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  1. Dave don't know about the master thing but just spoke to the shop and there are 8 prepaid and I've just bought a ticket so good numbers .
  2. Not a problem will bring along. Due you just need the model?
  3. Nathan could you confirm if the above post refers to updating the out of date web content or Wyrd taking some further action on the unreleased stat cards that are negatively impacting competitive play? The post has been referenced by a TO regards an imminent tournament, effectively to see if Wyrd fix the problem. Would be be helpful to know either way as players are having to make commitments regards attendance
  4. First game with Nekima an issue around wording came up a read this as when a friendly Nephilim is kill any Nephilim other than the one killed can push and take an attack action. My opponent read this as another friendly Nephilim as a Nephilim other than Nekima. My interpretation makes sense in terms of the sentence and plain english but I can see my opponents point given any other friendly is so often used to exclude self targeting of a tactical action. It also beggars the question if it is Nekima and not the killed model that is excluded would this ability be triggered before the killed model is taken off the table?
  5. I'm prepared to believe Nathan can see the depth of the issue and is going to spring into action. Is it possible to put alerts on Dropbox for when Nathan pushes that button?
  6. Given I picked up these models yesterday and have two packs of Nephilim in transit I'd be happy argue against this stance. You are always going to be able to build a strong argument around a theoretical "new player" that would is inexplicably well informed about the massive range of printed models cards they only started looking at 5 days ago but not know about half a dozen unpublished stat cards that are critical to several popular crews. This theoretical new player that needs protecting from the theoretical negative impact of facing a model they're not familiar with, that may need an explanation at the table ( the same explanation happening on almost every other table, as real players constantly face stuff they are not familiar with in a new edition) to avoid that theoretical "new player" problem until I guess the faction books are released. At which point the same table explanation has to occur because the theoretical "new player" is probably not insane and hasn't bought all of the faction books so hasn't got direct access to every stat card. the whole bases for this problem, other than the messy nature of the situation couldn't be more spurious.
  7. No it makes several key masters unplayable. Try running a Nekima without her totem. Bloody stupid situation made worse by stupid choices
  8. Ignoring all those problems. I'll be racking up to tournaments in the UK with Nekima and moded proxy pig and the last beta rules for the totem. Expect Zero real issues...
  9. You raise an interesting point. Range is measured from Swamp fiend I'd argue; the range from Zoraida is irrelevant. Wording on stealth is sufficient open to be interpreted differently. Don't know if there is s general rule that defines which option takes precedence.
  10. That maybe what games designer intended but it's not how it has been written.
  11. Heck every and all Guild crew now come with added Nino 🤣
  12. digging deeper into this vain of filth. Would there be an argument that as worded could spotter mean that his family value trigger affects all friendly models not just friendly family models ? This could end up as big brain good....
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