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  1. He's cool, and has a neat model, but is outclassed by other stuff so you don't see him much.
  2. I haven't tried it, but the kid can give Tara fast for a wound. You need a 10, but if you focus, you flip three cards to try -- ~67% on a deck w/ replacement. Mainly just activation control, though.
  3. That sculpt could be a miss model, really. Lazaria!
  4. Consider the following situation: Rasputina is casting December's curse on her Wendigo because it has been naughty. Before this, an Ice Gamin used Bite of Winter to give Frozen Heart models +1 damage to attack actions if they're within 6, and he's standing near Rasputina. A shifty Malifaux rat is standing next to the Wendigo. Rasputina hits the Wendigo, and flips severe damage. Her damage line is 2/4/5. She blasts onto the rat. Does the rat take 4 or 5 damage from the blast?
  5. Take the following situation: Nekima is hitting Burt from 3" away. Standing behind Burt, 2 inches away from Burt, and 5 inches away from Nekima, is a malifaux rat. Can Burt use slippery to make Nekima hit the rat? To put that another way: Does "legal target" not mind that the rat is 5" away from Nekima? Is it still a "legal target" despite being out of range? (You can shoot outside of your range by randomizing into an engagement, we're not sure if that transfers to this situation.) Thanks!
  6. 18" CA7 ≠ 8" CA6 (Also they work together)
  7. Dumb timing question -- if I take the Plague, and I use the trigger to give the model blight after succeeding w/ Pipes, does it move its Walk or its Charge that activation? I think it's Walk but I'm not 100% sure. (Obviously if you hit them with it again it would be Charge that next time.) Thanks!
  8. I can see taking one void wretch against arcanists (to eat the stupid birds!) but a winged plague will suit you better for the second scheme running guy. Reactivating the desolation engine is fun though, cheers!
  9. Why focus? If you Obey her to throw twice it's the same odds of hitting a crow. It's also more dangerous for the rat you're throwing at -- more of a chance of hitting double severe than triple.
  10. You need the knowledge of eternity upgrade to be able to use Tara to ping fast onto models. Dead of Winter doesn't do much in that setup either, you can skip it.
  11. Were you bringing models to summon out of? Usually this is going to be a flesh construct or a couple night terrors. Izamu shouldn't stand around, you catapult him around with Kirai using swirling spirits. Philip is huge, draw four cards w/ him on the first turn (and probably the second.)
  12. What's difficult about Izamu vs. Genbu? IT'S GENBU. If your flesh constructs and hanged aren't fully painted you could at least match Kirai's color scheme w/ them or something if you'd like to go semi-themed. I don't think Shikome are mandatory now that Goryo exist, but I don't play against a lot of high DF / low WP crews where they shine.
  13. Hollow's good to counter blasts... but it's not as good as the simple threat of Outcasts being Freikorps. The charge bonus is nice too; I'd say it gets you about one free AP a game -- it's mainly there for the blast protection.
  14. When I'm playing Hamelin, if I want to advance with my rats, I'll have three rats walk up a the board, then have the Wretch throw a rat at one, which will activate and become a rat king. (Or if I have two crows I'll throw two rats and skip an activation for the distance; you usually have plenty anyway.) While my opponent takes their turn, I have a 30mm marker, and I measure where I will move one of my rats and place my marker there. On my turn I move my rat. (Obviously I don't do this if it's going to telegraph something, but it helps me avoid clumping my rats to where they can't spawn a rat king, and helps me plan where the cute little guy will spawn.) I also use little red cubes to mark which of my models has moved -- I never did this til I played Hamelin but it's very helpful.
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