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  1. The specific controls the general. That's a basic concept of rules analysis. The climbable rules specifically allow models that ignore terrain to "move vertically." It doesn't say for free (which, to be fair, isn't language Malifaux uses), there's no reason to believe it doesn't operate under the standard movement rules. This is actually not accurate (though it's possible you were only referring to what ignore means in regards to verticality). Climbable is still ignored, but the section under climbable explains how that interaction works for vertical movement. Models that ignore climbable can still ignore the other aspects of it. For instance, they can charge through it, even though ordinarily Climbable prevents charging through the terrain piece.
  2. I agree with @Adran that you can't just skip the pre-resolved parts of the resolution step, because that would prevent the use of other effects that would otherwise apply. If, for instance, you thought Onslaught let you skip the targeting step, that would have implications for Terrifying, Take the Hit, Protected, etc.
  3. I have a drop-down arrow that will minimize the search bar, ? help icon and the own/painted/fav and sort rows all in one. But I seem to recall previous to the update for GG1, the search bar and owned/painted/etc minimized separately. Perhaps I'm mis-remembering though.
  4. Yeah, I understand that. I just thought it would be nice to be able to search by cost. It'll allow you to do things like "cost 6 + ignores armor" or something. Though while we're talking about the sorting, we used to be able to minimize the "owned/painted/etc" selection bar, but it doesn't seem like we can anymore (unless I missed it). I'd like to be able to minimize it again.
  5. Is there any way cost could become a searchable value? I tried to put in cost 6 in the search field, and nothing came up. It'd be nice if it could show all models with that cost. Not so much for practical crew building or game play, but more theoryfaux and comparison research.
  6. Only one game on 3/14, due to events. But an interesting table for it. Lots of forest clumps effectively break up sight lines. Severe terrain pools complicate charging, and a few buildings hang out in the corner.
  7. Are soft plastic, pre-constructed minis coming to Malifaux, or hard plastic, multi-part models going to The Other Side?
  8. This isn't a battle report, but we've been collecting data on our games and one of our local meta players has taken the information and produced some reports. We find them interesting, so I figured some of you might as well. Importantly, we're not tracking individual player stats because we don't want anyone to feel pressured, but rather we want a general sense of the health of our meta. https://public.tableau.com/profile/tyler.reeves#!/vizhome/MalifauxMatchData/PopularitybyDay
  9. Snapshots of the two tables we used for the 3/10 games. Stuck some carnival terrain on the desert board. Allowed a visual shake-up, but since there wasn't too much placed on it, I don't think it played very differently. Daw and Titania fought here, mostly in an area within 6-8" of the center purple stage. A Corrupted Ley Lines marker plugged up that central stage a bit. A ton of blocking terrain on the "northern" side, with the "southern" side more open. Forests and the ruined building in the middle cut sight lines, while small walls and a few destructible pieces round out the board.
  10. 100% agree with this. It doesn't matter really who you learn the basic mechanics on, so if you have access to a group that already plays then just get a demo in with any crew (I suggest the demos be done at crew box level though, and not 50 stones). But once you've done a demo game and learned the basic underlying mechanics, from there just look at the master art, grab whoever calls you, and start collecting that keyword.
  11. Or you could improve his other bonus action to essentially copy focus and lower the TN so it's easier to pull off.
  12. Great! Would you consider adding the action to remove destructible terrain to the list of general actions?
  13. In that case, I'd probably spam Witchling Stalkers. Strip off Staggered whenever you can (try to have a plan to tie up Montressor far enough to keep his perma-staggered away from your main crew), that'll be super important. Also, using them as little exploding bombs since Daw doesn't like Burning or ping damage of any kind.
  14. I've played Daw a bit, but not against Sonnia yet. And I've played maybe 4-5 games with Sonnia, but never with Daw. So I can't speak with any kind of authority, but for what it's worth here's my thoughts: 1) Obviously Ruthless is nice, and since a lot of his crew is undead, Lady Justice's keyword has some nice tech pieces for the match up. 2) He will be applying a lot of pressure to your hand. Kill Lady Ligeia if you can. Her anti-cheating aura is annoying when you have the cards to discard. After your hand has been stripped bare, it becomes oppressive. 3) Although the crew isn't generally considered mobile, the fact that a lot of the models are Incorporeal or can ignore terrain means they can get through a crowded board efficiently. Don't underestimate their ability to re-position if the board you're playing on is crowded with lots of impassible or severe terrain. 4) Ranged and concentrated fire on Daw is a good way to deal with him. But if you're not willing to dedicate the volume of attacks to kill Daw, you're probably better off ignoring him and killing his crew.
  15. I think people should be posting the boards they play on much more frequently. We'd all likely benefit from seeing more set ups from casual play, local events, and major tournaments.
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