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  1. helldrad

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    Got my field intelligence corps today( in France)...but I dont get my pledge yet
  2. helldrad

    Iron Painter 2018 - Round Five Announcement

    Today I've received a mini I've ordered for round 4 So I've start painting mini I've ordered for round 3 to complete the round 5 as It's the same mini my current opponent used on round 4 🙃 ....
  3. helldrad

    Iron Painter 2018 - Round Four Results

    What were your original idea with the doppleganger ? I m curious
  4. helldrad

    Iron Painter 2018 - Round Four Results

    @Colour Charge : congratulation, you deserve the victory. @Bozydar Quite agree on the difficulty to fully understand for non native english speakers. A bit more difficult this years than 80's movie title, or song tittle Iron painter 2018 has a bitter taste for me. My painting routine this years was searching on google and pinterest for 3 days, then ordering some mini and waiting 3 days. Then starting to paint something before getting the mini. 2 day latter minis arrive, then rush painting for 2 other days..then drop everything to the trash, run to local shop to buy some stuff, search in board game mini, rush paint something again during 2 days ...then constating that my mini is not very good but that i doesnt have time to paint a third mini. Say "f@#$". Take some picture, see some molding line on the picture. Say "F,#$@@" again ....post the picture, say "F@#$" a third times...Annnnd go to work, to earn some buck to buy some model for the next round ...
  5. helldrad

    Iron Painter 2018 - Round Four Announcement

    ok , submitted.... ...was awful.. base too small, mini not so good than expected , varnish over reacting with paint and so shiny that taking photo was a punishement...the most unsatifying Iron painter round, I've done so far.
  6. helldrad

    a bit underexposed perhaps ?

  7. helldrad


    Doesnt come from a game, it s a 75mm scale mini https://shop.celestialgame.com/products/twilight
  8. helldrad


    Ha! It s funny , I ve got the same mini on my workbench, but as I could'nt find a way to fit the theme I go for something else. I m curious to see what you will do! Good luck budy!
  9. helldrad

    Iron Painter 2018 - Round Three Results

    thanks my friend ! Will try to save your honor , but the fourth theme leaves me a bit skeptical... not sure to produce some very glorious things...
  10. Ha, very good.... it will be the title : Hammer time : Mash or be mashed !
  11. Well... First I wanted to paint this : But as it takes ages to be delivered I start working on this As it was not very good I finaly start painting this guys : Should be the final project