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  1. I didn't think Parker took part in the attack on Titania? Wasn't that the Viks plus Sue?
  2. From what we've seen so far it looks like Totems won't change between titles, right? Which means Schill will have access to the upgrades through the Steam Trunk even if his next title doesn't utilise them.
  3. This drive could be simply be because uninteractive schemes are a really delicate line to walk. One great thing about this game is you can lose the fight but win the game as a valid play style, which I love. But push that too far and you get situations where a player physically can't prevent their opponent from scoring points, and now we're starting to creep into negative play experiences and broken combos. A GG0 Soulstone Miner could be the gold standard for this experience. A lot of the changes from GG0 to GG1 was driven by this experience, where the goal in most pools was to build a list that could score 8 without ever going near the opponent. I actually feel like GG2 walked back a bit of the centre-focus that GG1 had, but most of that feels like it's been in the Strategies rather than the schemes. New Outflank is definitely less efficient and more telegraphed than it used to be. Unfortunately old Outflank kinda had a rep for being near possible to stop. If you go into a game planning for a centre brawl and your opponent goes for Outflank, you need to be playing a specific style of crew to be able to respond even if you see it coming a turn in advance. The board edges are a long way away for most crews in the game, even if the Strategy shift and strategies like Break the Line in particular encourage the use of those crews who can make that trip. Also am I the only one finding that Break the Line games are more often won on the flanks than in the centre? I feel like I'm playing it wrong, I'd love to be able to focus down the middle of the table. Or do you just mean the centreline?
  4. Ah, yes, that is definitely a better narrowing in on the archetype favoured here. Fast and killy crews that would have had a hard time overcoming the sort of overlapping auras they had to contend with in GG1 centre brawls now get to do that same fighting out on the flanks away from obnoxious counter tech. The Viktorias and Marcus are another two examples my meta has found to have gained a lot in this GG.
  5. Haha, as a bubble player I feel like I've had a very different experience. The changes to summons and the emphasis on strategies that require interact actions all over the board have left me feeling stretched thin basically every game, especially since in Outcasts our only real go-to for scheme running copped a massive durability nerf and there's hardly anything in faction that can keep up to support him or do his job once he goes down. I get the argument that strategies that require you to spread out implicitly encourage players to fight by chanelling them into the same spaces, but bubble crews as a rule still don't do that effectively. It doesn't feel like a nerf to control/denial gameplay, but rather competition for the same overall strategy fuelling those encounters. I have similar concerns with size of the upcoming wave of releases too though. The fact additional models are being released like Lady Yume beyond the Titles makes the scale of this next wave even larger than I originally assumed (I figured 50+ new Masters would be enough of a release wave on its own). I take some comfort in the fact that balance in Malifaux tends to feel more resilient to outliers than other games I've played, thanks to the combination of how hiring and scoring works, and that the devs have been aggressive in keeping balance in check through the erratas. There might be some hiccups in the short term, but hopefully those will be smoothed out.
  6. Yeah, Tormented doesn't love shockwaves either. I played against a Ten Thunders player once who hadn't seen Daw before and brought almost no Ruthless. I killed Misaki early, and ultimately stomped the table, but we noted Shang as MVP for the game because his Shockwaves did more work than the rest of the Misaki crew combined. The next game we played my opponent brought a crew comprised 100% of models with shockwaves or Ruthless. Ten Thunders specifically has a lot of tools for Daw. Euripides's Shockwaves are Tactical Actions too so they bypass Incorporeal.
  7. Could be good for some clutch Turn 5 plays, but you'd have to hold on to a stone or two and I don't know you can plan around Asami and Ama No Zako both surviving that long. This new Asami has to be one of the squishiest masters I've seen in the game.
  8. Ama No Zako lets you use the ability three times, no? Asami's activation, Ama No Zako's activation, Ama no Zako's reactivation. Though you'd better have an easy to kill target in range to charge and be in range of Flickering Lanterns on the reactivation.
  9. If I have one request it's that it doesn't address the fact that Rat Kings should totally have the Disguised rule (without having to take Wanted Criminal). Look at them, they're trying so hard to pass as hooman. They should be rewarded for the effort.
  10. Not only you! But then I'm apparently the only one on the planet who considered Parker a strong GG1 Master and one of, if not the, best Public Enemies Master we had. So to me his strengths were never in being able to spread out and Interact, but being able to fuel a bloody-minded centre brawl long past the point where other crews would have been tapped for resources. When played as a flanking schemer crew he's... alright, but I'd rather just play Tara and it doesn't really key into what he does (or rather, did) better than the other Outcast Masters.
  11. Haven't tried Levi yet, but I'm probably more inclined to play him now than I was before the nerf. That's probably down to me being contrary though and never really enjoying Leveticus before. Mustered up the energy to play two games of post-nerf Parker though and... I'm just sad I have actually been using Stick Up! for the first time, which recaptures a little of the old Parker resource generation, but it never fails to make me sad that it's card draw or damage, my opponent gets to choose which, and I actually have to win the duel to get either. Had a game where I misread the Soulstone stealing trigger as After Resolving and not When Resolving which felt ok but whoops, not actually a thing. Plus after a turn of just making Stick Up! attacks there isn't anything to do with Parker's bonus, which even if you landed some Soulstone drain still makes his activation feel a bit anaemic. I think I'm just going to have to keep him on the shelf until something dramatically changes for Bandit, I'm too haunted by the ghost of what used to be 😅
  12. I had a game with Tara a few weeks ago where both Vendetta and Catch and Release were in the pool. That just felt unfair 10 stones on a Wretch and the Scion meant I all but had four scheme points guaranteed...
  13. All you needed was some Land Mines to shove models through
  14. Sorry, I was referring to Tactical Actions printed on upgrades (like, say, Leap on Rocket Boots), not whether she could hand out upgrades with it. Been meaning to pull Von Schill for a while but haven't got my hands on a base for Hannah yet
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