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  1. Misaki ignores the movement penalties if Shang unburies her with his heal action, this might be what was meant/thought of?
  2. Dave L (me), Lewis P (the champ), Cole W and Callum P as well from the Scottish contingent. The rest are still deciding atm and are big enough adults that they can respond for themselves
  3. Y'all are playing Misaki wrong. I don't know how, because I haven't seen you play her, but she's top tier, easily. Her crew builds are flexible enough to cover almost any strat/scheme pool, Ototo is a beast of a beat stick with excellent mobility and manliness, and Wokou Raiders and Torakage are some of the best models in the game at what they do. When you look at all the other last blossom models out there, they all fill a role that many other factions have to reach out of keyword to get. There's anti-scheme tech and irreducible damage (archers), long range firepower (snipers), anti-charge tech (yamaziko/bosses), card draw (bosses), soft obeys (bosses) and a heck of a lot of damage on all of it. She and Yan Lo are my top tier in Thunders. Asami and Shenlong are likely up there too, due to sheer flexibility of crew build and some powerful abilities and actions, but Katanaka Misaki is in charge of the ten thunders for a reason.
  4. Lotus Eaters. Some of the best marker removal in the game.
  5. If only someone had pointed it out 2.5 months ago, possibly even before they went to print... >.> Oh well, hopefully they release something official about it sooner rather than later
  6. *bump* Has there been any response from Wyrd on this glaring error at all? I haven't seen one, and if it goes to print it will be a bit of a waste...
  7. Looks like this didn't get fixed in the "final" update. Trigger remains useless without a rewording or FAQ.
  8. One of her Geisha will just lure her away, to be fair, and she can still give Ironsides all the distracted while she's engaged. I actually like that she's not suit dependant like a lot of masters. Her triggers are bonuses rather than the focus of her actions, and she doesn't have a target number on anything. Once she strips your hand, she can hit those triggers with some pretty low cards.
  9. I'll pop up some quick reports about the 3 round tournament I took her to today. Won all three with her vs Lynch, Hamelin/Viks and Nellie. I don't think she has any bother with putting out enough Distracted. In my last game today she had, at once, 4 on Phiona Gage, 3 each on two Undercover Reporters, and 2 on Alison Dade. It's very easy to use her bonus action's crow trigger to cause a 4-card swing (they discard 2, she draws the same amount) and it's very difficult to resist her effects then, not to mention she's handing out 2 distracted per action pretty easily at that point. Couple it with Bill challenging something when their hand is empty and buggering off so that model can't target anything with any actions (so it keeps all of its distracted without someone using Assist) and you have a powerful combination.
  10. This is how it came up, actually. I got the trigger off on a rat catcher standing next to a rat king. When I noticed I could take any action I warned my opponent and they decided discarding two cards was the best course of action. It emptied his hand and filled mine. It wasn't until afterward when I was comparing the wording to obey that I noticed it didn't include the word "choose".
  11. I think so. That's a lot of protection for the crew and/or +2 damage for the Kunimitsus' attack actions a lot of the time. Her actions are fairly complex as is. While I love them and don't think there's anything wrong with how they play at the moment, blackmail in particular could do with being simplified. I've had to very carefully explain what it does each time, and have had to include that a side effect of the model discarding cards is that Youko then also gets to draw cards as well thanks to one of her auras. I love that it presents a sophie's choice for my opponent, it's probably one of the most in-character actions on any 10T model, but its level of complexity slows the game more than I would like it to. Possibly I'm overthinking it and folk will get used to it the way folk got used to Nellie's old Propaganda nonsense action and all of its triggers, though?
  12. Realised with a game against Hamelin tonight that Youko's "We Own You" trigger is pretty poorly worded as is. Obey actions in general are specifically worded as the model taking an action that is: - non bonus - doesn't attach upgrades - doesn't summon a model - is chosen and controlled by the obeying model Youko's trigger stipulates only: - the action is controlled by Youko. With this wording, the action seems to be chosen by her victim, rather than herself, and it can be any action at all, including bonus actions or summoning actions. The wording could do with being standardised, unless this odd combination of events is intended?
  13. Sun Quiang can already hand out Adversary (Ancestor). Not sure if more than that is necessary?
  14. I'll try to get some more use out of it in my next game and report back with more experience, then.
  15. They don't have any abilities that allow them to charge more than once per activation, do they? The main problem with killing them lies, imo, in reaching them. Their gun is good enough to be their primary attack method and they can very easily stay at range due to their high move and reckless. The one that got involved in melee got killed quickly, while the one that stayed on a flank and skirmished went untouched all game. Hidden Sniper is cool and all, but it doesn't really tickle me to shoot something with a minion level attack with a master's AP when I could use the same AP to tell another model to do the same or better, and draw a card into the bargain. If hidden sniper disappeared or became a bonus action, replaced with something akin to What Lackeys are For (I missed it greatly, Lucius is notably less mobile without it), I wouldn't lose any sleep.
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