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  1. Could have commented on entries. Would have done the job just as well. ☺️
  2. 1. Then that player has that other game he can play and not feel overwhelmed. Can we have a bit more text heavy game among all others? You start out light. Henchman hardcore. Like 8 cards to read and keep track of. 8 2. That is entirely up to you. You could either be a teacher saying "well, if you do this, then I can do that, so it would be more prudent to do this and that". That's how people learn. Yes, there is a ton of information in this game, I don't see how people expect to know and understand everything after a couple of games. Both your examples include new people "after a couple of games". They don't sound really persistent. I feel like everyone is asking for instant gratification these days. 3. Not really an argument.
  3. Sorry, but why? There are plenty of other games with simpler rules that can satisfy your needs for simplicity. I love Malifaux exactly for the complexity it has. It's not exactly rocket science. Your argument that you often have to check rules or ask questions applies to any game out there. Unless you know your rulebook by heart, this is something that is going to happen, even to experienced players. There should be a gap between experts and beginners, especially for tournaments, not sure i understand this need to make things accessible to everyone, no matter their level of skill or involvement. By accessible I mean newb friendly. EVERYTHING in life, if you want to get good/better at it requires time and involvement.
  4. Doc Lead


    Love it! Very atmospheric, really draws you in. And the paint job is very clean with great use of color. I don't think pictures do it justice. Seems excellent!
  5. Doc Lead


    Very well painted and designed. An awesome, dynamic scene. I especially love the "light" side. I would change the accent color on the dark side, though because it seems too busy with the yellow-green. Perhaps red would be more dramatic and striking. Excellent work in any case! Congrats.
  6. Doc Lead


    This is very cool and well made! And an excellent paintjob! The only thing i would improve on is the layout. It seems too drawn out, the nephilim could be pushed a bit further back to reduce empty space. I do believe that a frontal shot would look amazing. Great work!
  7. Doc Lead


    Very effective...both cinematic and atmospheric, would love to see more angles of it.
  8. Doc Lead


    This time you have really outdone yourself. A wonderful setup with amazing details. Congrats. Anything other than first place would be a mistake.
  9. Doc Lead


    Very nice, congrats on your entry and the effort put into it. Next step would be, instead of drybrushing, try painting and highlighting these folds and scales on an individual basis. It is time consuming but it will push it to the next level.
  10. Doc Lead


    Very nice blends and highlights...very organic. Good job. The picture seems a bit too busy, probably with contrast pushed a bit too far.
  11. Doc Lead


    Excellent paint job. The textures, highlights, blends, everything is spot on. Unjustly overlooked in the polls.
  12. Doc Lead


    Sharp and clean. That leg looks as smooth as a baby's bum. The picture is a bit dark though and some stronger highlights would really make it pop. Good job!
  13. Doc Lead


    Really nice and clean. Excellent choice of colors although that violet could have been a bit warmer. The only thing I would remark on is highlight positioning. She looks like most of her is lit from the left whereas her face seems lit from the right.
  14. Doc Lead


    Excellent! Great highlights, very nice nmm. Not much to add really. A step up would be to work on the transitions.
  15. Doc Lead


    Excellent use of colors and great contrast, have only praise for the technical side of the entry. On the other hand, those mouldlines really hurt the piece and are a detrimental factor in any competition. It would have taken just a couple of moments to scrape them off.
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