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  1. eddy


    Joss brings Irreducible damage, great triggers, ruthles, blast, shielding pulse, and construct obey. What more do you want?
  2. Read Paul scent of blood ability
  3. New idea of using summoned dogs. Not only kill them for stones but for triggers like my loyal servant or sadistic joy or boring topic. Or shooting your other guys for triggers like ricochet
  4. "Draw to pain" make it move not push. If enemy is not stupid he will always shot from direction that will make you stop on terrain and you wil have 0 use of this ability
  5. I have another question about focus + dmg flips. Does it works with dmg from triggers? ie ricochet?
  6. Well you can remoce terrain with 1 action before hitting her
  7. Hoffman healing is attack so he can charge and heal
  8. Augmented has loads of pushes on their attacks. With armor 2 you will probably suffer 1 dmg and its easy to heal with toolkit or attendant. For example i often move hunter 6" and shoot hofman with harpoon and cheat low ram to push him 6 "
  9. Lead lined coat is one of best upgrades in game. But rest are pretty meh. Expert marksman ca make some use but no prisoners is just for troll builds. If no prisoners run and gun was main ability and granade was minions only it would be awesome and would fix so many guild problems
  10. I want to make sure but does this ability decrease pulses and auras action range? As any stat can not be dropped bellow 0 with enaugh burning enemy may have pulse with base to base range?
  11. Lucky for you Sloth is usefull outside of Crossroads. For example greed isnt usefull in guild at all
  12. Lust Def up to 5, make either "seduction" or "now kiss" action gluttony needs some buff but no idea what Greed make trigger after resolving? Unchecked avarice, either increase range of or ad some extra efect like condition (distracted stunned, staggered, slow or injured) as this attack sometimes litteraly does nothing especially after t2 when enemy spreads. Pride make his attack actual atack. Maybe increase range to 1" wrath increase mele range 2" envy sh6? Make his aura works on spending conditions too that would be cool Sloth. Remove other model "restriction on resting in the blues"
  13. Raptors can summon another raptors "Circle overhead". And austringer drops corpse for summon. So one from demise + 1 from summon
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