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  1. How many abominations is usually needed in Levi crew ? Because I own the 4 of the old box so I’m curious if I try to grab 4 another or it’s unlikely I will ever play more than that ?
  2. Thank you ! I will go for hood (and maybe alternate head). I will check but I’m afraid that shipping fees for France are a bit expensive!
  3. There is 99% chance that the new Yan Lo starter box will have gokudo. I have a spare box of high river monk still in their box...what would be a good solution to do a definitive conversion into Gokudo (since I don’t plan to buy the new starter with doubles) ?
  4. The reboxing of the Yan lox crew is a a bit harsh for old players ! Gokudos available in the new starter and manos in a box with minis every Yan Lo player might already have ?
  5. Do we know which station are the characters in this box ? Because in my gaming club we play mostly henchmen 25ss (or 20ss in multiplayer) games so I hope there is new henchmen in the box!
  6. I'm a noob in arcanist section (i only have Ramos box)...is this box mean to be play with Ramos or Kaeris ?
  7. Got it!! thank you! now I have to make a philip proxy since I own the metal Molly!
  8. I still don't understand the trick on first turn : - 1 ap to walk away from Philip. -1 ap to drop the scheme marker - O action to "exchange" places (doxy push back to Philip and he goes forward) - I'm now an 1 ap short to drop the second scheme where Philip used to be.
  9. Beasts and academics... From a fluff point it's logic but it's the two kind of models i don't like esthetically. Poor douglas, he will stays as he is! Is the other upgrade worth ?
  10. I missed the playtest phase so in few words can you tell me what these gravedigger bring for the resu in play ? (i suppose corpse markers ^^).
  11. i participated at the proof reading...in last summer!
  12. Thank for the reply! Thaught that she had specific scheme runners!
  13. From a painting perspective, Colette seem to be more fun to paint because of the multicolour show costume than the brownish suits of the reporter. Do I will suffer from a limited hiring pool for Colette or she can do well with her thematic crew (plus the Ramos box beaters I have) ?
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