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  1. Sure it doesn't exactly quote the rules but it appears to be one of the two interpretations. This interpretation is close to my original interpretation and some others that when the rules state "models with one or more unresolved effects" they are talking about effects on the models card (effects generated by the model) rather than the second possible interpretation that the rules are talking about effects that are affecting the model. Which is the implication if it is stated that Terrifying should be resolved in step 1 during the Active model step, which I have definitely heard in podcas
  2. So someone answered on AWP that the ruling is to resolve effects generated by the active players models first and then effects generated by the non-active player. This resolves this ruling for me and makes it much simpler but does mean that Terrifying is resolved in step 2 and its order controlled by the non-active player as its an effect generated by the non-active players model. Which I don't think is of great importance just a difference in how I've heard it interpreted before.
  3. Yes me too, hence my first post. I try to play as close to RAW as I can. If the rules are as you say then I think Wrath should be split into active and non-Active players, otherwise you can't assign Simultaneous Effects that effect multiple models and players to Active or non-Active. In M2e you could box in as you say.
  4. So Scatter order is controlled by the opposing player (read affected models are all opposing players, as per other effects) or Fuhatsu (affects multiple models so Fuhatsu gets lucky)?
  5. Section 2 does make sense of your interpretation, true, having used the term affected. But Winds Wrath becomes wonky, there's nothing about a single effect affecting multiple models being treated differently, particularly if heal and bury are distinct but multiple affected models are not. If it only effects opponents models then they choose the order of the effects on each model? If both players models affected active player chooses?
  6. Hi there, So I've always read the ruling for Simultaneous Effects as being the model with the effect/s is the model which has the effect written on their card. Due to the use of the language effect in the rules for Simultaneous Effects and also because of the reference "When an effect resolves, the entire effect resolves (even if it also affects a model controlled by the non-Active player)." However responses to rules here seem to imply the reading of Simultaneous Effects pertains to the affected model, rather than the model with an effect to resolve. Is this the consensus? It seems
  7. Great thanks, we'll all be in touch soon no doubt.
  8. I've only had 2 tournament games of M3e that didn't go the full 5 rounds, and they were easy to unpack with my opponent how they would end. I've also had many m2e games that only went to round 3. Note that in our meta our tournament games are generally 2.5 hour games. But my casual games are routinely slow, playing new crews, long set-up times, banter etc. I've played tournaments in other game systems with less excuse for slow play and if there aren't chess clocks you will get games that don't go the distance. We could reduce to 3-4 rounds but new players, people who don't know
  9. I don't think our haka would intimidate anyone. Brendan is pretty good at Ballroom dancing though.
  10. Team Insomnia (New Zealand, name tbc) Hayden Prujean Outcasts Brendan Shipman Ten Thunders Stephen Morris Ressers
  11. Can Levi and friends kill themselves with Necrotic Decay?
  12. If you Obey an enemy model with Focus on it to take an action can you use its Focus for that action?
  13. Deployment : Corner Strategy : Plant Explosives Schemes : Breakthrough Search the Ruins (Power Ritual) (Outflank) Assassinate Opponent's declared leader : Zipp First Mate, Earl Burns, Merris, 2xGators, Mancha Roja, Gracie My Leader & crew : Asami Amanjaku, Ama No Zako, Yasanori, Fuhatsu, 2 xTanuki, Akaname Score / MVP / Thoughts 7-4 to Asami I built my crew to hold both corners, kind of obvious play but decided to go all in. The idea was Yas and Ama hold a flank each with Tanuki and schemes for sup
  14. Hey all, Desper LaRaux's Expert Getaway says "this model may ignore terrain and models whilst moving". I assume this means he would ignore the dis-engaging strikes of models also? Walk - "... The move cannot be used to leave an enemy model's engagement range."
  15. Ah of course summoning is also a place. However Shockwave markers are Dropped so are effected by vertical range. If your Sz 2 model attempted to drop a Shockwave on the Height 4 terrain he could as long as the marker was horizontally within range -2 and within 1" of the edge of the terrain (for LoS purposes).
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