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  1. Farewell, Lindsey. All of us here on the forums shall send you off with a one thousand Corgi salute!
  2. Ehhhhh less excited for the LE Titania. I have a "gotta catch 'em all" complex with these LEs, though, so I'll get one anyways. Still - food for thought for next time: would be nice to see the whole model when a part of it is that different to help with the realistic expectations: I have to backtrack to a few folks that don't use the forums that got in on our usual group order to make sure they still want this. Not a huge deal but hopefully someone can take it as a take away.
  3. I recall that one could also only ever have one special forces type in their crew - hence the parallel. If memory serves, it often does not, the limit was 2 without a SF henchmen and that limit was completely lifted if you had one.
  4. This kind of reminds me of the Special Forces rules from 1.5. Although interesting in concept my recollection was that they were received lukewarm at best (Although I can hardly say my memory of 1.0/1.5 is accurate at this point).
  5. Yeah - Teddy is great for this. I also like Nekima, Illuminated, and Rougoraoururururur (I have given up on trying to spell this right). Depending on the scheme pool Siliruds can be good, as well.
  6. I've had a few good hits with the Bandersnatch but with a stat of 5 and the need for a mask (and the built in mask) it hasn't rendered itselff to happening often. The Snatch trigger has been more useful.
  7. You can ride a (friendly) model with Terrifying and use the trigger to attack it and cheat down the Horror duel to fail.
  8. A crew, as defined by the rulebook, is made up of models (hire or summoned). A model in a crew took an action to remove a head. Crews (made up of the models in them) score Headhunter. That's my piece on it. Your more than welcome to disagree - I have no desire to debate or argue.
  9. Headhunter's Victory Points Condition states that a VP is rewarded to a Crew that removes at least one head marker from play (via 1 (1) interact action). Regardless of what player controls the action that model belongs to the crew that hired it (or summoned it) and, to me, that means that crew would count as removing that marker. Obey does not change which crew it belongs to - it only caused the model to take a (1) action that is controlled by the player using Obey. Sources: Small Book Page 22 Small Book Page 23 Controlling a model's (1) Interact action changes no variables as to whose model it is or whose crew it is - it only allows you to declare the legal variables of the action as would otherwise be allowed (save for when, of course, this is not the case like with Heed my Voice making the Hungering Darkness friendly for that action).
  10. That's no good. Sorry, @Myyrä. Thanks for the heads up.
  11. 50 SS Neverborn Crew Pandora + 7 Pool Primordial Magic (2) Widow Weaver (8) - The Mimic's Blessing (1) Teddy (11) - A Thousand Faces (1) Doppleganger (7) - A Thousand Faces (1) Sorrow (5) Sorrow (5) Insidious Madness (5) I had a newer player in my meta using this for Pandora and enjoying it. You have room for upgrades as you see fit but it gives you some card draw, WP manipulation, a Melee beater, and works well with the Pandora basics while feeling very Neverborn-y. 8 Models is what I see as the "common average" for most crews. You can also swap in Baby Kade (7 stones) if you want some more speed on the Teddy and ML damage or Iggy (5 stones) if you want some ranged Burning or more Incite. If you want a bigger beater you can upgrade Teddy to Nekima (13 Stones) as she also has some decent synergy with Pandora and her crews. Doppelganger, Nekima, and Primordial Magic are faction staples and show up in many crews across multiple masters.
  12. Playing a fixed list while you learn and determine what you like playing and how you like playing is a perfectly fine way to learn in my opinion. Are you looking to adhere to a cost of some sort (using most of the models in the respective crew box) or are you just looking for a supportive list that covers a few bases while you learn and work the kinks out?
  13. It should also probably state that it replaces Melee Expert with Melee Master as currently, at least to me, it seems that she would generate 3 extra AP for ML actions. Unless of course that is the intent.
  14. Also curious. I have some guilders set aside and am wondering if I should hold off for now or not.
  15. http://gmortschaotica.blogspot.co.uk/p/malifaux-character-backgrounds.html The above link can guide you up through Cross Roads as far as what books certain characters are mentioned in. Hopefully it helps you in your search a little (Obligatory kudos to @GMort).