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  1. Its not quite this light in RL, just my poor photography skills. It was a while ago I painted these guys, but I think I started with very light colors and did a series for very thin washes to build up the color in the recesses while keeping the high point very light. I probably came back with some layering of light colors on the high points as well.
  2. We will be having a M3E Beta League for the month of May. Rules Games are 35 points using the M3E Beta rules. Play a game at league night (Wed) at Nomad Games. Games must be complete by 8:45 pm. Scoring 1 pt for completing turn 3. 1 pt for completing turn 4. 1 pt for completing turn 5. 1 pt for winning the game. 1 pt for playing an opponent you have not yet played in the league. Points are cumulative, so you can score up to 5 points per game. Prizes Depends on participation level. Nomad Games and Hobbies 16825 48th Avenue West Lynnwood, WA 98037 (425) 971-8046
  3. When Yan Lo attaches his Flesh Ascendant using his Ascendancy ability does the Regeneration +2 proc, or does not affect Yan Lo until the next turn? Both have the "start of this model's Activation" timing, so the active player would decide what order the abilities occur in, but Regeneration does not "exist" at the beginning of "the start of Yan Lo's activation", but I would think it does exist before the end of "the start of Yan Lo's activation".
  4. If a model doesn't drop any markers does Creative Salvage still drop a marker? I'd say yes, but I can see the argument that since the killed model isn't dropping any markers their is nothing for it to be in addition to.
  5. I use an exacto knife and a 30/40/50mm base as a template to make markers out of model boxes. I posted pics here if that helps:
  6. Thanks guys, you are the best.
  7. Hello, A local shop owner has a couple unidentified models. He thinks they are Wyrd models, but we're not sure what they are. Can anyone identify either of these? Model 1) Model 2)
  8. So, if it doesn't say something like "If one or models have this ability..." then they stack. Got it. Thanks all!
  9. Much of the Qi and Gong crew has leverage. It seems really good if it stacks and pretty week if it doesn't. I haven't been able to find anything in the rulebook about how stacking works. If I have 5 models with Leverage do I get 5 Pass Tokens during the start phase?
  10. Versatile says "Actions on this card may only be taken once during the a units Activation." Does that mean if you have three Snapping Head assets attached you can make three Snapping Jaws attacks, one for each Snapping Heads card, or does it mean you can only take one Snapping Jaws attack for no matter how many Snapping Head assets are attached since it is the same action reprinted multiple times?
  11. It doesn't matter what the hiring rules are. You will see the most efficient crews played over and over in competition, so the only solution to this is good game balance.
  12. You might be right. I depends on how you define average. I went with odds are you will flip it at least 50% of the time. My math could also be off, but while I'm not 100% sure it is correct I have very high confidence it is.
  13. I was wondering about the odds of flipping different cards given different hand sizes, , (not done yet), etc. So I generated some tables and figured would be easy to determine exactly what a was worth. Once I had the tables it wasn't as easy as I thought. I posted the tables on line as well as my thoughts what a is worth. Here's a link to the tables: http://glowingsaber.com/math.html I've put a copy of my thoughts here. I'm wonder what everyone else thinks a is worth. How much is a worth? On average a single card flip will yield a 7, a flip will yield a 10, and a an 11. Does that mean Ml 5 with and Df 8 are equivalent? No. If each player has an unfiltered hand (no holdovers from last round, no Rush of Magic, etc.) of six cards then an attacker with has 8 cards to choose from and the defender has 7 to choose from. If you look at any given result (e.g. having a 6 +) the attacker has at most a 4.8% advantage and the advantage is less than a 1% for a little over half the results. In a nutshell early in the turn the attacker will need to cheat in a card 3 at least higher than the defenders to with the duel. No assume both players have exhausted their hands are relying on just top decking what they need. The attacker now has a significant advantage. They have a better percentage chance of getting any given result or better, peaking at a 25.3% advantage for a 7+ or 8+. A 13+ only has a 8.5% advantage, but that is nearly double the chances of the defender flipping a 13+. Then again if the defender flips a 10 they need a 13+ just to tie. I though once I generated these probability tables it would be easy to answer this question, but it definitely is not simple. IMHO, a is definitely not as good as +3, is probably not as good as +2, and is probably better than +1. I would say a is roughly equal to +1.5.
  14. I've started reworking the red jorogumo. I broke off the top of the glaive, unfortunately one of the models that were not designed to survive the table top, so I've replaced that. I've also been wanting to make an Asami-gumo. In the end I decided just go with a female Jororgumo. The only real difference would probabaly be the hair and back of the head. I've never really be happy with how the red turned out, so I'm gong to do some work on that as well, I still haven't decided what though...
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