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  1. Min 4 under ideal circumstances (No Witnesses trigger). Not that it comes up often Agent 46 copying the lawyer's Obey is fun since he gets it at stat 6 and can stone for the mask...
  2. 1 - correct. 2 - you absolutely can squeal out of melee. The only restriction on leaving melee is on the walk action.
  3. Sorry it took me so long to post, and like I said, not super great. But there's my lady J in all her hair metal glory.
  4. It's good on the first turn and you can potentially just kill it turn 2/3 for a card.
  5. Similarly the Midnight Stalker is everywhere in outcast. Guild Steward/Pale Rider/etc.
  6. I don't think he needs a rapier- I love the alt even though he's got a Scottish looking claymore rather than a dueling sword. He just needs a sword. 😛
  7. 2/3 rifleman sculpts are "aiming" with the rifle tucked into their armpits in a physically... problematic way. Francisco needs an actual sword not the battered fender the default model is currently brandishing.
  8. I mean 3/4/5 was a solid damage track even in 2e and damage is lower across the board in 3. I suggest looking at some more cards and getting a better understanding of where the field is at before you get too upset.
  9. Congratulations on your placing. Sounds like some tight games. I do have to say, from a purely personal perspective, that I really hope Gaining Grounds bans second masters outright. M3e's best design goal was prioritising theme crews and additional master hiring has always been a really wrong-headed, counter-productive move in that regard. It's really depressing to see that becoming the standard.
  10. It's definitely only done to an...acceptable tabletop standard. Not meant to hold up under close examination. But I'll post a picture on Monday when I get home.
  11. Really good analyses. I questioned the prospectors at first, but Appraise does make them a good tech choice against foundry (theoretically).
  12. That's why I picked up the 1e metal and bulked out her torso with a leather jacket to match her anachronistic knee pads...
  13. If they are good - and I think they are - it's A Por El, Family Values, and Bravado that make them good. Ap efficiency, improved access to focus, card draw are all important. While some things are worse - mostly Monster Hunters, maybe Frank - Santiago and Nino are better. Papa and Abuela are different but pretty much par. Perdita is worse but feels in line with other strictly worse masters like Lucius, Reva, etc. Now I don't have a meta unfortunately so this is theory-faux. But I think Family is competitive - albeit much more of a finesse crew than before. It's less about murdering everything and more about tempo control and ap efficiency. To that end Finger on the Trigger feels really efficient - it just means that Perdita is playing a second rank role. She sets stuff up and provides covering fire, canceling charge attacks and all that.
  14. I've got a nice mix of alts and 1e sculpts for my family crew. Currently using 1e Tuco as my monster hunter because he's an Ortega damnit.
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