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  1. I'm sorry, now I just want to know what your favourite country is, following such a unique second choice.
  2. Well it is a place in real life first 😄
  3. I'm a big fan of Benny myself. It's not like you can't include all the components that make Lure/Bleeding Disease work as well as him, Plague is a pretty cheap keyword all things considered so you get to have your cake and eat it too. Prospectors are pretty much my favourite models to babysit him and make the engine tick, since they're generating value from the backlines anyway and don't lose out on much by taking the Interact action. But I'm weird and love Benny in Parker too (so many rats, so much card draw), so take that with a grain of salt.
  4. You can get a little crazy with a Prospector and a Rat King. Have the Rat King Interact and use Rat Problem to summon a Rat Catcher. When the King dies from the summon, have Benny discard a card to throw down another scheme marker on top of the one it placed with the Interact action. Then have the Prospector Interact, Appraise the corpse (for ~1/4 chance of another scheme marker), and if you have a 6 of Crows in your hand you can choose not to get the Soulstone and declare Malifaux Mining Law for another extra scheme marker. It all fairly consistently nets me something like 6-8 Rats from Benny's first turn.
  5. Hey guys, I'm curious, has anyone tried bringing a single Malifaux Rat out of keyword with Parker and Benny? I've been experimenting with it lately, and I feel like it's a big boon to Benny in the Bandit crew. It means you can form the Rat King on Turn 1 and have it about halfway up the board, ready to start properly activating from Turn 2 without losing an AP to Tangle Together. It's a fun module anyway, since Wanted Criminal on Parker will occasionally trigger off of the Rats and Rat Kings dying near Benny, and helps to keep your Soulstones and hand topped up through the game.
  6. Hi guys, two quick (related) questions. First up, does the Just Like Me action (the Changeling/Malifaux Child/maybe some others I'm not aware of) copy the triggers of the action? I couldn't really see anything one way or the other. The Mimic ability calls out that it copies Triggers, but the rules book suggests that Triggers are part of the action so I presume they would be applied RAW to a Just Like You action. I could be missing something though. I was also a little bit confused by the most recent FAQ. It states that the stat of an Action only ever refers to the numerical value listed in the Stat section, implying that a built-in suit would not be copied. The next sentence says that if a model takes an Action and has a specific Stat for that Action, it will include any modifiers or suits added to that Action's duel provided by the action. To me, that second sentence seems to imply that Just Like You would use a built-in suit or modifier, unless I'm reading something wrong there.
  7. Good to hear. After a bit of thought, I think I like the idea of Seamus more than Hamelin. Been rereading Anno Dracula lately and the thought of playing a necromantic Jack the Ripper makes me happy. I also found a group a university that plays, so I guess I'll pick up a starter box next time I'm in the city.
  8. I'm a pretty avid wargamer, exclusively Warmachine at the moment, although I have some background in the Games Workshop systems. As far as I'm aware, there are at least two or three gaming groups that play Malifaux in my city, but they're all on the opposite side of the city and rather hard to get to. I do know one player amongst my regular Warmachine opponents that plays the game.
  9. Greetings all. I've been looking into Malifaux lately and considering starting the game. Still a bit unsure on whether or not I actually want to play, but I have some friends that are considering it as well and if they choose to start I probably will as well. Anyway, if I do, I'm currently struggling to decide which faction and Master/s I want to use. The two that really appeal to me at the moment are Seamus and Hamelin. I don't suppose you guys could give me any help deciding which one to pick? Also, what equipment/books/models would I need to get a playable crew together quickly with whichever Master I pick?
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