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  1. Monday Preview - August 14th

    This one, for whatever reason, I'm not 100% sold on sculpt-wise. I can't put my finger on why, though. Will have to proxy it a few times and make sure I really like it before buying it.
  2. Monday Preview - August 7th

    Yeah these are absolutely not what I was expecting. I actually don't know what I was expecting by my possibly non-existent expectations have been blown out of the water. I feel like I really adore the sculpts for factions I previously had no interest in... so stop that
  3. July 2017 Errata

    Building a good crew for the game is fine. Using models that are over the curve and then taking up arms when they are adjusted is not. I think you are absolutely correct in this statement as watching the same team win the games is boring But I don't care much for aligning myself to ones "home sports ball teams" purely out of obligation for my geographical location.
  4. July 2017 Errata

    To me it really seems like you can't have fun with a model unless it's too good and creates a negative play experience for your opponent and that's just selfish. You were made aware that erratas were a thing. You mantained an unrealistic expectation that models would not be errata'd. It's really hard to sympathize with you when people who have played Malifaux and been part of the Wyrd community for a long time explain why something is the way it is and you argue with them.
  5. July 2017 Errata

    The Mechanical rider is a good model for it's cost. It is not a 10 stone model by any means. I do not believe you have a fair or clear understanding of what a good balance mark is for a model's cost and if you think it's useless now, or unusable, or warranting a refund, you lack a grasp on general gameplay and what makes a model good. Malifaux is a game primarily about building your crew to the scheme pool - not building a list to take to all different scheme pools. If your approaching the game from a perspective of building a specific list then you will consistently have a problem as you seem to be scoping out the problematic models - and seeing as you've had this problem twice now dare I say you are doing a good job at it, too! I will gladly take Wyrd's approach to fixing a small handful of problematic models on a 6 month errata basis over other companies' regular edition and faction cycle any day of the week. Wyrd addresses things that make playing this game un-fun. Not the next game, not the next edition, this one. That's why I'm here - that's why a number of us are here and that is why we play this game over other games. No: You think it doesn't have to do with the health of your Malifaux - what you want the game to be. All models touched by this errata were done with good reason - the fact that you believe one of them was usable in a seemingly static list attests to that.
  6. Thoughts on Scorpious

    I wonder if Wicked Dolls may help in this endeavor. It's a construct, flings some poison (albeit not oh too well), ticks poison, and adds poison to actions, if memory serves. Might be worth trying one or two of them if you are trying to find some models to support the Scorpius.
  7. What makes other Factions jealous?

    As a not Guild player this is simply based on how I feel playing against Guild: It may not be true for a player of Guild but I thought I'd share anyways Great Henchmen: The Judge, Francisco, and Phiona seem super potent for their costs and even some more of the seemingly "niche" Henchmen have their places, too. You guys and gals just have great Henchmen. Debt to the Guild, Badge of Office, and Numb to the World I am super envious of these upgrades. They are amazing, potent, and widely applicable in usage. Austringers: Yes they took an errata to the face but they retain what I love, and hate, about them: that push and the base LOS thing. Death Marshalls: Love 'em. Theme, rules, performance, they are great. I find they flux with me opinion based on the GG in play but I have always had a high opinion, and respect for them, on and off the table. A terrifying blasty master: Sonia scares the whiskey outta me: She is powerful and does her thing very well. Read all about it! This just in: Nellie is amazingly amazing. I almost dumped my faction of choice so that I could play her. Those constructs, though Guardian, Hunters, Watchers.... these are just great models. So yeah: just my few cents on guild as a not-guild-player.
  8. Join us in Amesbury Massachusetts for a Achievement league to help kick of the Summer! Location 113B Main St, Amesbury, MA 01913 Schedule 6 weeks, Starting on Monday and ending on Sunday, long starting on Monday August 7th. Sundays will be League Days for the purposes of earning League Day Achievements. We will be increasing the Soulstones of the crews used as follows: Week 1: 35 Soulstones Week 2: 40 Soulstones Week 3: 45 Soulstones Week 4: 50 Soulstones Week 5: 50 Soulstones Week 6: 50 Soulstones The league will draw to a close on the Sunday of Week 6 at the conclusion of League Day. Entry Fee $5 - All entry fees go towards prize support. Rules Rules can be found here. Shout out to @PeregrineFalcon for letting me plunder some of his achievements. Achievement printouts will be provided to participants. Prizes Prizes will be awarded to the 3 players with the most achievements (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place). In addition players will have a chance to win various raffle prizes. Players will receive 1 raffle ticket for every 5 Achievement Points they earn. A Guilder will be rewarded to all participants! Other Local Happenings Live Free or Die Cheating 2017 2-Day Malifaux Tournament - Perhaps one of the best New England events out there. If you haven’t gone you really should. Great people, great drinks, and great swag…. Did I mention it’s great? Amesbury Malifaux Demos - Swing down for a demo sometime. Bring your friends, bring your friends’ friends, Bring people you don’t know that you come across on your way down! New England Malifaux Facebook - Join the New England Malifaux Facebook group to keep informed and in touch with the awesome local Malifaux community! Questions, Concerns, etc? Comment here or shoot me an E-Mail at necroonmalifaux@gmail.com
  9. Neverborn - rate our masters

    Oh you know what I had him on there and must have deleted the text by mistake! I have him as Tier 2: Partially because of my level of skill with him and partially because of my Meta which has a lot of masters that I don't play well into with Dreamer. I totally get when / why people rate him as Tier 1, however.
  10. Neverborn - rate our masters

    Tier one: Lilith, Collodi, Pandora Tier two: Lucius, Zoraida Tier three: , J. Lynch, Titania. I don't quite rate Lucius as Tier 1 but he is really potent and adaptable. I see my opinion of him changing based on the Gaining Grounds content year-to-year. Pandora is sort of between Tier One and Tier Two for me at the moment but I rounded up.
  11. July 14th - Prince Unathi

    Love the fusion of anesthetics here! Unathi has been my favorite so far just going from the card images so it's great to see some fluff on him. Can't wait to get this guy on my painting table!
  12. Monday Preview - July 10th

    I sorta hope one of the to-be Cat Catchers looks a little like Danny Devito. So he can help get the cats out of the walls. By adding more cats, of course.
  13. Monday Preview - July 10th

    Where's the darn like button when you really need it?!
  14. LGBT characters?

    I always figured, for the most part, major Malifaux Characters were by in large "On the clock" when we see them so unless their love life plays a huge part in their lives and motivations (Like with Kirai) we wouldn't know one way or another what their interests were. I prefer it left vague so I can discuss with my friends and project where I do and do not want to do so: that's what makes stories fun for me. I like how the story sometimes focuses on a lot of things and issues in a sort-of-sideways way, in the same way that Gene Roddenberry would with Star Trek, by taking issues and hot button topics of modern day and applying them to things that are alien and foreign so that we may learn and reflect from not only our past but our present: I'd find it far more interesting, and true to the setting, for a human to fall in love with a Nephalim or a re-raised recently deceased individual of unknown gender. From here we can explore something that is only possible in Malifaux while still hitting a note of non-standard sexuality. I guess in the end I don't believe the inclusion of a character stating they are X, Y, or Z is any more important then a character stating they aren't unless it is pivotal to that character.
  15. July 7th - Adeodatos

    Looking good! Great to get some more lore with each preview.... is it next Friday yet?