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  1. Great Job. Pupils give the gremlins a less alien look. I this I prefer the version with pupils.
  2. Actually you can cover a sybol on the border of the board with 1 1" model. So, in corner, you can caste 4 symbols deep in to your terrain half with exactly 6 models . This is perfect for my CR crew and that left one or 2 schemers to try to snag a point or 2 of symbols. This strategy doesn't work if you want to castle closer to the centre to score claim jump for example (this require a 3/1 split I think).
  3. Bring the cats in to my bubble pls! Unfortunately I think we can't be paired since the 2 other persons on 4 points already faced each other. But the pairings have their own will, so who knows. If we do get paired, it will indeed be interesting since if have to castle and protect the symbols against your high mobility crew (no don't mind me beside Doupleganger though). The Scheme pools is decent for a castle strategy, but you can try to outplay me by avoiding my bubble and going for a low scoring game of Reseach mission and claim jump. Than, I'll have to move up the board to score and that'll free the symbols. The mind game begins! ... Than I declare Colette 🀣
  4. Dora have a scary bubble with a lot of movement trick and ping because of Misery. She like centre Brawl. For this GG she will like Break the Line and Turf War. She's ok at Leyline and need to play a castle / denying strategy on symbols. She hate corner deployment since she doesn't have the fastest crew (but you can tech BBS / Horse to make if faster). I never saw a Dora crew without candy. You usually want someone to Lure / bring it (Kade, Hinamatsu, Wrath, Lyssa) so people are not running around you all game. In keyword Sorrow are the most common minions but Aversion are quite good at denying access to strat marker or to protect key models. Lyssa can be cheap scheme runner (I usually prefer Sorrow, but you can play a heavy stagger Dora crew with Vassi and Doll where Lyssa can thrive). I find Teddy + Kade quite expensive but they are an effective duo for beating the sh** out of people. I usually prefer Carver. Opportunist on focus is awesome. Breath of fire + an other stun bonus action make him more versatile (even though he's not a pure beater, you can give him ram for x2 crit strike). Iggy is a super niche pick. You really need to make use of both Arson and opportunist burning before hiring him. I mostly agree with @Regelridderenon the versatile models. Serena, even after the nerf, is quite good though and will make it in most of my list (especially because she's still the best healing option in NB). Vasi is also a great versatile with Dora. Combine her with a doll and a BBS (you can grow him in to mature t1 after pulsing focus x2 on your entire crew). I usually prefer this combo to the horse when I need to get out of corner quickly (or just if I need the extra mobility).
  5. SEV

    Team Cup 2021

    Teams Napolitan East Coasters assembled! 🍨🍦
  6. Wow I'm burning! But you admit it yourself, this is 60% nonsense πŸ˜‹. Conveniently 40% of what you're saying makes sense. That doesn't make the riders thrash though just not a 11ss auto take in every game (fortunately - Dead and Pale are close though). I do not agree that they're useless in the early game. They are amazing taxi (ride with me is one of the best bonus action in the game imo). And because of their mobility they can challenge any scheme runner on a flank and come back in to the fray t3+ with a shit load of fate token. Yes they are vulnerable to WP attack and condition like slow and stuned but 1) they're WP 7; 2) just don't bring them against certain crew (for example bringing a rider against Dora or Z is just asking for trouble). My (cooler) take : Rider are good (to great) versatile that happen to be well balanced. Well done wyrd (especially with the last errata to Mech). Actually I agree with Cackle: Hooded is the worst (I still take him). He could be slightly buff πŸ˜‹
  7. You are right. A way to think about it is how much stone would you pay at the beginning of the game to gain x fous. I think it's probably around a 2:5 / 1:3 ratio... so if you can pulse more than 5 focus with GST + Zombie it might be good (but it also cost positioning constraints + activation order + a master bonus action + a pass token because you hire the Zombie)... So the cost here is a bit iffy IMO but not unreasonable.
  8. Why? I don't understand your point. The aura is centered on her self so if she place she'll benefit from its, no?
  9. Yume is really fragile but does a couple of interesting things. Warp in the veil probably works best with a classic summoning Dreamer. Her Drawing ability is really good with this version of Dreamer, giving you control on the burry/unburry timing + card advantage. Row of teeth is a fine attack with 3 really nice triggers. It's yet an other execute models for the Dreamer crew... Maybe there's something to explore there. The other attack is what really make her shine imo. A stat 7 12" WP attack... So good for classic Dreamer. Poping an Alp, thinning your deck (if you're within 6) getting 2 free points of dammage + a free attack on an injured model... Yes please ! Coil is a nice movement tricks and a way to get the model in range of her deadly melee attack. I'm not a big fan of consume... Maybe it's better with the Oni. She seems a bit glassy to me an th 8 SS slot is really crowded in nightmare (Serena, WW), so I'm not sure she'll make the cut, but she seems interesting enough to try, especially with the good old summoning boy.
  10. I like the new Dreamer (I also prefer the classic sleepy guy esthetic). Hand manipulation is through the roof. But it's going to be tricky. Those ability are all mandatory. Made real is unbelievably good. Giving +flip to any models anywhere on the table. It also help you to go through your first hand quickly. So you can bury and unburied back to back. It also give you something to do with the weak cards of your second hand. I'm not sure how survivable he'll be, but most of the time opponent will only have one or two full activation against him before he bury. The 2 triggers on Peer are amazing. But it's a stat 5 wp attack. I think we'll got the most mileage from his other attack. Slow and adversary + hand manipulation. Sign me in. Again, nice trigger on lead nightmare (super sweet with Alp, but unfortunately I don't think that will make them legit non summon hire). Finally the bonus action is... weird. On one hand it's really nice to finally have some way to drop scheme markers outside of interact action. On the other hand, this bonus action will not always be useful.
  11. I tried this exact crew + the Milk Elmental. 4 as is enough, 12 is overkill. It's... fine. Milk elemental is actually really good here. You can toss your poison bubble upfield and/or toss people in and out of it (again, fin a nice forest to abuse Goo hazardous). This crew still have the same limitation as any other EVS crew and his more dependent on the poison sheenaningans (but less than something like Brewie). It works for me the only time I tried it but I can see it falling apart easily.
  12. Calypso has an unassisted massive push that ping for one (on a tome). So if you have Calypso and Goo in a forest. Calypso will do a pulse 3 2" push that do 2 damage and a poison unassisted (and because it's ping damage it ignores armor). You can do this 4 time in a turn... Silly.
  13. I don't think Machinists are auto includs... they're fine 5ss models, but their best feature is the negation of Ennemy aura... So if this doesn't affect your opponent crew I would leave them on the side bench. Grave goo is amazing with Calypso... it's a little bit map dependent but beside that it's an all-star. I also really like Mickhail as a beater since most of your crew is soft and need to bubble and he's good at protecting them. Vernon's is a good scheme runner and is really good against WP attack crew. Mr. N synergize well in this crew (with both is son and Maxine). And he's a good all around pick imo. Beside that, I think it's important to spread your reconfigure suits (I wouldn't hire 3 models that reconfigure on crow for example).
  14. I really like the 3rd list. I'm a big fan of Scorpius! WW could be really good here. But that mean cutting the rider... GL.
  15. Amazing! Bayou is the Easter faction and NB the Halloween faction πŸ˜€
  16. Yes... but for me it's because I'm not good enough to be near the top 16th... for you it's because you're already qualified. I guess I won on style points πŸ˜‹
  17. I registered as... arcanist. After loosing all Som'er long with Maxinne, I'm going to the next level and I'll solo CR7 led by Envy for the last event.
  18. Congrats Cackle... I hope you face @Kharnage in R5 for an epic final duel against your two beloved masters.
  19. Also, use the terrain to your advantage. I will often choose a slightly off position if I can put the symbols on raise part of the board, in severe or hazardous terrain. Obviously this depends of your opponent crew. If his scheme runner have leap, putting the symbols on a high 2 terrain is les effective, if they're incorporeal there's no point of using the hazardous or severe, etc. I like the 3-1, you can also do a 4-0 castle and try to defend all 4 (exept in wedge). This is really tough though since you'll face you whole opponent crew and will have to defend more ground. Still doable with a strong bubble crew.
  20. Hi fellow Canadian, we need you! @ShinChan and I want to play in the team cup for Canada (we're both base in Quebec) but we're missing a player. Shin is actually good, bit I'm not, so we're mostly looking to have fun during this event. + point if you're in Montreal, so we'll also be able to play live, but everyone from cost to cost are welcome. If you're interested but don't know vassal, don't worry we'll teach you!
  21. SEV

    Team Cup 2021

    I'm looking for fellow canadians to participate in this one.
  22. @fire5tone : good job. Small details: for Ulix you forgot that you can upgrade The Sow/Gracie to a Warpig with a 6 (which is super good in the right situation).
  23. I'm a big fan of your KoD work. I'm glad you make a painting detour with Malifaux minis. Great takes on Envy! I like the muted NMM. Do you plan on doing the rest of the band (Envy is the more spectacular pieces of the CR7, but they make a superb unit all together).
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