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  1. Ok, so we've got a new Gaining Grounds and some new summoning rules, which rather hurt Hamelin on a few fronts. Traditionally I'd use Fast Rat Kings flung to the winds with Unclean Influence to do things like claim Symbols of Authority or enemy table half Turf War markers, but those options are now off the table. After a few games I've found myself hiring the Emissary in almost every pool, and the Midnight Stalker in most. The newly squishy and easy to kill Stalker can be a dicey prospect to be sure, but Work of Art is neat as it can guarantee a two Rat King summon on the first tur
  2. Was coming here to say this. You get *3*, and with positive damage flips against their preferred targets you will pretty consistently hit for 3 damage with a Stat 5 attack. They can attack into a melee from 10" away, and they're hard to get to when they're a backline model with Stealth. The fact that you get up to six attacks of that quality per turn for free is great on its own, even before they give Rats Fast or explode themselves into a new Rat King. Many games I don't need to worry about going for Bleeding Diseases because the Vomiting Diseases had done it. Against a Blighted 3+ target I'd
  3. It also appears that Totems aren't changing (based on the reference to Ikiryo and no indication that the summoned Ikiryo would have its own title on the Kirai card), so there's still Trunkie handing out upgrades for Schill.
  4. Yeah, calling Silent Ones a core minion is like calling Librarians the core minion of Freikorps. They're clearly a utility/specialist models designed for expanding the crew. I see 1-2 Order Initiates get hired into some pools, especially those that require a lot of movement. Being able to self-upgrade takes a lot of pressure off of Marcus and extra Calls of the Wild can be pretty huge. 6 stones for 7 health makes them feel pretty solid for their cost too, especially with a defensive upgrade tossed on top.
  5. Yeah, that's my assessment. The change to summon mechanics is far more impactful than capping the amount of Focus a Rat King can use, they already get arguably the biggest benefit of Focus (straight flips on damage) built in thanks to Strength in Numbers, so it's not a big downgrade in their output. The bigger problem is losing the capacity to Interact with Strategy Markers, which takes them out of scoring in 3/4 Strategies in GG2. I'm inclined to only summon one Rat Catcher with a King Turn 1 now myself in most Strategies, and hope the other one lasts long enough to get to a Strat Marker and
  6. Beyond not using Winged Plagues, yeah, I go through all of that each game. Maybe I'm used to playing games with a much larger model count than Malifaux but generally speaking the rat generation engine gets set up at deployment and you don't need to agonise over the placement much after that, and moving a bunch of models in formation and not having them trip over each other is fairly standard wargame fair from my perspective and rarely takes much time. Hamelin's own activations really only blow out time wise in my experience if those Unclean Influences start generating attack actions from the r
  7. I'd heard the same thing on the grapevine, but never really from anyone speaking firsthand. Made me quite nervous about playing him in the Vassal League, especially since I was new to Vassal, but I was able to solo him throughout without difficulty, which surprised me after all the warnings. Must be a practice thing I guess.
  8. Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all week The rats being mindless combined with usually wanting to combine them into Rat Kings and opponents wanting to kill them to prevent that make him usually fairly fast to play in my experience. You're rarely spending time on rat activations, and when you do there isn't a lot of decision making to get hung up on. If you're steamrolling an opponent things can get a little busy I suppose...
  9. Do people actually have trouble running Hamelin time-wise? I probably play him an unhealthy amount so it could be a practice thing for me, but he's never struck me as overly difficult to run on a time limit.
  10. Masters (and Totems) have a cost but you don't pay it unless hiring them in as second Masters. That list there has 15 stones leftover
  11. Plague pits, I think from memory. Yeah, there are a few directions they could go in. The Obey option feels like it would be reflecting the lore in a way Hamelin's mechanics haven't really approached previously, which would be neat. Maybe he'll get the ability to summon Winged Plagues so we'll actually have to put them on the table?
  12. For Hamelin I could see him turn into a Master-esque version of Asura Roten. Make Rats significant in their activations to enable a more scheme-driven approach perhaps? Given that current Hamelin already does basically everything else well (he tanks, he hits really hard, he sets up other models to hit really hard, he has AOE damage, he moves enemy models around) it's a little hard to imagine where else they could go. That or he could lean more into the mind control aspect in the lore. A lot of Hamelin stories I've read involve his attacks featuring near as many enthralled slaves as
  13. I played the Viktorias on the Strategy last night, and the Viktorias with Servant of Dark Powers plus two Ronin had all the Strategy Markers on my opponent's side of the table halfway through Turn 1. It's quite the AP advantage to put your opponent in that sort of position so quickly. I imagine Tara can easily do something similar, and has better options for Claim Jump in Keyword, so that's another choice.
  14. Why no reaping through forests? The target gets pushed until they hit the Rider's base so Severe terrain does nothing. You just don't get to pop the target over to the far side of the Rider's base.
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