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18 hours ago, bluepanther said:

I used Envy + Wrath + Spider Swarm + Spider Swarm the other week. 
It didn’t go well cause of a stupid play I made. I felt a little bad even taking the list, so I did some things I probably wouldn’t normally do. 
I’m not sure if Pride is the best option in HH though. 

Haha, yep, that double swarm is dirty XD. Another HH option could be Envy + Wrath/Gluttony + Rider + Toolkit. Toolkit give extra Focused and healing to Rider or Envy, Rider is fast, tanky and can drop and deny bomb drops with Ride with me (and the ability to reactivate a model late in the game can be quite good). In the Gluttony version Rider can generate corpses so he can heal; but Wrath has more punch and bring it is quite good; not sure which one would work better...

Pride could work well, his spell versus a hand of 4 cards has to be very very good.

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