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  1. Monday Preview - Medical Automaton

    The Arcanists have clearly reverse-engineered Rollins' super-advanced-technology. With the power of tires they shall be unstoppable!
  2. Ours!

    Do you like to dream? Hey! I like to dream, baby Do you like to dream? Ho! I like to dream, mama Do you like to scream? Hey! I like to scream, baby Do you like to scream? Ho! So scream it out! Not content with just Malifaux - lets make sure we not only secure Malifaux, as it's rightful inhabitants, but open the door for a little earth-side chaos! The Sandmen Cometh
  3. Wrath - no new upgrade?

    I wasn't offering up performers as a fix, upgrade, enhancement, or model to be included alongside the X-7: just a thought on something that could appear in a "Crossroads story encounter part 2" scenario pack as an alt alongside a possible upgrade of some sort.
  4. Monday Preview - Hinamatsu

    I wasn't going to pick this model up but I really want to paint it
  5. Wish list

    I wouldn't mind a rare x Nephalim or Half-Blood Archer. It always sort of bothered me that Lilith's totem is the only Nephalim who seems to have mastered the art of archery that aside some ranged not-damage would be great, too! The Neverborn page on the main site describes the factioan as having a number of models with long-range magical effects that can be used to sow chaos and confusion among the enemy's ranks. The possibility for Slow seems appropriate: as would more stuff like what the Insidious Madness has.
  6. Wrath - no new upgrade?

    If I got to pick I'd like a "part 2" scenario box featuring some alts (Like I said: performers would be cool. Sure they have alts already by their mercs so meh) as roadies. You could package an upgrade (or maybe two) that reflect what may have happened or changed in the story since we last left off: that may be cool. So far @Rob Lo's "Oxfordian Mage Treatment" idea is my favorite but really anything would be fine with me. It's just nice to see more options and some people are really passionate about the X-Roads 7 and it would be nice to see some more down there is it's a really cool concept that I think can be expanded on.
  7. Wrath - no new upgrade?

    You can't lead a Scrap with Mortimer: 50 stone games may only be led by Masters (Small Book pg 76: Determine Encounter Size). Wrath's Lead Singer ability specifically allows him circumvent this rule. This is fact does make Wrath a "special case", as you put it. New books are all about more options - This being different, and how they shouldn't be anything else, is just what you want. Some people want different things: that's okay. It happens.
  8. Wrath - no new upgrade?

    I believe he didn't get an upgrade (or two) because Wrath does not possess the Master Station as that seems to be the common denominator here. I'd certainly like to see more unique-to-Henchmen upgrades, be they for leading crews or otherwise, and aside from that think an upgrade for Wrath would be neat. To some extent I think it's much less about what the (perceived) intent around it is and more about what people want: If the community at large wants some X-7 love and makes that known I'm sure we'll see a little something down the (cross) road: I for one am all for it. Even another small scenario kit or something that continues their story, maybe with some alt performer "roadies" or something.
  9. September 8th - Dreadnought

    I really like how, despite the high number of technological advancements, humanity and tradition seem to be so important to Abyssinia: they really define their technology rather then being defined by it. It's a really cool theme and I look forward to getting them on the table and reading more about their fluff!

    I really like this idea and I hear more people express that they don't like the Marcus aesthetics then anything else.
  11. September 1st - Gorysche

    Very cool stuff!
  12. Post GenCon Update

    Got my 2nd of two orders today - great turn around time by the Wyrd folks - I swear it gets faster every year! All the wave 5 stuff I've seen, mine or otherwise, has looked great: lots of detail, very minimal mold lines if any at all, and east to put together, too! My only compliant, minor at best, is that some of the stat cards (especially the ones packaged like the Miss model) get bumped or scratched during transit. Maybe they could be sandwiched in some cardboard or something in the future?

    Yeah I wouldn't need or want the other stuff on there and some opacity to the wound circles is fine to offset any accidental wound math. Would just help track them in the card is all.

    I am unwilling to admit that I would buy an entire crew box over again if it had alt sculpts.... wait... No I'm not Side Note: Alt Dreamer coming with a card that had the extra WDs on the card would be really cool.

    Molly has enough appearances in themed outfits that she should have her own alt pack! At minimum she needs a "back to work" sculpt. Maybe one with a "count-as" card for a reporter.