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  1. Ooh that's an interesting OOK take, might try bringing one in my next game.
  2. I'd often take Manos just to counter crews with really annoying demise abilities e.g. Cadmus' Eyes and Ears. Lantern of Souls is a pretty rare ability and Datsue Ba is not as versatile option as Manos in other crews.
  3. Could you provide the ruling stating that they must take the upgrade? As far as I know, upgrades with the Special limitation need abilities/actions that attaches the said upgrade. And quick check on the Witness keyword, none of the models has abilities/actions that do so. Sorry for playing the devil's advocate here, just curious about this ruling references.
  4. Hiya folks, need some clarification on Miya Murakami's ability. Does her Stories of the Red Library ability allow the Story crew to have access to the The Configuration ruling? If you look at The Configuration upgrade, it's limited only to the Witness Crew. But then it seems odd that the ability has the wording "When this model or a friendly Story model in LoS activates,.." Thank you in advance!
  5. Three rounds, fixed faction 40ss crew. Get ready to flip cards and twist your fate! 7th of December, 10 AM – 6 PM at Rumah Cikini (Jl. Cikini V no. 16) Tournament Rule: - Three rounds, each round is clocked for 2 hours. If a game hasn’t finished when it’s clocked out, then the game is forced to end. Players need to finish their model’s activation until both players have the same number of activated models, then the game ends and VP are calculated. - Painted miniatures are not compulsory, but strongly advised - Proxies are allowed for unreleased models, with the following rules: o Your opponent and the TO must be able to discern the proxy models. Preferably use distinctive models, e.g. out-of-faction or non-Malifaux models. o The proxy cannot be the same model that your crew is hiring or can summon. e.g. you cannot use Ashigaru as a proxy for Gokudo if you’re hiring an Ashigaru or Toshiro the Daimyo. o Limited to only 3 models per player. Timeline: 10.00 – 10.15 – Registration & Table Allocation 10.15 – 12.15 – Round 1 12.15 – 13.15 – Lunch Break 13.15 – 15.15 – Round 2 15.15 – 15.30 – Break 15.30 – 17.30 – Round 3 17.30 – 18.00 – Winner Announcement and Wrap up Prize Structure: 1st: Wyrdscape Victoria Ruin 50mm, 40mm, 30mm base 2nd: Wyrdscape Graveyard 30mm base Lucky Draw: Lord Chompybits poster Last standing player get Asian Ruins 50mm Shrine base! And a wooden spoon 😝 Registration Fee: 100k includes lunch and drink!
  6. Calling all Indonesian players! With the launch of M3E, come and check out the new edition at The Lodge. Newcomers are welcome, ask us for a demo: we will provide everything you need!
  7. Really love the dioramas, mate, especially the 'Meat for the Meadgod'. I think you managed to draw contrast between the lone Space Wolf among the Bloodletters quite vividly, great composure. I love the bloodletters blackish colour scheme, but I think the colours are too close to the terrain making the bloodletters 'blend in' with the environment. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, I just have a peculiar taste for colour varieties. Great work, keep it going, I look forward for more of your piece! 👍
  8. The Valedictorian, to me, served as a better candidate for Rogue Necromancy's wings. Don't get me wrong her original wings are amazing: it's a well-blended mix of gore horror and steampunk, but I just felt giving her a more romantic touch. The large tombstone figure which I bought from Green Stuffs World solved her rather awkward pose (makes it easier to move the model as well during play). I tried to invoke a rather melancholic vibe to the piece by using desaturated colours.
  9. Next is Rogue Necromancy! I really love the mashup menagerie in this model except for the wings. I felt the wings have a weak impact on the model as it only serves as aesthetics (I'm a functionalist, sorry, I know it would be overpowered if this model has Flight), and I had ideas of a better place to attach the wings (which I will post in the near future). Anywho, I tried to do different colouration based off real life animals but some parts-the front claw and the razorspine rattler, are fantasy colours. I had great times playing with colours.
  10. Thank you! Unfortunately, I am very picky in painting models 😅. I have only got 2-3 fully painted crews, excluding Reva's.
  11. Hey, everyone! Malifaux M3E Tournament coming up @The Lodge! Hit me up if you got any Q's!
  12. Hey, there! I've been painting Malifaux for about two years. I post mainly on instagram and A Wyrd Place facebook group, but as suggested by @thatlatinspeakingguy I'll be posting my Malifaux works in this subgroup as well! I too write sometimes about my work, here is the link if one's curious https://cgwilsonh.wordpress.com/. Let's start with Reva. When I first looked at this model, I noticed that Reva's base has got quite a lot of unused spaces. I saw this as an opportunity to do a semi-diorama like approach for the model (also the works of Johan Hoflin and Davor Brkic (miniature_mutant) really inspired me to do this approach). I made the dead tree by twisting a bundle of wires with some greenstuffs to close gaps. The candles were sculpted greenstuffs, and the gravestone was from Green Stuffs World (I think). This model was a stepping stone for me towards the diorama side of the miniature world.
  13. Thank you! I mainly post on my Instagram or on the A Wyrd Place Facebook group, but I'll take your advice and post more of my works in the subforum 😀
  14. Hi there, I recently wrote an essay on my interpretation of Jaakuna Ubume. Links below, cheers! https://cgwilsonh.wordpress.com/2019/03/23/rolling-in-the-deep/
  15. Hey, there! I'll be holding a beta testing weekend in Jakarta! Location: D6 Wargamers Studio Date : 26th-27th of January If you have any questions, feel free to send me a PM
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