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  1. I am pleased with the addition of Wicked. Its something Neverborn doesn't have and allows Hinimatsu to extend a bit more and prove a threat to fast models: Almost forcing them to have to deal with it. With Hinamatsu's speed, Snatch, Fast from Collodi, etc it can close in on models that don't care for the match-up and even possibly put out Cut by Hinimatsu+1 if they try and get away. Not to say tweaks aren't needed on the rest of the model but Wicked seems appropriate and cool.
  2. Most designated scheme runners I would want to hunt bad enough to hire a model to do so don't exactly stand in the middle of nowhere, either, and make things easy. They place, manipulate marker placement, burry, have things like perfect cameo, leap, push, take advantage of triggers, stuff like that. The problem I have isn't so much it's range it's that it doesn't actively counter what makes a typical "Sceme Runner" effective in a way that impressed me, if that makes sense. Apologies: I should have been more clear.
  3. Unfinished Hunt being After Succeeding would help. If they could remove friendly scheme markers they would be pulling double duty for Titinia (helping to lift out of place markers and possibly reclaim some cards for her TNs and suit reqs) which may situationally help them in other crews, too. May be too much for the cost but at current I would only hire this model if I think I can abuse Savage Mauling (With Dreamer, a crew with Taproot, or Collodi + Breath of Life or something) as it's not embodying a scheme runner Hunter in a practical way.
  4. Sadly even if it is fairly decent with Collodi there is a lot of competition for Collodi's soul stones for models that are, objectively, much better then Fairly decent and work much better with Collodi. Now I don't think Hinamatsu is too far off the mark but it isn't going to make the cut with Collodi and I struggle to see anyone else that would benefit more from its antics. I really think a small stat adjustment or Wicked would push this into being a much more viable and competitive option. I wouldn't shed a tear if we dropped Snatch and put the cost down a stone, either, or replaced Snatch with something that helps synergize with Bunraku (As it is seemingly a Big Brother/Sister/Gender-less older sibling).
  5. One Thousand Faces. Sorry - Probably shouldn't have abbreviated that.
  6. Malifaux Provides: Need to lift a marker to deny a scheme or heal? This upgrade is great - especially in a reactionary sense. It's one of my most common 1KF swaps. Fears Given Form: I always have my FGF carrier (if it's not a master) start with 1KF. Lets me get out of the deployment zone without messing with my activation order and you can catch a few enemies off guard if they don't see it on the table and clump up too much. Mimic's Blessing: A 1KF swap to Mimic's Blessing can be good to make sure you have enemy models that will allow you to make use of the upgrade. You won't benefit from it the turn you swap it in but it can be very helpful. Pact: Really need to get the job done? Pact gives you a card in hand and lets you cheat if the BJ pops up. Not always the best option but in rare cases it's worth remembering.
  7. Bandersnatch and Performers are definitely worth mentioning.
  8. They are available in PDF Form on DriveThruRPG: Malifaux - Core Rulebook - 1.5 Malifaux - Rising Powers Expansion - 1.5 Malifaux - Twisting Fates Expansion - 1.5 Malifaux - Storm of Shadows Expansion - 1.5 If you are looking for content for specific characters I would point you towards @GMort's every-so-handy Character Background Location Index (and everything else he has compiled on his blog - it's a great community resource). In addition the story content can be listened to via the Breachside Broadcast
  9. Yeah with the friendly card cycle gone and Without a Master the same as last week there's no reason to take Hinamatsu. Maybe give it Wicked? That would help give it something that separates it from all the models I would consider taking instead and would pair nicely with Snatch and the rest of it's abilities and actions.
  10. Not sure if I'm missing the obvious but how does the Wicked Doll help?
  11. That looks to be a (metal) Witchling Handler.
  12. Yeah something to make Take your Meds easier to cast would be nice. Neverborn has pitiful condition removal and it's only faction wide healing can't target models with 1 wound; either the range, the suit, or the TN being tweaked would be nice.
  13. I get My Bidding off rather infrequently but I can gurantee I'll see it every time I target something within 6" of this Puppet with Collodi. If Without a Master stays as is for whatever reason the stats on Hinimatsu need to be able to justify it getting the job done in its own: currently they don't. It needs help getting Cut by Hinimatsu out before it dies since it's looking at 3 damage across it's first 2 AP (assuming they hit). It's still perfectly plausible, and safer most of the time, to bring the target to Hinimatsu, however, at which point odds are the ability isn't even going to matter. As far as Collodi is concerned at that point I'd probably just take a Coryphee or Stitched Together, though, because their damage is more consistent. Changing Snatch for something with a bit longer range (allowing the model to bring it's prey to it since Snatch isn't all that great) or changing the ability to allow for Hinamatsu's owner to continue their out of activation AP usage would be the wanted changes: I don't mind if I can't take them within 6 of Hinimatsu it just needs to be worth it.
  14. Seems like Collodi is unaffected by this as it's A New Thread trigger controls the first AP a model spends when it activates. So really just Obey from Zrodia cast either on it or en enemy model within 6" of it, right?
  15. Thanks for the insight, @Bengt and @-Loki-!