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  1. If I were writing the game I'd give the sanitarium to Lucius. After all, reprogramming "patients" and sending them out into the world as sleeper agents is a pretty Elite Division move.
  2. Another for Lucius. Because winning the game with only Lucius left on the board with a fat stack of soulstones looking pleased with himself... It's a great feeling.
  3. She is extremely resource-efficient at removing individual models. My frequent opponent runs a frustrating Collodi crew that spams small activations, Vasillisa slings Hinamatsu into a key model at the bottom of each turn and they teleport back to the Doll Collection markers at EoT. It's a finesse crew, but it scales well with player skill - the better you are at reading the opposing crew and board state the more you'll be able to get done.
  4. I don't get the hate on the Nephilim. It's absolutely one of the best totems in the game.
  5. Sounds pretty card intensive. It could be a good back-pocket play but not something I'd count on. Doxy's a pretty solid model anyway. That push in a Perdita crew is less meaningful, but for Sonnia or J it could be fun...
  6. I'm definitely interested. And if you're looking for the gold standard of tournament reports (imo) check out ArgentBadger's posts - the action is really clear and easy to follow.
  7. It looks like Lucius has three lawyer sculpts at gencon. So maybe his Elite Division will focus more on legalese and more, well, Elite guards while Dashel has most of the current guardsmen models?
  8. Overall, I really like what we're seeing out of gencon so far. I'd love decent pictures of any new models they've got on display...
  9. It's exactly the synergistic nature of Malifaux that (in my mind) requires a rotation. Otherwise there's no getting away from overpowered interactions, and no way for players to hold a reasonable picture of the game as a whole in their head. It's not unplayable at the moment, but coming back to the game I've pretty much limited myself to the original three Guild masters with the idea that I can just blow anything I don't recognize off the table. Reading tournament reports, following podcasts, etc it looks like metas globally have seen a similar paradigm shift. There's too much going on in this game that will blow you away if you try to play for points, so you better just table your opponent and score later. Streamlining conditions will help shift the dial back towards Malifaux over Murderfaux but you can't really get away from the fundamental problem of bloat. Too many interactions to anticipate and test properly, leading to more errata, leading to more untested combinations gumming up the release schedule and bogging down the competitive scene in a morass of same-y aggro lists. But again, if Wyrd isn't doing this for the health of the tournament circuit then I totally get why people are upset.
  10. I don't think it's misleading. Clelaning up the rules will help but over time it is impossible to have a game that is balanced for competitive play if you consistently release new models each year and don't do anything about bloat. And it happens faster with a game like Malifaux that is fundamentally built around TCG style combos than it does in a game like Infinity where the focus is more on positioning and maneuver. If Wyrd is serious about competitive gaming then they need to either massively slow down their release schedule (which may be a hard sell from a profits perspective) or they need to control bloat by rotating models out of standard play by some mechanism.
  11. Even playing casually I sunk more money into Magic than I have into Malifaux. And again, without minis rotation - or some other measure to control bloat - the competitive side of the game is dead.
  12. Absolutely. Wyrd has both been really proactive around issues of diversity, and more than usually responsive when people have brought up problems. There was a big discussion a couple of years ago on the forums that got a bit heated, but honestly I think the game (and art, etc) came out the other side stronger for it. Of course there are always more stories that can be told, but this world is already richer than any other minis game I can think of.
  13. @Mason - I read what y'all have said about DMH. What we the player base will need to know moving forward (I understand that this isn't available at this time, it's complicated) is who will end up in the DMH and how long we have until that happens. We also need to know sooner rather than later if any other models are being DMH'd. We need to know if masters currently in the DMH can be expected to be brought into the standard set, or if they are out of competitive play for the edition (and, again, approximately how long that will be). We need firm expectations about what the DMH actually means - and this speaks to WWHSD's point below. Does it mean 90% of nothing because most TO's are going to ignore it? Or will Wyrd be imposing some incentive for it to actually be adhered to (different tournament formats, etc)? We also need to have an idea of the intent. Because currently it sounds like masters were DMH'd more or less "for fun" or because some writer or another decided that's where the story would go. And if that's actually where we're at then I really do empathize with the folks who are upset. On the other hand, if I'm reading it right and it's a way to add new models while keeping the game viable on a competitive level then we need to know that. Partially so that we can plan purchasing if tournament play is important to us, but also so that we (I) can continue to be really vocal in defending the choice as it gets implemented. I'm doing a lot of guessing and wishful thinking right now because I'm excited about the game for the first time in over a year. I think that the M3E news is overwhelmingly positive and I want the change to be as smooth as possible. The one shadow is the uncertainty around the DMH - about what it will actually, concretely mean to the average player next year and five years down the road. I understand that information may not yet exist, y'all were wrong footed by the leaks and that sucks, but the sooner we can know what impact this will have on our daily experience of the game the better.
  14. @Saduhem - I definitely agree that I want greater clarity as to what's going on with the DMH and what it will be used for going forwards. For example, I think that people should know that named models (arbitrary distinction) have 5 years eligibility in Standard format. After that point they may be reworked and re-released or retired from Standard indefinitely. For perspective, I'm back after about a 6 month hiatus that I took because the game state is so bad post Wave 5. I was feeling like the several hundred dollars I've spent on the game have been largely invalidated because I was investing in a dynamic game that was balanced for competitive play and that was just clearly not the case anymore. If I'd bought into the game as a fun way to kick back with friends, or because I wanted to spend a lot of time converting and painting, then I wouldn't have been bothered. The DMH seems like a way to keep the game relevant for competitive players and also maintain support for casual/hobbyist gamers. But again, you're right, Wyrd needs to be super clear and consistent about the DMH models. To that end I would actually like them to be stricter about how the DMH interacts with competitive play - no DMH models in Masters qualifying events, but allowed in non-master "legacy" tournaments. Something like that.
  15. Okay, but by doing nothing they "invalidate" competitive play whereas this way you still have perfectly "valid" rules for your models in casual and semi-competitive settings. I played casual MtG for years, the changing format didn't somehow "invalidate" any of my purchases.
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