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  1. It's also nice that she helps counter Youko. That's something we were all waiting for right?
  2. Both the Freikorps and Mercenary Keywords have a lot of Discard effects and not necessarily much in the way of Draw, so I can see Yannic being a big boon to both. Discard a card for a Scheme Marker effects like Parker's Draw Their Attention also get a boost, since they turn from a transaction (Pay X for Y) to gift (Draw a card, status quo otherwise remains largely unchanged) provided a marker is already in position. There are a lot of interesting possibilities more generally with this lot, it's going to be fun teasing them out.
  3. Feels a bit rough for poor old rats if the Jury is on the table. Come in Mindless, so entirely possible for them to die before ever activating. But it wouldn't be the end of the world I guess.
  4. A little disappointed at the lack of triggers that drop markers to make models like Benny happy (Yannic's Unexpected Results is a touch hard to do in the backline ), but definitely an interesting set. If nothing else the Riflemen being able to Interact, Walk, Interact without the need for expensive Moldy Cheese actions makes them pretty good for babysitting Benny, so there's opportunity to mix up my Hamelin list building there. Scheme marker shenanigans are my catnip though, so it's a fun starter set. Quite a lot of options for attack generation across the board, and you can even
  5. I'm surprised it would be so controversial an interpretation to require a ruling, to be honest? The rulebook on Actions says to resolve effects in the order they are written, ignoring any effects that can't be resolved. How could a non-italicized piece of text prevent the action from resolving under that logic? You just ignore the first sentence, remove the corpse, and charge.
  6. It's worth paying attention to which Effigy/Emissary you'll get. Pride gets you a healer beyond Sloth. Envy gets you condition removal so that Sloth's heal doesn't impact as badly. Wrath basically gets you another beater, but not much synergy with the crew and the terrain markers could trip over other models.
  7. Nah, this is old hat for Outcasts. Obedient Wretch and the Child are both Enforcers who are not technically unique individuals. We even have a Henchman, the Scion, who is just one of several random muppets pledged to Obliteration. Outcasts, the faction of "How are you not a Minion?"
  8. There's also Parker, who has the cute Draw Their Attention trick to get a scheme marker down somewhere potentially on the other side of the board to the Brawler.
  9. It's an action generated by a trigger, so it's actually just Mad Dog and Alyce.
  10. I remember saying when a friend asked what holes in Outcasts the Starter could possibly cover that we don't have much in the way of Stunned or Condition removal, so this guy getting both on the one action made me laugh. Overall I quite like him. Juggernaut is a neat bit of design on a model with Price of Progress for covering up that chip damage at the end of each activation. You can afford to be fairly liberal with buying triggers until he starts being the focus of attention.
  11. I actually quite like Hamelin as an answer to Sparks since he can do some big damage hits that don't generate blast damage. He shuts off Pustulent Tumours, which can be a little annoying, but normally the only other targeting of my own models is giving rats Fast in my backline and he's never close enough to stop that.
  12. Obviously not legal in some Master formats, but I like this: Ice Ice Baby (Neverborn) Size: 50 - Pool: 6 Leader: Lucius Mattheson Totem(s): The Scribe Hires: Euripides Changeling Changeling 2 Changeling 3 Guild Lawyer Ancient Pact Guild Lawyer 2 Ancient Pact Every AP is more Rune-etched Ice (well, minus the three from the Changelings who can only do it once/turn). Bonus points for declaring Lucius making it unlikely your opponent brought marker removal.
  13. I quite like Hamelin on this, but... I always like Hamelin. Not needing to cross the river to score and having Vendetta for the Obedient Wretch play well into what he wants to do. The second scheme is a little tricky and perhaps a bit dependent on the opponent's crew. If they bring something melee based and aggressive then Let Them Bleed is a nice and easy option. Anything with multiple support models lurking in backfield will be tough to get to though to score the second point, but hopefully Hamelin's habit of keeping all the Evidence markers in his deployment zone will pay dividends and make
  14. Cheers guys, good to know I've been playing it correctly
  15. Isn't there usually a distinction between flipped and cheated?
  16. Just to confirm this, since it seems pretty clear on paper, does the Red Joker only do Severe +1 damage if it's flipped for the damage flip, and otherwise is just Severe? The wording in the rulebook (specifically the page 9 sidebar) says that the Red Joker counts for Severe +1 if it "comes up" in a variable flip. That's not super precise language, to be fair, but my understanding is that cheated isn't flipped so it wouldn't count if the Joker is cheated in for damage.
  17. False Claim also lets you transfer AP across turns and table inches. I.e. if a model Interacts Turn 1 to leave a Scheme Marker in the deployment zone, two turns later that can be the Marker you remove with False Claim letting the two placed by that action remain in place. Or maybe four turns later, most times you need multiple markers it's for end phase schemes, but there are exceptions.
  18. Pretty sure Minako's upgrade only gets attached if the opponent misses.
  19. To be fair the other Jockey is Wizz-bang. So maybe not 100% dual faction...
  20. I've seen that exact trick every time I've seen Yasunori on the table post-nerf
  21. Seems unlikely that all the starter sets will be led by Obey Henchmen 😆
  22. Is there something I'm missing as to why a Keyword would matter for any Masters besides Marcus and Lucius? I mean obviously it increases the odds of the model being synergistic in some manner, but as these are Versatile strictly speaking the only reason to give a Keyword would be to let Lucius use that model Guild/Marcus in Arcanists.
  23. Aren't there several shotgun types in the game? Could easily be a refurbished one with the 2/3/3 track instead. Would differentiate her from Mad Dog at least! The Brawler is the model that I'm probably the most intrigued by. I get Toni-ish vibes for obvious reasons, which makes me wonder if tanking rules like Caught in the Ring or Take the Hit are on the table.
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