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  1. just be careful. they only need to kill the significant models to score all 4 points for Reckoning
  2. That makes a lot of sense (although I still long for the days of M2E Viks blender-ing through everyone). I think you can slot the majority of Nephelim crews as well. Flight/Incorporeal are top tier in this edition. Particularly with the suggested amount of terrain. I think Hamelin still suffers from needing to make it to the end of turn 4 before the attrition game kicks in and he starts scoring points. Right now he seems weaker, but I believe that it is mostly because people are still learning the game, and not making it the full 5 rounds.
  3. She still doesn't do enough to consider taking her over any of the other masters in the faction.
  4. The other thing to keep in mind is that this is a list that Kharnage plays into everything. They aren't a Neverborn player who picks and chooses where to play Nekima; they are a Nekima player who plays her into every scheme and strategy pool. They would have more experience into bad matchups, and how to keep Nekima alive when needed. I agree with you that she seems weaker when comparing her to a Mature, but with practice, she can lead an all-comer list. The important point there is practice, unlike some other masters (Shenlong, Von Schtook, Leveticus, Dreamer, etc) who can solo tournaments.
  5. I am hoping that this is part of the FAQ coming up. Would like something to show my opponent before dropping pigs, gremlins, rocks etc on them.
  6. fingers crossed that the deployment types haven't changed lol. I JUST ordered my mats with the M3E markings Great news though!
  7. to anyone thinking of complaining about the delays, that would be quite the "first-world problem", and you probably shouldnt talk about it
  8. yeah, me too. No University boxes anywhere, and nothing up to May announced, and I had to bail on Transmortis and go with Urami instead.
  9. i think the biggest issue right now is that there are keywords that are missing key models, whether because they aren't released yet, or the M2E version is particularly hard to track down. Some factions have some very powerful masters that can be taken into any Strategy and Scheme pool (Shenlong, Von Schtook and Dreamer), and some factions have very good niche picks that cant be brought into everything. If I was getting into a third faction, I fully believe that you could run through most tournaments with Levi+Tara as your only masters. Same could be said about some other factions. I also think that we may start seeing more Guild, now that Dashel and Lucius are coming out soon. But time will tell.
  10. You can always use literally any other 30mm model. Chances are, the Mindless Zombie will die shortly after it is created.
  11. Thank you, sir. After much consideration, I am going with Kirai to balance out Molly and Seamus.
  12. Appreciate the thoughts. It is less to do with building out the keyword, and more just space in my case. I guess another way to ask my question would have been "what do Molly and Seamus do above average in? What 1 master fills the gaps presented after those 2?" If Albus (or Yan Lo, Doc etc) do well at the same schemes and strategies that Molly and Seamus do well in, I am less interested in them. If Molly and Seamus are near the bottom in something together (looking your way, Cursed Idols), I would want the best in that category.
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