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  1. You brought McMourning! I still haven't tried that list from the other thread, but I hope to someday soon.
  2. He kind of reminds me of late 2E Nico. Abusive resource generation, solid summon options, and great support pieces. In my opinion, Bayou two card needs a nerf. Maybe it should do a point of damage if you use it and still lose.
  3. In @Plaag's defense, although he can come off a bit blunt on the forums, English isn't his first language, and if you watch any of his games he seems to be a very affable opponent. In my local meta I've seen the Fire Golem do some good work, but we're definitely not top podium players.
  4. What did you think of Jonathan? From my admittedly limited experience, his main value in a Basse crew over a first class versatile/OOK beater is the fact that he can set up forward with the rest of the gang since he also has Home on the Range. Whereas if you take a better model like the Pale Rider or the Brutal Emissary, it can't. Reading your report it seems like you struggled to really get top value from him. A guild steward may even have done nearly as much as he did. If he had Extended Reach instead of Disguised, I think then there'd be a fair argument in his favor. I don't
  5. Nice looking army. Sad to see another TOS player raise the white flag.
  6. While I can't claim any expertise to answer whether Asura is viable, I do have a Reva list I want to try her in that could be fun.
  7. He got a pretty severe nerf, and then to add insult to injury they bumped his cost up. Not sure about that one.
  8. Is Reva always bad, or is she bad because Kaeris exists and uses Pyres better?
  9. I see the Dead Rider being taken by better Resser players than myself. But when I look at his cost, I rarely feel like I see something in his kit that's so compelling. How do you all use the Dead Rider?
  10. I keep struggling to use the Lampad effectively. I just played Reva yesterday and managed to win, but I don't feel like I got really any value from the Lampad I included. How do you all tend to use it?
  11. Every ability in the game is meant to be used as efficiently as possible. By this reasoning, nothing is overtuned because everything is a tool in the game to be employed optimally. But the reality is that Malifaux is an engine of immense complexity and interactivity. It's impossible to know the implications of how all the pieces tie together, and only repeated experience on a very large scale is capable of illuminating trends. Games respond to these trends by making balance changes. Now, you may believe Focus as is doesn't need a change, and that's a reasonable opinion to have. B
  12. It wouldn't have much, if any, appreciable impact on summoning or any other Once Per Activation simple duel that was critical, for the plain reason that those duels are already taken only when the player can be virtually (or, when the BJ is in hand, actually) guaranteed. Who summons hoping they top deck the suited high card, with no other plan for cheating or stoning? I honestly do not understand what this means or its significance, so maybe you could clarify. My point is that the game assumes the most likely outcome for an attack is min damage. This is a mathematically
  13. I agree with this 100%. The game needs offense to be more efficient than defense as a rule. Otherwise it'd be too hard to make progress. But the issue with Focus as it currently stands is that it is too efficient, too easily stackable, and it reduces the effectiveness of moderate cost minions. If you look at the best 4-6 stone models, many of them are well regarded precisely because of how hard it is to take them down. By making Focus less efficient, it'd increase the utility of those minions that don't have so many native defenses. My most common uses of Focus defensively is whe
  14. It's a function of math. Any game is going to be focused around the most likely outcome. How else do you decide how valuable wounds are, unless you ascribe their value at a baseline that begins at the most likely result? In fact, we see on the forums during model evaluation people talk about how many hits something can survive based at min values (usually min 3, looking at how efficient a topline beater will kill). Improving defensive tech is not necessarily a bad thing, especially since otherwise the answer to a lot of defenses are binary counters. Focus can already be used defe
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