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  1. Does not seem like there is a clear cut answer and from on resonse this has come up before.
  2. When Yan Lo attaches his Flesh Ascendant using his Ascendancy ability does the Regeneration +2 proc, or does not affect Yan Lo until the next turn? Both have the "start of this model's Activation" timing, so the active player would decide what order the abilities occur in, but Regeneration does not "exist" at the beginning of "the start of Yan Lo's activation", but I would think it does exist before the end of "the start of Yan Lo's activation".
  3. If a model doesn't drop any markers does Creative Salvage still drop a marker? I'd say yes, but I can see the argument that since the killed model isn't dropping any markers their is nothing for it to be in addition to.
  4. A great FAQ entry would be what is considered "listed by name".
  5. When does a model need to be in range for an action to be completed? Targeting (e.g. measuring range) takes place in step three. Imaging a Yokai charges a model, ends the move within 1" of it of a model. Completes steps 1-3. In step 4 it uses From Beyond, gains a Flicker token and uses Ephemeral Warriors to place within 3". I places itself 2" from the target (outside its engagement range). The Targeting step has already been complete so can the Yokai complete the attack action even though he is out of range for steps 4 and 5?
  6. Thanks all. FYI - updated original post to quote After Succeeding.
  7. I use an exacto knife and a 30/40/50mm base as a template to make markers out of model boxes. I posted pics here if that helps:
  8. If I understand this correctly if an attack with the Ricochet trigger kills its target Ricochet cannot be resolved because the target of the attack is removed from play during the resolution of the attack action and since the target is no longer in play the trigger has no effect? It seems really straight forward, but I wanted to make sure I'm not missing something, thanks.
  9. I remember this distinction from M2E, but was not able to find anything in the rulebook that supports it in M3E. That is unless you are talking about actions. The section on Resolving Actions clearly states you need LoS to the target. I have not found similar language for that states this is the case for "targets" general, nor for for Abilities.
  10. Does Ride the Rails require line of sight to either Scrap Marker? As far as I can tell there is nothing in the rule book saying LoS is required for abilities by default, so you do not need LoS to either scrap marker when using Ride the Rails.
  11. That's what I thought. Just like confirmation since I'm the "rules guy" for our group. Thanks all.
  12. Thanks guys, you are the best.
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