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No Emissary for TT?


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If your TO has actually said no proxies, then you are correct in that there is no officially legal TT Avatar to use as a Emissary, as the original Avatar sculpts and rules came out a year before Storm of Shadows officially added TT to the game as anything other than a characteristic. However most TOs seem to be somewhat relaxed in regards to proxies if a model hasn't been officially released, as Bighammer mentioned.

However as said if you have already asked your TO, or if you are just looking for an absolutist answer in regards to the letter of the rules in Gaining Grounds, then you are correct. TT has no officially legal proxy to use as an emissary. 

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When I'm TO, I would allow any appropriate model for any model there is no general release (e.g. not just a black Friday pre-release) for.  For me an appropriate model is on the correct base size and would not confuse your opponent.  For the shadow emissary I'd allow any dragon that didn't represent another Malifaux model (e.g. I'd reject a Dawn Serpent) unless it is a conversion.

But you'd have to check with your TO for a specific event.

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Bushido has a solid range... I use their Models as Komainu since the new ones have too much of a weird pose for me and are hard to rework...I bought them though just to show of if some TO decides to be a douche...


This Model actually looks similar to the pick in the book :) maybe also pick it up till the release

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6 minutes ago, Necromancy said:

I bought a griffon from WarmaHordes to represent the Carrion Emissary for Ressers.
...but apparently our store has a brutal "No proxies in Tournaments under any circumstances" rule...


Well, as a Ressers player, you do have access to some Avatars, which are legal proxies for the Emissaries, as per Wyrd.  Barring that, I would try reasoning with the TO, since Wyrd has explicitly mentioned that proxies (within reason) are allowable.  At least it doesn't hurt to ask. 

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