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  1. admiralvorkraft

    been a while since I've asked, what was your last list you played

    Yeah, Jury wouldn't be my first choice. Especially in Guild, half the faction has a 12" pistol to just get that first point on the board. Good job all around though!
  2. admiralvorkraft

    Playing in my first individual tournament in a long time.

    Good luck! They can't ply you if they're burning to death.
  3. admiralvorkraft

    Competitive McCabe

    Yasunori hits more accurately, but as with anything it's just a resource management exercise. Between that and a good source of bury/paralyze/spam summoning you can hold up just about anything. Misaki is hard for me, as are Ironsides and Yan Lo. Those last two don't kill as much, but they haul my models in and lock them down which is harder to efficiently jam up imo.
  4. admiralvorkraft

    Competitive McCabe

    When they show up against me they tend to do very little or die very quickly...
  5. admiralvorkraft

    Competitive McCabe

    That's fair. I guess I'm the only one routinely underwhelmed by the big beaters :-P
  6. admiralvorkraft

    Competitive McCabe

    I'm surprised not to see a reactivating Dawn Serpent call out...
  7. admiralvorkraft

    M2E Rasputina

    Be killed and explode for 4 to a large number of models (that blast off a 50mm base is not insignificant) after sucking at least a couple of AP. Look at it as a (1) action that paralyzes a model and deals blast damage. It's not bad at all if you pick your moment. Otherwise just stick to summoning gamin and blowing things off the board.
  8. admiralvorkraft

    The year of the guild...!or not...

    I usually have 8-9 models in my crews without spamming by which point I can usually tell where the alpha is coming at least. Outside of like Hamlin the buffing and delivery mechanism for the alpha takes enough stones that the activation control isn't outrageous.
  9. admiralvorkraft

    The year of the guild...!or not...

    With Arrest Him! He can usually get up and summon a Guild Guard engaging the alpha-striker. Sure that guard will immediately get eaten but it will take resources and probably stop a charge. It doesn't work in every instance but it will take the teeth out of most alphas.
  10. admiralvorkraft

    been a while since I've asked, what was your last list you played

    I played another vassal game tonight; Symbols of Authority Punish the Weak Recover Evidence Hold Up Their Forces Covert Breakthrough Take One For the Team I took that same Lucius crew from above; Lucius - 7ss Surprisingly Loyal Deep Pockets Condescending The Scribe Lawyer Death Marshal 2x Orderlies Austringer Graves Tannen My opponent took; Lady J - 5ss Swordfighter Another one Franc Wade In Hermanos Jury Numb 2x Recruiters Investigator Brutal Effigy Scales of Justice I took Take One For the Team on the Death Marshal on the theory that he was definitely taking Punish (spoilers, he was) and Recover Evidence because, Lucius. He took Punish and Undercover Breakthrough. The game was fantastic. Turn one he rolled up and I jockeyed for position. Top of two I popped Recover Evidence and threw Lucius in to score the first point on it and tie up his crew for a minute. I had a solid hand to back up the play - eight cards and nothing lower than a 9. Plus a full cache. He activated Lady J and discarded an 11 and a 12 for Justice at the End of the Blade to gain positives to all flips against Lucius for the rest of the turn. The rest of his hand was three 13s and the Red Joker. Now, thanks to some lucky prevention flips it did take both J and Frank to kill Lucius and I was able to sneak in and grab a second evidence marker with the Marshal. Other highlights included the Scales chasing around my lawyer turns 5-6 to try and stop it interacting. Both times I discarded a card to put it on negatives to disengage, and both times I black jokered my Df flip, and still managed to disengage. Graves showing both Frank and Lady J the door, repeatedly, in order to deny him Punish points. My Orderlies ganging up to beat a Recruiter into the ground. The game ended on turn 6. We tied 7-7. I scored 2 for Take One For the Team, full points for Recover Evidence, and two on the strat. He scored three for the strat, three for Undercover Breakthrough, and just the one point on Punish.
  11. admiralvorkraft

    Competitive McCabe

    Lawyers might be fun. They are a steal at 5ss and if you're throwing a saber around their situational attack is less of a drawback. I don't have my cards in front of me, do Field Reporters have Reference the Field Guide or something? If so, then they are durable for their cost (disguised, manipulative) and can stack rams for crit strike on the saber. Otherwise you're pretty much describing my Lucius lists. Wardens, a Death Marshal, Pathfinder, Dashel, etc.
  12. admiralvorkraft

    Card advantage?

    Lust draws a card on a tome for df. You can probably get ahead turn one by going defensive +2 and then flailing at her with Desperate Mercenaries or the like. The trigger is after resolving on df 6 so you probably don't even have to hurt her.
  13. admiralvorkraft

    The year of the guild...!or not...

    They are very different masters that work very differently. That being said, Sonnia does plenty of damage and brings solid board control to boot.
  14. admiralvorkraft

    The year of the guild...!or not...

    I lose most of my games period, because my most common opponent is incredibly good at the game. I've won or taken second in tournaments in four states. Mostly with Guild though I've also solo'd Jack Daw and Ramos. Heck, pre-errata Lucius and Guild McMourning got me to a top table at an (admittedly small) tournament back in the day. We're definitely stronger than that now.
  15. admiralvorkraft

    The year of the guild...!or not...

    That attack on Zipp probably needs a nerf - there's a reason Grab and Drop is a (0) and Up We Go (or whatever it's called) is significantly better. But that doesn't mean that our masters are somehow invalid.