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  1. Awesome! So is this confirmation that we will be able to get the full pack from you guys, instead of WarGameVault?
  2. I feel like that is an Outcast issue. They are a faction in the loosest sense of the term, brought together mostly by their inability to fit in with the other factions.
  3. I believe you might be wrong. Using GG0 as a basis: If an insignificant model killed something in Turf War, the marker didnt flip. BUT if an insignificant model killed something in Reckoning, the kill still counted.
  4. And have her sit next to the leyline marker until the end of the turn...
  5. Sure, except that Nani and the Voice only gets 10" turn 1. Salty Seadevil is 13" (with flight), and Arrrchie was 16" (plus base width). Plus, moving the Manipulative model early in the turn doesn't seem great for their survivability. (all of that is based on not fielding a Night Terror)
  6. I am going to run him this weekend in a tournament, both with Molly, and as part of my Terror list. I feel like the lack of any sort of consistency will relegate him to the sidelines afterwards though. Rogue Necromancy appears to be the better Crooligan Delivery System now, and not losing Ruthless will make his Flurry less enticing. If they wanted him to be taken less OOK, I think they missed the mark. I think he will be taken less all-around now. *Tinfoil hat time* maybe Wyrd lost all of the Archie sprues, and so they nerfed him into the ground so no one would want to buy him. Samesies with Yasunori lol
  7. Hey there. Will this be US Faux Tour event? Thanks!
  8. trying to print the new cards to use for games, but my printer doesnt like the dropbox format. Does anyone know what the proper settings should be, to get them to print out at the correct size? Specifically looking for the Resurrectionists and Guild cards. thanks!
  9. Not really an option in Forgotten, or more specifically, as a Crooligan delivery system.
  10. maybe the Forgotten keyword ability is actually high variance? Archie and Forgotten Marshal are best buds now
  11. quoted for emphasis. Everyone agrees that the nerf was needed, but this was more of a character assassination than a nerf, in that he plays entirely different now. For comparison, both Rusty Alyce and Ashes&Dust still play the same roles they did before, just with lower stats. The same can't be said for Archie.
  12. I think what gets me is that there are only 11 cards that let him leap, which includes the Red Joker. I feel like they could have done something else to bring him down. As it stands, he loses a major part of why you bring him in Forgotten; a By Your Side target. Now I think that slot goes to Rogue Necromancy more often. Part of why I am sad is that I really like my Arrrchie proxy, and now he will see less table time.
  13. Archie can Leap on 20% of the time now (11 valid cards, no way to give him the mask). Some comparisons: Necropunk 61% Manos 68% (2 ways to get the needed mask) The First Mate 83% (with stone) Desper LaRaux 53% Lady Justice 68% (with stone) Midnight Stalker 22% Sabertooth Cerberus 53% Blessed of December 61% Only being able to leap 1/5 times seems harsh
  14. quoted for truth. you knocked it out of the park. maybe people associate the cost of attending a tournament to it being "major". from what I can see, there are only 32 spots available at Adepticon. if those players were savvy enough to sign up in advance, they can also take the time to practice and read up on the rule news, since this is a "major" tournament. does a "major" tournament count as any event that has a cap? does the UK scene cap out their "major" events, or do they not count?
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