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  1. @LightningJuice I usually find one lawyer is plenty and two become awkward to get work out of. One Lawyer and one Changeling are core to most of my Lucius crews. I'm glad Grimwell worked out well! I keep meaning to try him out. Winning with Lucius is often a matter of inches - it's the one crew I might prefer to play on Vassal 😛
  2. It's still not /great/ don't get me wrong. Two Hunters, or two Monster Hunters were my most successful option - obviously that was a Guild thing though. It's a better scheme if you have ranged models. Run and Gun is probably nice for it.
  3. Outflank is very doable if you have models with Deadly Pursuit who can walk, scheme, and then push in at eot... At least the first point. Otherwise, not so much.
  4. I've had enough games with Lucius where it either didn't happen when I needed it, or forced my activation order in an unhelpful way, that I don't count on it.
  5. Oh yeah, my actual opinions aren't as strong as my emotional response to the riders. Ride With Me is genuinely great and what I would take them for. Oh, yes, sorry. I don't count the Rider or Grimwell because I don't plan around bouncing AP through the Lawyer do to the vagaries of Tools, but that's my thought process and no one else is obligated to follow it. Jury and the Mimic models let you maximize offensive obeys which is what I thought you were worried about (and what I would have planned for in this match-up).
  6. I know a couple Outcast players have had that feeling. And in fairness, I've switched to Outcasts but that's because I owned virtually all of the models in my keywords of interest already. I've had lots of success with an all-keyword Family crew (Dita, Neph, Abuela, Franc, Santiago, Nino, and tech to taste). I've got a couple low model count Lucius crews that work very well - 2x Guardians, Doppel+LLC, 46+LLC for example. Augmented I don't have any particular takes on other than rating the Guardian much higher than the general meta did even before the Gage nerf (I don't play much Augmented). Plaag and I...probably can't have a useful conversation but I'd be happy to play him at some point and see how it goes. And I'm sorry that I implied y'all aren't good players. I let my frustration with the conversation broadly spill over. I won't defend myself on that point, I should have been more strictly constructive in my comments.
  7. As I mentioned, life stepped in to pull me away from the game in the first year of 3e. I will be playing in the team tournament, so you'll be able to show me up at the end of August I'm sure. That being said, virtually all the talk around Malifaux sounds a lot like you're talking about MtG. This card does this, this combo happens in that way. There are an enormous number of hard to quantify pieces that come into play with how those models actually interact on the game board. I don't have much trouble keeping my low-mid cost minions alive until they've done what I need them to do (including against fairly meta 10T crews with Fuhatsu, Samurai, etc). Conversely I've put the Lone Marshal on the table twice, found it underwhelming against a cagey opponent, and have since left it in the case and not missed it. I don't think it's a stretch to say that Guild players on these forums tend to ignore 80% of the tools we have in faction in favor of a fixed list that is optimized for the dojo/game-on-paper whatever. Much the same thing happened in 2e with the Papa Loco/Francisco Ortega/Death Marshal nonsense. Back then I was winning tournaments in four states, I encouraged people to get creative then and took plenty of flack for it. I didn't mind it then, I don't much mind it now.
  8. Jury is good for a suited Obey that 46 and the Doppelganger can copy. I prefer multiple models to funnel Lucius' AP into over one end point on a long chain, though both have their uses. That's what Grimwell does in my head for sure. I look at the resource cost of making it happen (not to mention all those executes to make it worth it) and I pick something else for my crew. But, like I said, I've never tried it to know one way or another. Hotter take, all the riders are trash it's just that the Pale Rider comes up even more often than the others. Admittedly, this is like 40% a troll and 20% remembering how terrible the riders were in 2e. That said, Riders are pretty easy to put down if they come to play in the first couple turns, and I should be able to leverage my material advantage in those early turns if the Rider is holding back (yeah, Pale gets a couple shots in, okay). They also lose an immense amount of value to Stunned/Slow (as most big models do) and since you know you're going to see Pale in just about every Guild crew you just roll your eyes and tech for it, right?
  9. Probably! (Caveat, I am not a game designer)
  10. Not really. I have two kids and a full time blue collar job. I'd recommend playing some chess, and losing a lot of games of Malifaux as you focus on the game more than the models.
  11. I'll wishlist the Outcast masters I play. Hamelin the Locus - Has an ability to place Plague Pits (Hazardous Blight +1, Severe) and can summon out of them. Jack Daw Ensouled - 12 wounds, can Torment friendly models, more support oriented movement shenanigans. Tara the Insatiable - Has an upgrade mechanic similar to Marcus' where you start with the basic Obliteration minions and ramp them up... not sure how that would work but it sounds fun and calls back to her upgrade nonsense in 2e.
  12. Huh, I for sure would have taken Jury into this matchup. And I'm dubious on the value of a second lawyer. And I think the Pale Rider is trash, but that's a meta-commentary more than anything else. Interested to see how Grimwell works, I've meant to try him a bunch and he keeps not making the cut...
  13. You're right, I guess a weakness of the faction is that it requires you to develop good fundamentals of positioning, tempo, and resource management.
  14. Guild does have keywords that can turn on the speed - Witch Hunter, Augmented, Guard, Elite, Family... Guild's biggest weakness is a player base that starts every crew with Pale Rider, Lone Marshal, Steward, Lawyer. It's strength as a faction is in its depth of counter-tech.
  15. Perdita I just want to have "Nothing's Stronger Than Family" - If this model is the crew's leader it is treated as having the Half-Blood keyword for the purposes of hiring." For Lucius I want something like, "Love to See a Plan Come Together" - if this model is the crew's leader the crew may score the EoG point on revealed schemes at the end of any turn.
  16. "Euripides is a low model count crew, without stellar defense, Ice Pillars which do not stop your Incorpreal models, just don't forget the Totem can let one model per round ignore Hazardous terrain. I think you will be fine against him, at least I had no issue." I tend to get tabled via simple duels on tactical actions. The indirect damage can be...a lot. I think the right play is to be more aggressive and just kill him first. I'm bad at those plays though.
  17. Glad to be following this write-up. Mobile, skirmishing Daw is the approach I prefer so I'm looking forward to your take. I'd play him more but my two regular opponents play Ten Thunders and Euripides respectively and I don't know that Daw has game into those matchups.
  18. Cooper, Ivan, and McCabe all share a faction so I'd start with one of them. Though Perdita is about the most affordable master to start the game with - her box plus stones and upgrades gets you to 50ss. I like Family a lot and have successfully played them almost exclusively in-keyword so there's that too. Hoffman shares a faction with Perdita so either is an okay start from that perspective. And Hoffman might be the easiest master in the game to get your head around.
  19. Honestly, Family can play into most things if you aren't expecting Terrifying.
  20. Not really. It turns out that tempo and positioning abilities are just always good. There are scheme pools and matchups that other keywords like better, and she has some distinct holes in her kit (minimal ranged damage, situational offensive repositioning, relatively low survivability, etc). I think Von Schill is the other one I'd drop into any pool - I just don't like his aesthetic though.
  21. I get you, working full time, two kids here. If my partner didn't play I'd never get a game.
  22. Having played against the crew a number of times, Cyclops are the bane of my existence. They are some of the hardest-to-counter schemers in the game just sitting in their own backfield. They have bad stats, sure, but their defensiveness is positional. It also puts them in a great place for counter-scheming.
  23. Actually, to that end I think Marshal screws with people's heads - if they're at a certain level. The amount of counter-tech in that one keyword is wild.
  24. I'm looking to round out my Void collection if anyone has; Talos Aionus Void Hunters Let me know! Thanks EDIT: Gadzooks had the Talos/Aionus box so it's just the Hunters I need.
  25. Welp, you managed to hit a lot of my weak points with this one. I'll be keeping a close eye on it for sure.
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