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  1. My experience with the closed beta is that the files will show up the day after for europeans.
  2. What is up with those new card sizes? What was wrong with regular playing card size?
  3. Thanks for your great work and the enjoyable betas. Really a shame to see you go, but sometimes decisions have to be made. I hope you will enjoy your new opportunities and let me know when you find one! I am interested in seeing what continues from here.
  4. A gremlin Sky Pirate without a hat? Is this a joke?
  5. The only event here that has prize support is a tournament at the other side of the country. Hurray. Also, knowing our customs, those things will be expensive even if you buy them with those Guilders.
  6. As somebody who doesn't give a rats ass about tournaments, meh. I think it is cheaper for me to hunt down old metals.
  7. Why did you include a playable tier then? Honestly curious.
  8. Photocopies indeed. Burning gets intersting to apply. it's just sales they lose. Nothing that keeps you awake at night.
  9. Having only print on demand isn't great for non-american players due outrageous shipping costs and import taxes.
  10. Knowing wyrd the those teeth are seperate bits anyway.
  11. A little bit harder to do if those people do want the same models. Splitting the models up to share the pieces isn't that practical, to be honest. Also, note that the people who feel the most slighted are those that have an old metal crew without the new henchmen, and who were told that the only option was to get a full new crewbox. And as for tournaments, I won't even go within spitting distance of those. Which means that the availability is limited to ebay or other resell sites. If you can reach the nescessary funds with ease, be happy and enjoy yourself.
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