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Waldo's Weekly - Winners of Rotten Harvest and more!

Hobby Wyrd

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Heya Wyrdos!

This week, Waldo spent some time looking at the gallery of our Rotten Harvest entries and apparently all the amazing entries have inspired him to try his claw at miniature painting. He's also developed a thirst for paint water. I'm sure that's fine. So while we hide all of our painting supplies, let's take a look at the winners from the 2021 Rotten Harvest Competition!


We hear all the time about how great the Wyrd community is and we couldn't agree more! Rotten Harvest just wrapped up and what a showing, not only in talent but also in support. Community members from all over the world took the time to show their support with submissions and comments. We are already looking forward to our next painting contest, Winter Wonderland, which will be starting up in December. Now on to the winners!


1st - @Doc Lead
2nd - @Brushwarrior
3rd -  @helldrad


1st -  @Silver_lining_minipainting
2nd -  @Glash
3rd -  @Skrytnik


1st - @Skrytnik
2nd -  @Nudelpullover
3rd -  @MichKonwMinis


1st -  @Silver_lining_minipainting
2nd -  @elder
3rd - @Brushwarrior



For our Staff Vote categories, it was a hard decision. The wails and lamentations of "How do I choose?!?" could be heard all over. So let's take a look at a few of the Staff favorites!


Special shout out to @Snorty Saiga for this Killjoy which made me yelp in my office when I first saw it. 


Additionally, our top Gallery commenters will be receiving gift codes, but the winner of the $50 code goes to @tricksey. Thanks so much to our commenters for their feedback and support of our contestants!

From all of us here at Wyrd, Thank You. Thank you for making our community a welcoming place and for sharing your passion and hobby.

Vagrantsong Coloring Giveaway Winner!

Our Vagrantsong coloring page giveaway's winner has been chosen, and it's @AJimOrtiz from Twitter! Take a look at his take on our spooky coloring page below!


We will be reaching out to winners about their prizes within the week. As always, if you have any questions don't hesitate to email hobby.assistant@wyrd-games.net or Forum PM  @Hobby Wyrd.

Thanks to all our participants, and keep an eye out for our Winter Competition coming up soon! Keep painting and playing, Wyrd or otherwise!

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