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  1. Ticket purchased. Lee Walstow. Looking forward to my first tourney of the year.
  2. Hey @Nathan Caroland do you know how much we would have to spend in GBP to qualify? Exchange rates fluctuate so it'd be great to have a steer on that before purchases are made. Many thanks in advance
  3. David, totally understandable. Big shame but I know when we do get things going again it will be awesome.
  4. Ticket purchased. Please mark me down as Ressers please.....first tourney in a year (and probably only 2 games played) so may be a little rusty
  5. Thanks for the response. Not wholly clear and could make a case for either way. I suppose as long as things are consistent, not the biggest issue.
  6. Hi All, Quick question on Yan Lo and timing. I've read the rules but not sure it clarifies.... Yan Lo activates and attached Flesh Ascendent. This gives him Regeneration 2 which states at the start of this models activation heal 2. I'd say he can't use this the same turn he attaches it as his activation has already started when he effective wants to use it that same turn.... Or Can he indeed use it as they are both at the start and you simply choose the timing. Thanks in advance y'all SL
  7. Bit late, but just wanted to say thanks again to Tom for running a really good event. Bit warm in there, but hey it's summer after all.
  8. I totally did. Have my eye on English GT too....many thanks in advance. See you tomorrow
  9. Does anyone have a dozen or so Tarot Size sleeves I could purchase for tomorrow, by any chance???
  10. @feagaur, @Strangely Brown - Sign up....do it. Do it now
  11. @Skitt_Happens I played a lot of M2e but not really got into M3e yet. Would you be happy for me to come along as not necessarily a beginner. Let me know as I do have a pass for the event from SWMBO.
  12. Ha, read the blasts bits twice and didn't see it. I suppose we only read what we wanna read. Thanks for quick response
  13. Hello, so returning M2e player and I have a question regarding blasts. Page 26 of the rulebook, Waldo states that when you obey a model it can attack friendly (to it) models as this is okay but no blasts. Does this mean you can't get blasts off by attacking your own models directly any more? Or is this specifically in the instance of obey? If the rule is clarified elsewhere, i'd appreciate guidance. Thanks in advance, SL
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