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  1. Worth noting too that one of those models receiving Fast from the free scheme markers was the Emissary himself on some turns 😁
  2. He was using Weary Road on himself a bunch after Turn 1 to keep up, and the free scheme markers let the Student pass out Fast without costing me AP elsewhere. Worked pretty well.
  3. I've given both SoDP in a list with both the Emissary and Bishop. Had them both target the same sister Turn 1. It's fun beginning their first activation halfway across the opponent's table half.
  4. Oof, that was some seriously impactful AOE damage.
  5. I do rather love the idea of Parker being a weak Outcast Master. The default expectation for his keyword is like 4 AP a turn, thanks to Fast and Run and Gun, and Parker can often ditch cards to get models to a fifth with his extra Interact actions. We've already had the point raised earlier in this topic that spending a lot of AP to kill models the way Hamelin does isn't typically a point scoring exercise. If you want to see someone machine out points, watch Parker in action But yeah, he doesn't like Stunned and it would be nice to have an easy way to stack Focus on him. Going OOK
  6. It's also worth noting that the two models consistently cited as being the best for stacking Blight fast (and I agree with that assessment) are Nix and Hamelin. I.e. two of the three models with Bleeding Disease. They can put out a lot of Blight pretty quickly, but that's devaluing the supposed strength of being able to nuke the target with all these crazy high damage attacks. A single Bleeding Disease doing 9 damage is amazing (and the highest I have personally ever achieved), until you average it out as the result of a Master and an 8 stone Henchman's activations (ok, 13 damage including the
  7. Hamelin certainly is up there, but his keyword is so cheap (8 stone Henchmen, 5 stone Enforcer, 7 stone or less Minions) you almost inevitably have Versatiles because you've already hired the critical mass of keyword models. By and large though the Versatiles I do take, Prospectors and the Child, kind of still work thematically so it doesn't feel like such a reach.
  8. Didn't many of the token-using models in this edition get converted from using conditions in second edition precisely so that their mechanics could not be turned off by condition removal? Adding token removal to the pool just brings that straight back. I'd feel really sorry for Lynch if such a model ever released 😅
  9. In all my games I can think of maybe one time where a cap on Bleeding Disease damage (assuming a cap of 5) would have even increased the number of AP I had to spend to kill a target, and it would have just given the Obedient Wretch something to do instead of leaving her waffling around in the backlines not really contributing. Blight removal would be far more relevant, and also far more punishing, since suddenly those 3 damage Bleeding Diseases (far more common than the 5+ ones) are less effective. It's less pushback and more that I think you're overly fixated on honestly a rather
  10. It definitely sounds like an interesting game
  11. Riders are an interesting one. Generally speaking, I'm pretty happy to see a Rider across the table. Hamelin's ability to deny triggers shuts them down pretty hard, and his Stat 7 Lure can make it hard for them to find safe spots on the table in which to operate. But they are mobile and can run a flank well enough, so it is possible for a cagey rider to play around Hamelin. The Mechanical and Pale Riders are the ones I have the most experience in facing, and their ability to do what they want to do without needing to come near the bubble means I have to actually work if I want to neuter them.
  12. Boy the aura rules were important to learn for this crew. I had the opposite experience, where I was playing Diseased auras correctly in not having them stacked, but didn't realise until a few games in that Voracious Rats did stack. Getting those 2-3 rats per kill can get pretty swingy, especially since they're so often popping out in the midst of the action right where Hamelin is placed to make good use of them Actually, on that note, when people say that you need to alpha Hamelin hard and early, what kind of threats are you talking about exactly and what targets are you gunning
  13. Oh I don't disagree, the counter to Rat Kings is to simply hit them first, and Hamelin's counter in turn is to use himself and rats and Nix and whatever else to keep the opponent busy while he gets Rat Kings into position. Therein the game is played. But Hamelin does bring a punchy crew to the table, is more my point. I 100% agree with much of the rest of your post, should have made that clear. In particular the fact that I have normally killed my target by the time their blight gets to any seriously significant levels. With their absurd number of attacks Rat Kings would be my go t
  14. Ok, as a Hamelin player, I'm going to have to take exception to this. Hamelin's crew hits hard. Rat Kings should be able to get moderate damage on nearly every attack because they will nearly invariably be spending Focus and often have Strength in Numbers to give double positives to damage, will often be Fast, and have an Onslaught trigger. And that's before Hamelin throws in his bonus action. If the Rat King survives long enough to both activate and get Hamelin's support we're talking four attacks in a turn without Onslaught that are each more likely to do 4 damage than 2. I can often reasona
  15. Interesting. I have certainly seen the alpha strategy work ok, an Ortega crew is the only time I've felt I've come close to losing on attrition. Of course, the one game I've ever actually lost with Hamelin was kind of the opposite, where Titania boxed me into my deployment zone early but mostly played keep away and tried to kill Rat Kings before they could activate more to keep her own stuff alive long enough to score rather than trying to win the brawl. How obnoxious have people found anti-demise tech, exactly? It prevents me from playing Hamelin as aggressively as I would ordinar
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