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  1. HAVE TO SELL/TRADE Everything is built unless otherwise noted. Pictures have amount of primer/paint. $20 each, both for $35 – Twisted Alternative: Tortoise and Hare Encounter Box Alt Blessed Of December/Luther the Pascha Hare (no M3E card) Alt Izamu the Armor/Genbu the Armor $25 – Alt Slop Hauler/Ross Jebsen (NIB, M3E card included, metal) $30 – Alt Joahn/Johanna (NOS, no M3E card) $35 – Asami core box (M2E cards, NOS) $5 (for both) – Low River Monks x2 (unbuilt, no M3E cards) $100 – Transmortis Keyword Albus core box (NOS), Student of Steel, Stud
  2. Whether I am misquoting him or not, we are still looking for an answer from Wyrd, rather than being left in the dark. Selling direct to LGSs is not a feasible option based on our local stores; the community isnt big enough to make mass orders and hope for it to sell. If they are happy to sell to Lion Rampart, but they don't want it, that is where the Sales Team gets involved. No action or response makes it seem like they don't care, and if they don't care, how are we supposed to?
  3. It actually makes a huge difference at the end of the day. As other Canadians have asked, do you have any news for us? If we are unable to get product from our LGS, it will be hard to keep this game afloat. As for as I can see, the direct to retailer doesn't work with a store in Ontario, after import fees and transport. I know that I got charged $53 import taxes on a small $150 order from you. Has there been any talks with Lion Rampant, or whatever they are calling themselves now? I know there are several communities looking to get up and running, and since we have handled the pandemic be
  4. Hello Arcanists players! I am looking to add Sandeep to my repertoire, but wanted some tips/advice/warnings from those of you who play him more. I already have 3 other factions, so I am not looking to add Arcanists, but I really like the gamin aesthetic, as well as the Banasuva/Kandara sculpts. Keeping in mind that I am only going to have Sandeep only, are there any versatile or out-of-keyword models that you find yourself often taking? Are there any Academics or Elementals that never see the table? I can probably add a couple of non-keyword models, but won't have space for a lot.
  5. Well, I am looking to be a Leveticus player, and not an Outcasts player, so I am looking to play him into all 4 strats, regardless of the opposing faction. I already have a main faction, but wanted to see if I could super solo a master. Are there any out of keyword or versatile models that you think would be needed to accomplish this?
  6. I figured everyone knew about Scavengers lol. Does anyone have any suggested lists based on the 4 strats? Does Desolation Engine get played in Public Enemies?
  7. I am trying to find a solo Master that can take on anything, in the off chance I need to travel light to a tournament. Aside from the Versatiles, trying to stay mostly in keyword too
  8. Looking to get into Levi, and after rifling through his keyword models, he seems as though he has a tool for every job. Between top-level scheme runners (Necropunks, Ashes and Dust), heavy damage dealing (Leveticus and Rusty), and models that replace/deny Public Enemy points (Leveticus/Desolation Engine/Ashes and Dust), can you realistically take Amalgam into every Strategy? What are your base lists into each strat?
  9. sent you a private message, in case i can help
  10. what is out in the wild is all that there is now. everything else will be print on demand, as you found. depending on where you are, you can look for any stores in your area that may have them in stock. the other issue is that its a heavy box to ship. what are you looking for?
  11. Anything in Ontario? Would prefer to help the local stores in the area, but can't get their hands on product for individual orders, let alone putting on the shelf. Who is the current Canadian distributor, so I can let them know who to start talking to?
  12. Wording of the trigger doesnt matter. Look through the rules questions, as it has been addressed multiple times. It worked fine before the Errata/FAQ, but now the greater Bayou community has come to the consensus that it doesnt work any longer. Go ahead, ask around.
  13. He has to jump through a lot of hoops (and damage his own low-wound models) to get 1, MAYBE 2, turns of slightly above average performance. The other Bayou keywords just do it better. There is no way to still have Fast on a model after it has been flung by the Pigapult. You may have heard it in some earlier podcasts, but due to the FAQ, this no longer works. RIP to the dream of Fast Taxidermists with Bully on them, being thrown by the Pigapult and slicing their way through the enemy forces
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