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  1. It's pretty specifically tooled for Public Enemies, but it's not outright bad at Leylines. Some fast models, free interact actions, and Barbaros can push enemy Lodestone bearers off the centre marker if he gets a shot. That's why you gotta get your hands on the alt Barbaros figure! Having a near bottomless pool of stones to pull from goes a long way. As does spending 19 stones on models to help keep him alive...
  2. Yeah, I wouldn't really call Lucius a centre control Master either. In Guild he definitely plays primarily as a gunline with myriad ways to influence the centrefield without contesting it directly. Less certain about Neverborn though.
  3. Interesting. My experience is that Wanted Criminal usually draws me 4-5 cards by Turn 3, typically on the higher end of that, on a pretty consistent basis. It would be nice if Drop It from other models worked near him more often, but since Mad Dog is my only Keyword hire I don't notice it much. Parker's deaths have been perishingly rare in my games with him. I'm not sure where the standard of beefy lies, but I've had crews like Dreamer, Yan Lo, and Misaki bounce off him. One of the advantages of a Master who doesn't need to win duels to do his job in his own activation and who also
  4. Yeah, there's a bit of that. Outside of one horrificially one-sided game against Kharnage's Nekima though, I don't think I've ever even seen Hamelin lose the central brawl (and that was more a brawl in his deployment zone...). But it takes a few turns for him to really get rolling, so I have seen him take too long and lose his window to score, since he inherently gets stronger over time.
  5. I think with Hamelin the decision I came to wasn't so much that I didn't want to fight for the centre, he's very good at winning centre fights, but more that an opponent will usually fight a delaying action in the centre and make it hard to monopolise the centre for scoring until late game and thus I wanted no more than one central scheme in most games. Hamelin crews are swimming in AP, so you can afford to have models in several points on the board. Something more scheme-oriented can be accomplished by Benny or a Rat King while the rest of the crew fights for the centre.
  6. Investigator + Draw Out Secrets trigger then?
  7. A Ride With Me serves much the same purpose though. And a Draw Out Secrets trigger on a Lawyer can bump enemy models out of engagement before the action if an Investigator is nearby.
  8. I made the decision after round one of Feb to stop taking Claim Jump and boy it's actually been a weight off. And that's coming from the perspective of someone who dropped Hamelin every round (i.e. a bubbly, centre-focussed crew with a great Claim Jump target in Nix). So yeah, that certainly speaks to my experience.
  9. I think he's one of our best on Public Enemies. He just doesn't give up Strat points, and should be able to score 2-3. I agree that I have other preferences for the remaining strategies.
  10. I play Parker as a melee fighter myself. Often with the Pretty Little Bonnet so that after the first damaging hit he's Stat 6 for the rest of that fight. I aim to have him engaged on Turn 2, Turn 1 sometimes, and stay engaged until Turn 5, ideally locking down the opponent's biggest beater. Wanted Criminal pays for itself real fast. I also can't recommend Barbaros enough. He's nigh indestructible with access to this many stones, and late game can often afford to just start buying Crit Strikes with however many he has left. Shove Aside and Bring It give you a lot of ways to manipulate the
  11. I'm going to be without a stable internet connection this month, so had to give it a miss For Parker, I'm a huge fan of this build in Public Enemies: Deal With The Devil (Outcasts) Size: 50 - Pool: 4 Leader: Parker Barrows Wanted Criminal Totem(s): Doc Mitchell Hires: Mad Dog Brackett Barbaros Hodgepodge Emissary Marlena Webster Prospector References: Memento Pretty Floral Bonnet Vitality Potion The Prospector is the only particularly vulnerable model in that list and it isn't worth a point for the str
  12. I just finished playing in the February Vassal event. Played Hamelin for all three rounds. The event had a limit of no more than 15 SS on Versatile or OOK models, which was great because my default Hamelin list had exactly 15 stones of Versatiles with two Prospectors and a Malifaux Child. My list was: Bungelosenstrasse (Outcasts) Size: 50 - Pool: 0 Leader: Hamelin (Vintage) Totem(s): Stolen Stolen 2 Stolen 3 Hires: Benny Wolcomb Nix Obedient Wretch Malifaux Child Rat King Rat King 2 Prospector Prospector 2 References: Ma
  13. Likewise, I don't think I've ever seen Aeslin attack a model that wasn't within 2" of Underbrush. When the entire crew can make them and Titania can move them and a bunch start where the combat is going to be anyway it's pretty trivial. Anywhere Aeslin wants to shoot is basically guaranteed to have a marker. In addition to how good she is at scoring, it's worth noting that she applies Injured on an AOE attack that moves its target. She can get Injured onto so many important targets so easily. First shot to move the initial target, second to get the injured onto another 1-2 models t
  14. Though exorcism on a Stat 7 Henchman does mean she's basically guaranteed to one-shot all Summons even outside Welcome to Malifuax. But ultimately I consider that a good thing. It means she'll be hired as a tech pick into Summoners at least.
  15. As someone who doesn't have any interest in playing Bayou at all, when I got a Sparkle Steed as a freebie in one of the big sales my brain went "Ok, this is amazing, I have to find some way to use this". I ended up shying away from getting myself a Ulix crew and instead ended up using it for a really entertaining D&D encounter with the players coming across a raging rabid unicorn that couldn't turn corners and kept slamming into trees and rocks and characters whenever it did charge attacks and hurting itself quite badly. One of the more entertaining combats I've ever run. My players now us
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