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  1. you were doing so well with putting the info in the videos. my suggestion is to go back to putting the lists in the description as well!
  2. yup. too bad we have to wait until GG2 for that to be updated...
  3. I guess I am just disappointed that they are such an NPE. I was looking to get back into Malifaux with the Explorers Society, specifically 3 Masters: Lord Cooper - neat idea, big damage gun, big-ass dinosaur Jedza - amazing looking models Nexus - love the hivemind idea and now the Surveyors are hidden in another core box, and Cadmus is an NPE. Great for top-level play, but terrible for anything under that. also, just looking at the cards, you can tell Cadmus is at least S-tier (normal Dreamer, Von Schtook, Colette, etc level). but when you put some of the other abilities they can get (Flush With Cash and some out of keyword models) they quickly jump above S-tier
  4. you heard it here first. new errata for Kirai; she can only ever summon Drowned. if she summons anything else, you automatically lose due to shame
  5. sounds like the Reva rework helped multiple models lol. or that Bete was given the wrong keyword
  6. Thank you for bringing up the echo chamber. ive been saying it for a while, but was laughed at for it
  7. not sure if it is anywhere else, but do people run all 7 of the CR7? Leader Pride with Midnight Stalker YOLO no stones? Leader Envy with Mobile Toolkit+Magical Training? etc etc If you drop 1 of them, who gets the boot? Thinking of making Envy the leader most of the time...
  8. Yeah, dont play under 50 SS games. Stuff will seem under/over powered, and could end up in just making you a worse player because of those incorrect thoughts on models Easy enough solution; make an official Wyrd Rules Lawyer account, and that account only posts answers to rules questions. then you dont need to comb through forums, you just need to look at that account's posts...
  9. this is the kind of thing that Wyrd needs to have "Rules Lawyer" on payroll. Obviously they meant it one way or the other, so just have an official account that says "this rule works like this", and be done with it until the next Errata. there is no need to wait a year to find out the game works a certain way, and have all the players playing it incorrectly in the meantime. and then whent he Errats and FAQ come out, it gets addressed there as well. but dont hoard all of these answers for the FAQ; youll just end up upsetting your playerbase
  10. Surveyors seem good, but I won't be buying another Core Box for a keyword I'm not interested in to get the 1 or 2 Surveyors that may get used
  11. who is the "schemey" crew then?
  12. do you guys think Apex + Seeker could handle most schemes and strats? trying to only stick with 2 keywords...
  13. ooo, bad call man. never say that vassal doesnt count for anything. even if you may have a good point lol
  14. its a passive for Russian players "Draw 5-10 face cards at the start of every game"
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