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  1. Still excellent work! Do you post your work on social media?
  2. Thank you so much for the comment. The excution was intentional but I agree with the feedback, I could have use more subtle and desaturate highlights for the same effect but better readability. Though the focus was to not overpower the magic effect, with the risk of undershooting. I didn’t win though, 3rd in public vote and best in wyrd, which I’m still very pleased with! Congrats with the best in overachiever, your piece was my favorite! Excellent atmosphere 👌 and great concept.
  3. Very nice piece, very atmospheric. I’d have liked to see the figures take up a large portion of the diorama. I think that would play to the strengths of this piece.
  4. Thanks for the feedback! I agree, though it was a deliberate choice, as I wanted the focus to be on the magic. But could have maybe done some stronger highlights to make it more readible but use more desaturated colors.
  5. Thanks for the feedback, I always find it very tricky to present a larger piece well.
  6. That is a great piece. The backdrop was really excellent and so was the atmosphere. For me it was just below my top 3. Great job!
  7. Silver_lining_minipainting


    Thank you everyone for the feedback!
  8. Great job everyone! Always a joy to participate and love how positive this community is.
  9. Silver_lining_minipainting


    Color scheme matches the base which makes for a harmonious piece.
  10. Silver_lining_minipainting


    Very nice conversions and work on the base.
  11. Silver_lining_minipainting


    Very nice paintjob, you know where to place your highlights!
  12. Silver_lining_minipainting


    Incredible paintjob and my favorite. Very good placement of highlights and contrast.
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