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  1. If they are good - and I think they are - it's A Por El, Family Values, and Bravado that make them good. Ap efficiency, improved access to focus, card draw are all important. While some things are worse - mostly Monster Hunters, maybe Frank - Santiago and Nino are better. Papa and Abuela are different but pretty much par. Perdita is worse but feels in line with other strictly worse masters like Lucius, Reva, etc. Now I don't have a meta unfortunately so this is theory-faux. But I think Family is competitive - albeit much more of a finesse crew than before. It's less about murdering everything and more about tempo control and ap efficiency. To that end Finger on the Trigger feels really efficient - it just means that Perdita is playing a second rank role. She sets stuff up and provides covering fire, canceling charge attacks and all that.
  2. I've got a nice mix of alts and 1e sculpts for my family crew. Currently using 1e Tuco as my monster hunter because he's an Ortega damnit.
  3. Literally the reason I never bought m3e perdita was because of Francisco's ludicrous cleaver. Swords are hard to get right at scale, but we can get closer than this...
  4. Plenty of big models have one or more low stats. Models need weaknesses for the game to be a game.
  5. I mean summoning is just one part of Tara's kit. She's a toolbox master, not really a primary summoner.
  6. My instinct is that you want the crew to be led by one of the beaters - if you're bringing all seven of course and not hiring in a ringer. So that would be Envy or Wrath in my mind. I haven't put them on the table yet, but their synergies look strong...
  7. Sure. For what it's worth I think Perdita can be super competitive.
  8. It really seems to skew damage flips and more importantly it frees up resources by mitigating the need for focus and cheating. From what I've seen widow weaver and Chompy can do plenty. Then just try and keep 3 stitched on the table and you're good to go. Avoid early combats with your superior mobility and you should be in good shape.
  9. But if we can't be salty about everybody else's toys why do we play Guild?
  10. Having played against dreamer I do think Lucid Dreaming has been consistently undervalued. By the end of turn two you can expect to win pretty much every flip before cheating. It's not as oppressive as, say, Chi (with the possible exception of Stitched) but it feels every bit as good as Rig the Deck, etc.
  11. I want the upper-class big game hunting twit and his guide where the guide is the master and the hunter is the totem. A balloonist could be fun.
  12. You would use her standard cost of 15.
  13. If I were writing the game I'd give the sanitarium to Lucius. After all, reprogramming "patients" and sending them out into the world as sleeper agents is a pretty Elite Division move.
  14. Another for Lucius. Because winning the game with only Lucius left on the board with a fat stack of soulstones looking pleased with himself... It's a great feeling.
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