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  1. I wish i could be there but in America ; (
  2. That depends on if you want a general bundle or by crew types?
  3. Would you be willing to sell 10t lot with green midless zombie?
  4. Misaki assembled and primed - $20 plus $5 shipping. still available?
  5. Nightmare Edition Dead Justice Boxed and Miss Terious Assembled still available?
  6. is alt nicodem and lady j still available and which lady j is it?
  7. grave golem is a nice beater and can revive on corpse markers which morti, Asura, mindless zombies and corpse candles bone pile for anti conditions seamus if you hear guild and think lady j is coming
  8. wold you mind spits i just want Misaki (would like to see both) 2 Torakage Miss Anne Thrope (Alt Wastrel) Katanaka Sniper (Alt) 3 Oiran 1 Translucent Green mindless zombie? please let me know if this is an issue?
  9. 1 is this still available 2 do you have any pictures 3 is the lot 25 or is that how much shipping is?
  10. well i have a few and some of them could be funny for the wrong reason 1 how Nicodem dies can make a lore reason why he would get a new body chosen by his pretty abused stodge Mortimer which i dont know about you but after the 3rd or 4th spleen i had to rip out i might be bitter and i know of his alt of Amelia Bathory but this could make her more cannon think of a belle body with the clothing style of the great villain Nicodem with a soul stone popping out the chest 2 lady J main reason is 3e her is getting based by a lot of people but i had this feeling they might make an alt either way for her later in the year which could be a very marketable idea. writers note i greatly dislike her for what she is but i can see the logic here 3 mature nephilim would be nice to see this with nekema as a master and the growth thing going on 4 sandeep could see a neet gender and regional swap from India to Egypt (kinda want some Egyptian models) 5 i know this would be bad but make nellie into a mix of Alex johns and John Jonah Jameson, Jr. wanting to defend the Silurid from turning gay and wanting pictures of widow weaver makes me giggle also a FIELD REPORTERS would be nice 6 Seamus and Molly why not have a reverse harm also saw a nice joker and harlequin gender swap and made me think of them (i know it was to be only 1 model but i have dreams)
  11. may i ask the people who worked on the close beta to show their models. this is not required but i just want to seen the new stuff as soon as possible
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