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  1. Hi y'all. I'm a wyrd-o and decided that the release of the new edition would be a great time for me to start detailing my experiences with Malifaux. Given that I am currently in school with a family size that is quickly expanding, updates may be sporadic and content lacking a unifying theme. My plan is to detail the misadventures between my wife (10T/Arcanist) and I (Outcast). I hope you guys enjoy! For this first post I will detail our upcoming game on 8/30 between Mei Feng (10T) and Hamelin. I was determined to play Hamelin regardless of scenario as some questions were still nibbling at my thoughts after my first game with him. How many rats do I actually need? How generous do I have to be with Blight? How bad is the Winged Plague really? Why am I so in love with the metal Obedient Wretch? The Scenario Plant Explosives Harness the Leyline Outflank Vendetta Claim Jump Dig Their Graves With this scenarios I flip-flopped between a few different lists, though each one was intended to be built for Harness and Graves. I also wanted to build to try to answer my lingering questions detailed above. Ultimately I decided on the crew here: The Crew Hamelin 3x Stolen Hodgepodge Emissary Obedient Wretch 2x Rat King- Servant of Dark Powers 2x Prospectors Cache 5 Justifying my Build Hamelin I gave serious consideration to paying for SoDP as I loathe walking with my Master and this would allow him to try to Lure enemies into the Blight bubble more quickly. The heals are also nice for keeping him around longer. I ultimately decided to forego giving Hamelin the upgrade as I thought it would be better suited on a Rat King. I plan to stack Blight quickly on select models with Lure and stones with priority being the Rail Golem and Mei Feng herself. Hamelin's bonus will be focused into the Rat Kings to try and cripple as many models as early as possible. Though corner case, Injured from his staff will help make the Rat Kings' Terrifying duels harder to pass. 3x Stolen The Stolen I plan to use mainly for out-activation and for Hamelin's Agony. One I intend to utilize as a flex piece for the Emmisary's free scheme marker and for opportunistic damage from Vomiting Disease. Hodgepodge Emissary I hired the Emissary with the idea that he gives a free marker with no flip and that his trinkets would allow me to get the most out of the Rat Kings before they lose their to damage. Both his Regeneration Trinket and Accomplice/Companion (cannot remember which one it gives) would allow them to deal much more reliable damage through chain attacks with each other or the Wretch and hopefully trigger Spray of Filth. Obedient Wretch The metal Wretch is why I bought the crew so she is a mandatory hire. Upon my initial reading of her rules I believed her to be a great assassin model through the combination of Analyze Weakness, Bleeding Disease, and Tummy Aches but I think she operates best as a hard to target flex piece. Tummy Aches works on any opposed duel meaning it works to her benefit defensively as well as with the Disengage action so when she is not being used to soften up or finish key models I will use her to drop scheme markers and explosives. 2x Rat King- Servant of Dark Powers The Rat Kings are going to be my chief vector of Blight for this game. I intend to missile them up Turn 1 and hopefully kill a model to trigger Spray of Filth. If I see that it is unwise to do so I will instead stack Focus on them. SoDP was given to them for the defensive benefit and healing primarily to keep them above half wounds for that great to damage. 2x Prospectors I was conflicted on whether or not to bring a Prospector over a Winged Plague as I love having a good concentration of Vermin to take advantage of Hamelin's bonus action. When I evaluate the Prospector though I always expect to get about 3 stones out of them which ultimately persuaded me. Their Appraise action would allow me to better dictate where the Foundry could be Ride the Rails as well as help deny Claim Jump, Harness, and Graves. They can also circumstantially drop 2 scheme markers a turn. Cohesively, this selection of models allows me great control over my opponent. I have 3 potential sources of Slow (Kings and Emissary), 4 potential movement effects (Hamelin, Emissary, and Prospectors) and 2 sources of Injured (Hamelin and Emissary). In addition, every member of my crew is a pain to try and target for damage. Hamelin has Agony and Soulstones; Stolen have Stealth and Serene Countenance, Obedient Wretch has Stealth, Manipulative, and Tummy Aches; Emissary has Hard to Kill and both him and the Prospectors have Manipulative; and the Rat Kings have Terrifying. Where my crew is lacking is with consistent damage. I absolutely need to stack Blight on problem models and FAST. If my Rat Kings don't kill above their weight before they die then my crew will lose its bite. In addition, while my crew is a pain to target they are still able to be killed quite effectively by indirect damage such as from Hazardous Terrain, Shockwaves, and Blasts. What's worse is that this weakness of my crew is one easily telegraphed by the design of Hamelin's keyword so there will be plenty of it. It will take good target priority and a little luck for me to win. Well that is enough word vomit from me today. Hopefully none of you readers contracted a disease from reading this and I hope you enjoyed. Next time I will hopefully detail my wife's crew and the grief it brings. Have a good day!
  2. So I've played a few games with Hamelin now and have some thoughts I figured I would share about how he and his crew interact, and some things to avoid. My games and end results were as follows: Hamelin w/ 3 stolen, 2 rat kings, 1 rat catcher, obedient wretch, nix, a few rats and 6ss vs Nekima won 5 to 3. Hamelin w/ 3 stolen, benny, nix, wretch, 2 rat kings, 1 rat catcher, hodgepodge effigy, 3ss vs jack daw loss 4-1 . Hamelin w/ 3 stolen, benny, nix, wretch, 2 rat kings, 1 rat catcher, 1 rat, 5ss vs somer draw 3-3. (lists may be off by a few ss, didn't double check just typed what I remembered. A few general tips I want to state before I get into a few nitty gritty things: 1) Turn three is when you should be swinging at full force and causing some massive damage. Surviving until then without falling too far behind in points can be the difficult part. 2) Don't focus to heavily on the rat engine (I'll bring this up again later) 3) STACK BLIGHT LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT 4) Hamelin is pretty squishy when cornered, but the stolen offer some level of protection. Let them die when needed. 5) The crew bubbles to some extent, but if you work out your bubbles the right way you can easily divide and conquer. The points I really want to discuss in depth involve how to bubble up your crew properly, and what I mean by don't rely on the rat engine. Most of the other points are self explanatory and a bit more obvious from the get go. BUBBLES!!!!!! Lots of crews have to bubble, and Hamelin is really no different. My suggestion is to bubble Hamelin, Obedient Wretch, 3 Stolen, and nix together from the get go, and bubble up 2 rat kings, benny, and a few rats. Benny will normally break off when he needs to in order to go do other things, but starting him there is a good idea in order to not have him get singled out. When it's time to split up, the rat kings can slingshot themselves to some extent, and your other crew members can help out with that if needed. Hamelin needs to be with the stolen at all times, and leaving him with the wretch helps support him and provide an additional source of rats and blight. Nix can be used wherever, I've just preferred starting Nix with Hamelin and breaking off later if needed. These smaller bubbles keep the board from getting too clogged up, and allow you to separate your early game from your late game without risking being the target of repeated hit and runs. Why the rat engine isn't all I had hoped it would be It's really easy to get caught up doing wild summoning with all of your fun abilities, but they really aren't as great as they seem. Loyal rats with tiny hats eats up way too many of your schemes in a crew that can summon to scheme run efficiently. Use it when you have scheme markers that you aren't planning to use, or when you can target enemy schemes. If neither of these applies, avoid the ability. A usable scheme marker is not worth trading for a rat. Tangle together is probably the best summoning in the crew, as sacrificing 4 rats for a rat king is amazing, Setting it up can be tricky, as can getting enough rats close together without dedicating your turn to it. If it happens it happens, if it doesn't just keep playing. Rat problem is situationally better than tangle, as being able to kill an injured rat king and surrounding rats for a full health slowed rat catcher not only gives you an awesome new model but also allows you to draw cards. Just be careful using it, as it can unintentionally kill rats your forgot were there. What to watch out for Hamelin's crew is afraid of a handful of things. Terrifying is big. WP 5 only pretty much everything and WP 2 on rats is really tough, especially if you are low on cards to cheat and have been flipping poorly all day. In my game against Daw my opponent's hanged held position against a rat king, a rat catcher, nix, and 2 rats for 2 turns because I had very few cards to cheat and couldn't flip above a 7 for my terrifying duels. Armor and hard to kill are tough to keep up with early game since so many of your attacks that do decent damage rely on blight which takes some time to stack. Slowed and stunned are also difficult to fight through. The biggest thing when playing Hamelin is carefully selecting your schemes. Pick ones like harness the leyline or assassinate that don't require you to break up too much. Final thoughts Hamelin definitely has potential to be a good master, but suffers from how wide the variety of abilities and potential strategies. Don't get lost in the rat engine, be careful with your scheme selection, and don't get too broken up and you should be fine.
  3. Located in Pennsylvania Dropped the price a bit! I have a Misaki Boxset and Metal Hamelin crew I want to sale/ trade. I'm looking for brewmaster in trade. You can have both crews for a brewmaster Boxset and anything Ten Thunders like the Lone Swordsman, Komainu, Femented River Monks, Kang, etc.... Sale prices will be below. Misaki assembled and primed - $20 plus $5 shipping. Metal Hamelin crew w/ 8 rats, Hamelin, Obedient Wretch, 2 Rat Catchers, 3 Stolen, 3 Crooligans, Candy, and Baby Kade. All metal models - $25 plus $8 shipping Buy Both crews for $50 with shipping
  4. I have a rules question about what happens when you replace one model with two and two models with one and blight tokens. Let's take the Coryphee Duet as the example, if the duet has 3 blight tokens, then splits up - then only one of the Coryphee gets the blight Then when they recombine, the blight tokens only get transferred back if it is the Coryphee with the blight that gets replaced? I thought you weren't supposed to be able to get rid of tokens?
  5. Here is a battle report sheet on the match played over VAssal, followed by a not so accurate walkthrough of the whole encounter. Enjoy! (if anyone wants to see the map, I can try to attach that.) What Version of the Playtest Documents were you using? 1.23 Strategy & Deployment Corrupted Idols – Flank Deployment Scheme List Detonate charges Dig their graves Search the ruins Take prisoner Assassinate Time & Rounds Played 3,5hour for 4 rounds Final Score Hamelin 6 - 1 Marcus Player 1 – AlexDS Outcasts/Hamelin Crew List Hamelin Stolen Stolen Stolen Benny Wolcomb Johan Creedy Prospector Rat catcher Obedient Wretch Malifaux Child Malifaux Rat Malifaux Rat Winged Plauge Strategy VP Scored 2 Scheme 1 & VP Scored Dig their Graves - 2 Scheme 2 & VP Scored Assasinate – 2 If you could play this same Encounter again, what would you do differently? I would probably take Search the ruins over Dig their graves, and stick to plan with the winged plauge to score earlier from the stratagem. Also, Johan was a bit redundant. I would like to get Parker into the list, but there might be some other cheaper model with the same skills. ( I like his friendly model within LoS can drop a scheme marker for a card, and his ranged dmg output) MVP model (and Why?) Hamelin and the Ratkings. Hamelin mostly becouse he summons rats, and Unclean influence to combine them. Ratkings are amazing glasscannons, capable of serious damage and blight spread before they die and give you a card (or if you manage to summon a catcher instead) Player 2 – dannydb Arcanists/Marcus Crew List Marcus Jackalope Hoarcat pride Cojo Razorspine Rattler - Magical training Mechanical rider Arcane effigy Ferdinand Vogel Strategy VP Scored 0 Scheme 1 & VP Scored Dig their Graves - 0 Scheme 2 & VP Scored Search the ruins – 1 If you could play this same Encounter again, what would you do differently? Skip the mechanical rider for maby Miranda. Missed the Def/Wp + flip and heals. Mech riders tokens did not seem to worth the models cost of 10. Also, Did expect Hamelin to be harder to take down, and therefor I did not choose Assasinate. Definitivly would instead of Dig their graves next time. MVP model (and Why?) Marcus and Cojo, altho none of them preformed more than average. Still a nice combo. Additional Feedback? Hamelin gives away a LOT of passmarkers. The option to activate rats to reduce them is almost never used, becouse there are alot of models in crew who rely on the rats possitioning. The 3 totem he starts with, and that you want to take atleast 1-2 rats to start with, gives you a crew of 6 for 4 stones..... The option to accually summon a child, maby once per round, would help him. And he still is missing a bonus action. So please make unclean influence a bonus, and let him be able to summon stolens as a dual suit trigger (maby on lure for fluff reasons?) The Chimerancy abillity have rather low target numbers. Sometime a five a six and an 8 builds quite the monster. Throw that on an order initiate and the dmg will also be insane. Need to be tested more. The Encounter, long breakthrough Note that these notes from the encounter are only roughly what happened activation order, dmg and targets may have varied a bit. But this is how I remembered it. Round 1 – The setup Both teams deploy rather grouped up in a square opposite of each other. Marcus wins the initiative and lets Hamelin go first. Hamelin crew is positioned behind and in a dense, severe forest and activates models possitoned around Benny to drop scheme markers and walk a bit. Marcus activates, gives stealthed to himself. Chimerancy to give cojo and an upgrade to the rattler. Does his howl and moves all beasts to a more forward position. 1 stolen gives out fast to an un-activated rat, and kills himself. Jackalope moves close to the Idol that were spawned in the middle of the board and next Hoarcat goes closer to protect. Another stolen gives out fast to yet another rat, and one of the rats activates, taking the concentrate action 3 times for focus 3. Mecanichal rider goes straight down on the map and place a scheme marker in a forest. Prospector takes slow for a Soulstone and drops a schememarker. Tries to place a second with bonus action, but doesn’t flip the necessary crow. Now there are 4 markers around Benny. Ferdinand turns into Beast and moves behind a big rock, closer to the middle of the board. Benny activates and summons 4 rats with tiny hats. Focus and no bonus action. Some pass tokens are used. Last stolen gives out fast to a rat, and rat catcher separates the rats into 2 groups using his rotting odor bonus action, and gives out fast to the already activated winged plague. Cojo gets into position just to the left of the center of the board, near a big rock. Hamlin activates and does unclean influence to move the rats in the groups into more forward positions, focus with one, and then combines them into 2 rat kings. 1 with fast, focus 4 and still to activate (about 8” to the right of the center board), and one with fast focus 1 (further down behind a rock). Lures the hoarcat closer and charges it to put blight on it. Rattler gets into forward position. Malifaux child double walks into a forest. Last model for Marcus is the arcane effigy, which sticks close to Marcus. Rat king yet to activate takes a walk and charges the jackalope. With focus getting in 2 moderate hits, killing it, summons a rat and spread blight to Hoarcat and Marcus. Stands in base with the idol, but no ap to move it. Round 2 - Infestation Idol gets placed behind a forest on the top of the board where no one is. Marcus wins initiative and upgrades both Rattler and Cojo. Walks a away from the rat king and stands on top of the rock (were cojo and the Beast within stands) and howls to move all beasts closer to the rat infestation. Last action he commands the rattler (with trigger) to walk into the forest closer to Hamelin. chain activation into cojo, he charges the ratking, who manages to only get 3 dmg due to using focus on at least 1 hit. Winged plague places a scheme marker from the Hoarcat focuses and charges. Hitting and getting a lucky severe for 5 dmg on a straight flip. Declears Dig their Graves and get a rat summoned. Rattler charges Hamelin, manageing to take 6 wounds (?!) and poison 1. The two summoned rats activates and reduces Marcus pass tokens to 4, then Johan tries to retaliate but doesn’t do much. Beast within walks to charge the rat summoned by the rat king, killing it and engageing the rat king. Wretch walks in LoS with the rattler and analyzes weakness. Hamelin tries activates Unclean influence to position some rats and tries to take down the Rattler leaving it at 2 wounds. Arcane effigy just walks. Prospector prospects and moves, fail bonus action due to low on cards. Mecanichal rider activates last, walks further south, away from everyone else, and places scheme marker in another forest. Benny concentrates and walks further into the forest. Malifaux child walks, and tries to Lure something, fails. Stolens moves and try to kill the rattler with vomitiong desease, managing 1 dmg, leaving it at 1 wound. Rat king moves and tries to slow cojo. Eats a rat and heals to full 7. Attacking and dealing 2 dmg. The ratking by the rock uses his fast to double walk, Gnaw to remove a scheme marker from the mech rider, and then charges said model with focus for 0 dmg due to destiny tokens. Rat catcher moves around the rock to get a better path to eventually charge cojo or Marcus. Still 4 passtokens left for marcus as turn 2 ends. Noone scored from strategy, only Hamelin gets 1 for Dig. Round 3 - Carnage No supprise Marcus win Initative with a flipped 6 (+4) and gains 7! passtokens. Idol gets placed on the bottom close to the mechanical rider and the rat king. Rattler goes first but gets cheated over not doing much. (or wonder if he accually died round 2?) Ratking tries to get some dmg through on mech rider. Resulting in 4-5 damage on 2 hits. Marcus chainactivates into cojo. Upgrades, command and focusing on killing rats and Hamelin. High cheats lets him get away without to much injuries. (3 wounds left?) rat catcher activates, charging Marcus for 8 dmg! 2 attacks with min2 + black death trigger for +2. He is down at 4. The beast within slaughters the ratking on two strikes. And now its only Mechanical rider left for poor Marcus. Hamelin activates, unclean influence to get rats into possiton, and blows one up for two damage on Marcus and cojo. The rest of the crew focus on killing cojo, which gets weaknesses analyzed from wretch. Malifaux child drops scheme marker and concentrate, Benny eats marker for fast and tries to get away from Marcus. But he is boxed in by his own models so he get to use 3 actions to even get 2” away from him. Derp. Prospector prospects, walks and manages to bonus action out a scheme marker for second part of Dig. Mech rider damages rat king and places a scheme marker for Search the ruins. Winged plague sprints and moves the top Idol. Rats do what rats to, trying to give blight on cojo, who is then finished of by the stolens vomiting disease. Hamelin declear Half-Ass(ass)ination and Marcus Search the ruins. Round 4 – Conceed, theorise We called it a game here, Marcus would probably have been killed even if he had won initative (with 7 passtokens it is likely). And the sheer mass off models would have been able to fend of the Beast within/not let Mech rider place 3 markers, aswell as moving a second idol over the line. Winged plague, Benny and prospector were in range to finish Dig their graves. So we called it 6-1
  6. Strategy Corrupted Idols Scheme List 1 - Detonate charges 3 - Harness the leyline 4 - Search the ruins 9 - Outflank 11 - Deliver a message Time & Rounds Played 3,5h & 4 full rounds Final Score 7:1 Forum Name Radek Leader Viktoria Chambers Crew List Hiring Pool Remaining: 5 / Soulstones: 5 Viktoria Chambers Viktoria Chambers Taelor Sarsfield (9) Student of Conflict (4) Vanessa Chambers (8) Bishop (9) Ronin (6) Ronin (6) Malifaux Child (3) Strategy VP Scored 7 Scheme 1 & VP Scored Search the ruins 2 Scheme 2 & VP Scored Outflank 2 If you could play this same Encounter again, what would you do differently? i would not hire child have more soulstones for cards/prevention MVP model (and Why?) Taelor - she went into far corner, killed midnight stalker by herself, got outflank and then got Idol in place. Reliable woman Forum Name AlexDS Leader Hamelin Crew List Hiring Pool Remaining: 4 / Soulstones: 4 Hamelin Stolen Stolen Stolen Nix (8) Benny Wolcomb (8) Winged Plague (4) Rat King (7) Rat Catcher (6) Obedient Wretch (5) The Midnight Stalker (8) Strategy VP Scored 1 Scheme 1 & VP Scored Harness the leyline 0 Scheme 2 & VP Scored Search the ruins 0 If you could play this same Encounter again, what would you do differently? Hide/protect rats and winged plague better MVP model (and Why?) Hamelin. He created Fast Rat kings with focus that were killing models. Also lure and putting injuries on models with charge. Concerns and/or Confusions? At the start of each Turn, after determining which player has Initiative, place a Strategy Marker centered on the centerline. The location of the Strategy Marker is determined by the suit of the Initiative Flip of the player with Initiative (and the direction is calculated from that player’s perspective): Is it initial flip or after cheating? Would cheating give control on where the marker is placed? It was a bit sad Hamelin have no bonus action. Winged plague was very easy to kill. Additional Feedback? Viktoria's crew was amazing, so fun to play, dynamic and interesting. New Viks play still is much more pleasant than theirs m2e all or nothing approach. Gave me a lot of interesting tricks and suited mine hit and run play stile. It felt like mine crew was dancing on battlefield. Facing Hamelin was a pleasure, the better as me also outcast player could see his options and weaknesses. His crew is a bit fragile but deadly. Seems a hard to master, but from mine point of view much more interesting than m2e. PS. We called it at end of turn 4 but Mercenaries crew lost 3 models(Bishop, child,ronin) where Plague had 3 left(stolen, wench, Hamelin). So there was no way to stop Viktorias from getting 3rd strat and 2nd point from schemes.
  7. I've been gone from Malifaux for about 2 years and I'm interested in coming back when the new edition launches. I noticed the Curiosity Killed the Cat set from the BF sale and it totally got me interested in playing again, but I need some advice The set comes with 3 Stolen. Will that be enough? I'd love to keep the crew in the "Cat" theme Will I need more than one Cat Princess (Rat King) set? How about the Cat Herders (Rat Catchers)? Also, I'm wondering if I should wait for the new edition before I purchase any models. The way they all play is likely to change a bit I'm thinking. What do you think?
  8. Hello everyone! This is my first attempt at writing a Tacitca for use. I'm writing it for a master which I played a lot (and influenced) during the Beta, so I know a few of his tricks. The main idea is to share these with new players attempting to start him or old players trying some new tricks out. I speak, of course, of Hamelin. To make things easier, first blocks will describe the master without any upgrades. Improvents on certain things will be noted under the respective upgrade section. Stats First thing to see are his stats, which are pretty decent, yet average, across the board. A good wound pool and great wp, his other stats are among the average mold. He however, lacks any station characterstics (living, undead, etc) which means there are quite a few abilities that don't work on him, wheter good or bad. Lastly, he starts with a meager cache of 1. Remember this when construction your crews. Defenses Hamelin has two abilities toward defense: Nihilism, and Lure of Emptiness. He doesn't have any damage migation abilities, such as Armor, or Hard to Wound. Lure of Emptiness grants backup lives with nearby stolen. When Hamelin is killed or sacrificed, he may sacrifice a nearby stolen instead and heal some wounds. An useful ability that migates a bit Hamelin's innate squishiness. However, watch out for having a lack of stolen in a critical moment, as Hamelin is easily hit and takes the full brunt of an onslaught. Nihilism, on the other hand, is one of the most powerful defensive abilities in the game. It allows you to ignore any conditions as you see fit. This is entirely optional, and allows you to still gain the condition if you like it. Perfect if your opponent is handing positives mixed with negatives, as you get to ignore the negative conditions while keeping the postive ones. Don't forget to thank your opponent after that. Another thing to note is the Tyrant characterstic. This grants weaknesses towards the infamous Relic Hammers. Keep them away from Hamelin's face! (Relic Hammer bearers are Johann, The Captain, and Taelor) Blighted Blighted is the condition that Hamelin and his friends spreads out like candy. What does it do, you ask? Absolutely nothing. Don't let this discourage you! While I am saying that it does nothing, it does have important tricks to consider. The most important and deadly to remember is Bleeding Disease. This nasty spell deals damage equal to the current blighted stack to an enemy. It does not remove the stack, so you can freely fire away, racking huge damage for only a few AP spend. There are also other tricks with certain models, but we'll leave that for later. Blighted increases on it's own at the end of turn. Nifty right? Rats Hamelin wouldn't be Hamelin without his little rats. One rat is an unintersting sight, but there are far more hiding right out there. Rats spawn for free when an enemy within 6 of Hamelin dies. Other models can also spawn them. Rats are weak, cheap, small, and pathetic. They think so too, so they swarm together when there are four of them close to each other. (friendly or enemy) The resulting Rat Kings are more intimidating, providing a nasty way of getting rid of scheme markers, as well as improved damage output. (it's a little better) Due to the free rats, expect to always being able to out activate enemies. Actions Hamelin has several actions open to him. First of all, the Black Staff is his basic melee attack. It has a unimpressive damage track of 1/2/4, but ml 6 is nothing to scoff at. It has always access to two basic triggers, one which hand out blighted and another which increases damage by the blighted on the target, to a maxium of +3. His second action, are the Pipes, which is basically a lure. It has an auto trigger that deals damage and moves the target further if it has blighted. Lastly, bleeding disease has been covered already. Under tactical actions, he has a Lure Malifaux Citizen, a (0) that allows him to summon a Stolen in base contact. Stolen are jeleous and murder all non-stolen totems summoned this way. If you spend a soulstone, you are capable of hitting a trigger that allows him to do it all again. (sans trigger) Upgrades Of course, there are always upgrades, and Hamelin is no exception. The Plague First of his upgrades, Virulent denies any removal of Blighted within 6 of Hamelin. Prefect for letting enemies build larger stacks of blighted. Secondly, it allows the usage of two triggers, both which trigger automaticly. The first hands out blighted, which is handy for putting blighted on ranged. The second only goes of on blighted+4, but grants the target a condition that forces the enemy to discard two cards for each interact action... Or it simpely fails. Putting blighted on range is The Piper Hamelin's near-auto-take limited upgrade grants two powerful abilities. Irresistable Dance, and Obey. Ireresistable Dance forbids enemies from ending charges within 6 of Hamelin. Protecting him and his crew from charges, it negates one of the weaknesses Hamelin has. Obey with a build in suit is a very powerful tool in any master's crew, and Hamelin is no different. Tools of the Tyrant This upgrade grants triggers to the Black Staff, as well providing even more interact denial. Unhealty pallor allows Hamelin to heal for each blighted model within 3. Blight your friends first, and then use them as health packages! Remember that blighted doesn't do anything when not forced upon you.... The second trigger puts blighted on a single target within 3" of the damaged model. It allows you to put blighted on certain elusive models hiding away from your ranges. It has it's usages whithin certain combo's, such as setting up the 1 AP charges using Drawn to Contagation. The main selling point of Tools, however, is Face The Inevitable, a 6 that let's interact actions of enemies fail unless they discard a card. Suddely delivering messages, or distracting becomes a lot harder to do. Sewer King Last of the four Hamelin restricted upgrades, Sewer King grants Infiltration (Lost) allowing you to hire up to four out of faction Lost models. Currently they are Crooligans, Baby Kade, Iggy, and Candy. More on them later. It also grants Useless Toy, a (0) that let's you sacrifice any model of choice to draw two cards. If a stolen is sacrificed, enemy models within 3 of the stolen get blighted. Of course, you wouldn't want to kill stolen off all the time, as sometimes it's better to get rid of a near-dead model that has already activated. Or you could just kill rats. Infectious Melody A Nihilist option, infectious melody allows Peons and Minions to gain fast at the start of their activation. They die at the end of that activation, going out in a blaze of glory. Sometimes you just need that 1 additional AP. Survialist Not Hamelin exclusive, but deserved a special metion here. Most importantly, it grants him ridicilous levels of defense in the form of Hard to Kill. Hard to Kill works hand in hand with Lure of Emptiness, soaking attacks in tandem. First, hard to kill goes off, reducing you to 1 wound. Then, lure of emptiness goes off, healing you above Hard to Kill thresshold.. It's certainly worth the ss if you find that you die too often. Oh, it also grants on healing flips. Spreading & Utilizing Blighted Decided to make a list of sources & blighted utilities. Spreading Blighted For all intents and purposed, Rats & Rat Kings are immune to Blighted. Diseased gives blighted to enemies that activate within 3. Source: Obedient Wretch & The Stolen, ability. The Taint trigger gives Blighted +1 for each in the final duel total. Source: Hamelin, Black Staff. The Decaying trigger gives Blighted +1. Source: Hamelin, Pipes. Requires The Plague upgrade. The Contagious Touch trigger gives Blighted +1 to a model within 3" and LOS of the target when damaging. Source: Hamelin, Black Staff. Requires Tools of the Tyrant upgrade. Useless Toy, when you sacrifice a Stolen with this action, all enemy models within 3 of the sacrificed Stolen gain Blighted +1. Source: Hamelin. Requires Sewer King upgrade. Feed On Anima gives Blighted +1 on a hit. Source: Nix Rusty Trap gives Blighted +1 on a hit. Source: Rat Catcher Swarm of Yellow Teeth gives Blighted +1 on a hit. Source: Rat King. The Spray of Filth trigger gives Blighted +1 to all models 6 when the target is killed. Source: Rat King. Yellow Teeth gives Blighted +1/+2/+3 depending on the damage flip. Source: Malifaux Rat Drink Spirit gives blighted to all within 4 unless a Wp test is passed. Nihilist models are immune Source: Nix Using Blighted Bleeding Disease deals damage equal to the Blighted condition of the target. Source: Hamelin, Nix, Stolen & Obedient Wretch. The Black Death deals damage equal to the Blighted condition of the target, to a maxium of 3. This is a seperate damage source. Source: Hamelin. Voracious Rats summons a Malifaux Rat when a model with Blighted is killed within 6. Source: Hamelin & Rat Catcher Pipes moves the target equal to it's Cg when the target is blighted. Source: Hamelin The Sick In Bed trigger gives the target the Sick In Bed condition if it's blighted condition is 4 or greater. Source: Hamelin, Pipes. Requires The Plague upgrade. The Unhealthy Pallor trigger heals Hamelin for each model with Blighted within 3. Source: Hamelin, Black Staff. Requires Tools of the Tyrant upgrade. Models with Blighted +4 within 6 of an activated Plague Pit can't take interact actions. Source: Nix The Quarantine trigger increases the attack damage by 2 if the target has Blighted +3 before the action is declared. Source: Rat Catcher, Rusty Trap. Models with Drawn to Contagion can charge models with Blighted as a (1) action. Source: Rat King & Nix, Hollow
  9. I'm in the process of putting together the Curiosity Killed the Cat box. Between that and the Cat Princess there are a LOT of cats in here. How many is reasonable to leave as singles vs pile together as another Rat King/Cat Princess or Cat Catcher conversions? I see you get a lot of cats/rats out with Hamelin, but there's also a good bit of cycling into other models. How many do you get on the table at the same time?
  10. Hey there! I just wanted to share my painting progression with you guys. I am happy for any critique you might have as I always try to improve as a painter - though I won't go back and work on old paintjobs again most likely as I am preparing for the UK Nationals and need to paint a lot of stuff till then. Here is what I did this year so far:
  11. Can Hamelin hire up to 4 Stolen with Sewer King ( Infiltration(Lost) )?
  12. Hi! I've been searching for Hamelin start-up threads, but none of them really answered my specific question. As my Outcast crew has grown over the past year I've considered picking up Hamelin, a Master I was never that keen on starting out. I currently own all of Leveticus' thematic crew, Von Schill's Freikorps (minus the excessively priced Hannah) as well as many non-thematic Outcasts (Sue, DMs, the Emissary etc.). However, as opposed to many other Outcast Masters, Hamelin seem to have a pretty steep cost-of-entry. I've got a pretty good deal lined up to buy the old Hamelin metal-box (Hamelin, Nix, the Stolen, 3*Rats) for roughly 20 £, which I would be very happy with (I love the old metal sculpts). However, paying in excess of 30 £ for the BotR-box as well as trying to get hold of Obedient Wretches on top of the Master box... the opportunity cost is simply too high, in my mind. I'm more of a hobbyist than a tournament-player, but it's always nice for one's crew to be halfway competetive. Would you say the old metal Hamelin-box a worthwhile purchase per se, or would my money be better spent on another Master? Cheers! /Werner
  13. Hey guys, after a long break (played a lot of 10T lately), I decided to give my Outcasts a try in GG18. Unfortunately, I don't own so much, so I haven't a real flexibility in builds. The rolled Strategy and Schemes are these: Ply For Information (we decided to play Extraction, just to change a bit) Surround Them Inescapable Trap Public Demonstration Hold Up Their Forces Vendetta Given I own Hamelin, Parker, Jack Daw and some random stuff, what are your advises about the game? Is Hamelin able to play into these Schemes? I know he's really powerful and can do almost everything, but don't know. By the way, I thought to go for Hold Up Their Forces and another one (Surround Them or Vendetta, probably), 'cause I think Montresor will shine into Hold Up. What can be an efficient runner? The Midnight Stalker? Thanks in advance.
  14. ElPuto


    What are your toughts on Benny? Do you see him used outside of Hamelin? Maybe with Parker, thanks to the Bandit Characteristic?
  15. I was reflecting on the GG18 for my Masters (Hamelin, Jack and Parker) and, all of a sudden, I came with this revelation: is Hamelin effectively weak in Ours? The whole game of Hamelin is about cycling, and with cycling you summon constantly new models. The things you play with him surely follow this road: Abominations, Desolation Engine, Ashes & Dust, Rat Kings, Rat Catchers, Stolen. How is my Tyrant supposed to play into this Strategy? Help me guys and you'll get a slice of cheese.
  16. So, in an effort to not loose all my friends, I've been constructing a more rat free Hamelin crew; now that Broken Promises dropped, I have the focus. Pretty much it's Wp reduction and Bleeding Disease. 50 SS Outcasts Crew Hamelin + 2 Pool - Plague Pits (1) - The Piper (2) - Sewer King (1) Montresor (9) - Fearful Whispers (1) - Brick By Brick (0) Nix (8) - Oath Keeper (1) - Scramble (2) Benny Wolcomb (8) Obedient Wretch (4) Crooligan (4) Crooligan (4) Crooligan (4) (exported from CrewFaux) Next time Guard The Stash or Extraction comes up I'll use this list. You start by place the 3 pit markers around/amidst the strategy markers, then From the Shadows place Crooligans among the pit markers, using The Mist to make them in soft cover, walk Montresor to join the Crooligans, causing a collective area of negative 1 to 4 Wp by existing where the enemy needs to go to score. Then using Pipes, Obey and/or everything Montresor does to draw people into the affected/infected area, pulling the Nix Bomb (pop Oath Keeper, walk, walk, walk, Drink Spirit) on the Wp deficient, then you have 5 models (plus 1 for every The Stolen) with Bleeding Disease, which also targets Wp, casting into the poor unfortunate souls, as well as other non-center table schemes to run. And as long as there are people nearby, you can't do Interact Actions to remove the pit markers. I'm still wary about using Benny, as he's expensive for just another casting of Bleeding Disease; I was tempted to drop him for a 4th Crooligan and Hodgepodge Effigy (an additional -1 Wp, two more castings of The Mist and add Souls Stones on Hamelin kills), or maybe just Iggy for that extra -2 Wp aura or Mood Swings, both 0 actions, and a little Burning to finish off the hard to kill folks at the end of the turn. I can also add Candy; I only mention it because everyone tells me Candy synergies well with Hamelin... but I don't see it. Comments, criticism, condemnation, or other words that begin with C, feel free free to post below.
  17. So I was planning to do his Blightship, Hamelin, with wretch, benny, nix, the stolen and some rats... but I could cut back on some rats and instead squeeze in Hodgepodge Emissary and conflux of plague with that sweet positive flip to give more Blight, plus his other standard tricks. But, is that overkill on the Blight? Am I hamstringing myself in other categories even with the moving other models with markers ability of Hodgepodge? Will 4-5 more rats really swing things more in my favor? Answers on a postcard to....
  18. Hi, Does someone knows good alternative Rat Kings? Yesterday I noticed that two are not enough, but i don't want to buy the Brotherhood of the Rat Box again. I have enough Malifaux Rats and Rat Catcher.
  19. Thought experiment for you *good* Outcasts players: Under what circumstances would you play Hamelin against Reva? What models or tactics do you utilize to make up for the fact that, at my first blush, he seems to be about as poorly suited to face her as a Master can be? I ask because I was just talking it over with a friend and it seems like Reva's ability to drop corpses in the back field puts a lot of pressure on Hamelin to not do his normal rat shuffle if he had that in mind and he seems to be poised to give her a LOT of corpse markers with his normal crew/tactics.
  20. Currently looking to trade out my Hamelin crew, looking to get the Malifaux Starter box or around $70-80 so I can buy it for myself. I have all the cards for the crew minus one rat card that got damaged. Hamelin is partially painted, the rest is either bare plastic or based Model count: 1x Hamelin 3x Stolen 1x Obedient Wretch 1x Nix 4x Rat Catcher 4x Rat King Approximately 20 Malifaux Rats Prefer to part with most or all of the models in a single lot.
  21. From time to time I have real big issues with summoners. Especially in stats and schemes where number of models may play big role. Also I have problems with Kirai in ALL stats and schemes. So far I found two good solutions to them, one is Levi with summoning upgrade on shooting attack and Lazarus. Levi picks easy to kill enemy models (low wounds etc.) and creates abominations and Lazarus drop blasts Second is Jack Daw with A&D. I use 0 AP obey from Jack to cast that DF test on A&D, mostly all ressers have lower DF so it's effective. Nurse / Jack Daw focuses on enemy master to stop summoning (only take walk actions, only take MI action, drop curse etc.). In some cases Jakuma lures stuff important for summoner, examples: Nicodem itself so he needs to take walk action to be in range to corpse markers or lure Flesh Construct away from Kirai etc. So here goes my questions: - are there nice counters to summoners in Iron / Bone Levi? I think that some Belles / doxy combo can work in similar way to Jakuma lures and Mech Rider can help with out activation. - Is Hamelin good idea? Are his rats good counter to summoning masters? - Are there any other masters in Outcast good against summoners? How do you play against summoners as outcast?
  22. Hello everone, I'm new to the game and have played only a couple of games with my Hamelin crew, which were all nice and fun until I faced the Victorias. Having to play Reckoning against them was no fun whatsoever. In the end I lost 8:6, managing to score 5 points from my shemes, as did my opponent, but only once scoring from the strategy. The no fun part however was not due to losing, but rather due to the feeling of being massively outmatched. Facing a crew with such massive damage output and very powerful and obvious abilities, which also has access to hard to kill condition removall, card and soulstone manipulation etc was quite daunting, even frustrating. Thinking about the game afterwards I could not see alot thatt I could have done differentlxy to change the outcome. So far I only have the Hamelin starter and the brotherhood of the rat box - so Hamelins core crew, with the "The Lost" models awaiting painting. My list featured Hamelin (The Plague, Survivalist, The Piper) Nix (Hollow, Infectious melodies) 2x Ratcatcher Lost Obedient Wretch 5 rats (ended up summoning two ratkings on turn 1) versus Victoria 1 Victoria 2 Johan(na) Student of Conflict 2xRonin Vanessa Freikorps Librarian (don't know what upgrades my opponent used) Strategy: Reckoning Shemes I picked: Frame for Murder, Plant explosives (scored 2/3) My opponent picked the same and scored the same. I'd appreciate any constructive advice on how to play against teh Victorias, without feeling utterly out of control. (I have been plaqying miniature games for over 20 years, so I know that some factions are hard to beat and frustrating at first, but after thinking about it for a long while and looking over their cards, I reallydon't see how in this case...)
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    Hamelin Crew

    From the album: The Plague Cometh

    Hamelin Crew containing Killjoy, The Plague Cometh and The Brotherhood of the Rat box sets.

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  24. Hi all, New player to Malifaux here. I've decided on Outcasts as my first faction, and Hamelin as my first master. I've heard with his summoning he can be a bit hard as a first master, but I'm OK with that. His two box set models sold him and the game for me. I've read up a bit on how to play and what models work well with him. What do you think of my first list? Hamelin -Sewer King -Survivalist -The Piper -7SS The Stolen Crooligan x 3 Johan Nix Obedient Wretch Sue My plan was not to focus completely on summoning rats but using what I can get as the game goes on, building up to Rat Kings and then Rat Catchers to get more activations each turn. I've hired a Crooligans as my main scheme runners while the chaos goes on. Johan and Sue are my first couple turn hard hitters until the rat machine has started up. I wanted to switch out Sue and 2SS for Taelor but I can't find anyone selling her separately from the Viktoria's box set, and I don't want anything else from that set. Plus, I get to play Johnny Cash in the background each of Sue's activations. Do I stand a chance?
  25. Hello, I've fallen in love with the concept of Hamelin. Swarms of Rats, spawning, evolving, and recycling, combined with a lot of control over Schemes. I've already bought the Hamelin box, but I'm not really digging the rat on a rock due to it not really working with my basing (I'm going with clear bases to see the rats scurry over the terrain), so the box gave me 3 usable rats. I've got a Brotherhood of the Rat box on the way, so that will be another 6 usable rats and the two Rat Kings. My question is: Will 9 Rats and 2 Rat Kings be enough if I intend to play a lot with the rat machine? I'm ok with ordering a second Brotherhood box just for a couple models out of it if I need to, I just don't want to be caught lacking models in my first couple games. But if I don't need to, cool.
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