with so much combinations. I have a lot of masters to test and play until Wyrd see that xD
  9. Fictor

    The AWESOME Colette (Nop)

    I'm agree 100% with you @edopersichetti, I play him a lot before and after the nerf, for this reason start this topic, after the few games, I'm sure to speak and don't say anything that didn't tested. Yes, the Doves, but man, 8 for a Dove hurts, you have a free SS, but for example in the last game, in my first turn I only have 13 higher than 7's, doesn't want spend that on a Dove, and can't summon nothing (Try one time and fails xD), at this cost we can summon a Gaming who can interact and gives all your Crew on attack... the same thing... I think that must be reduced to 6 or 8 out suit. The thing is that, in the past you have most versatile Master whit only 1 miniature of each type, if you want shot x3 on Acolyte, if want hit x3 on Howard, if want lure x3 on Performer, and even if you only have one miniature on reach you can do that, now you can't do that, you need all time x3 miniatures at 8" to get your x3 Prompts, and if you have versatility you can't do more than one time the same action for the limit. For me that two phases are the solved problem, refix her Prompt or up her Upgrades And for sure the other Arcanist nerfs hurts Colette like the PP and similar things, at this point is the trash tier Master.
  10. Fictor

    The AWESOME Colette (Nop)

    6 activation Crew... In a few games in my meta you loss turn 2 is the opponent go slowly... Not for me, y play a lot this model because love the miniature, but at 14ss cost all other options are better like x3 Oxfordians, Howard, Myranda+IE (that can be reactivated with Prompt and turn into Cerverus) and all other combinations... YES, only one nerf on one ability ruined this Master because the other abilities and upgrades are B-A-D, and when you starts to lose miniatures Prompt turns bad and bad, with only 2 miniatures and your Master you only can do 2 Prompts, and 1 if you only have 1, in the past this doesn't matters because you can do 3 Prompts until the end, or Colette can do Prompts she can't do nothing, the other things are shit. I doesn't say return to the past, I say up a little the Prompt, if the problem is Howard do only affect minions or Showgirls or do the other abilities a little better for can so something other than Prompt.
  11. Fictor

    The AWESOME Colette (Nop)

    Like I said, I play all combination of miniatures, and in all cases if I change Colette for another Master the results will be better... Use Shell Game make me sad, this upgrade are really bad, you need activate your master early, spend stones or cards, upgrade slot, and Aps... oh man, if you say that this upgrade are the best of Colette... and yes I try to use this a couple of times.
  12. Fictor

    The AWESOME Colette (Nop)

    Hi guys, since she was nerfed, for me, becomes the worst Arcanist Master, and stoped play with her. But... since a couple of weeks I want to test my mind and play a lot of Colette, with all upgrades, and all combination of miniatures. In every game I feel the same, she is pure shit now, in all of the games the same Crew with another Master works better. Yep, in the past people abuse of Prompt, but it's because the other abilities are trash, for real, are really trash, doesn't are abilities of 4ss minions... are abilities of a Master with poor 2ss of cache. The best upgrades to carry are PP, SotD and AR, two of them generics and another for Showgirls, you doesn't need use that master for that. You can pay 4ss for have Collodi's abilities with out on dmg and 4" instead 10"... OMFG She live from Scheme Markers but, she discard the markers, and you need them for Schemes, for keep her alive, for hit, for ALL, and can't interact while engaged. Really this Master need up the cache to 4/5ss, leave Prompt 3 times on minions or Showgirls or rewrite her fucking trash upgrades....
  13. Fictor

    Unaligned Sage

    Issue fixed for me on the last update, thx a lot! keep going ^^
  14. Fictor

    M2E Ramos

    Ramos only need the Steamfitter scrap, when he summons the 3 arachnids they summons whit only 2wd, if you need you can use magnetism to move and kill one for another scrap, and like other says Electrical Summoning gives you more scrap and maybe the enemy kills someone of your constructs, or an arachnid can move into Strike Marker of you need. You only want more scrap if you take Combat Mechanic upgrade and want to heal. And now with Steamfitter, take Mechanical Toolkit and Joss to kill him for two scraps are very bad option, because you loss Joss's Aps and one miniature, I prefer the Steamfitter option.
  15. Fictor

    Unaligned Sage

    I didn't think the was for the Android version, but maybe, I'm programmer ^^