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  1. Friday Preview - Speckled Crawlers

    And thus shall The Great Tribble Hunt commence in the world of The Other Side!
  2. Do I even Neverborn, bruh?

    Dropping my two Scrip without a ton of insight as to the exact problem at hand: I would say that the two strengths in the Neverborn faction are Control and Action Economy. To elaborate on this: a lot of set-ups in Neverborn don't work off of very many models. Model A may do a thing to disrupt what your opponent is doing and Model B may empower Model A to do something it already does a bit better but you won't see a lot of 3+ model combinations. Neverborn models are largely independent. They do what they do and tend to do it better when they aren't doing something that works against what they are trying to do: You don't want to have a Stitched Together toss up it's creepy fog activating early and mess up your Changeling's Lovelace shot later in the turn, for example, or throw haz terrain where it will be in the way of another model moving in. Our control is costly. We have TNs for our tricks, usually with a 5 to 7+ and a suit requirement (one needed on the flip, one on the initial stat) that requires careful resource management. Pick your tricks and learn their timing. Learn when to let the super neat thing go in favor of an attack flip. Tricks are cool but everything you do needs to equate to VP: If you are whooshing around the board making terrain and swapping models with tangle shadows and all that good stuff it doesn't matter if that gets you zero VP at the end of the turn. Always have a plan B and C, as well. If you really need to have a certain trick pay off and can't get your control hand to allocate those resources expect it to fail and have it be a boon, a shortcut, if it happens. Identify what across the table shuts down your control and shut it down, first. Condition removal, counterspell, or things that can hinder your triggers are good primary targets. Action Economy: This is where we have a lot of game. Pounce, Suprise!, Mimic, Obey (and Obey-like things), and whatever the Wisp does (The name escapes me) seem to be the core of my crews these days. Models taking other models' actions keeps your options open, artificially expands your areas of influence, and keeps your opponent guessing at your angles and on the back foot. Remember that at the end of the day tricks and action economy both need a strong core crew that gets the job done. Taking a bunch of changelings and the doppelganger with only one model that actually has a good attack is a waste. Taking a bunch of control heavy models without any workhorses is a mistake. I look to Graves, Lilitu, The Tooth, The Thorn, Nekima / Lovelace / Hannah, Siliruds, Trappers, and Stitched Together to form the core of a lot of my crews because the get the job done. At the end of the game (1) Walk and (1) Interact are probably the strongest actions in your arsenal so never forget them.
  3. Apparent Neverborn Errata

    Happy with these. The only standouts for me are Spawn Mother, Vasalisa, and Bad JuJu. Where Spawn Mother and Vasalisa are just a tad too expensive for what they do (or try to do) but they may at least make it back into my case for casual games. Bad JuJu would be perfect if he was able to get unimpeded somehow: Either as a 0, added to his card, or added to Eternal Fiend. Overall quite pleased with not only NB but the adjustments on the whole (Keeping in mind that Books 1 and 2 were the focal point). Good job keeping it real, Wyrd. 2018 is looking to be a good year to 'Faux!
  4. Monday Preview - Witchling Handler

    I will be somewhat disappointed if they do not gain the ability to compare the weight of a potential spell-caster in question to a waterfowl. Perhaps possible with the way the magic works
  5. Friday Preview - Barbed Crawlers

    I want to rub it's tummy with the same expectations I have for doing so with most cats I have owned. Sans my current cat - he loves belly rubs.
  6. Friday Preview - Basotho Cavalry

    Could always add them as a spur of the moment decision
  7. Friday Preview - Basotho Cavalry

    Love these guys. At first glance aside all the other stuff Abys has I was a bit "meh" (I also have a personal issue with horses that probably contributes to this) but they quickly became one of my favorites and I use them in at least half my games if not more. Horses look great, too, and I'm just in love with the detail on the edge of the cloak.
  8. Do you ever hire your Rider?

    I sometimes, albeit rarely, hire the Hooded rider in Neverborn. The damage mitigation is, as has been mentioned, not-so-great anymore but the ML attack is decent and some crews can use the stronger late game option as well as the marker removal. The (0) has seem some use with Cricket Bat Dreamer (Pulling him out of engagements and making him a nightmare with Serena) and Titania (Sort of the same deal there). It's a niche pick for sure but not completely unplayable by any means. Probably a tad overpriced all things considered.
  9. Monday Preview - Alternate Rasputina

    Happy to see more Twisted Alternatives stuff! This'll be a "vote with your wallet" pick up for me, for sure! I'll likely never play it but it'll be a fun paint night activity.
  10. Monday Preview - Medical Automaton

    The Arcanists have clearly reverse-engineered Rollins' super-advanced-technology. With the power of tires they shall be unstoppable!
  11. Wrath - no new upgrade?

    I wasn't offering up performers as a fix, upgrade, enhancement, or model to be included alongside the X-7: just a thought on something that could appear in a "Crossroads story encounter part 2" scenario pack as an alt alongside a possible upgrade of some sort.
  12. Monday Preview - Hinamatsu

    I wasn't going to pick this model up but I really want to paint it
  13. Wish list

    I wouldn't mind a rare x Nephalim or Half-Blood Archer. It always sort of bothered me that Lilith's totem is the only Nephalim who seems to have mastered the art of archery that aside some ranged not-damage would be great, too! The Neverborn page on the main site describes the factioan as having a number of models with long-range magical effects that can be used to sow chaos and confusion among the enemy's ranks. The possibility for Slow seems appropriate: as would more stuff like what the Insidious Madness has.
  14. Wrath - no new upgrade?

    If I got to pick I'd like a "part 2" scenario box featuring some alts (Like I said: performers would be cool. Sure they have alts already by their mercs so meh) as roadies. You could package an upgrade (or maybe two) that reflect what may have happened or changed in the story since we last left off: that may be cool. So far @Rob Lo's "Oxfordian Mage Treatment" idea is my favorite but really anything would be fine with me. It's just nice to see more options and some people are really passionate about the X-Roads 7 and it would be nice to see some more down there is it's a really cool concept that I think can be expanded on.
  15. Wrath - no new upgrade?

    You can't lead a Scrap with Mortimer: 50 stone games may only be led by Masters (Small Book pg 76: Determine Encounter Size). Wrath's Lead Singer ability specifically allows him circumvent this rule. This is fact does make Wrath a "special case", as you put it. New books are all about more options - This being different, and how they shouldn't be anything else, is just what you want. Some people want different things: that's okay. It happens.