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  1. Hahaha, that was wild! Quite an ending. Auguste seemed a lot more useful than I initially gave him credit for. There were a good few Min 3 swings in there given how few options you had to increase his Distracted. I wonder if it's worth bringing a Catalan Rifleman to drive up the Distracted...
  2. Definitely on my "to watch" list sometime in the next couple of days.
  3. Fun fact, Disguised prevents you from Run and Gunning a Desperate Merc, so Charging can't be part of Mad Dog's plan there.
  4. Oh I wasn't suggesting this as a fix to Mercenaries specifically, just an example of a strategy emphasising lower cost models.
  5. Previous editions have had strategies where you score by controlling table quarters, which you control by having more models in than your opponent. That would translate across to this edition just fine (especially if summoned models were excluded).
  6. I think you're missing one of 33's base sizes. You get one when they unbury from Expedite, then a second time when they place with Two Places at Once. So probably just shy of 25" all together.
  7. Eh, weary road is good free Bandit synergy and the Pretty Little Bonnet combos pretty well with Parker's Draw Their Attention (I have frequently charged Parker into melee so that he'll be in range to pick up markers with Cashing Out, then proceeded to land a hit on the first attack, and the Bonnet has allowed me to immediately Interact and now there are two markers in play for Stat 7 attacks for the rest of his activation). The Emissary is a bit more than just a way to use up points.
  8. The DCU's Bonus is a pretty significant amount of movement on Turn 1, so there's that. I've been playing him in a rough cluster with Mad Dog and one other model (usually someone cheap and unimportant Turn 1, like the Wretch or Effigy). The other model drops a scheme marker for Mad Dog, and the DCU proceeds to give all three models a pretty decent boost up the board for the cost of a bonus action. Plus it gives him a way to avoid ever being engaged, which has been great both for scheming and for shooting. I still think the TNs on both the bonus and Eyes in the Wall are bizarrely high though.
  9. I think I like Pearl more with Parker1 than 2, where her marker can be a Soulstone a turn. 2 just doesn't have that many uses for enemy scheme markers, he doesn't need her in support. I could see taking both her and the Emissary in Parker1, but that certainly seems like overkill in Parker2.
  10. That's my feeling. He's not a bad hire I think, but I wouldn't engine with him. I'd hire him primarily as a schemer who summons a couple of rats Turn 1 you can use for activation control and/or to capitalise on any incidental rats you get (DCU's bonus, Stolen dying, maybe an Infestation trigger somewhere) and actually get a Rat King on the table. I wouldn't have room for him in most pools but a Fast stone user can sometimes be a useful scoring tool. The rest of the time I don't think he fits too well into Hamelin2's game plan.
  11. I have begun to develop a bit of a fondness for Alyce with this Hamelin. If an enemy strays too close to her you can use the Piper's Influence to ensure your triggers and get 2 Blight on the target, then Obey them for 2 more Blight and have the model charge her via one of her Pit Traps (2 damage, 2 Injured because of the generated charge action), use a Tome to have Alyce do a damage to them for having charged her (3 damage 2 Injured), then go for two Bleeding Diseases (taking the trigger to Immediately push the target each time, resulting in 5 damage and one Injured per Bleeding Disease). Unlike the Execute plan you only need to stone/card for one trigger in all of that and the rest are guaranteed. Opponents quickly learn to stay the heck away from Alyce and her traps and frankly that's usually good for her.
  12. I would actually argue that ranged Blight is normally quite hard to get in Hamelin. Nearly every source of Blight is a melee attack or a 3" aura. The exceptions are all on Hamelin and, as mentioned, Hamelin1's ranged Blight will basically put the target into melee anyway. Range 10 Blight with AOEs combos very nicely with Hamelin2, who will usually be Obeying models into clumps. Though to be honest Burning will probably be more effective if the clumps get particularly big, you're only going to be making so many Bleeding Diseases and sometimes free damage without an additional duel from the Burning will just be a more efficient way of chipping away at an opposing crew. Worth noting that the DCU synergises very well with the Brawler (Stat 5-6 vs a Staggered enemy is usually an easy hit), though it will only be doing Burning in that situation. I probably wouldn't bother with the DCU in Hamelin1. The issues you mentioned become more pronounced once your gameplan becomes more melee focussed. Having a strangely high TN on its bonus action is annoying, I 100% agree, I'm just not sure what was going on there between this model and Eyes in the Walls. The Hidden Axe has exactly one merit, which is that you can put an opponent on tilt very quickly by declaring your DCU is attacking with the Snyder Cut.
  13. I don't think this Hamelin cares too much about rats to be honest, which is fine. You'll struggle to get a King online when you can't Obey rats to tangle, so they'll come on Mindless and then the next turn when they tangle the King is at minus one AP so it isn't going to get a full activation until the third turn since you started summoning. And with how squishy rats and kings are that's deeply optimistic. But hey, sometimes it'll happen and that's neat. I can't emphasise my bewilderment at Eyes in the Wall needing an 8 enough though, I 100% agree there. A 6" pulse is very large, that's the best rationale I can think of, but to be honest I think I would like the action a lot more if it only needed a 5 or 6 and had a smaller pulse range. To be honest the need for an 8 makes me strongly suspect that at some point in development it had a once/turn trigger to summon a Winged Plague instead of a Rat (an 8 is about right for a Cost 4 summon by most metrics), but that was later cut. Or maybe that's just me still being surprised that they didn't give this Hamelin a way to summon Winged Plagues the way they tried to "fix" nearly every other Cost 4 model in the game.
  14. Well, as I mentioned, Nix and the Obedient Wretch play into the Blighted gunline vibe and they're super cheap at just 13 stones. After that you can be pretty flexible. That said, I think our best friendly Obey target in faction is Mad Dog, and once you've hired Mad Dog then the Hodgepodge Emissary becomes tempting as it can keep him out of melee and feed him the scheme markers he needs to gain Fast. The Disease Containment Unit contributes to throwing out Blight at range, so it's a tempting hire as well. I wouldn't normally hire both Rusty Alyce and Mad Dog, but Rusty puts out Hazardous Terrain and this Hamelin has a lot of triggers to push enemy models around given that he doesn't really have any way to capitalise on those pushes. So that's also a tempting option. I think Mad Dog is generally better (Obeying enemies into a clump and then Obeying Mad Dog to AOE them for example), but Rusty doesn't get as much from the Emissary and frees up list building in that respect. The thing about Hamelin's Lure giving out Blight at range is that once you've landed a Lure your target is now going to be 6-7" away. Whereas this Hamelin actually can keep enemy models at arm's length while giving them Blight, because an Obey doesn't have to pull enemy models towards you. As for Pustulent Tumours, don't get me wrong, it's absolutely the strongest action on Hamelin1's card and usually you're nearly guaranteed to win any game where you get it off a couple of times, but the range stat on its deceptive because you're normally having to use your bonus action to run rats from behind you up and into position. Hamelin1 wants to cluster because he wants Stolen within Demise range and Rat Kings within range of his bonus to make attacks with and rats within range to turn into Rat Kings and once you've factored in terrain you're invariably forced into some relatively tight bubbles. Plus once you've formed a blob and hopefully forced the opponent to fight in a blob then you usually want Nix in your blob so that he'll be constantly healing, cancelling severe damage hits, and pulsing out ever more blight on the enemy models. This Hamelin only cares about the Stolen by contrast, and he can force enemy blobs to happen by just Obeying enemy models across the table together. Also, Blight in Hamelin2 scales rather more dramatically than Hamelin1 thanks to Spreading Death and, to a lesser extent, Spray of Filth on Bleeding Disease. I rarely found myself getting off 5+ damage Bleeding Diseases with Hamelin1, usually by the time Blight wracked up to that point it had been via high damage attacks from Rat Kings or Catchers and so the target was dead already since those models typically swing for 4-5 damage each anyway. Conversely in my Hamelin2 games I've hit a 6 damage Bleeding Disease in every game so far (a smaller sample size to be sure, but I don't expect them to be outside the norm). His ability to give every enemy model 2 Blight every time he kills something with a Bleeding Disease means that if he preys on weak models Turns 1-2 then by Turn 3 you're going to be hitting 4-6 damage Bleeding Diseases on whatever is left with largely zero set-up. I agree that Hamelin1 does feel better at killing, Hamelin1's output is hugely boosted by the Terminal trigger and he's usually bringing very high damage models in his crew. Hamelin2 does better at Bleeding Disease specifically however, and is better at setting it up from further away and doing it from relative safety.
  15. I agree that they read very similarly, but I've been building them very differently. I wouldn't overemphasise Hamelin2's bonus action all that much honestly, it's fine, it doesn't generate any more Onslaught attacks than Hamelin1 does by just tanking an opponent's stats to zero so that even weak Masks in hand are usually going to chain attacks. And outside of Onslaught nearly every Plague model has their best trigger built in anyway. To me the best thing about new Hamelin is Obey and considerably better long range Blight generation. This leads to him playing more like a gunline and being a lot more comfortable spreading out. Hamelin1 usually wanted all his squishy Plague models clustered within 6, increasing the vulnerability to AOEs but letting you turn the centre melee into a meat grinder sure to be littered with the corpses of friend and for alike. Hamelin2 by contrast is happy to bring basically zero of those squishy Plague models. Nix and the Wretch are enough, though the DCU adds to the Blight gunline vibe. And rather than clumping up new Hamelin doesn't care about the positioning of his models at all. Someone like Mad Dog being within the 12" Obey range is neat but it kind of begins and ends there. So personally I'm bringing Hamelin1 into pools with a lot of points focussed on the centre, and Hamelin2 into pools where I think a gunline would be better. Hamelin2 also has better game if I think my opponent will be packing a lot of AOEs and other anti-Hamelin tech, since I can happily bring basically zero stuff for it to get work off of. In terms of factions I like new Hamelin more into Guild (Obey is much better than Lure when faced with Leadlined Coats, and zero rat builds don't care about the Jury so much) and Neverborn (my opponents nearly always hire the Mysterious Emissary when I declare Hamelin, and it is markedly less effective into Hamelin2 with the more spread out game plan, marker removal, and ability to actually move the Emissary with Obey).
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