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  1. Misaki ignores the movement penalties if Shang unburies her with his heal action, this might be what was meant/thought of?
  2. Dave L (me), Lewis P (the champ), Cole W and Callum P as well from the Scottish contingent. The rest are still deciding atm and are big enough adults that they can respond for themselves
  3. Y'all are playing Misaki wrong. I don't know how, because I haven't seen you play her, but she's top tier, easily. Her crew builds are flexible enough to cover almost any strat/scheme pool, Ototo is a beast of a beat stick with excellent mobility and manliness, and Wokou Raiders and Torakage are some of the best models in the game at what they do. When you look at all the other last blossom models out there, they all fill a role that many other factions have to reach out of keyword to get. There's anti-scheme tech and irreducible damage (archers), long range firepower (snipers), anti-charge tech (yamaziko/bosses), card draw (bosses), soft obeys (bosses) and a heck of a lot of damage on all of it. She and Yan Lo are my top tier in Thunders. Asami and Shenlong are likely up there too, due to sheer flexibility of crew build and some powerful abilities and actions, but Katanaka Misaki is in charge of the ten thunders for a reason.
  4. Lotus Eaters. Some of the best marker removal in the game.
  5. Apologies for the late reply, can you add myswlf (Dave L), Kai, Jamie, Ali and Joe to the list please? Danke!
  6. Just grabbed the last ticket: Dave Laing See you monsters there!
  7. I have a question with regards to EA2's limited pool stuff: do we need to put multiples of models into the cost for the pool if we intend to hire more than one? Eg, if someone wanted to hire two guild guard in a game, would they need to put 6ss aside in their hiring pool or only 3? Also, are there restrictions in place for summoned models for the hieing pool limitations, or should we just not worry about it? Ta.
  8. Paid for myself (Dave L)
  9. "Emancipation and universal suffrage" You didn't misremember
  10. . . . . . Highly enjoyable writing once more. Highlights: - McMourning's inner dialogue without the influence of the Grave Spirit. Amazing character development, and wonderfully written. - The big betrayal in the Guild story is over a card game. Excellently funny compared to the high stakes of the other plots. - Sonia *witnessing* her deepest fears once more after an excellent confrontation with Viktor. - Misaki. Get in, girl. More Ototo please! "Now you have the Thunder" <3 Lowlights: - I know she's meant to still be earthside, but please bring our bae Kirai back to us. Molly and I miss her so... - My Yan Lo fix from the Gencon event story still isn't fulfilled. I want to find out more about Lingxusi, especially since more people seem to know about it now! - after book 4, no story will be good enough without having a bare minimum of Lucius in it. A whole book devoted to his schemes with the new GG and Titania is required, please!
  11. Do want that Ototo. Also, did @Aaron get to pick the name of this one, by any chance? Art from a barely used Thunders henchman, name of a barely used Thunders upgrade... tease is right!
  12. A slight addendum to your "killing Titania" spiel, @InvokeChaos; both of Shenlong's melee triggers are timed "after succeeding". This means they still have the opportunity to stone to prevent the first lot of damage he deals, before the trigger that turns off soulstone use is applied. I make certain to explain this carefully to my opponents, as it can often be the difference between life and death for their master and can be a bit of a sore point if they find out they could have done it after the fact.
  13. I like to get my Chi from my enemies. Something is usually close enough after a few activations that Yan Lo can take a focussed attack against it, or you can ditch recalled training for similar results. Then you get Chi at the cost of decent cards and do 4 damage a time to enemy models instead of your own. I've gotten some early kills from this that really slow your opponent and increase your own tempo as a result, and frequently end turn 1 on 3-4 chi.
  14. My core is Shenlong with Wandering River style, 1 peasant, Shadow Emissary, low river monk and a Samurai with favour of earth. That's 26 stones before I pump my cache (usu to 5 or 6), leaving space for what I need to score. My hiring pool usually includes the Lone Swordsman, Katanaka Sniper, Wandering river monk, terracotta warrior, wastrels and tengu, which can achieve most schemes without too much bother. I rarely hire Yu with Shenlong now, but some schemes/strategies make it viable, if expensive.
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