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  1. I use different colors, depending on the mood) The brightest is pure yellow, the darkest is the darkest green. Between them, I use any neutral green, mixing it with the previous ones. Additionally, I add a mixture of blue and black in the shadows.
  2. Sammy LaCroix, swamp hag and gremlin cosplay on Zoraida. Playing with such a miniature is not very convenient, but I really like to make large-scale and spectacular bases. And this is my first attempt to do something in the style of grimdark. In my opinion, it turned out too "grim" and too "dark")
  3. Thank you for your congratulations! I would also like to congratulate the other winners and say thank you to all the participants for their excellent work. Also, a big thank you to the company Wyrd for a great contest!
  4. It's pretty cruel that not having 10 posts can't even look at the works. This applies even to some participants. And I just have to point out that some of the work is amazing!
  5. Sure. These are bran (wheat, probably), which I painted in different shades of pink, then dried and pasted on the padding pad)
  6. Hello everyone! I would like to share with you my currently painted miniatures, and later post new works here. The Bayou is my favorite and so far the only faction. I love these little green guys
  7. I agree about the glue for plastic-for very small gaps, it is perfectly suitable. And for something bigger, I usually take a two-part greenstuff. This is a fairly controlled and predictable way. And from the excess (you always mix more than you need), you can make small stones that will be useful later.
  8. This flame is just gorgeous! And all other too)
  9. Wonderful works! The farm theme of the bases is very suitable for the gang
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