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  1. Plz make peer into dreams non joker...
  2. Friendly strats are yours, enemy are your opponents strats/schemes. Ie enemy can score schemes like detonate charges on your summon, but your summon won't count towards breakthrough
  3. Maybe free effigy for masters with expensive totems?
  4. I would say Hoffmans core minions are hunters an they are even more expensive
  5. i want Colette with either hazardous distracted aura or markers
  6. Any ideas? My guess, Colette with proper dmg atack 😂 Hoffman with upgrades for constructs Beater Marcus Better Rasputina
  7. That could fix crossroad (taking 7ss hench vs 15 ss master) and lot of effigies are not usefull in crossroad
  8. It is super strong. I lost Colette at begining of t3 thanks to enemy spaming We Own You on Harata. Classical NPE skill as you can do nothing about it
  9. +1 for double masters
  10. Dustracted changes are actualy hiden nerf for Haratas haka. Now enemy can just cancel distracted with focus for straight flip
  11. I just dont get why her movement was reduced and why the hell sword trick was nerfed?? Other then that i guess showstopper and illusionist was nerfed becouse distracted buff
  12. Not sure nerfing nearly every thing on her card was nesesary. What do you think? Colette Du Bois ° Df Stat changed from 5t to 5 . ° Sword Trick range reduced from 3" to 2", damage track removed for flat 3 damage, and unbury is in base contact with Marker. ° Showstopper changed to Unbury in base contact with a Performer and the p is only created when Unburying from Showstopper with range reduced from p3" to p2". ° Illusionist range reduced by from a6" to a4". ° Presto-ChangoTN changed from 13m to 14 and the friendly model must be a Performer within 8" of both Colette and the target. ° Mv Stat reduced from 6 to 5. ° Trick of that Hat now a r Trigger and no longer replaces the Dropped Marker.
  13. Imo versatiles are fine as they are. Problem is in keywords that clack synerygy with master like mentioned seamus or colett. I really like warmahine & hordes tier mechanics an it should work well with keywords. They could get buffs like if you spend 40 ss on keyword models you can get free 4ss minion, or free upgrade or all your models stat with focus etc.
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