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  1. First game I went all Blight w/ Benny, Nix, Hodgepodge, and the Midnight Stalker. My opponent did the Barbaros/Titania combo. Midnight stalker dies to focus/stoned attack from Barbaros then a random charge from a primordial magic after he ran away. Benny does ok, blight never does anything because my opponent draws higher cards. (Titania lived w/ 14 blight, resisted it about nine times.) My opponent did have the cyclops this game, it randomly did a damage to Nix w/ the godawful amount of scheme markers titania drops against rats when she won't die. Next game I played Killjoy, A&D, and Midnight Stalker. He runs Titania straight up the board and lives through the alpha no problem. (That's a thing, I guess?) Midnight stalker got annihilated by Nekima and cheating multiple thirteens to kill him after the whole stone/focus thing. Nekima gets Queen's champion from said kill. Still a close game, but in the end I couldn't obey Nekima off the Extraction point to tie it up. Anyway, moral of the story: midnight stalker takes more finesse than it appears at first, as lots of people play big models that just one shot him if he tries to tie them up. All thematic Hamelin (plus a Midnight stalker) is still not as good as "good stuff" Hamelin, but that's no huge surprise -- I don't think Benny makes it competitive (nor does it need to be.) If your opponent didn't take any killing Henchmen and their master has bad attacks, the Midnight stalker is probably amazing. Otherwise, you have to run from Nekima. On flank deployment the stalker can start on your opponent's half of the board (for fast,) which is cool -- I also never had a chance to activate him to do anything from being tied up w/ Titania (Hamelin's obeys went into A&D and Killjoy to attack.) I did get a couple min-6 swings in w/ the midnight stalker, but they didn't connect. Anyway, not a wonderful test -- the stalker performed horribly for me. Cyclops just ice walled itself by an extraction marker for the entire game -- not entertaining or anything, but it does reward good placement of walls I suppose? Benny is fun and thematic and might be awesome in Jack, and might be great w/ the Bigger they are to really wail on henchmen/enforcers.
  2. Yup, giving Tara a saddle seems fun! You can do it as a summon on a 13 or a Red Joker... or you can just hire one I guess! Talos seems like a fun thing to deliver -- you can't necessarily kill something, but you probably CAN bury something important by running him way upfield. I'm not sure it's going to beat, say, 2x rotten belles to pull in and bury something scary, but it might sometime if you want them up the board and split up!
  3. Neither of those work quite the same way. A Belle is only going to move you 6" (if she double lures you right up to the edge of death's whip when you summoned her in perfect position.) A Doxy moves you 5", but does ignore severe terrain. A Kentauroi moves you 12". If you had the corpse perfectly positioned, it's 2" pickup + 12" walk + 50mm base. (That's just under 16".) The Kentauroi moves you faster through severe terrain than a doxy does. Again, I don't think any of this stuff is busted, but Nicodem is already awesome and gaining more toolbox stuff is kinda weird. If you couldn't summon the model, I'd think it wasn't worth it -- but like a Hanged, it's definitely worth a card.
  4. Played it today. It's an insanely good taxi when Nicodem summons it. Getting him into position that easily is probably a little much.
  5. First game, Nicodem used a vulture and Asura to summon a couple models in the center of the board which charged/slithered into the cerberus, which was pretty good, as well as a Kentauroi to taxi him around. Next turn his stuff died and my stuff didn't, and the Belle shenanigans began to deny points from Guard the Stash. My opponent hadn't played Marcus before, and was trying out Ferdinand and Paul Henry. He wasn't very impressed with Paul Henry. The Kentauroi carting Nicodem around let me get him into position very easily. No discard on that seems a little crazy -- it's Nicodem, you draw a bazillion cards anyway. Next game was Tara vs. Titania, and then I found out I read Asura wrong -- you can only make one mindless zombie a turn. I was playing summoning Tara, so it was awful and I lost pretty quick -- I'd built my list around that interaction. I also deployed without seeing his McTavish behind a wall, with a Necropunk directly across from the stupid thing. It wasn't much of a game. Talos was pretty fantastic. Cool model for 8. I'm not sure he's much good in Resser Tara, but I think in offensive bury Outcast Tara he's going to be pretty awesome. He's seem like an alright beastie-bomb target to throw into stuff that can't easily deal w/ armor +1, but I didn't bury him or anything -- just fasted up some belles to pull over the Thorn. He buried the Cyclops, who didn't do much except get lured away from completing inspection. Next game was Nicodem vs. Collodi. I tried the Ml 10 zombie list. Didn't work, it was a weird game where he tried to setup my carrion emissary, lured it 6 times for Collodi + Beckoner into changeling/freikorps trapper fire spam, then I summoned and fasted a Rotten Belle to lure it all the way back. He had setup on it, and ended up just giving up and killing it. We ran out of time on this game. Asura didn't get a chance to do a ton this game -- just throw down some quarantine markers and make a zombie, and let those zombies fail at some grasping hands attacks. Asura's incredibly good if you can make two zombies a turn -- probably too good. That's also not how she's written, as I found out, ha. Running Nico + Mwahaha + Asura + Conflux of Death lets you theoretically hit Ml skill 10 w/ mindless zombies, but the dream didn't happen -- and you need a super weird list to even try. Anyway, I still like Asura, but she seems like a better fit in Reva, and maybe a friend of Toshiro's? Not so great for spare parts Tara, though. Mortimer + Gravedigger is probably stronger for carting zombies around for Nicodem, so it goes.
  6. Overall, I agree with you -- it's an edge case, a punk zombie is generally the better call. What I mean is, consider a situation like I see in games sometimes -- off on the edge of the board, a couple Guardsmen are dropping scheme markers, high fiving each other, and scoring Claim Jump. A Kentauroi gives you a lot easier way to go disrupt that -- sure, you could summon a necropunk to go jump over and stand on them for a couple lower cards, but a Kentauroi has a much better chance of outright killing one and surviving the attack from the other (or at least taking two attacks from a min damage 1 melee.) It's likely not overpowering or anything.
  7. My main concern about the Kentauroi is that it gives Nicodem a 6" summon + 50mm base (~2") + 10" charge + 3" reach way to reach out and touch someone -- just under 21" in the optimal scenario (easier now when you have a graverobber run into exactly the right place to summon.) (That's Reva's range, minus 0.03 inches.) I don't know if that's a huge deal -- if you're hanging back from Nicodem, stuff is already going pretty bad -- so perhaps it mainly just gives him some play against things that out activate him (Hamelin, Nellie.) Mainly, I want to try it on the table. Summoning a Kentauroi and a Hanged lets you cart him to where he needs to be -- that sounds pretty great. (You need a 12 and a 13 and/or some corpses to burn, so it's a major investment, but it seems like a plan.)
  8. Ah, opponent read it wrong -- we had it ignoring hard to kill as well.
  9. It's a dead centaur. Nicodem has a bum leg. Taxi it is!
  10. Asura w/ Reva is pretty fun. Reva's less crow hungry and those zombies are useful -- plus Asura gives those corpse candles some decent attacks. I enjoyed how they interacted pretty well. I was playing Mwahaha Reva (to make lots of scary zombies buffed by Asura) but Spare Parts would work pretty well too -- one the first turn, you'd be soulstoning, but if you have Asura summon a couple zombies, they can activate twice, then Reva can run up and turn them into Guild Autopsies. That only works if your opponent isn't alpha striking you, but alpha striking into Reva is rightly terrifying -- I've had a lot of early turns with her with no possible targets, so I think Asura makes a nice summoning buddy for Reva, whether Reva has Mwahahah, Spare Parts, or is just using those zombies as attack vectors. As for the grasping hands change -- perhaps cap it at -3 or something? It's really only going to stack that high with Nicodem (so those zombies can walk and use grasping hands, or focus and use it,) and Nicodem doesn't really need any help (especially after getting Bone Piles to summon.)
  11. That was updated (or clarified) for the 5/17 release. We played on the 5/10 release. Seems like a good change! They still seem like an almost automatic include in any guild list at 6ss in my estimation, but I've only played against them twice. (Note that I really like them being that versatile, it just seems strong @ 6ss. Only one card makes you not want to take two Quellers unless you're expected suits to remove or lots of armor/incorporeal/hard to kill to ignore. I think Nellie would get ridiculous use out of Quellers -- glowy Burt is pretty good in Wong, and Nellie can deliver him about as well as Gracie can. (Debt for the +1 of course.)
  12. Game 1, Reva & Lucius: Had Asura w/ Ressers, and Thalarians and the Jury for Lucius. Extraction, schemes didn't matter. Game ended turn 2; didn't know that Lucius can order a guild rifleman to kill Reva, didn't know witchling thralls ignored Yin's aura when they stood next to Lucius (I ran into him.) Asura seems cool, I quarantined up the middle of the board which made him avoid it. I had mwahaha on Reva to spam zombies w/ decent attacks, so her dying was gg. Summoning on a six of crows for a 2ss sounds bad on paper, in practice summoning a zombie 14" away for Reva is worth the cost. I didn't know what upgrade to pick so I left it blank, corpse bloat seems rather apropos here, though. Asura might be a lot better in Nicodem (or w/ spare parts,) so I'm not sure it was a great test -- but Asura seemed good at keeping models away from a point, which is pretty awesome on extraction. Would maybe pay 9 for her in Reva in extraction or interference, so I dunno. The jury did well -- ran up, slapped my carrion emissary with slow and some damage. Pretty effective, but not really better than Francisco or any of the other amazing 8ss killing stuff guild has. Seems neat, lots better than the judge. Seems cool how it is. Cool charge to soften up a model, but not a ton of defenses or anything. We both thought the Thalarian Quellers were too good -- they do a bit too much for 6ss. My opponent figured he'd still take them if they were 7ss, but they wouldn't be auto-includes. It's mainly the card draw -- in Lucius, that's free cards because you get a free stone anyway for slapping the scribe. It's a cool ability. I really like them thematically, but arcane shield + handing out better than glowy + minus attack flips + free cards + suit stripping is probably too much for one model. I really like them exactly how they are -- they're a fun versatile model -- but they might sit better at 7ss. Or dropping a few abilities. Or just lowering base stats. Whatever! Personally, I didn't think the suit stripping was the broken part -- I think there should be more counter-magic stuff in the game -- but doing offensive AND defensive triggers on one might be too much. Maybe if it was resisted by the nearest model, or dropped by a targeted model? (Does it need to ignore resilient on the drowned? I liked being immune to armor immune, ha. (I like having something that goes through that though.) Game 2, Kirai and Lady J: This was flank. It ended turn 1, I didn't know that Lady J had an upgrade that deleted your entire crew if it's undead or a spirit, so I setup close. Quick and boring. Could've counter-played with a seishin but I didn't read it right (thought my graveyard spirit armor bubble worked, it doesn't.) Anyway, didn't bother going with the Lampad at all. It seemed ok to drop scheme markers for Philip and the Nanny before moving into position to eat a reporter -- you need the same 7 a necropunk does to leap. Didn't seem worth the extra two points, though, if you're having it fill the same role. Hard to judge. I consistently play flank wrong, meh. Same models as before for guild -- jury and Thalarian Queller. Queller did less as Lady J won the whole game. Anyway, not a great test -- I lost a couple games to not knowing what Wave 4 models did, then to not knowing what a Wave 1 upgrade you never see does, ha.
  13. They're not good as your frame for murder target -- they're good because killing something with burning nets your opponent zero points for FFM.
  14. I haven't tried it, but the kid can give Tara fast for a wound. You need a 10, but if you focus, you flip three cards to try -- ~67% on a deck w/ replacement. Mainly just activation control, though.
  15. That sculpt could be a miss model, really. Lazaria!