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  1. If model atacks another mothel with atack that suns does defending model trigger works? Stuned prevents from declaring triggers. You declare trigger at step d V Stun from atack takes place instep e when triggers are alredy decared so they should still work. Am i right?
  2. Thanks. Didnt spot it on my mobile
  3. Stupid question. Where w can sign up??
  4. I would agree but Von Schtoock is not. I would compare his keyword minions to Augmented Augmented +2 armor ==> -1hp Transmortis +1 armor, HTW ==> +1hp Tell me where is balance in this
  5. The Grand Cabal vs Team Poland Matt - Hoffman vs Obi - Misaki 5:7 Oliver - Sommer vs Eddy - Colette 0:8 Nick - Zoraida vs PK - Seamus 6:6 Team Poland Wins
  6. Well pinebox is usless skill 90% of time. It would be nice if it works at least against gremlins
  7. When model with Ever-changing wind can move? Directly after droping marker or after whole action is resolved
  8. Team Poland vs Emma OP 2:1 Eddy (Colette) vs Radek (Mah) 4:3 Obi (Misaki) vs Ollie (Shenlong) 4:7 PK (von Schtook) vs Emma (Dreamer) 5:3
  9. Alans aura is crazy card drain
  10. Start with Dr. Grimwell
  11. Dashel isn't too op in any way. I think guild problem is that we compare masters insiede our faction an we end "balanced". He is A tier master now but they still lot of much stronger masters in other fractions. Thats exacly why Guild is worst faction now...
  12. Performers stlye and clothing are totaly in place. They aint prostitutes... they work in theater as dancers. Just check what burlesque is
  13. Argument for trigger working: Both relenting duel and enchance duel takes place in step A (page 10) (or relenting is even before step A)so active player can choose order. After declaring relenting Dove skips steps A-D and his final total is set. Then step A happens for Colette and dove dies. Then she flip card i step B moves through step C and D. At step E Colette declares trigger. During step F we alredy know Dove total from declaring relent. Her total excedes dove total (which was determined when he was alive) so acction is succesful. Dmg does not matter but trigger does not care about or
  14. I guess we have kind of shroedinger dove and new question needing FAQ
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