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  1. MichKonwMinis

    RH21SP - 8

    it reminds me Tim Burton's style I like it very much!
  2. MichKonwMinis

    RH21SP - 7

    I like the idea, I suppose that it looks better from lower angle
  3. MichKonwMinis

    RH21SP - 6

    very nice, very scary!
  4. MichKonwMinis

    RH21SP - 3

    the idea behind this piece is awesome!
  5. MichKonwMinis

    RH21SP - 9

    This is really awesome, I like the bloodshot effect.
  6. I like your colors, overall good job. Did you make your own bases?
  7. I'm also not a big fan of the Dreamer mini, but moreover I have a problem with Lord Chompy Bits. It is too wide, I mean hands, too big. It has too short legs, his back looks like fat cartoon woman in strange skirt. Head, chest, belly are quite nice.
  8. Very cool, I like weathering, it's perfect, not too much, just as it should be.
  9. Very nice! I like the idea with tombstones. Colours and precision are awesome!
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