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  1. Yeah but double masters are generally horrible for the game and shouldn't be a part of competitive play, so...
  2. Agreed, second masters were a bad idea and not super well executed. As for Zoraida - concealment is your friend. She only has three ap, if you can force her to burn stones/focus her efficiency goes way down. You also want a crew that can play wide because she'll bust up your synergies anyway.
  3. That's fair - official counts-as rules would be friendly
  4. I said it when it was first announced, I'll keep saying it; there's no way to keep a game competitive if you keep adding models without adopting a rotating system like MtG. Bloat and power creep are unavoidable. Expectations need to be clearly set out but I'd like to see something like one keyword per faction rotated out or rewritten each year rather than waves of new models added to an already crowded game.
  5. Fair point, I may be a bit defeatist when it comes to Shenlong 😛
  6. Nope - he turns off defensive triggers with an upgrade too.
  7. If it's stunned it could interact twice. It couldn't move so I don't know when that would be relevant, but still.
  8. He might be good with Hamelin - Bring It! and Shove Aside could be helpful for getting enemy models into those overlapping auras. Then again, it's definitely a crew that wants all its synergy so... You can always pick him as your leader and have a whole crew of Nephilim which might throw somebody for a loop after you declared Outcasts.
  9. Yes, that is the ability. That's how it was tested. Pretty good, huh?
  10. Well Karina is supposedly the best Necromancer in Malifaux. She's just also kind of nuts... I think Tara says something along the lines of Karina having forgotten more about necromancy than Nicodem ever knew.
  11. Min 4 under ideal circumstances (No Witnesses trigger). Not that it comes up often Agent 46 copying the lawyer's Obey is fun since he gets it at stat 6 and can stone for the mask...
  12. 1 - correct. 2 - you absolutely can squeal out of melee. The only restriction on leaving melee is on the walk action.
  13. Sorry it took me so long to post, and like I said, not super great. But there's my lady J in all her hair metal glory.
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