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  1. I can tell you what we did in Los Angeles to start up a meta. Can't guarantee it'll work for you, so take it for what it's worth. 1. Find a public place to play. Preferably a Friendly Local Game Store that carries (or is willing to carry) the game. There's nothing wrong with hosting at a private residence, but you don't get foot traffic there. If you can make a FLGS owner an ally, for instance by being nice, cleaning up after yourself, bringing people in (preferably who buy stuff) it will really help. If they are willing to carry some product, that could do a lot to gener
  2. I'd like to see some schemes that make use of keywords. Like a version of breakthrough based on having two or more keyworded minions in your opponent's deployment zone.
  3. I think it should be a phrenologist, probably a negative condition or upgrade themed model.
  4. The issue I have with a lot of these "Cadmus is beatable" conjectures is that the mere fact that they're not invincible isn't a strong case for them being balanced. ES mechanics, as a faction, are characterized by high efficiency and limited counter-play. Cadmus embodies both of these, as does DUA. That kind of dynamic is going to be strong in Malifaux, just because of the kind of game it is and what you're trying to achieve. But what makes those two keywords really stand out is what they are able to do with the efficiency and lack of counter-play. I agree with @Maniacal_cackle an
  5. I think the full crew is at their best when the strats and schemes encourage grouping, and they are at their worst when Catch and Release and Assassinate are both in the pool. They don't have a lot of movement tricks, so Symbols is a struggle for them, and as they're an attritional crew, it can be difficult to overcome the defenses of a really first tier model. The crew also struggles with condition removal. Getting your sin engine going quickly and efficiently is critical.
  6. I've played 6-7 games with the CR7, so while I make no claims of expertise or skill, I can relate what I've done. I always take the full band. It's not necessary, certainly, and I don't think anyone can claim you aren't a Crossroads crew with 3 of them only, but for me the fun is taking all seven. If I were to drop one, I think Greed is the most situational. If you aren't facing a lot of upgrades and soulstone users, her powers are mediocre. Gluttony would be next on the chopping block, if the pool isn't schemey and the opponent isn't a marker maker. I'd have Lust higher up
  7. Played my first game with GH, and I feel like I might be missing something in regards to Reinforcement tokens. Many GH models have ways to use them, but actually generating them is much harder. Am I supposed to spend turn 1 doing a bunch of token generation orders, then go in swinging turn 2? Or is there an engine I'm missing?
  8. Also keep in mind that under the rules, it's not at all clear if blocking terrain actually stops the sight line, so while you can't establish LoS from a blocked line, if a blocked line subsequently enters conceal terrain, the target can gain conceal.
  9. I think the answer is to remove the card cost for using it, and instead make it Once per Turn or Once per Activation, whichever makes more sense (probably OpT). Then, I also feel giving her a trigger like Maim or Drain Magic would help add to her as a resource gap closer.
  10. So first, there are summons that don't require cards (McMourning, Benny, Reva, Ashes and Dust, etc), summons that are opportunistic and so may or may not have involved pre-planning (on kill summons, for instance), summons that don't require suits or the suits are built in/personally generatable (Nexus, English Ivan, The Sow, etc). Now, I realize you're mostly thinking in the mold of main-line high TN+suit summoners like Dreamer, and that's fair. But there are many more summoning paradigms out there, and there's a spectrum of resource dependence. Whereas Taelor's WtM is always a card cos
  11. It could be, or it could be somewhere you don't want to go at all, and therefore be negative efficiency. Now, if you got to be the one in control of where the summoned model was placed, then you placed yourself, it'd be efficiency positive. But as it is, I think it has to be counted as efficiency neutral since there are times it'll be advantageous, times it won't matter much, and times where it will be disadvantageous. EDIT: I should also add that the place's efficiency probably diminishes as your opponent's skill increases. The better the opponent, the more likely they can fi
  12. There are many summons that do not require high cards, and you can't assume stone use. It's false to assume that the place is an increase in efficiency. You very well may not want Taelor to be where she has to go. For instance, suppose a summoner had an ability "after you summon a model, discard a card to place an enemy within 6 into base contact with the summoned model." We would probably count that as being quite powerful! And whether or not being engaged by Taelor is negative efficiency, efficiency neutral, or even potentially positive efficiency is so situational a
  13. The problem with Welcome to Malifaux is that it's a resource drain solution to an efficiency problem. Part of what makes summoning so strong is the pressure additional AP places on an opponent. This is why even cheap minions can be difficult to deal with. They don't blow you off the table, but they run around and threaten to score points. By requiring a card discard to use Welcome to Malifaux, what should be a tool against summoning is actually increasing your rate of resource expenditure. And since a single attack is not likely to kill most models (unless you get lucky or can spend
  14. I think Taelor is mostly in a good spot. If it were up to me, I'd change Welcome to Malifaux to be Once per Turn and remove the card cost, add an exorcism trigger to her hammer, and a trigger to her Bring It that allows friendly Mercenaries to not take the mandatory melee action. EDIT: Can't give her exorcism. Maybe Drain Magic.
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