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  1. In fairness - what percent of summoning is actually done off of corpse markers anymore? I feel like final repose is mostly just useful for keeping the board from getting too cluttered these days 😛
  2. Re: asylum - it depends on how broad wyrd is getting with the notion of "explorers." If the Umbra master ends up being an Edwardian spirit medium type character (which would be awesome) then I could also see a Jekyll/Hyde psychoanalyst type. Aaaaand if those two were to come out I'd end up buying into yet another faction. So I hope they do something boring instead 😛
  3. Building in the Tomes would probably be fine, it's not like it's hard to apply burning as-is. Like I said, I think they're mostly valuable as chump blockers. Like Malifaux Rats or some of the other summon-only models.
  4. Why? Quellers can drop markers at range (or tech in False Witness) and Sanctioned Spellcasters are your default scheme runner. Stalkers are condition removal and chump blockers. Considering you're mostly getting them as passive summons I don't know why they need to be anything more.
  5. Their condition removal is quite good. Right now they're balanced around your ability to summon them. You probably wouldn't hire more than one.
  6. Maybe a Lucius obey spam? I haven't played against Levi, but it seems with the amount of Necrotic Decay floating around that could be super efficient. Tech in Jury, take 2 lawyers, agent 46...
  7. Yes, it is that clunky. By far the worst return on investment of any summoner in the game. Especially when he's not particularly gold at anything else.
  8. Outcasts feel like they're similar - in that Servant is good and I honestly can't remember what the others do, that's how relevant they are. Compared to how game changing 10T/Arcanist/Resser upgrades are... I wouldn't mind seeing all the upgrades get adjusted.
  9. Doesn't a blocked idol just drop next to the piece of blocking terrain?
  10. Riflemen die to a stiff breeze so I don't think it's fair to make a straight comparison.
  11. I'd dig the woman as his hench and the two big guys as totems.
  12. No need to apologize, that sounds like a really interesting game. Good counterplay on your part, it bites that you still had to get INCREDIBLY lucky at the end there.
  13. Yeah but double masters are generally horrible for the game and shouldn't be a part of competitive play, so...
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