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  1. Tickets Bought Paul Butler James Doxey Team : Leodis Beauties
  2. James, locally TT's get chucked in the bin by a filthy Arcanist player on an every bloody week basis so technically it feels very honest when we play
  3. Neverborn propaganda we have many styles
  4. So the inevitable confusion commences
  5. see above, there were loads on the shelf today.
  6. Not technically true Contact Leodis Games (Leeds), was there about an hour ago they had 3-4 copies of most of what is out. Was tempted by the TT faction book.
  7. We’ve done this discussion before. There is a technical argument for applying the ability in a silly way, I argued it that way; the consensus was I needed to stop being silly
  8. As TO that’ll do for playing shenlong in the event. On a wholly unrelated note does anyone have a lotus eater I can borrow?
  9. Speaking as an actual Shenlong player a number of things work. Kiria is the most challenging her vengeance ability really stacks up particularly as the onslaught trigger is just as important (it generates Chi rather than consumes it) as the irreducible trigger. Same is true of her favourite secondary beater Yasanori that depends on onslaught and hates chip damage. THis is also true of terrifying models, it matters, draining hand of of low cards and moderates works because of how Drunken Style works. Shenlong hates the totem outside of reckoning, such a waste of resource if the bloody thing pops right back up after killing. Any model that prevents attacks generated by charges and or retargets attacks, Ashagari have been super effective in disrupting a Shenlong. Kill the scheme runners and totems. I have lost games whilst murdering a crew because they have sacrificed their beaters to kill my point scoring minions. Don't be scared of the Charm Warders they are a great model for 7 points but they have to be up front / in melee to be truly dangerous to a summoner and they have nothing but chi to keep them alive. Shenlong will have ways round most counter picks but remember all of those way round will be way less efficient than Drunken River Style spamming onslaught/irreducible I have been beaten by a number of times by Resser masters, Kiri, Von Stuck and Yan Lo (That was in TT but I believe the approach was transferable). It always been because of smart picks, smart positional play and making that game winning choice when it matters.
  10. We can sort lifts from station for those coming by train
  11. so so sexy now that my tickets been bought
  12. Tom, echoing David’s comments. Great TOing, whole event was great and the venue was a real revelation.
  13. It has effectively been banned in all significant Tournaments across the UK. I see no appetite across the top tier players for the ban to be relaxed. I loved playing duel masters Dreamer/Zoraida was amazing was utterly shit to play against in many strat and scheme pools
  14. good analysis. Its true Dreamer is top tier but he is far from dominant in the competitive scene. Same goes for Shenlong. There is top tier stuff in Arcanist, Bayou, Outcast and Resurrectionists. This thread is premature. There is hotness all over the place, the only thing that has proven bad for the competitive scene is double masters which is a shame but definitely is the case.
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