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  1. SurreyLee

    What's in a name

    I think this has to be certain, right?
  2. SurreyLee

    What's in a name

    I know there have been threads in the past about where Wyrd have got the names for models etc, I know because i've started a couple, i can't find them now to add to it but i've just read about a certain Phineas Gage who was a rail worker in the Mid 1800's. He was impaled through the skull and lost an eye but survived. One eye and a metal skull cap and very sturdy. Phiona Gage must be his sister. Brilliant.
  3. SurreyLee

    Win, Lose or Boar - 7 July 2018

    Hi @Gitli apologies but I'm not going to make it on Saturday. Appreciate it's not ideal but football is coming home....If you can give my ticket away, please do.
  4. SurreyLee

    July 2018 Errata

    I don't think this is a bad thing at all personally. Summoning hard to kill minions reasonably easily made it a little unbalanced. Summoning also isn't the only thing he does. Other masters summon a little easier i'd say, but where Nico shines and still does, is his buffing abilities IN ADDITION TO the summons. Now Nico players can't just summon to get them a win, they will have to become better balanced players to use his other abilities. The good players will find new ways to play Nico, poorer ones will just moan. It might also be nice to see other resser masters played now.
  5. SurreyLee

    Monday Preview - Newsies

    I like these. Dual Guild/Outcast/Neverborn possibly a triple faction. Could well be Lost/Woe.
  6. SurreyLee

    Monday Preview - Undercover Agent

    Looks like a Nellie support crew? Funny Aesthetic (amusing funny, not odd funny)
  7. SurreyLee

    The Dead Rise...30th June (cancelled due to overlap)

    @bikingviking surely you'll be going?
  8. SurreyLee

    Our Worst Models

    With models that are poor, i've simply never used the Proxy, Exorcists, Mounted Guard, Riflemen, Guild Sergeant, Dashel, Orderlies, Heartsbane, Grimwell....the problem is I think we just have better options. I even struggle with Executioners for the same reason.
  9. SurreyLee

    Our Worst Models

    I really like the pathfinder with Sonnia as another trap laying device. The ability to move traps is also golden. I have been starting games with two traps and with luck can drop a 3rd first turn....moving them into decent blasting range is where i use them. I've also red jokered my damage flip on them for the last 3 shots so the damage has been great. Obvs lucky but for 6ss with a summons I really want in Guild, i'll run one any day of the week.
  10. Alas he does not have it any more. I'm all out of ideas.
  11. Another friend may have one @Zac???
  12. SurreyLee

    Win, Lose or Boar - 7 July 2018

    Ticket Purchased for Lee Walstow. Looking forward to the event @Gitli
  13. Hey @Strangely Brown you still have your Sonnia Crew?
  14. SurreyLee

    Hippy-faux pt2 power flower 12th May 2018

    Okay, then nothing really that could be done by the TO. In that case, top event.
  15. SurreyLee

    Monday Preview - Mysterious Gentlemen

    Yeah, this would be very cool