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  1. Molly's alt crew are late 18th Century pirates, so they're further away in time than the 80's Mei Feng crew.
  2. This is a side effect of static TNs as the only resolution system. Using opposed flips will greatly abate that.
  3. It says it's built to 35 mm scale. So the doors and windows may be too large, but the interiors should be a better fit.
  4. If you swap to opposed flips, you'll find it's an easy solution that makes a profound difference.
  5. The section in the rules about on page 30 doesn't use the word "marker." It always says "a is dropped" So perhaps they did account for this. EDIT: Well, the example does use the term Blast Marker. But the actual rules section doesn't.
  6. I haven't used them in M3E, but I have played against them twice and I agree that they seem a little underwhelming.
  7. It's in the March 2020 FAQ, Section 1, Question 9. Good to know! Well, that wouldn't be a chain. It would just be a clear additional but separate damage from another source. But if it said "when this model takes damage from a , it takes +1 damage." Then it's no as clear.
  8. Arson is not analogous. Angelica substitutes for the marker as a cost/special requirement or effect. In Arson, the scheme marker removal is part of the attack's base effect, and in fact is often one of the points to the attack. Removing enemy scheme markers. So I don't think you can read the abilities as similar and gleam intent from them.
  9. I don't know if I agree with this as a theory of rules construction in Malifaux. Montressor hits the Midnight Stalker and brings it to 0 Health. Midnight Stalker declares his Demise. Unfortunately for him, he is within the Carrion Effigy's Aura of Decay, so he cannot heal and dies. Who has killed the Midnight Stalker? If you say Montressor, you're chaining the cause through the Carrion Effigy's ability. If you say the Carrion Effigy, he never did any damage or brought the enemy model to 0 health (in other words, he never "killed" the Midnight Stalker as described in the rules). Also, if a model creates an effect that causes a target to take falling damage, that model counts as killing the target, even though (so glad I get to say this), it's the fall that killed ya.
  10. I can't claim to know the answer either. But for me, it comes down to what the developers intended for these center-on-model-shockwaves. Did they intend the model to essentially substitute for the shockwave marker? In that case, I do think you should get the scheme marker. Or, did they mean the fact that it's a model and not a marker to be particularly significant. In that case, the model isn't meant to be a temporary shockwave marker, so we shouldn't read the model as a stand in for the shockwave marker in regards to other effects.
  11. Two other models in the game have this trigger, but only Angelica has the ability to center her shockwave on a model instead for a special effect. We know triggers are written for consistency between models, which seems like another point in favor of the idea that the wording of Not a Bomb wasn't specifically meant to prevent a scheme marker in Angelica's case. However, it doesn't establish that you get the scheme marker either, as neither of the other two models with this action would.
  12. No, you don't understand. It's not that I'm saying you're wrong. You're not wrong. I'm saying I'm not convinced the rules are written that precisely. Or, rather, that intentionally. Personally, I don't know how this works. That's why I asked. But I don't think the ability and trigger were written with such precision that we can necessarily say that because Not a Bomb mentions "drop a shockwave marker" it excludes doves, and I don't think the use of Cataclysm relies on your opponent knowing the dove-centered marker has to be the second one. Put another way, would you forbid your opponent a second shockwave maker if they placed the first using the dove?
  13. Functionally, since the shockwaves are identical and both have to be placed before resolving the action, the effect is the same whether the first or second is the dove. But just from a mechanical standpoint, this interpretation relies on a precise order of operations I'm not at all sure was intended.
  14. This isn't meant to signify that I disagree with your Not a Bomb reading, but I would point out that Cataclysm does say drop "another" shockwave marker. If you never drop a first, you can't then drop "another."
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