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  1. Hi all, finished up another of my crew writeups focusing on Tara and her Obliteration keyword. Not as in-depth with specific combos as some others but I feel like it goes into enough about what they do to get a fairly good grasp on the crew and act as a diving board for anyone looking to play Tara! I've also got this hosted on my blog with pictures of my own Tara crew spread throughout here! Keyword abilities/actions- From Nothing- The crew's main ability, this lets them unbury at the start of their activation by removing Fast from any model (although you'll want it on enemies to maximise AP control and because it's simply easier). The only one that lacks this is Talos (and I'll get into why this is very bad later) but overall it's a great way to boost up your placement and get into positions where your opponent have a selection of bad decisions to make. Glimpse the Void- A pretty common Tome trigger on the crew, this forces enemies to take TN14 Wp duels or be buried. This is great because then you can rough them up with (almost) the entire crew and they can't easily escape it, especially if they've already activated. More a little bit of control for your opponent that helps you out rather than something to plan your game around, but if you’ve got it you may as well declare it. Stutter Time- Pretty simple bonus action on the crew, it's 6" range TN10 and resisted by Wp giving enemies Fast and burying friendlies with From Nothing. By itself it may seem pretty bad, but it's the enabler for all the other janky placement tricks they have by turning on From Nothing. Use it on Masters and models that have already activated and watch as they have no way to stop you unburying near their models. Beyond Time- This lets the models that have it target buried models with actions ignoring range and LoS, which considering the amount of bury tricks the crew has is quite helpful. The main use for it is to kill models with annoying defensive abilities that work of auras or give them movement, because neither will trigger if they are buried. Time is Meaningless- All the Void creatures have this, which gives them + flips in opposed duels with enemy models. It's good because they can apply fast themselves, but it won't always happen because models can activate and use their fast or you will want to end it to unbury near them. Age to Destruction- Quite simple, it just deals damage to any model that starts its activation with Fast within aura 4 of models with this ability. It means you're punishing people for trying to deny your anti-Fast tricks and it can be a good way to get through awkward numbers of wounds (or the much-hated Hard to Kill/Regen combo) Bury/Unbury The main gimmick of the crew, this deserves its own section because of how tricky it is. With how many vectors the crew has for unburying after they bury themselves, you can pull around and jump across the table very quickly and trick your opponent into dedicating resources to parts of the table you will abandon soon after, primarily where you can't score/they can't deny. This plays into Glimpse the Void as well as you can put their models into these positions and keep them there with little investment yourself, which can be a real pain for an opponent and make it hard for them to score. Keyword models- Tara- As the master of the crew Tara naturally exemplifies the scheming/control-based nature of the Obliteration keyword. Her front of card is somewhat expected with decent stats (Df5, Wp6 and Mv5) and most of the common abilities of the crew (everything listed above apart from Time is Meaningless) with 2 other additions. Her Df trigger on a Mask is really great because it always happens, and simply makes projectile actions fail if she gets a mask of any number which is a great way to keep her alive against shooting heavy lists that don’t care about her mobility as much. She also has Adrift in Time which allows her to activate twice if she is the crew’s Leader (which she will be, there isn’t much reason to ever hire her as a second master) but gaining Slow at the start of her second activation. A 5AP master is still excellent though and does work, especially looking at the back of her card. Apart from Stutter Time she has her Soulstone Sword as an attack action, and at stat 6 vs Df, 1” range and 2/3/5 damage it’s not terrible especially as a way to guarantee Glimpse the Void which is built in. She has Leeching Strength on her Stutter Time (which is very reliable at stat 7) but otherwise that’s as much as she does offensively as she is a rather passive master. Her 2 tactical actions are where she really shines though, as Timeslip is a very easy placement trick that lets her place anywhere within 6” of her current location for a 6 of any suit, and on a crow she can do a 3” pulse that strips Fast off of enemies, and then for each instance of Fast removed a friendly in the pulse gains Fast and the crew gets a pass token which is excellent. Using this to not only annoy the enemy crew but to set up your pass tokens and get Tara into great scheming positions is well worth the moderate card it costs and should almost always be used because of how reliable it is. Her other action makes her the Outcast summoner (no Hamelin isn’t, his summons are indirect and incidental and no longer his primary gimmick) allowing her to name any number of Obliteration minions (those being Void Wretches and Void Hunters, both good options in different circumstances) and summon them with the Voidling upgrade. This upgrade buries them which isn’t a huge hassle, and the TN is variable based on what models you choose (1 Wretch needs an 8 of tomes, a Hunter needs an 11 of tomes and 2 Wretches needs a 12 of tomes). Tara in general though is a versatile master who herself will perform any number of marker schemes and can do a ton in the turn which is a great thing to have leading your crew. She is somewhat fragile but once Karina factors into it she will survive far longer than she has a right to. Karina- Tara's totem, Karina is actually pretty good. Although she's Insignificant and has very low defensive stats, she has a few great actions that help the crew out. First is Stutter Time with Glimpse the Void as a trigger (although she needs a 6 to get it off) and her Channeled Healing action is both a good heal and a way to unbury models that isn't From Nothing. Her 2nd bonus action isn't going to be as commonly used as Stutter Time, but Time Warp can be used to flip your discard pile and fate deck without shuffling either, so if you knowingly ran out of severes mid-way through the turn and Karina hasn't activated you can get them all back without flipping any extra cards. She also has Necromancy Savant on her front of card, meaning if Tara is killed by an enemy (not Poison or Burning) within 8" of Karina you can discard a card to heal Tara 4 and bury her, which is great and fairly low cost. For her cost of 0 in a Tara crew, she is definitely a worthwhile piece. Aionus- The most expensive model in the crew, Aionus is a fairly important 10 stone piece because he provides a ton of versatility to the rest of the crew. His stats are excellent (Df and Mv6, Wp7) and he has a couple of fairly standard Obliteration abilities (Beyond Time and From Nothing) on top of some great unique abilities. A Stitch In Time lets him pass off Fast or Slow on models he kills to models in LoS (great in Tara where you hand out Fast to your opponents) and he can also choose to give any enemy that buries within aura 8 of him Fast or Slow with Time is a Flat Circle which adds another little bit of control. His last ability is his best though, because Buffering lets you spend your pass tokens to make the opponent pass when they would activate a model with Fast. They need LoS to Aionus but that isn’t a huge issue, and it lets you dictate both activation order and where your own models can unbury (because you safely bank that Fast so something can pop out). His back of card is purely attacks like most Obliteration, and he has Stutter Time, but otherwise is pretty unique. His melee attack is stat 6 vs Wp and 1” range, doing 2/3/4 damage and giving either Fast or Slow and with a trigger to deal +1 damage by ending a condition on the target (so fairly reliably). Eventuality is 8” range stat 6 vs Wp, is enemy only and cannot target the same model more than once an activation but it simply deals damage equal to the turn number so late game it is great damage. It has Glimpse the Void and Leeching Strength (deal 1 damage to buried model, Aionus heals 1) as triggers which are both useful too. His last attack though is going to be used far more on friendly models than enemies (and thus relented) and just unburies the target within 3” in LoS and outside of terrain. The built in trigger though is simply an after resolving gain 2 pass tokens, so using it to both unbury your own models and gain a pass token advantage is huge for their style of play. Scion of the Void- The Scion is deceptive, because you look at its cost and assume it isn't great but really it's fantastic and should always be taken. Cost 6 for 6 wounds is pretty par for the course and the stat line of 5s all round on the front of card is decent, and looking at the abilities of the Scion it only gets better. Fade Away built in on both Df and Wp for consistent 2 damage reduction and bury (unless they ignore your triggers or deal irreducible) is really quite fantastic on such a low wound model and only gets better when you consider healing in the crew, plus it stacks with stones so you can just stone to make it 0 damage. You can take actions while buried using the Scion and even measure range through Obliteration minions that are on the table (making your summons even more annoying) but with the downside of taking a damage each time you take an action buried (this is where Karina comes in handy). In terms of actions she has Stutter Time plus 2 other excellent attacks, with Hungry Emptiness being a 10" range condition removal that deals 2 damage for each condition (great against things like McMourning or Kaeris where they like having conditions). It's stat 5 resisted by Wp so nothing amazing, but it's a good action in its niche and has 2 good triggers- Surge for card draw and Siphon Strength to steal health from buried models and heal the Scion. The other attack is the same as a Void Wretch so pretty bad damage (1/2/3) but at stat 6 it is at least reliable and it has Glimpse the Void as one trigger, but Diffusion as the other which is excellent. It can only be declared if both models are buried, but it adds +2 damage to the action (making it 3/4/5) and the target must discard a card. If you set it up (which isn't too difficult) then you will easily be tearing through models that get buried between this and the rest of the crew being able to hit them Nothing Beast- The biggest of the Void creatures, Nothing Beast is a big beatstick that plays well with the rest of the crew and really makes the most of their tricks. He has all the standards for a Void creature (From Nothing, Time is Meaningless, Beyond Time and Incorporeal) plus Stutter Time, with Terrifying 11 added to make him tankier (which at Df/Wp6 and Incorp it adds up). On the back of his card are some interesting Tactical actions that won't always see use but can come in handy, with one being a bonus action (thus competing with Stutter Time) to give a 3" aura of concealment for a 4 and the other being slightly more complicated. For a 6 he can hit enemies in a 6" pulse that makes them take a TN14 Wp duel or take 2 damage and Fast, but models with Fast it becomes a very rough TN16. This is nice cause your crew use the Fast on them and it's extra damage going out, but you have to be careful with it too. His last action of note is his Obliterate attack which is 2" range, stat 6 and resisted by Wp (these are all good already) and has 3/4/6 damage base. It has Glimpse the Void on it, and on a crow Leeching Strength which lets you deal 1 damage to any buried model to heal NB 1 wound(could be a summoned Void Wretch kept buried to feed him) Talos- I'll be honest, he's not great. Even though he is an Armour 2 Terrifying beatstick with min 3, he doesn't do much that synergises with the crew at all and he lacks all of the unique abilities or actions that make the Obliteration crew tick. He brings his own little burning package for buried enemies but it's more cute than anything, and giving him From Nothing would go a long way to making him useful. Void Wretch- Pretty simple models, these little guys are cheap and not really fantastic by themselves, but they synergise great with the crew and are pretty easy summons. 2 of these for a 12 of Tomes from Tara is a great spend, and they can do a ton to help the crew out (spread Fast, bury your own models, even just scheme run the turn after they're summoned). May not be super tanky or great damage but with Incorporeal they can keep alive for longer than they realistically should and they are really only scheme runners/roadblocks anyway. Void Hunter- Yet to be released, the Void Hunters are an additional minion for Tara (and thus summon) that occupy a sort of middle ground between the Nothing Beast and the Void Wretch in that they’re a hybrid beater/scheme runner. Stat-wise they exist straight in the middle, although they share the Nothing Beast's Mv of 6 which is excellent. Terrifying 10 is more of a card drain than actual defensive tech but Df/Wp5 with Incorporeal is still good (especially on something you can just summon back). Their front of card is otherwise the exact same as a Wretch and the Nothing Beast, but their actions are a bit more unique. Their main melee attack is stat 5 with built in Glimpse the Void, 1" range and resisted by Df, but it gets a + to the duel if you have no cards in hand (with another if the enemy is Fast) and is a respectable 2/3/5 damage. They have a ram trigger for +1 damage if they end a condition on the target which is great too, although their other attack is a bit more clutch in its utility. It's resisted by Wp like most of the other Void attacks, and is 2/3/4 damage plus Distracted 1. The trick to it is it an only target buried models, and unburies the target as a result of the action so can be used to drag things out of position and put them in bad spots if they were likely to unbury soon. The tome trigger on it is very useful too, as it buries the Hunter and then draws a card so is a nice resource gain. OOK/Versatile models- Hodgepodge Emissary- A great model in the crew despite not having much synergy, the Emissary does a lot to support the crew in relevant ways. It has a 6 inch range heal that only needs a 6 to go off and can attach the excellent Trinket upgrades at the same time, a bonus action to put up an aura of soulstone generation when models die, and the better bonus action to push a model 3” and then drop a scheme marker. Combine that with 3 inch auras for passive heals on models’ activations and increasing their Mv by 1 for that activation (not as relevant with Tara as most other crews but situationally good), plus it having Manipulative and Hard to Kill it is well worth the 10SS investment in a lot of pools. Trinket upgrades- · Memento- Gives Companion, it’s useful but not mandatory. Nice to have with the pass token generation as well to save your cards. · Pretty Floral Bonnet- Don’t Mind Me lets any model you choose be able to Interact far easier which helps, but you mainly use it to unbury and immediately drop schemes for things like Harness Ley Line but more importantly Detonate Charges or second point Deliver a Message · Vitality Potion- Regen +1 should go on one of the more important models in the crew. Aionus, Nothing Beast or Tara primarily, but also decent on Karina and the Scion. Prospector- always good. Feeds stones to the crew which is great given the amount of essential henchmen and triggers (plus suits for Tara's summoning) and it's all around a good scheme-based model which plays into Tara's favoured pools. Upgrades- Servant of Dark Powers- As far as upgrades go Servant is excellent, but it isn't that great in the context of Tara. She isn't likely to hire minions in most cases so the terrifying isn't a factor, while the extra movement and healing aren't really that useful to the crew either. Wanted Criminal- Not worth it enough here because the enemy can just choose to not drop markers near the models with it, or the model with it will be burying/unburying and thus not on the table to draw cards. Swagger is good but on the minions Tara will be hiring (if any) it is largely pointless because they won't be attack pieces, and Expert Thief is fairly average an action. Soldier for Hire- Hard to Kill on any of the Living pieces in the crew is great (Basically only Karina) but the rest of the card doesn't really justify spending 2SS on it. Deployments- Because of the mobility and relocation inherent in the crew Tara really doesn’t care much for deployment types. As always it will affect scheme decisions but Tara and crew can get where they need to be quite easily because of From Nothing. Strategies- Reckoning- Not a great pool for Tara. She can do some tricks in it with her crew, and she has a couple of good beaters but it doesn't make up for the fact that the crew has a heavy reliance on henchmen and doesn't have a good spread of damage dealing Turf War- Not terrible because she can pop in and out messing with Turf markers, but she doesn't have the durability or killing power to play it right through. I'd skip her for Viktorias or Von Schill here. Plant Explosives- Pretty good pool for Tara because a lot of her stuff can bypass enemies to get where they need to be (through buries mainly but also Tara’s placement and double activation). Load up the models with places, especially Tara, and go nuts jumping around dropping bombs in awkward positions. Burying and then killing models with bombs is also a great way to just remove them from the game and not have to worry about it while being a real pain to your opponent. Corrupted Idols- Easy strat and probably Tara’s best, Idols naturally benefits crews with heals or summons and Tara has both. Summon Wretches turn 1 to continually cycle through pushing Idols, use your pass token supremacy to dictate where they drop and your easy placement to navigate the table with ease. Schemes- Detonate Charges- Tara doesn’t have anything especially geared towards Detonate but the crew isn’t strictly terrible at it either. It’s something I would look at Tara as a counter to rather than her scoring it herself and spring for another easier scheme. Breakthrough- You've got mobility and you've got scheme marker placement. This is one you can do, but as always I only recommend it in Flank because of greater spread and more potential to flank. Harness the Ley Line- This one is super easy because again, it’s moving and interacting. Being able to drop wherever you want (especially with Aionus or Pretty Floral Bonnet) and start interacting to score VP makes Harness easy VP for the crew- use disposable Wretches and Tara herself to almost solo it. Search the Ruins- The crew can push deep with their tricks and get right where they need to for interacting, so even though it’s more difficult than some other options on here it’s definitely more than doable and in the upper half of scheme selection Dig Their Graves- Nothing Beast, Void Hunters and Void Wretches all don’t drop markers here which makes the second point harder for both parties, but in general this isn’t something I’d be taking with Tara. The crew is far more geared towards interacting and marker placement, and this scheme rewards crews not only with interacts but also quick killing. It’s ok to take but it doesn’t necessarily gel with what Tara is doing Hold Up Their Forces- Drop Wretches into things, score VP. It’s pretty easy to do but you have to be careful with the Fast game and activation order to achieve it at best effect. Take Prisoner- Another one where you can unbury late turn and score easily, well worth considering (especially with Void Hunters being summoned in to be an annoyance) Power Ritual- If this isn’t one of Tara’s best schemes I don’t know what is. Obviously dependent on the deployment (I would still never take it into Standard or Wedge) but it’s significantly easier with Tara’s crew than most Outflank- Easy to score both from and not difficult to deny with Glimpse the Void. Well worth taking for 2VP because you should be able to score it without hassle (i.e. if the opponent kills what you have on one side you can reach it again easily) Assassinate- Tara isn’t necessarily easy to kill, she’s slippery, but if something can catch her out she won’t be hugely safe. It’s not something I’d recommend taking her into (her crew also isn’t fantastic at scoring it) but it’s possible Deliver a Message- Another one based around movement and interacting? Yes, this is a Tara scheme. The crew can easily get into position to score both VP, and her relocation also means that she can counter it by just popping off into the void last turn (doesn’t even matter that she counts as dead if Assassinate isn’t in the pool) Claim Jump- If you play the bury/unbury game well, this can be quite easy. But with the way Tara’s crew unburies off enemies it has to be played to carefully so the model isn’t engaged at the end of the turn Vendetta- There is one really standout option in this crew for Vendetta, and that is the Scion of the Void. Being a pretty survivable henchmen itself, but also able to dish out a ton of damage while buried the Scion can easily get the points for Vendetta and stay alive GG1 Strategies Symbols of Authority- Hard to defend because of the nature of the crew, but you can leverage Glimpse the Void enough in addition to your own models appearing in engagement that you can threat very easily. Recover Evidence- Because of how this strategy shuts down burying, you don’t take Tara into this. It’s just too much of a major downside to even consider her IMO. Corrupted Ley Lines- With the crew's reliance on burying for movement changing they aren't fantastic, but you can still make the most of Lodestone carrying through careful planning of activations and placement. Tara is a good choice here but by no means a standout best. Public Enemies- Not really great for Tara for the same reasons as Reckoning. It’s doable if the scheme pool is ok but I would look elsewhere. She can bury things and then kill them to still gain Bounty tokens without it escaping but it’s not reliable enough to make a whole game plan around. Schemes Breakthrough, Take Prisoner, Vendetta, Assassinate, Claim Jump- Unchanged, see above for my thoughts on them Hidden Martyrs- With how I hire crews for Tara this doesn't really work as I tend to mostly hire very expensive models to start and summon in minions. The Scion and Prospectors are 2 things I use often that can work but I wouldn't take the scheme on principle, preferring to take interact schemes. Sabotage- Same as Search the Ruins in terms of difficulty. You should be able to at least get the first point easily enough with Tara alone. Catch and Release- This one is very doable for Tara, just means you need to hire a minion. Do it with Void Hunters, unbury them into scoring position late in the turn, then bury again later to get them out of danger and unbury in safer positions. Let Them Bleed- Not something I would take with Tara. It’s not how she plays and it shouldn’t really be something you would even consider choosing with her crew. Leave Your Mark- Like every other crew, I still say don't take this scheme. Research Mission- Not really that great because you can’t leverage the amount of markers you get out with the crew in a way that makes it easily scored. You’re relying on incidental stuff and the opponent to get the most use out of it. Spread Them Out- This is a Tara scheme. In any situation she’s not shut down by the strat she can easily get the markers out where she needs to score the points. Runic Binding- Scheming keyword with tons of reach means point 1 is super easy especially once you look at being able to unbury models in the triangle and block them in. 2nd point is a bit tough but that’s most crews
  2. Hello, time to talk about Tara the Time lord? The void queen? Neither? Again. A quick thing, the reason why this is so huge is because I'm a game designer and a person who can see and recognise systems fairly well, as well as trying to cover as many bases as possible. Sorry for the incredibly long post. I will also excuse the amount of salt that seep into these words. I know Tara isn't especially popular, but she is (was) my main and I will under the beta try to argue why I think she's very boring and one of the greatest dolphins around (yes, I'm talking about jumping through hoops). This is based on multiple playtests, battle reports and theorycrafting. So context, Tara became a summoner since M2e and a lot of her power budget has been moved there. The entire team has also been shored up, so going from a bandaged mess to what to me feels like just a generic mess in my opinion, where everyone can do their thing - but they seldom do it together. This is also less of a discussion regarding her power level and more about how boring she is, because she does seem to win her matches and do her things, but she doesn’t feel very exciting to do anything with. But I will also talk about the strengths or weaknesses of her things. It might also be a reaction to how extremely aggressive the game feels to play. As a side note, just because you have the option to do something, it doesn’t mean that it’s a good option or something you’d actually (want to) do Crew abilities Beyond time: I really like this, it gives the crew some counter-pick tech against other crews who bury. It allows you to truly just wail on a buried target that needs to die and it gives you more options in the line of; do I target the buried enemy, the one in front of me or do I just move? It also adds decisions to your enemy; do I activate my model to avoid the dogpile, probably popping up in a bad position, or do I activate something more important and risk taking damage? For a crew seemingly being strongly tied to the bury mechanic, they are surprisingly unreliable at it. Often becoming a case a trying to drown the opponent in so many flips and hope you’re lucky. It’s also counterproductive to your own unburying and since you tend to unbury later in a turn because of you’ve been trying to tag an already activated model with stutter time, you often times don’t want to trigger glimpse of the void on a model you’ve given or want to give fast to. It's also countered by keeping your crew reasonably close, which isn't an issuer since Tara has very little AoE and you decide when someone pops back up. But, I will say that the “Glimpse of the Void” is a fantastic ability. It often goes of without a hitch or at least drains some resources, it has clear counterplay, it’s hard to abuse to the point of NPE and it doesn’t just lock out certain schemes like other offensive bury tools. Stutter time: This ability is interesting, every void model has it (except Talos) and it’s also the reason I think there’s so few other 0 actions in this crew. So it gives enemies a very dangerous condition, especially if they haven’t activated yet, but also gives you +flips on some models and a way to unbury your other. What I think it’s designed to do is to mind game your opponent into not activating their priority targets until later in the turn to avoid getting fast after their activation, or that you use it on a model that has already activated, unleash upon it and then remove fast by unburying a model on top of it. Both of them feels very, weird. The first one is too fringe for the enemy to truly consider since you could bury, kill them or they just move into a group of models, threatening you0if you want to unbury something bigger… And the often times you’d want to kill the enemy model instead of leaving it up. The second option is a lot safer to do however and can be done a lot more, but is also something you can only do once a turn, maybe a maximum of two or three. Which leaves a lot of unused zero actions. If the target is a beater, then it’s basically a lose, lose. You can’t put it before they activated because they straight up murder you and if you put it on after then you’re gonna summon a minion in what’s most likely in a bad spot, where one of the 2 minions probably won’t even scratch it, you could just walk away from the model, but then you’re probably leaving another model unsupported, you could unbury the model that threw stutter time in the first place, but that requires you to be in a position where that model didn’t do anything before - the map feels a lot smaller too and all matches I’ve played have become slugfests, doesn’t really matter which opponent, so I don’t value conditional movement on a model that just ignores models or terrain from the beginning that much, especially when I have to go through extra steps to get it.. Yes, you can use it on your own models as well, to move them upfield or get them out of a tight spot. Both of which are legitimate uses, often times however since it feels like M3e can get very clumped you won’t need to reposition your own models that much and the model you’d really want to move around since he’s so slow, can’t be buried or unburied normally. The biggest problem is however that there’s currently only three ways to unbury your own models, through their theme-wide ability, through Aionus (we’ll get to him) and Karina (we might get to her). Let’s say that you have around 7 models who can use this, it means that you can cast this 8 times a turn. A number that you will pretty much never reach. If you have more, the enemy has pass tokens so that they won’t be too out-activated if you’re saving them for that and you simply won’t bury your own models that much. So I’d say that the crew needs some other form of bonus action, or could we just get the option for slow in it? Also, Talos doesn’t interact with this ability in any way. From Nothing (and other unbury): For you new open beta players, Aionus once had an aura that gave friendly models fast for ending near him - and Karina didn’t have her heal. Why is this relevant? Because I think that this ability was designed with that aura in mind. Because now it feels very meh. It will mainly be used for your summons and maybe Tara and the Scion. The other two options, aka. Karina's heal and unbury first requires a six and then burning a card, or it requires you taking Aionus… I really can’t say much about the ability, it’s solid, but not always reliable. It also means that your models can’t unbury in your deployment (as far as I know). There isn't a lot of actual crew synergy where the crew make each other stronger or interact with one another beyond these abilities which are super generic and works dubious at best. I know I sound fantastically negative, but most of them are solid, the biggest offender being stutter time. Since it’s the only bonus action we have and scales negatively with how many times you use it per turn. (which makes it feel like a chore using it and you often feel punished for using it) Okay then, let’s get to Tara… Tara Blake Okay so, Tara is still a mess. I don’t feel like she fulfills a role. She’s not really a summoner since she only has two options for summoning. She’s not really a beater since she has a minimum damage of 2 and much rather wants to bury her targets according to the crew mechanics. I wouldn’t call her a support master since she has no real supporting actions unique to her. She’s not a control master since she only has one really control trigger and beyond that no real way to influence the enemy crew. It’s true that she has a lot of Ap to potentially spend, but she can only spend those on two things: Walking, and soulstone-swinging. And nobody likes their master to be a sheeme runner, especially one without any fancy tricks. And to me, that's a problem, when you don't feel like you've got any options, especially to what you could do with her last edition, or what options a lot of the other masters have. Even if it something as basic as choosing between a ranged and a melee attack. This feeling of there being a problem regarding what you’re able bleeds into her having a weak theme and it’s not like she has one in the first place. She’s not the time-master like she was, but more focused on throwing people into the void, but you don’t do a lot with that either. I feel like she is in an awkward in-between. Soulstone sword: A fairly good melee attack for a non-beater. Stat of six, 2/3/5 damage track. Not to say that She cant beat people up, but we all know that the prize is in the trigger - glimpse of the void, which is built in. And to reiterate, Glimpse of the Void is very good. It's a good attack, what'd you'd expect from Tara, but it's also creates an incredibly dull playstyle- it even lost its ribbon function of attacking fast enemies while buried. Just having this ability as your only attacking option feels bad, since it's not very exciting and you don't really do a whole lot else on your turn, which means that the action you repeat ad nauseum should be interesting to use! On a side note, is there a reason Tara's only interaction with fast on enemies are Age to Destruction and From Nothing? Age to Destruction: Solid ability and it mostly works as a consolation prize for when you’re not able to capitalise on the enemies fast. That’s not to say you couldn’t give someone fast and leave them on 1-2 HP and let them die when they active - a very crew dependant strat but it’s 100% viable. I like it in it’s simplicity and function, even though I’d want something more exciting. The biggest issue is that it’s something that will hardly ever trigger and is placed on models which doesn’t seem to know what they want to do - and when it triggers its effects aren’t noticeable. It’s also reducible damage, and paying 1 wound for fast isn’t that steep of a price, 2 stings a bit. So it works, but is just bad. From the Void (Summoning): To me, a summoner has always been defined by the resource drain and their versatility. Tara is none of that, and is more an aggressive (scheme running) summoner whos thought process boils down to “Do I have an 11 or higher in hand? If not do I have an 8?” And it’s a bit jank, but fine, but when the only two models you can summon is specifically balanced around being summoned, ergo you will probably not ever hire them in to your crew normally, it just becomes an action you don’t feel rewarded for using or even really need to think about that often. So much of her power budget is baked into this and since you have 5ap a turn, you really kind of need to use this every turn. It covers up the other models blandness and weaknesses with just summoning more, because a wretch is not worth 4ss and often times feel barely worth the effort to summon them (No I don’t like her becoming a summoner). And I’m not saying a crew shouldn’t have weaknesses, but it feels like most of the crew costs one or more stones for what their worth, especially when they all sort of cover the same bases. The two 100% useful tactical actions Temporal Shift (fast redistribution): I’m all in favour for high-risk, high-reward things in games, especially when done right. Like Tara’s mass fast in M2e, an ability which required a lot of finesse, positioning and forethought. This ability exists I guess. To make this ability even remotely worth using you need to shift two, preferably three fast from enemy models to your own and have no models buried. This will almost never happen in a game, fast is a really dangerous condition to leave up, if you summon or bury your own models they’ll need to fast to come back and you need to play so suboptimally to set up a position where it will be useful and then it won’t often actually take effect until the turn after. Suffice to say, I’ve never seen it being used in effect in battle reports on when I’m playing it myself - the only time I’ve ever used it has been for the trigger, which honestly is the best part about it. You could bomb ‘em with the nothing beast and apply his fast field to a couple of models and then activate Tara and redistribute them, it’s not terrible. But that’s still a lot of things that need to go right for a comparedly mediocre payoff. Time warp (Flip the Deck): Uhm. So I have thought about this one a lot, and done some simulations. The conclusion? You need a shit ton of luck to ever consider this action remotely viable. To the point where you need to flip most of your 8-9+ cards in a row, without having to many low cards at the bottom of the discard, because then you need to waste activations before you can actually use them productively. I don’t see the scenario where you would use this ability ever realistically happening enough times for it to warrant space on a master card - with a target number. Aionus Oooh, boy, where do I start with this guy? He used to be (read. Like the first month of Closed Beta) an integral part of the Tara crew with an aura that gave fast at the end of activation, which was really good admittedly, but the replacement ability he got… isn’t really up to snuff for a 10ss model with a melee damage track of 2/3/4 and no defensive tech… But without further ado, let’s get into why Aionus doesn’t function. Time in a flat circle: It’s new, and I actually kind of like it. It’s good, offer some crew synergy. Doesn’t require you to spend extra resources. Nice. I'd argue it's one of his best, if not his best ability. A stitch in time: This ability has some potential, but it feels like someone thought it should be his main selling point and thus justify his price cost. You can kill a buried model (assuming you actually get something buried, since once again, only 1 model with a reliable way to do it) and then give someone on the table fast, or chain from an enemy assuming… Tick, Tock: If he actually gets to apply the condition before the model is killed, because otherwise you’re truly gambling. What I think they want you to do is to charge, attack once and apply slow, then attack again with the trigger and then apply fast for what I believe often will be 5-6 damage, and then you cast fast (or slow) on something else or you have an enemy model with fast to unbury on (Why does this crew do so little with fast?). The stat 6 against WP is actually solid, but that 2/3/4 damage track with a conditional trigger will have a hard time properly killing anything larger than a basic minion and is the ability to reliably give slow or fast to something valued so high? You also have the possibility to attack on of your buried models and give it fast for 1-2 damage and if one of your best uses for a 10ss model is inefficient ap trading, you know something is wrong. Eventuality: I don’t know if Wyrd realised why eventuality was so good on Tara in M2e, or perhaps they did realise it and that’s why we don’t have it anymore. (For context, it worked exactly the same with dealing damage, but could be used twice per round on Tara b/c double activation and also had a built-in trigger for healing). It doesn’t activate and become useful before turn 3 at the earliest and in most of my matches, it had already been decided by turn 3, leaving it not very good - and on turn 3 you’ll also be so close the opponent so that you could charge them without problem. But hey, at least it has the glimpse trigger on a model that actually can get it fairly reliable by using stones - not that I would recommend doing it frivolously considering how stone hungry Tara is. Sever timeline: It does was it says on the tin. Surprisingly his most interesting action since it can actually be used to help your team and disrupt the enemy sometimes. Maybe a little too low stat if we are talking balance here, but that’s another discussion. Karina Blast it, we are talking about Karina since Totems are now bundled up together with their masters when evaluating the efficiency of them - and let me say, if Karina wasn’t free, I’d never touch her (heck, I still haven’t taken the time to paint her because she was so bad in M2e). Her 3 main selling points are: She has a very expensive heal + unbury. She can save Tara if Tara would die within 8". She’s insignificant. She’s free. Sorry, meant four main selling points. As for saving Tara, it requires a model with df4 and 4 wounds to be within 8” and LoS of Tara, meaning she needs to spend most of her Ap repositioning instead of doing something semi-useful beyond burying your own models and even then she probably won’t be able to keep up with Tara if you play her like the scheme runner Wyrd seems to have envisioned for her. Luckily M3e is very much of a slugfest for me, so you’ll often be in range with one move from deployment, but it does limit what you can do with Tara, since both Tara and Karina are rather squishy. The heal and unbury action is an action that can, and probably will cost you 3 cards on the regular. Since you’ll often need to cheat an 8+ if you wan’t the ability to go off, then since you actually invested some resources you might want to cheat a better card for healing if you need to and then a final card for unburying the target. And let me remind you that the Obliteration crew has exactly 1 way to draw a card - a trigger on a situational ability on the Scion, who I won’t talk about now. Tl:Dr: She’s still very much a mess without a solid theme or role and is very boring to play due to the lack of meaningful choices coupled with what feels like a lack of agency. Very few minions, a very conditional six cost model and pretty much useless 10 cost henchmen leaves you without good options in theme and with a 8 and 9 cost you are limiting yourself in scheme ways. They are all melee for goodness sake and Tara even as a gun. A lot of the things that is supposed to make the crew feel thematic and make “work” together isn’t reliable and requires a lot of hoops to go trough and set-up for an average pay-off compared to the work. Tara doesn’t feel master level, and every time I activate her I feel like it’s a draining chore. She’s a boring scheme runner. The crew has a surprising lack of focus on what it wants to do and ⅓ your models doesn’t even interact with the “main mechanics” of the crew. Aionus is not worth 10ss at the current point. Maybe 8ss with the current set, and even then he doesn’t have a clear role. Tara and her crew doesn’t make you feel anything - you don’t feel like a time manipulator, or a herald of the void. Unlike when you play Parker where you feel like a running and gunning bandit, robbing people. Suggestions to make Tara, Aionus (and their crew) more interesting to play and hopefully more thematic Make ‘Age to Destruction’ not counteract the basis of giving people fast so that you then can unbury your models. Something like “After an enemy model gain the fast condition do X” Where X can be 2 damage or have unique ability for each of the models that have that ability. Give Tara some form of ranged option - like a void gun or something, but please don't give her a collier pistol. (Also don't make a ranged version of the sword) //idea// Choose an attack action of a target buried models. Copy that attack with range X" [gun]. If it's a friendly model, this action can use triggers Give Tara a (in-built) trigger on stutter time to give the buried friendly model fast. Give more models (interesting) interactions with fast. Right now it's used to unbury and gives 3 models +flips to duels. If the Scion is gonna stay the same, please make “Glimpse of the Void” more reliable or give the Scion an action or trigger to bury both models. Can Karina become better, ergo not bad? Even if it's as boring as giving her Arcane Reservoir. Aionus needs to gain a purpose within the crew. Have him dish out fast to allies, interact with scheme markers. Reactivate… etc. Adjust the cost or power level of the Void Wretch specifically (and the hunter to a lesser extent so that the hunter isn't just a better wretch). The thematic crew could use some more tools or models in general. I know you can hire out of theme but that is supposed to make your “crew” worse and costs more stones - and I don't think the crew in general is in a place where the extra costs for getting more diverse options is warranted. Outcast has few versatile models afaik. Not to say that every crew should have every tool, but Taras main toolbox is countering bury mechanics and hit things averagely. Give Tara new tactical actions, the current one has never been used as far as I am aware. To get them to work you need so much luck, need to go so many hoops and play so well, for a mid-low reward… An attack action to give fast to a model an accomplice into a buried. Something like the old eventuality “ X” pulse, enemy models hit by the pulse take Y damage when burying” debuff. An aura where models with fast can't activate before other models have activated (can also bet her age to destruction). Talos is fine. But I feel like he doesn't interact with his own crew actively. If burying the opponent is supposed to be a big part of the package, maybe make em a bit more reliable and maybe give bonuses to models if there’s one buried. Because right now it feels like I get more from just hitting most enemies or leaving them up so that I can unbury on top of them and hit them more. Having more options for free actions would be nice, but I also understand why Wyrd would want to limit them. I’ll edit this if the update provides changes etc. And Tara has some defensive tech in “Through the Hole” and the ability to bury enemy models.
  3. Deployment Standard deployment strategy: Reckoning Schemes: Detonate charges Dig their Graves Power Ritual Deliver a message Vendetta Crew Tara Blake Karina Aionus 10ss Mad Dog Bracket 10ss The Nothing Beast 9ss Scion of the Void 6ss Talos 8ss 7ss in cache Schemes selected: Vendetta: Scion against Carlos. Deliver a message: Colette Thoughts about my crew selection I picked Tara for testing purposes and because I dislike my life. I picked Aionus even though I don't think he's worth the price to try a combo with the Nothing beast, Mad Dog to counter the Coryphee and kill some fools for reckoning. The rest of the crew is for testing purposes and the stones are there so I can summon reliably each turn and have some over for defence. The schemes were picked because I thought they would go well with reckoning and because I know I can hit Colette when she's buried. I also now realise that Tara has very few low cost models, so picking Vendetta almost proved to to bite me in the ass. Crew Colette Du Bois w/Magical Training +2ss Mechanical Dove x3 Cassandra Felton 8ss Carlos Vasquez 8ss Coryphee Duet 12ss Showgirl 5ss w/Magical Training +2ss Showgirl 5ss Mannequin 4ss 4ss in cache Deliver a message: Tara Detonate Charges Thoughts on my crew selection. I’m still not sure about what to get and how, I’m not very experienced with Malifaux per sé. However since I’m going to a tournament next weekend for the open beta I wanted to play test some of the models which I owned. I know that the Coryphee Duet, on top of being my favourite model visually, is very strong so that felt like a no brainer. Showgirl with magical training also felt like a no-brainer. I wanted to try Carlos out, but I had bad feelings about him. He did practically nothing this game. Turn 1 Tara stones for Cards. Dropping a 1 and a 4 for a 13 of crows and a 11 of Rams. Colette starts as the attacker and deploys a coryphee, Carlos and doves in the middle. Tara wins initiative but Colette goes first, and Tara generates 3 pass tokens. The doves fly forward while the Nothing beast hunkers down in a forest and focuses twice. Mad Dog Bracket goes clay hunting and charges a dove, killing a dove. We ruled that it was him who dropped the marker and not the dove and therefore we placed a scheme marker before the body was cold. The scion buries the Nothing beast and then walks forward Colette presto changos the scion for a Coryphee which Tara then charges, hits, but the duet succeeds on the wp test. It hits Tara back, missing once and then hitting again for weak before splitting. Aionus whacks the Nothing Beast to give it fast and then moves. The Duet reforms and then walks and charges Aionus, triggering execute and smacking for 4 damage. Karina tries to something but is worthless. Carlos attacks the Scion and the scion takes 1 damage and then disappears. Carlos moves forward and places a Pyre marker under Mad Dog. Tara activates again, gives the Coryphee fast, misses the one attack. Showgirl walks and then continues moving with a mannequin in tow. The void hunters spawns on the Coryphee, gives it fast with a red joker, attacks once and misses. Attacks a second time with 2 + flips. Gets a 12 and then the coryphee cheats with an 11. Cassandra walks forward and then drags the mannequin with her. The last showgirl moves forward and then tries to lure talos, failing her terrifying test. Scion and Mad dog burns Turn 2 Colette uses a soulstone for cards. So does Tara. Colette cheats initiative and Tara gains 1 pass token. The Duet activates with fast, takes 1 damage. Delivers a message to Tara and scores 1vp. Then attacks the Void hunter, flipping an 11 vs. 2. Dealing 3 damage after a cheat and incorporeal. Attacking again, cheating both the attack and the damage flip. I forgot the void hunter has terrifying and is killed on the second attack. It then splits, the left one activated. Mad Dog Bracket, mad, activates and eat the scheme marker, walks and charges, hitting a severe on the first attack, dealing 4 and 3 damage to the single coryphees. The second attack dealing weak damage, killing one. The last coryphee, scared, runs away, dropping the scheme marker and taking the mannequin with it once. Talos activates and charges Cassandra, she flips a black joker and Talos cheats a mask for the trigger. On a neutral flip he hits Severe. Cassandra stones for 2. Damage. Talos hits again, but flips a black Joker for damage. Cassandra walks back and forth and drops a scheme marker on next to talos. Tara activates and removes a scheme marker and then gives Cassandra fast. Colette then activates, moves within 8 of carlos and Cassandra and tries to presto chango them. Spends a soulstone but flips a one, failing. Then tries again but fails. Then uses her bonus action to move a Showgirl 3". Ainous activates and charges the poor mannequin, missing once but killing second. Transferring fast to Tara. And then fasting a coryphee (Which we realised had activated, but Tara delayed a scheme by one AP so it's fine). The mannequin who lived activates and tries to heal Cassandra, and cheats for a total of 1 heal, then places a scheme marker. The Nothing beast activates, unburies and attacks Cassandra, but the mannequin intervenes. Taking 2 damage. The second attack misses and the last attack and last focus kills it with a weak. A showgirl activates and really want to seduce the Nothing beast, and wins the Wp duel with a 13 flip, but fails seduction. Seduces again succeeds the terrifying with another 13, and win the seduce, giving the Beast distracted. Tara activates again, and strikes Cassandra twice killing her. Then summoning a Wretch by stoning and cheating. Carlos activates, fails a pyre marker, walks and tries to breath fire and fails again. The aforementioned Wretch activates and move forward from the Coryphee, removing a marker in the process. THe second showgirl moves up and tries to Lure Aionus and succeeds. The scion activates, targets vazquez and manage to remove is his fast from his by attacking through the wretch and focuses, taking to damage. ANother dove moves. Mad Dog and Scion takes 1 point of Damage from burning. Turn 3 Tara stones for card. Colette goes first. Carlos breathes fires on the Wretch twice, misses once and then deals 2-1 damage on the second attack and applies 2 burning. Then he runs away. Aionus activates, smacks Nothing Beast for fast. He then kills the Coryphee and gives it slow, which then transfers to the replacing mannequin. A showgirl runs away and drops a scheme marker. The nothing beast chases after Carlos, misses and he jumps away. I then make the mistake of attacking Colette. Never ever attack Colette. Never worth it. Colette jumps up next to Tara gives distracted to everyone, whacks the wretch dead with her sword trick dealing 4-1, tosses Talos 8 inches, presto changes herself for the dying Mannequin and drops a scheme for scoring 'Detonate the Charges Later' and smacks Talos for another distracted and stunned. Talos is now at distracted 4. Tara activates, kills the mannequin, moves up and assists the Talos, dropping 2 distracted. A showgirl activates and tries to seduce Tara twice, fails both twice. Talos activates, delivers a message to Colette and then focuses because it's not worth attacking Collette. A Dove activates and flies next to Aionus, attacks him for 1 damage and explodes (Why is it attack 4?). Karina activates after that and heals the Scion 3 points of damage after lucky flips and cheating. She still hasn't moved a single time. The second dove moves between Tara and Anions and is annoying. The scion activates and Removes burning from Carlos, dealing 2 damage to him and then destroys the bird. Vendetta is revealed and scored. She drops down to 2hp (again). Tara activates again, moves up through difficult terrain, gives a showgirl fast and then summons a void hunter after cheating a 13 tome. The newly born piece of Void activates, pops up next to the Showgirl with fast, reapplies fast again and begins smacking her, hitting the first attack and then flipping the Red Joker for damage, killing her. Somewhere here, the Mannequin and mad dog activated. They accomplished nothing or changed anything so I'm omitting them. We decided to end it here 4-3 to Tara because the coming two turns would literally be the benny hill theme played in Slow motion. What I, the Tara player could have done better If I ignore the fact that you shouldn't play Tara into a killy strategy when Parker exists and is in the same faction. But I need to remember terrifying and incorporeal. Use my SS more and triggered Fade Away on Colette instead of Carlos. I also shouldn’t have attacked Colette ever. MVP Mad Dog Bracket for just being a fun and exciting model. Also for blowing up the split Coryphee duet (and actually feeling like he’s worth his stones). Tara players thoughts on Tara When Mad Dog shooting and missing 2 times is more exciting than activating Aionus or Talos, then something is wrong with the core crew. And I think that is that they feel very lacklustre. Aionus is not worth the 10ss you pay for him, he doesn’t do a lot. The Talos was a distraction carnifex this game, but I have never gotten value out of him since his stats are low and he’s very vulnerable to all forms of control. Tara still only has 1 action besides summoning, which in itself is a very binary thing “Can I summon a void hunter, yes or no?” but I will talk more about her in a seperate post. May I ask why 4ss minions just feel bad? And why would I ever want to hire it for 4ss when I’m hesitant to summoning it for 1ss and a card? Also, why is Karina never allowed to be “good”? She’s a 5ss totem which best ability is requires her to keep up with a master who is apparently more of a scheme runner (luckily this edition is just death ball galore) and her second best ability is insignificant… with her best action probably being assist at this point… All in all her crew is very lackluster, it has its moments, but even broken clocks are right twice a day and it’s kind of hard to motivate myself to play more of her. An apt comparison would be if (M2e Tara) or M3e Parker is speed or any other kind of drug, Tara right now is a slow monday without coffee when you’re hungover. Tara players thoughts on Colette I don’t like how so much of the crews power is tied to two models: Colette and the Duet. The duet creates a sort of boring thing where if you have a counter (which in outcast right now is Mad Dog every day of the week) you play goose chase and if you don’t have a counter, it will just do whatever the fuck it wants. (I knew both my opponents schemes by the beginning of turn 2 and there’s in general very little point in trying to fake out schemes). I don’t think you can buff the performer crew without tuning down their already powerful models. Colette was about as fun to face as I imagined. The best counterplay to her is still just ignoring her, which isn’t very fun for either side, and then I’m supposedly playing the crew that counters her. Cassandra died without accomplishing much, mainly because my opponent usually overextends with their models without proper support. Carlos was an annoyance, but not really doing anything and I think most of it stems from him being a dual crew model. @valkirsWrath the Colette players thoughts: I should not have over extend so hard and respected Mad Dog Bracket. Should’ve been more careful with my resources. Think more seriously about my crew selection. I should’ve used Cassandra's defensive ability turn two instead of walking with nimble, so she would've survived maybe survived. False Reality was a beast, moving the Talos right to where I wanted him for detonate charges. Too bad he had a message to deliver. Colette is still very defensive, and very strong. The Mad Dog has a mean shotgun, note to self, never split the duet in range. Double note to self, his range seems bullshit. Will never let him that close to my duet again. Carlos was a distraction carnifex. He did nothing but let my enemy score for vendetta and look mean. Compared to Colette, Tara doesn’t really feel master tier I still have a lot to learn with Malifaux, this was my first beta game and I still have to shake my “Kill kill kill” reflexes from 40k and AoS. Fun game though, I’m looking forward to the tournament next sunday.
  4. Hi, I just bought a Tara crew, as it is a long fantasy of mine, but i'm wondering where to start, considering all the ways you can play her. I like to control my opponent and I will love burrying all of my opponent's crew in the ground. So where do i start? What upgrades do I need with her? What is important to know to avoid being drowned by the possibilities she can give? I'll buy Talos soon as I understand he is an auto take with her (I mean just look at these stats oh boy). But i'll give you the range of models i presently own : viks crew ; von schill crew (all freikorps range except engineers) ; lazarus ; big jake ; midnight stalker ; sue ; hodgepodge effigy ; 3 death marshalls ; tara crew. A big thank you in advance, and i hope you will not be upset i started this topic, as i couldn't really find a good source of information about how Tara is played nowadays (pullmyfinger is kinda dated). Cheers,
  5. Hello! Friend of mine after seeing Malifaux decided to get in. He likes Tara but i cant give him any tips because im playing gremlins and dont see resuresctionists often and never saw Tara in action. I know only killjoy and nurse I saw two 2016 guides which saying to buy: First: Herald of Obliteration (Tara Box) The Drowned Guild Autopsies Bete Noir Second: Scion of the Void Rotten Belle Nurse Anna Lovelace Can you give some up to date tips and advices for low budget ressur Tara start in terms of GG18?
  6. been collecting models for about 2 years now and want to start playing the game, i think the nothing beast looks excellent and I hear the void list is pretty ok. I've got all the Outcast models built up i was just wondering if there was a second gaping hole in tara's list (the first one obviously being in tara's chest) and if I need to get a second list up to speed just incase a faction/master i cant handle comes around.
  7. I had the pleasure to attend the Capital City Winter Murderland tournament, held at The Historic Haven in downtown Frederick, MD on January 13th and 14th. It was a trios event, and you can find the tournament pack here. The team aspect came into play where each team would declare Factions, select Masters, then go through a pairing process to determine whom played whom. Team rules were light, with the exception of no doubling up on faction, and no doubling up on cross-faction masters in a round (ex. no Resurrectionist Tara and Outcast Tara in the same round). My team was the Vegan Zombies, named after a pun ("What to we want?" "GRAAAAINS") and consisted of myself playing Outcasts, and two of my regular opponents bringing Guild and Resurrectionists. Leading up to the tournament, we each decided to focus on a small pool of masters. We figured that by focusing on a few masters, we'd be more familiar with them in the context of the tournament. I brought Parker Barrows, Tara and the Viktorias. Our Guild player brought Nellie and Perdita, and our Resurrectionist player brought Molly, Kirai and Yan Lo. I'll be posting each round below as a separate post, but will be linking them all here. Then, I'll have a post for my final thoughts on the event. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I appreciate any input/ comments you may have! Round 1 - Parker Barrows vs. Pandora Round 2 - Parker Barrows vs. Wong Round 3 - Parker Barrows vs. Lady Justice Round 4 - Tara vs. Ulix Round 5 - Parker Barrows vs. Lilith Final Thoughts
  8. I'm looking for a little help from my fellow Wyrd-os. I just bought Tara from the Black Friday sale and I've been looking into all of her stuff (Pull My Finger, Schemes & Stones, etc.) and I keep hearing about the dreaded "Beast Bomb", which I understand in principle, but would love it if someone could give me a T1 rundown of how this is meant to actually work. The list I've got built for her right now looks like this (and comments on this would be nice as well) Tara - 7 stone cache (will likely go down when I decide on upgrades for NB, Scion, and Talos - I'm tempted to give them all Oath Keeper) (Emptiness, Obliteration Symbiote, Out of Time) The Nothing Beast (Void Shield, *Open Slot) Scion of the Void (*Open Slot x2) Talos (*Open slot) Death Marshal Void Wretch Void Wretch Void Wretch I want to focus on using the NB as the bomb for now until I see what he can and can't do. I've heard Killjoy and Bete are also good bombs because they can start buried and do wicked damage. I've also got Bishop, who I've heard is good for bombing. What other models work well with Tara as possible bombs to drop on people? Having written the word 'bomb' this many times now I feel like the FBI will be at my house tonight. Thanks for any and all advice!
  9. Hello, Quick question about Karina. If I will play as outcast and start summoning, I need to buy some filthy/beautiful* ressers models? Or maybe she can summon outcasts stuff but I am missing some things? * choose one
  10. I've read good things about the "beast bomb" with Tara. I've even used it myself to get a scary 4 activation attack on a master with the nothing beast. It took a lot of setting up though. 2 Ap from a death marshal (move up and bury), 3ss (2 for the upgrade and one for the suit), keeping Tara close to a fight and making sure the nothing beast stays buried (so no glimpse for most of a turn). I have had almost as good from just popping a nothing beast through a building (it's incorporeal) or using the innate bury mechanics of the Scion of The Void. Have you made all the setup worth it in your games?
  11. Okay, a few weeks ago I tried getting my wife and a couple of mates into malifaux. I played a game against my wife (she used Colette crew), and it didnt go well, too many rules, too many abilites, too many objectives... far too much to take in. So fast forward to a couple of days ago and we went round to our mates house, tried a couple of games against each other there. It went a lot better! My wife played first, switching to a mixed crew led by carlos, and drew in a game against the vikorias. We all agreed to jsut play the... Strategy, rather than all the schemes too, so they got the kill 2 models a turn to get a VP mission, ended on 2 VP's each. Both enjoyed the game, so we took that as a huge success. Next up I played against our second mate. I had Seamus, CCK, 2 Rotten Belles, my new Alt model Sybelle, Bete noir, and a canine remains. Danny had his Tara box, which is Tara, katrina, nothing beast, and 3 void wretches. We didnt use upgrades, and because I was 2 SS higher, we agreed Danny should have 2 extra SS in his Cache. The board was seperated by a river (difficult terrain half move) across the middle that was 4" wide. There were two bridges across at either end of the board, then we had a TT combat huts set and the GW graveyard set as our terrain, so a few LoS blockers and a few fences that hindered movement (mine at least!). We got the stake a claim Strat and Corner set up. The opening phases had all of Taras crew heading Right (they started in the top left corner from my view), while I sent a belle and madame left and the rest of my crew across the bridge to take on Taras crew. Seamus and the CCK didnt cross the bridge but moved the the river edge and took a pot shot at the nothing beast, puting an early 2 wounds on him. My canine remains went too far fowwards, so Tara reactivated at their end and put 3 wounds on it (luckily I survived!). As Tara took the intative again, the nothing beast charged my poor dog, but whiffed all his attacks! Tara had been tempted forwards to try and kill the dog, so now my belle lured her out to me, allowing CCK to take a potshot (no luck), and then the dog to charge, putting 2 damage on her and 2 poison. Bete charged in (making the most of the dog still living and giving Tara -1DF), and put another... 4-6 wounds on her. The void wretches and Katrina moved up to support as did my belle. On the other side of the board my belle dropped a claim marker, then madame double walked onto the bridge at the other side of the board and called the belle to her, ready for next turns claim. Mid game the belle and madam continued their walk behind enemy lines dropping markers for the rest of the game. the fight i nthe middle had Tara kill bete noir (I messed up and should have let her be buried on 1W rather then hope to unbury her next turn before the voids could kill her while buried), and then turn and kill the dog. Seamus waded into the river, summoned a dead doxie from one of the bodies, then shot a wretch. The CCK finished off the wretch. My belle called Tara to her, allowing the dead doxie and the belle to pounce and kill her off. From this point it was just a case of mopping up the injured wretches and whittling down the nothing beast. all the time Seamus had been tanking wounds like a boss, then healing again with all the WP duels going on. End phase had Madam using her shriek blast to kill of katrina and finish off the nothing beast that was in the blast. The game ended with one wretch being alive and Danny having managed to drop 1 claim marker just over the line, while I had 4+ deep in his half. Was this match up jsut very unfair, or did he make some silly mistakes, did I do anything wrong? any thoughts really? We both really enjoyed it though, and I'll try to get some pics next time we play.
  12. Hello. A local gamer wants to get people at our local club to start playing Malifaux, so he's generous enough to split up his collection across the club members. I called dibs on his Tara crew, but I don't know enough about the game (yet) to put together a decent crew. So I'm hoping you guys could help me in putting one together. The models I get are: -Tara's herald of Oblivion -Killjoy -Death marshals (3) -Malifaux child -Bishop -Aionus -Crooligans -Anna Lovelace
  13. Essentially, this list uses Tara, Hannah, and the Hodgepodge Emissary to bury a bunch of nasty short-range bruisers and the Scion of the Void's action lending to unbury them in the middle of the enemy crew on the first turn. Naturally, this is great to use against shooty crews (which will either have to scatter all around the board fairly quickly or get tied up in melee), but not so good against melee crews (which will thank you for closing the distance before turning most of your models into a fine paste) I had taken a rough stab at this concept around eight months ago, wherein rules misunderstandings were sorted out and some advice on good and bad matchups was given. Since that was eight months ago, I've started a new thread for clarity and to avoid thread-necromancy (this not being that smelly Resser's thread :P). As before, thoughts/advice on the current list would be greatly appreciated. 50 ss Tara (Outcasts) List: Fastball Special v2 Master: Tara (Cache 4); Upgrades - Eternal Journey (1 ss), Knowledge of Eternity (2 ss), Oath Keeper (1 ss). Henchmen: Scion of the Void (8ss), Hannah (10 ss), Montressor (9 ss); Upgrades - Ancient Tomes (2 ss, Hannah), Brick by Brick (0 ss, Montressor), Fearful Whispers (1 ss, Montressor) Enforcers: Hodgepodge Emissary (10 ss); Upgrades - Conflux of Nothingness (0 ss) Minions: Void Wretch (4 ss) Total: 48 ss, the remaining 2 of which can be saved/spent on upgrades or very cheap models to better suit a given matchup/strategy/scheme. Basic Play Strategy: Your crew should deploy close to the edge of your deployment zone in a nice cluster within effect range of each other. Except the Void Wretch, who finds a nice piece of cover to hide in for quite likely the remainder of the game. Tara activates first, discards Oath Keeper for Fast and either hits Hannah gently with her sword (to maximize probability of success) or uses Pull the Void (to minimize potential damage) together with a Glimpse the Void trigger to bury Hannah. Next, Tara uses Whispers from Darkness to borrow the buried Hannah's Void Record and buries Montressor. While the SotV could be buried instead at this step, there is a remote possibility that your enemy might try and snipe the SotV across the board on their activation, allowing her to bury herself and saving you a (0) action later (which will be in short supply). Next, Tara uses Pull the Void on the Hodgepodge Emissary to give him Fast. While the extra AP generated by Oath Keeper isn't strictly necessary, it acts as insurance against a Black Joker flip in Tara's activation (which would otherwise remove a model from your initial offensive) by letting you repeat a step, and lets Tara move up the board toward the action a bit quicker if you don't. Finally, Tara uses Eternal Moment to make up for her largely stationary first activation, letting her move up the board later. Next, the Hodgepodge Emissary uses Into the Maw to bury the remaining Henchman, and moves 15" towards the enemy crew. In the unlikely event that SotV got buried during the enemy's activation in the meantime, he can get an extra 4" of movement by taking A Weary Road. Then, he borrows SotV's The Hollowing to unbury either Hannah or Montressor. I would usually recommend Montressor, as he has more mobility then Hannah for subsequent positioning, a larger threat range, and can stop the enemy crew from scattering by Tossing the Noose. That being said, if the enemy crew has a large number of models in a roughly 10" circle that are squishy enough for Montressor to survive close contact with, you may wish to save his (0) action for Fearful Whispers and mass immobilization by unburying Hannah first instead. Montressor uses his activation to close the distance further and either trap 2-3 enemy models in base contact or secure and paralyze a key enemy model. Keep in mind Montressor's slight squishyness, and avoid entangling anything he'd be unlikely to survive a round of close combat with. Hannah (if going last), can take the opportunity to hit Montressor's trapped models with a few Horrifying Ghost Censer blasts (synergizing with Montressor's crowd control, Mocking Laughter's penalty to willpower, and Comfort in Fear if you had enough models in range to make it worthwhile) or go after stragglers. Remember to position to allow your second and third models to unbury within about 6" of the Hodgepodge Emissary, so they can get Fast from his Screaming from the Void. The first model to unbury then uses their (0) action to use The Hollowing and unbury the SotV, who will have taken 4 wounds from lending actions. While Returning Home lets her avoid any enemy action targeting her, you still want to get some use from her this activation and a clever opponent might be able to finish her off with enough indirect damage, so be careful where you put her. Once actually activated, however, she can move with relative impunity (thanks to her aforementioned Returning Home) with a wide range of good possible actions: finishing off weak models trapped by Montressor, tailing stragglers to stop them from scattering too much, drawing cards with The True Path trigger (which, given the potentially resource intensive first few activations, you may be in sore need of), marking a dangerous model with Forgotten to Time for burying later, or even running the objective (should the enemy crew be sufficiently disrupted). Just remember to use The Hollowing to unbury your last Henchman in a good position before going too far out of the way. The lonesome Void Wretch is mostly there as a safety net for the SotV, healing her, removing adverse conditions, and unburying her so she doesn't get sacrificed at the end of the turn. As such, he'll likely want to stay as far away from trouble as possible, though he could run objectives if the SotV hasn't needed to bury herself and the enemy crew lack the range or mobility to deal with him. Finally, Tara reactivates and either moves up the board or runs objectives, depending on how well the alpha strike went (While 'Alpha Strike' is a fair bit cooler sounding as a list name, it lacks the cheesy connotations appropriate to this list). Come turn two, the enemy crew has either been largely contained, scattered as much as they can in the course of five activations, and either they or you are in serious trouble, depending on how well they can handle three fairly nasty models appearing in their midst. List Variations and Matchups: This list has been primarily designed with Guild and Gremlin matchups in mind, due to the likelihood of facing ranged crews and their range of Living models vulnerable to horror duels. While this list can play like a regular-ish Tara crew if the fastball special maneuver would probably get your models stuck out of position or killed, it may not fair quite as well as regular lists. A respectable portion of Montressor's defense comes from his Terrifying (Living) and his crowd control abilities. If a matchup would likely limit the effectiveness of either of those (fairly likely with Arcanists, Neverborn, or Ressurectionists), substituting another relatively mobile and durable Outcast Henchman (such as Taelor) would probably be a good idea. While the listed alpha strike ideally has a 31"-35" threat range (3 Emissary moves [3x5"] + large Montressor base [2"] + Montressor's Nimble [4"] + optional Montressor move [4"] + Toss the Noose range [10"]), enough severe or blocking terrain on the table might prevent the Emissary from getting close enough to the enemy deployment zone. In such cases a Freikorps Trapper could be exchanged for every upgrade except Eternal Journey and Ancient Tomes (needed to bury the models efficiently) to deploy up the board and unbury the Henchmen, but doing so makes the list extremely tight on soul stones, vulnerable to an unlucky Black Joker during set up, and much less versatile. Karina could also be substituted for most of the upgrades to add more Bury/Fast synergy and some more sustainability from summons, but to do so one has to sacrifice 5" of fastball threat range, Tara's Knowledge of Eternity, and either insurance against the Black Joker or Montressor's Fearful Whispers. A similar list could probably be made for the Ressers (for example, using a buried mercenary Killjoy, Bete Noir, and a suicidal Crooligan. Or just a mercenary Hannah and a not-as suicidal Crooligan), but, again, the Resser's thread would probably be the better place for that. If you've had the patience to read through that respectably sized wall of text, then again, thoughts/advice would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Question that came up and I hadn't thought about and now I'm not sure any more. At the end of the turn the model suffers damage equal to half its Wd stat. Is this the Wd stat printed on the card or the number of wounds it has left. E.g. If I summon a Guild Autopsy and my opponent puts a few wounds on it will it be killed when it takes its half wounds?
  15. Hello Outcasts. There is a high likelihood that I will be getting Tara's crew box (either one of the special editions or the regular one), and I have seen snippets of people talking about a Void Wretch spam list. I was wondering if anyone has actually played this before and has tips/tricks, or if it is merely all theoryfaux at this point. Thank you for your help.
  16. So between theme and fluff, Tara has been creeping more and more towards the front of my "Which Master Next?" list. If I grab her box set, what should be my next buys? What strategies should I be looking at to employ?
  17. So! The new Tara. What are your fellow Outcast thoughts on the multiple buffs? I'm now tempted to run her with dual Marshals, Montresor, Scion and the Nothing Beast, but without Obliteration Symbiote. You save 2 SS on Symbiote (since there's always the Scion (0) to unbury all your three beaters), but lose the chain activation shenanigans. Monty combos with Price of Haste for a whooping -3 Wp which both the Beast and Scion will love. Only problem is, the tactic is pretty straightforward, and both the Scion and Beast could be wiped before they get a chance to activate. Any comment on the idea?
  18. hi there, I`ve sometimes found annoying first activate Tara in order to make use of her reactivation. I would like to share an idea that might already been posted but... Whats your opinion on buring a bloodwretch, copy "the rage builds" and then make boosted attacks with tara, she becomes a much more efficient beater. Also you can give fast to an unburied bloodwretch and let it charge a friendly armoured model (maybe with graveyard spirit) to draw 4 cards, discard 2 of them and make 2 damage to that model.
  19. Hey guys, Quick question. I played against Pandora and her Death-By-A-Thousand-Cuts Misery ability with Sorrows. What was curious is that, if a model fails a duel in range of more than model with Misery, "it would suffer 1 damage from each model with the Misery Ability separately" (Bullet 105, Jan 2017 FAQ). Now, does this mean that Tara's new Upgrade Ability, The World is Empty, be able to discard a card to reduce damage by 1 for each instance of Misery damage? If the ability reads: "When a friendly Void model within 6 of this model suffers damage, this model may discard a card to reduce that damage by exactly 1 (to a minimum of 0)" I know the effectiveness or merit of this is debatable, I just want to know if it IS possible. Thanks in advance.
  20. Dear Outcasts, Von Schill & Viktorias seems to be a trouble for me. Most of the games against these two masters have been losen or draw by my two masters(Levi and Tara). My opponents often have folloving crew members: 1. Viktorias(both)+sisters+librarian+additional models like(Johan, trappers,...) 2.Von Shill+ 2 trappers+Hannah+Strongarm+librarian+... What shall I take into account playing against these two crews, which master and which models to chose?
  21. Hello, all. I've been working on a Tara list intended to take the Beastie Bomb to it's fullest possible extreme, while still retaining some viability in scheme running should the initial strike fail. I'm fairly new to the game, so thoughts/advice on the list or how best to play to it's strengths would be greatly appreciated. 50 ss Tara Outcasts list: Fastball Special Master Tara (Cache 4), Upgrade: Knowledge of Eternity (2 ss) Henchmen Scion of the Void (8 ss) Enforcers Killjoy (12 ss). Can start buried, and has a built in unbury mechanic, saving health and AP on the SotV. The Nothing Beast (10 ss), Upgrade: Void Shield (0 ss) Minions Rat King (8 ss). The strongest 8 ss or less minion available that can tolerate losing 4 wounds, since it can turn itself into a Rat Catcher. Friekorps Trapper (6 ss) Void Wretch (4 ss). Mostly there to heal the SotV when it gets itself in trouble. Basic play strategy: Killjoy deploys buried. The Friekorps Trapper deploys 6" from the opponent's deployment area, as close as possible to the bulk of the enemy crew (preferably in cover, but not essential. Even if it's killed on the first activation through bad luck on the initiative flip and unfortunate deployment, an angry Killjoy will pop out unless sacrifice/bury shenanigans were involved). Everyone else deploys in The Nothing Beast's nice 10" from The Faceless Oblivion. Strongest when deploying second and winning initiative. First, Tara uses Pull the Void 3 times to bury and give fast to the Scion of the Void, the Rat King, and The Nothing Beast (in that order). Then, the Friekorps trapper moves towards the enemy, shoots and Repositions to get a bit closer, then uses The Hollowing (from the SotV's Whispers from the Nothing) to unbury the Rat King. Ideally, the Rat King will kill an enemy model and unbury the rest of the crew. Failing that, it can also use The Hollowing to unbury the SotV to finish the job, and turn into a Rat Catcher if it's dropped below 4 wounds. If the Rat king dies before this, the rest of the crew unburies anyway. Unless there is a terrible run of bad luck/mismatched deployment, the enemy crew now has a Rat King, a SotV, a Fast Nothing Beast, and Killjoy in the middle of their deployment zone, and will probably have a rather bad day. The Rat King and the SotV will likely only have 4 wounds or less, but both have mechanics to get around that. Tara can reactivate and move up the field to rejoin her crew, run schemes, or whatnot while the enemy crew is dealing with the massive new threat in it's ranks or running away. An alternative list I'm considering replaces the Rat King and Killjoy with Montressor, Ama no Zako (as Henchmen, they won't take damage from The Hollowing, and are more likely to secure the unburying kill than the Rat King), and a Malifaux Child (for the additional casting of Pull the Void needed to bury the extra model). Such a draft would be stronger in combat and offer more tactical/movement options than the first list, but requires an extra activation to set up which any sensible enemy crew will be using to scatter to the four winds, and opens the risk of the enemy crew killing the Friekorps Trapper before Tara can get everyone buried.
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