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  1. I'm hoping Lucius loses Issue Command, Entourage, Misinformation, and (sadly) Arcane Reservoir in exchange for Commanding Presence, That's What Lackey's Are For, a Backstab trigger on his cane that deals +2 dmg to engaged models, and the free action off his old Hidden Weapons upgrade to take discard scheme markers in an aura to generate additional attacks.
  2. If you like Tara I'd say play Tara. Outcasts are plenty tricky - Jack Daw, Hamlin, and Von Schill all have tricky combo-y playstyles that are plenty deep.
  3. Maybe a weird sort of upgrade master? Cut body parts off other people, staple them to your dudes.
  4. Unless I need the push. The crew wins or loses on your ability to maximize A Por El and manage your card economy. Focus is nice but not that important compared to leveraging your AP advantage.
  5. Santiago is a utility piece - you don't necessarily go in with a plan for him, but he has something meaningful to do most turns. I'd be happier if he were 7ss just for A Por El utility.
  6. Vernon & Welles and Eva are two of the better scheme runners in the game. There are definitely pools where I could see taking both in GG2, putting one on each flank and having Ivan+beater-of-choice run up the middle and pressure your opponent.
  7. It's posts like this that keep making me want to buy Ivan. He's good, but tricky, and flexible. Mostly I just want to paint up the stylish shadow-bros though. He's rivaling Lucius for snappiest dresser in Malifaux.
  8. Jack Daw actually feels a lot like he used to, though the tricky movement and control is more distributed across the crew rather than focused on his card. It's not obvious reading it, but it feels familiar on the table.
  9. Maybe the waifs plant phylactery tokens on terrain and he can exist within aura 3" of any terrain with a phylactery token. Trading the mobile assassin for a slow but unstoppable force...
  10. Speaking of Title speculation/wishlisting, I'd like to see a Lady J that leaned into more support and mobility. Friendly Death Marshals gain Incorporeal, friendly burying. That sort of thing. And backstab Lucius - give That's What Lackeys Are For and Commanding Presence back, strip out Issue Command and give him a version of the Backstab action on his upgrade from 2e where if he arranges things correctly he does massive damage.
  11. I'd put money on something like plague pits Hamlin. I'd like to see Blight have more interactions than just converting to damage.
  12. Oh, I'm not concerned about this version being weaker. It's just easier to see what the new sexiness has than what it misses. Like an engagement range 😛
  13. But also - no sword, no self heal, no hazardous aura, no ignoring LoS, no summoning... I don't think new Sonnia is strictly better in any way. But she plays in a way I'm more excited by.
  14. Apparently wyrd wants my money. Anybody got Thralls, Sanctioned Spellcasters or Quellers they want to get rid of? 😛
  15. Love it! EDIT: which is to say, I'll play her.
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