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    Tourney prep

    In plant explosives you can free focus hounds to get them fast near Taggart. Then you pus3" move move and drop 3-4 explosives t1
  2. Imo Queeg is super awesome. Fast aura is great with guild steward giving focus. Anyone tried 4 stat 7 min 3 dmg atcks form executioner? Its worth using only with beater models but it easy acces to fast on any model is sick. The thing you want with queeg are his trigers in mele especialy coordinated atack. With stat 7 and acces to tones of ss its super easy to land extra atacks from exec or dashel
  3. 1 point if you drop sheme marker
  4. Well up to is up to, but in case of push x you have to move full distance unless something stop your push
  5. On the other hand greed is easy hench kill as she is rather squishy
  6. Death marshal recruiters are sick... in a Dashel crew. I gladly take them even at 9ss to give all my minions second life especialy super usefull with guild patrols take hit.
  7. eddy

    Perdita experience

    Well terrain was really good for Perdita (or any shooting crew)
  8. I think LLC on Dashel is waste since you only get +1 arm. Expert marksman is imo better option. As Dashel core i run: DASHEL Dispatcher Stewie Taggart 1 executioner 1 rifleman Dashel doesn't need a lot of starting ss since his crew can get a lot of them during game.
  9. Lone marshal is also worth considering especialy vs ressers
  10. Dashel and Dispatcher are there for sure 😉 Probably Taggard too. But not sure what about minions. 3 guild patrols maybe? Or maybe 2 patrols + something else?
  11. eddy

    dashel advice?

    Yup. They still counts for limit
  12. eddy

    dashel advice?

    Hmm. Does anyone consider summon 3 dogs if you have 13 rams in hand just to kill them turn 1 for 3ss?
  13. eddy

    dashel advice?

    Enemy marker/freindly Executioner 13/nope Mounted guard 12/ red joker Sergant 11/13 Rifleman 10/12 Warden 9/11 Patrol 8/10 Hound 7/9
  14. eddy

    dashel advice?

    Deth Marshal Recruiter is sick if u run him with guild patrols. Patrols takes hits, then turn into Marshals and you even get 1 ss from corpse
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