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  1. http://gmortschaotica.blogspot.co.uk/p/malifaux-character-backgrounds.html The above link can guide you up through Cross Roads as far as what books certain characters are mentioned in. Hopefully it helps you in your search a little (Obligatory kudos to @GMort).
  2. I have an E-Mail confirmation entitled "Survey Confirmation -- The Other Side". At the bottom of the E-Mail is "Use this link to return to your survey any time". If I click on that I can scroll down and hit the "Edit Add Ons" button. From there you can scroll past the add options to a ADD-ON ITEMS section with your current add ons and a trash can symbol on the far right (presumably to remove items) or scroll back up to where it shows options, hit view, enter QTY, and click Add To Cart. Note My experience is on a Desktop and not on a Mobile device.
  3. My Collodi crew is painted in homage to the Super Mario RPG. Collodi sports Geno's colors and his Marionettes are Mario, Lugi, Peach, and Waluigi. The Wicked Dolls have Toad colors on their bodies and the mushroom colors on the collars. Hope that may give you a few ideas to knock around
  4. Rather than reccomend old book hunting I point people towards the Breachside Broadcast - seems to do the trick and has all of the 1.0/1.5 stuff as far as I know. Most people don't have time to read my old books, anyways. I've had a few folks listen to it in the car or on the train into the city and come back more interested. For information on the models in crew boxes this does a pretty good job: click on the faction logo and then the master and you can get some basic information as to who is who.
  5. If you are thinking about Resers this post is a great place to start - a few of my locals have leveraged it and have spoken highly of it. Malifaux also as a Tatica/Wiki located here (note that this is fan maintained / contributed and is probably moving soon) but may help you narrow down some of your picks. Welcome through the Breach! Enjoy
  6. If you pair them with a way to put the opponent at negatives (Like a Performer) your chances of hitting increase quite a bit.
  7. Real-Life influence: Nostradamus Nostradamus was a brilliant physician who came to Malifaux to study reports of a Plague that has been sweeping through the city. His last living memories were that of thousands of yellow teeth and claws falling upon him as he prayed for death. Plague, however, is not one to answer prayers. Nostradamus's cursed and diseased state has found him shunned by most but like many whom traverse Malifaux's Streets even those who wander alone can find companionship in the most unlikely of places.... Nostradamus the Meek Neverborn Cost / Cache (30mm) Henchmen, Undead 9 / 4 LOST, WOE DF WP WD WK CG HT 5 6 8 6 — 2 —Abilities— Through Their Eyes: This model may draw Line of Sight and range through Friendly Unengaged Murder of Crows models within 5" when Declaring Attack and Tactical actions. Induction: Enemy models within 6 that suffer damage from the Poison condition suffer an additional 2 damage from the Poison Condition". Foreboding Allegiances: When this model is Killed or Sacrificed by an enemy model, Condition, or Terrain each Friendly Murder of Crows in play immediately takes a (1) AP attack action and then is immediately sacrificed. The Attack action generated by this ability receives +2. Plague Mask This model is immune to the Poison and Blighted conditions. —Attack Actions— (1) Plague Bombs (Sh 6/ Rst: Df / Rg: 6"): Target suffers 1/2/4 damage. Infect: Angry Birds This attack deals +1 damage to the initial target for every Murder of Crows in base contact with it. (1) Scalpel (Ml 6/ Rst: Df / Rg: 1): Target suffers 1/2/3 damage, Ignoring Armor Infect For the Birds After succeeding against an enemy model immediately take the "Fly my Lovelies!" action at +2CA. This action may not declare triggers. This trigger may only be declared once per turn. Retreat to Cover —Tactical Actions— (0) "Fly my lovelies!" (Ca 6/ Tn: 13 / Rg: 6"): Summon a Murder of Crows in base contact with target corpse marker within 6", then discard the Corpse Marker. "FLYYYYY!!!" Take this action again at -2 CA. This action may not declare triggers. (0) Medicinal Herbs (Ca 6 / Tn: 14 / Rg 6") Target Model Heals 1/2/3 Miraculous Recovery The target ends it's Poison Condition and heals additional wounds equal to the value of it's Poison condition, to a maximum of +3. (0) A mess of Feathers and Blood (Ca 6 / Tn: 12 / Rst DF / Rg 6") Target Living Model suffers 1 damage for every Murder of Crows within 6" and LOS. ...And Flesh: After Damaging place a corpse counter in base contact with the target. Nostradamus the Meek comes to the table as an Neverborn take on Poison. He boasts Induction which gives him great synergy with models that apply poison (Wicked Dolls and Lelu, for example) but is far better at carefully maneuvering the battlefield picking up the remains of the fallen and providing support and damage through his Murder of Crows. Nostradamus' upgrade, One-Thousand Quatrains, gives him Instinctual which allows him to use two different zeros in the same turn greatly increasing his versatility. Upgrade: One-Thousand Quatrains Cost: 2 Restriction: Nostradamus the Meek Effect: This model gains the following Ability: Instinctual Murder of Crows (50mm) Neverborn Cost (Peon, Rare 3 2 SWARM DF WP WD WK CG HT 5 3 3 6 5 3 —Abilities— Flight Evasive: —Attack Actions— (1) Flurry of Feathers and Talons (Ml 4 / Rst: Df / Rg: 1): Target suffers 1/1/2 damage. A piece for later: After Succeeding place a corpse marker in base contact with the target. Infect —Tactical Actions— (0) Feast on the fallen (Ca 5 / TN 10 / Rg 3"): Discard a scheme marker or corpse marker within 3". This model gains to attack and damage flips until the end of the turn. (All credit to @Mike Wallacefor the template and template related tips - check out his Malifaux homebrew!)
  8. I personally tend to take the schemes Titinia can litter markers for however Siliruds are my personal favorite (1 or 2 show up in most of my crews). Tots and Gupps are fine, too, but scheme runners get VP and I am willing to pay the premium for that. That being said Tots are probably great I just have a personal Bias.
  9. Yeah randomization can be a problem with Envy: you just have to pick your targets. I find he helps after Titinia moves. I'd recommend against the Emmisary: it can be hit or miss and requires some practice whereas Changelings are always fantastic. Speaking of Changelings if you are concerned about randomizing take a look at Lovelace. Min damage 3, no randomizing, great all around option for Neverborn and Changelings love her gun. That's my standard Upgrade loadout, as well. Depending on the pool I sometimes use FgF or work in the upgrade that turns corpse/scrap into scheme markers. Hannah is a fantastic alternative to the typical "In your face" Beater. She has decent survivability and some neat abilities to her. Her and Anna find their way in to as many of my crews as Nekima does.
  10. Dig their Graves, Search the ruins, Covert Breakthrough, Set Up, Hidden Trap, and Claim Jump are all schemes she is good at (the later requiring you to make sure you can pick up your mess each turn). With the crew selections I prefer she ends up being pretty darn good at Hunting Party, Show of Force, and Quick Murder, as well. She is a decent counter to Neutralize the leader if you hold her back a bit and play cagey. Having tried Nekima I think that I prefer Hannah, Anna, Lazarus, either of the Twins, Hans, or Envy as potential Queen's Champion picks. Nekima hits like a truck but she also dies really fast (She's best for when Frame for Murder is in the pool, in my opinion). I've tried Aionus a few times: An 8 to give both twins fast or a 5 to give a Changeling Fast are great options but he is very expensive and a bit more Niche: even with his Scheme Makrer Manipulation. As far as range goes try Envy and/or a Performer: both will give you some more range and control over the board (one with an attack and the other with Siren's call which can help you get mileage out of Rougoraou and Changelings (both heavily recommended) and benefit greatly from your ability to litter 1/4th the board with more scheme markers then you probably have in your bag (I know I certainly need to buy more). Mr Graves pairs well with Tannen and adds a bit of movement as well as a very decent beater. Honorable mention to Teddies who can go get a target and bring it back with a flurry of perfectly harmless hugs! If survivability is a concern the Mysterious Effigy is a helpful 4 stones and I have found the push very helpful for the Queen. A shaman can also add another source of healing while punishing anyone that gets too close to her royal majesty and further assist the Twins and Graves if they are tagging along.
  11. A few example tables with terrain defined for Malifaux and some Wyrd Staff battle reports would be cool (Word is there is some varying opinions as to who the best 'Faux player is in your ranks!). Absolutely more multiplayer story encounters. Of course more short stories.
  12. Yeah pretty much. The emissary can smack your own models around to remove conditions with a trigger and I guess you could use the Scion but I wouldn't recommend it. Johan has the added bonus of bringing another good attack for the Doppleganger to use and can put some real pain out with FGF or Retribution's eye if you play him forward (obvious with 1kFaces if you have a spare)
  13. https://www.wyrd-games.net/build-instructions/
  14. I have found that a Wisp or 2 turn Inflect (or other actions) into a fun way to place scheme markers although the positioning definitely takes practice.
  15. Alps.... Yeah I like that idea. (Seriously, though, Another way to get Alps would be great)