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  1. The SD scene is a bit anemic currently. There are a few players, but nobody organizing from what I can tell.
  2. I haven't had a chance to play a lot of M3E yet, so I wouldn't say I'm struggling. Haven't lost on Colette thus far, though my opponents are also learning their crews so I don't put too much stock in these results. It's more that I'm just going to have to play more to see if a forward focused strategy is viable. I suspect even if it is workable, sometimes I'm just going to get completely flattened.
  3. I've never seen the Wyrdscapes as meant to be a terrain solution in the same way as the Terra Clicks or Plasticraft were. To me, they're more about enhancing the battlefield with a Malifaux specific aesthetic. Towards that end, I'd actually rather have seen stranger/more unusual buildings. A ruined house is honestly pretty generic, you can get the same thing from other places cheaper.
  4. Sounds like we have pretty different play styles. Which is probably an indication I'm doing things wrong...
  5. I find that I activate her early in early turns, and later in mid/late turns. If my opponent doesn't have the ability to ignore resist triggers, I often fling her as far forward as I can as fast as I can to absorb attention.
  6. Does anyone use False Reality much? I haven't used it yet. For one thing, I rarely have a ton of Distract on my enemies. And for another, it seems to pale in comparison to Presto-Chango. If I can't reliably get a or I don't want to burn a stone, I've always done something else (move or interact mostly, assist once) rather than activate it. Removing Prompt really changed how she plays in a fundamental way, which I'm not saying is necessarily a bad thing. But I feel like False Reality is a drag on the rest of her kit. If it gave Distract, then you did the move effect, it would obviously be a lot better but it would also mesh well with the rest of her crew and I don't think it would have been OP.
  7. In my opinion both markers would count for Search the Ruins.
  8. I don't think this has been a priority for a while. Maybe they didn't sell very well? I know I haven't seen any in person yet, and despite intending to buy them, I haven't.
  9. Butterfly Jump as a whole seems like a poorly balanced upgrade.
  10. Nice table! When they built that water wheel in the desert, what were they planning on doing with it...
  11. Which keywords have you found to be the most abusive? I'm guessing they'd be based around control and/or resource manipulation as opposed to beaters or shooters?
  12. It says the "Active player...chooses one of their models..." Does "their" refer to ownership or control?
  13. Parking the Sow next to the Pigapult just to pump out ammo sounds like a lot of stones invested. Is it worth it?
  14. We're going to be holding an M3E demo and casual play day on Saturday, July 20th at Lost Planet Games in Torrance. Our start time is 1 pm. Anyone of any experience level is welcome! If you're an old pro, come by and play. If you're just through the breach, we can teach the game and provide all materials. Hope to see you there! If you're not available but you're interested generally in Los Angeles area Malifaux and The Other Side, consider joining the Los Angeles Malifaux Players Facebook page!
  15. What about the Pigapult? Does that have a place in Ulix lists?
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