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  1. Or obey something the first lawyer had already obeyed...
  2. Literally just a sewer grate and a creepy lamppost... 😛
  3. Yeah... maybe just cut to the bone. Boost their survivability and give them a tactical free action "until eot enemy models treat the area within 2" as hazardous Blight 1."
  4. Fair points all around. The way I play, Hamelin's actions, especially in early turns, are all pretty dedicated to spooling up the blight engine and building board control. I value at least one model that can get its job done without him, especially if I feel like I need early scheming... Honestly I think the problem might be Benny (sort of). The designers clearly wanted to get away from Hamelin's summon cycle of 2e but couldn't totally come up with a replacement way for Rats/Rat Kings/Rat Catchers to work. So they put the initial summoning on Benny and made it really AP expensive. W
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but auras can only proc once per action, so multiple disease auras don't actually do anything. I'd like to see them be a valid scheme runner just so I don't have to buy the Midnight Stalker. 😛
  6. To the general conversation at the moment; I played Guild primarily in 2e but I will only play crews with good keyword synergy this time around, so Guild is staying on the shelf. It's not that it's a bad faction, but the only keywords I can see playing the way I want are Family and Augmented, of the two Family is almost but not quite where I want it to be competitively and Augmented is strictly better in Arcanists. Every other faction has multiple keywords that work in-theme. I'm not sure why Guild missed the mark in that regard.
  7. That... really doesn't seem worth it. *shrug* different playstyles I suppose. So two 10s, an 8, 9ap and Hamelin's free action get you a turn 1 rat king that gets to activate turn 2. Am I missing something?
  8. How are they each dropping two markers turn one? Are you spending two 8s to make them fast? Or using Hamelin's zero? Either way doesn't seem worth it to me. I hire a rat and get my turn one King off Benny, Wretch, Rat Catcher each dropping one. Mostly incidental summoning is plenty for me in later turns.
  9. The way I play "the bubble" really doesn't move much. Nix usually dives deep to spread blight but I should try a WP or two in that role...
  10. Great minds, I suppose 😛 @Azahul yeah, the Festering Wounds point is a good one. I'm sure I'd summon them occasionally too... As-is the only thing I can think is to hold a couple as last activation turn 1, double walk and push to get Blight out early, but it really doesn't feel like that's 8ss of value, and doing it with just one seems pointless.
  11. Does anyone use them? I'm generally happy with Hamelin's keyword, but the WPs just seem...not well tuned. I had a game against Honeypot last night and, while I know that direct comparisons aren't always accurate, the Winged Plague and Depleted have similar enough roles in similar enough crews that I think it merits comparison. (I won the game handily btw, against a brand new player, but still this isn't a balance rant) Depleted cost a point less, they are an order of magnitude tougher (one more wound, HtW, HtK), faster (Drawn to Brilliance), and do irresistible damage when they die.
  12. Idk, handing out free crows seems good enough to offset any downsides...
  13. In fairness - what percent of summoning is actually done off of corpse markers anymore? I feel like final repose is mostly just useful for keeping the board from getting too cluttered these days 😛
  14. Re: asylum - it depends on how broad wyrd is getting with the notion of "explorers." If the Umbra master ends up being an Edwardian spirit medium type character (which would be awesome) then I could also see a Jekyll/Hyde psychoanalyst type. Aaaaand if those two were to come out I'd end up buying into yet another faction. So I hope they do something boring instead 😛
  15. Building in the Tomes would probably be fine, it's not like it's hard to apply burning as-is. Like I said, I think they're mostly valuable as chump blockers. Like Malifaux Rats or some of the other summon-only models.
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