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  1. tricksey

    RH21ND - 20

    nice work - lots of details
  2. tricksey

    RH21ND - 23

    Nice work, but yeah I agree such a beast deserves a bigger base.
  3. tricksey

    RH21ND - 24

    first step is completing a piece & posting it, then keep leveling up your painting.
  4. tricksey

    RH21ND - 26

    hard to tell with that background possibly positioning him a little bit more clock-wise as the depth perception on that arm makes it hard to read.
  5. tricksey

    RH21ND - 28.png

    some nice colour choices and I like the skin tone you created
  6. tricksey

    RH21WW - 1

    good start and your tackling of a rainbow transition is cool. I agree that thinning the paint might work a bit better.
  7. tricksey

    RH21WW - 4

    nice light effect
  8. tricksey

    RH21WW - 6

    your colours on that robe are really nice - like the texturing too
  9. tricksey

    RH21WW - 11

    really nice saturated use of colour - but I think using a single photo istead of a collage to show some more closer pics would have been a better choice
  10. tricksey

    RH21WW - 12

    Good photo - but would like some close-ups istead of 4 pictures all of the same size...I think there is some great details, and would love to see them.
  11. tricksey

    RH21WW - 13

    I like that you made her more of a clean swamp hag, lots of great details.
  12. tricksey

    RH21WW - 15

    Really good job on the face, tiny but detailed.
  13. tricksey

    RH21WW - 16

    the focus/picture makes it a little hard to see details good textures
  14. tricksey

    RH21WW - 17

    Love the theme - really good work.
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