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  1. Congratulation to everyone :)As usual on this community all paint work were top notch.
  2. helldrad


    You win my respect
  3. helldrad


    sooo gloomy. Very good OSL
  4. helldrad


    stunning ! blue fabric are just excelent. Beautifull job
  5. helldrad


    very good realisation, the drop is pefecly executed
  6. helldrad


    this one got my vote the work on color is brillant. Congratulation !
  7. helldrad


    perfect execution. perfect color choice (the touch of red and pink give a great dynamic). the NMM is incredible at this scale As Shock say, I've probably see a similar concept longtime ago, but this one is far better.👍
  8. helldrad


    Beautifull... The compostion is clear , readable , and it' tell a story . Well done ! the tones you use on the scenery are very clever.
  9. helldrad


    very very clean. The color palette is perfect. and there is so many details to look everywhere. Congrats my fellow painter .
  10. helldrad


    Th realisation is topnotch... I'm just in love with the idea... Congratulation to artist who made this one !
  11. Congratulation to everyone, As usual here, somany amazing piece
  12. helldrad


    well...be upper classed to overarchiever was already a honour...as often the execution was too rushy...the darker strip was an obvious error (to dark , and I switched flat black with glossy black) I Will do better for the next one
  13. helldrad

    RH21ND - 1

    ok i have painted this one so many times ...I love this mini gold and OSL on gold are good, but doing a blue to red mixture on the fabric is a very difficult choice. You need to make a very smooth blend on the fabric for this to work. In my opinion, working on an almost monochrome with a single shade of color would have been much more efficient
  14. helldrad

    RH21ND - 2

    well painted , good contrast beetwen the blue and the red part
  15. helldrad

    RH21ND - 3

    the skin tone is very well done ! perhaps a bit too clean for an undeaded ?
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