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  1. And this is probably one of my favorite works. It was very interesting to paint it
  2. I haven't posted anything for a long time, but I haven't stopped painting. I am correcting myself
  3. One of my favorite miniatures) First mate and seaman Lyagushkin. I couldn't come up with an interesting base for him for a long time, but a little conversion saved me
  4. I continue to paint my favorite gremlins and their pets
  5. The Mysterious emissary is ready and hurries to the aid of Titania's Autumn Court
  6. Congratulations to all! The contest is beautiful as always
  7. Skrytnik


    This is my favorite work in this contest I'm not a big fan of Michael Jackson, but there's a great reference, and great work with light, and in general very expressive. And the subject of the contest gets 100%
  8. Skrytnik


    Good job! It seems to me that there should be more contrast here - first of all, a brighter flame light. This will make the work much more expressive.
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