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  1. necroon

    Friday Preview - June 8th

    I'll settle for stick figures, stick robots, and stick fish-people 😀
  2. necroon

    Friday Preview - June 8th

    The flag near the top part of the image has the so I'm thinking Guild. Nice picture although I'd certainly rather the Friday previews keep going strong if not stronger from here on out to keep the hype up 😉
  3. necroon

    Ways to inter-mix factions

    As long as it's clear to someone before the purchase of a model which stats are for which faction (for example in a wave book separated by faction sections) I have no issue with a model having a different stat block / card in one faction then in another. To me this could highlight the tactics used by a model in one faction compared to another for a multitude of reasons (McMourning, for example) or even a model at different stages of it's own tale.
  4. necroon

    Monday Preview - False Witnesses

    These look great! Good sculpt variety, fun feel, great poses! Wonder if they are going to be rocking Woe? I gotta say a lot of the recent Guild models have been knocking it out of the park with me, lately.
  5. necroon

    Nicknames and avatars

    Well I was 12 and wanted a Yahoo account named after the "SUPRISE" last boss of Final Fantasy IX. I spelled it wrong and when I went back to make the correctly named account discovered "Necron" is actually quite popular largely in part because of some other gaming company..... so I kept it. Also I didn't capitalize it so that just kinda stuck as the norm. My avatar is an old man playing chess with a clunky looking robot. It sorta speaks to me about how people can come together over a game even if they have so little in common and that really embodies what the (local) Wyrd community has meant to me - everyone is extremely friendly, helpful, and fun to play games with. I've created a lot of friendships with people I would otherwise have never thought to spend time with. It helps to remember it's our similarities, no matter how few, that can bring us together and not our differences, no matter how many, that should push us apart. 😅
  6. necroon

    Monday Preview - Mysterious Gentlemen

    The unfortunate fate of all Wastrals?
  7. necroon

    Monday Preview - Another Mystery

    I can only hope that this is the host of the most popular aethervox show among the Neverborn: Project Webway. Contestants are tasked with weaving web based garments each week and trying their best not to eat their models or audience members as they attach their silky threads to the quivering horrified victims. "Make it work" He will say to the contestants as he skitters around the dark working area, offering his honed fashion advice here and there and keeping morale high for the contestants (and appropriately low for the models). Each season will conclude with the winner being allowed to seize the prey of its choice from among the season's models as the losers are made to stand still basking in the horror of the audience members.
  8. necroon

    Carry on My Ten Thunders Son

    Goodbye, Sir, and thanks for all the fish, fish-like-Lizards, Fish-like-Men, Lizard-fish-men, and Man-Lizard-Fish-Monsters. You and all you do will surely be both remembered and missed. Best of luck with your future endeavors!
  9. necroon

    Getting Into Neverborn

    My apologies - I have edited my post for accuracy.
  10. necroon

    Getting Into Neverborn

    I'd personally rank it Lilith->Titania->Zorida. Also real special mention to Lucius with Rogorau and Vogel - just a super fun if not rather static crew to run.
  11. necroon

    Getting Into Neverborn

    Zorida is a fine pick and brings some fun things to the table. @Fixxer already gave some solid advice so I will just add to it based on my personal findings: 2 Wisps is my magic number. A smart opponent will take the first one out by the end of turn 2. Keep in mind their scheme aura on failed WP duels as it can provide markers for Malifaux Provides for your beaters as well as Zorida's Winds of Change (which the wisps can take). It is more card intensive but more AP efficient for Zorida to Obey a wisp to make a doll if it comes down to it. Iggy is a great pick. He brings Incite which can help mess with condition removal models by forcing them to activate early (If you are playing with emphasis on the VooDoo Doll this is very helpful) as well as lay down some healthy burning onto the Doll itself (Burning is a great condition to work with Hem as a target set on fire will take it's own burning damage and then whatever burning damage the doll takes). A strong model that likes to charge can be very helpful if you have Powerful Control (and you really should). Look to Hooded Rider and/or Nekima. I also tend to like Graves with her, if the points allow for it. I have had fun with The Thorn with Zorida. Attacking the VooDoo doll to generate card draw while damaging my opponent's hemmed model has been helpful and own her own she is a very solid 7 stone minion, as well.
  12. necroon

    Monday Preview - A Mysterious Surprise

    I feel like a Death-roll performed by the 'gator would immediately lead to the death of the Gremlin.... and this makes a lot of sense to me thematically speaking. Fun model: I'll buy whatever it is in just so I can put paint on it!
  13. Because I can see an upgrade or a condition. Because the game governs how they are supposed to be tracked or represented. Because I can see them being attached and discarded or removed. Because I can see tokens on the table and because upgrades and conditions are stated as being public knowledge which is tracked (per Gaining Grounds). Sure if it is a condition someone could opt to use dry erase marker and sure the same individual could refuse to allow me to put my own tokens on the table "because this helps me if you don't mind" but odds are a game with that person would be about as confusing and misrible no matter what they played. It matters because typically when you look at a model to see if something has been done it's either a "yes or no" like with (0) actions or "Once per X" effects which are easy to commit to short term memory: Did it do the thing? Yes or No. But this is "Yes or no" to four different things under one ability. That's more to remember and in a crew with so many if/thens and moving pieces it's beyond the normal scope in a game that already has some of the more complex interactions between models.
  14. I find this personally to be an incredible understatement. The amount of elevated foresight and lack of usage of in game tracking for actions available via Beacon is my biggest issue with him. I'd be fairly happy if Arcane Storm got a , maybe cache went down 1 or 2, and Sandeep used conditions or upgrades or something to track what was left for Beacon. I do strongly think that Beacon being (mostly) available to all models is a balance concern, if not today then for the future, and should, much in the way a lot of models interact with each other, have some further limitation for keyword and station as a continuation of observed healthy and prominent game design methodology. I still think he does what he does far too well, and have heard enough mumbling of good players in the Arcanist vein only not playing him because they have made the choice to play something else for non-strategic reasons (IE: I am sick of playing Sandeep so let's throw Marcus down) and reflecting on that being the wrong choice, but an increase in clean game state and easily tracked / noticeable information within the confides of the game would be a huge QOL (quality of life) boost for playing against Sandeep and in of itself, although not a pure solution to my balance concerns, enough to make the games more enjoyable while leading to possibly better and more sound gameplay. Having to keep track of someone else's available actions each turn through their ability for their crew is irritating. Maybe I'm the only one that lacks the mental aptitude to do so but I doubt it seeing as how most Sandeep players need their own sheet, themselves. It's just a really sloppy way to handle the mechanic, one that seemingly can be improved upon greatly to the benefit of the Sandeep player and the opponent, and very well may be magnifying the issue in my eyes and possibly the eyes of others, as well.
  15. necroon

    Sandeep: Considerations for Errata

    Again: I will just repeat this because I agree with it. This is/was the goal of that recommended statement. The goal was not because I like adding text to cards for no reason it was because the pool of "all the models" that can use beacon should perhaps not consist of "All the models". Your welcome to not have this opinion I am, however, done defending my opinion from you as I feel like I have made my points clearly enough and would rather not continue to do so as the discussion has become cyclical.