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  1. Dashel is imo super balanced now. He has hand draw but its all dispatcher dependent and works mostly in t1 and 2 later and he is quite easy to kill. Dashel summons are really squishy with medicore stats and nearly no def tech. Von Schtook minions are crazy op. Hard to wound and armor and +1 wound compared to cost, and easy card draw on everything...
  2. Team Name Team Poland 1. Eddy- Arcanists 2. PK- Resurrectionists 3. Unknown- Unknown
  3. Best Hinamatsu also as leader
  4. Lucky emissary/ gluttony vs Titania, for marer removal
  5. Family keyword needs only 1 box extra Elite and Death marshals have 2 boxes but can be played with starter + 1 extra Sonnia needs + 2 boxes + versatiles Bess will need 2 boxes extra Dont go Dashel as he us summoner and need 3 extra boxes Hoffman is worst if you want get full keyword needs like 5 boxes extra
  6. Ohh you are right. So no crazy combo
  7. Correct me if i am wrong plz. Coryphee start as duet 1. Mobile Toolkit gives them focused 2 times (focused 2+) 2. Duet take focus action (focused 3+) 3.Duet dance apart 4.Coryphee A (focused 3+) continues activation and use dance partner on Coryphee B (focused4+) 5.Coryphee B (focused4+) use dance partner on coryphe A (focused4+) 6.Coryphee B take focus action (focused5+) 7.Coryphee B (focused5+) use dance togather on Coryphee A (focused4+) 8. Duet has now focused9+ You can stop combo after step 3 walk to get you closer to enemy with Coryphee A and use dance partner with Coryphe B and have 1 AP on duet left (focused 7+), or stop after step 4 and dance togather still having 2 AP left on duet (focused7+) Cassandra can copy toolkits Tune up at beggining to give another focused to duet (so +2 after combo) for overkill total 11 focus
  8. Expected Sonnia to be great ranged piece. She is not. Toooooo damn slow and low dmg track. Miss m2e Sonnia
  9. What about galvanize? It says another friendly model within 3" of this model. So if target is within 3" he can gain focus?
  10. Two questions about Wrath 1. If enemy inside anger issues damages multiple models friendly to wrath (with blast, pulse etc.) or if he does multiple dmg against single model does he get multiple sin tokens or only one per action? 2. Interaction with gunfighter. Wrath can not redirect atack if enemy is engaged single model and shoot instead using it as mele. What about situation if enemy with gunfighter is engaging but he is not engaged by friendly model?
  11. Another question on topic. Lets look at mounted guards. They are worth 8 points but they have demise and are replaced with guild patrols worth 4. Assuming enemy does not ignore demise enemy gains only 1 point towards strategy after killing MG replaced by patrol?
  12. I think raider could be good lodestone carrier. He is fast and has bonus movement action. He can stagger at long range and he can bring someone to follow him
  13. Alan is simply awesome and combo well with false witness
  14. Imo she is no ranged blaster anymore. I had best results playing her as mele tank. LLC upgrade is must have on her, 10 ss also helps a lot. Basicly you rush her into enemy ocassionaly shoting and activating hazardous aura. If enemy charge her they will kill themself and stack tons of burning you can use for summoning, if they are shooty you can come back to traditional blasting. From her key word spelcasters are usable as scheme runers. Thralls are quite nice beaters. 1 witchling hander is ok for movement aura and some extra burning. Samael is medicore and also need LLC to survive. Stalkers are quite bad, only good as summons. If it comes to ook picks steward is quite good for extra focus and heal. You also need something to boost Sonia mobility so either guardian or pale rider becomes handy. Other then that models that can move enemy are really nice if you want make use of Sonias awesom hazardous aura.
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