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  1. That maybe what games designer intended but it's not how it has been written.
  2. Heck every and all Guild crew now come with added Nino 🤣
  3. digging deeper into this vain of filth. Would there be an argument that as worded could spotter mean that his family value trigger affects all friendly models not just friendly family models ? This could end up as big brain good....
  4. Surely the final print deadline has already passed. I'm guessing spotter should be written
  5. Is there something weird about this or is it actually reveal 5 cards, probably keep 3-4 and take 2-4 damage depending on level of luck. Just read Nino card. Is the interplay of his and judges ability been read generating AP for the judge? is his discarding generating 1 AP or in theory multiple AP?
  6. very true, I agree but it's just hard to pin people down for the BS within a Tournament when the pressures on.
  7. Tend to agree with Solkan on further consideration. the exact wording on the ability are Enemy only. This model and the target both flip over the top card of their Fate Deck, which cannot be Cheated. The model with the lowest value flipped card (or the target, in the case of a tie) suffers 3/4/5 damage. The wording doesn't transfer the damage flip to the target if they happen to win, so assuming HTW or similar the does not make the flip uncheatable then the Stitched gets to cheat the damage even if they lose the flip. What makes this funny is that I faced the same opponent the following day and when their Stitched lost a flip and the damage flipped was a RJ they tried to play it "correctly" to avoid the 6 damage ,having insisted (and took off my Stitched) we played that they were able cheat the damage, because they won the flip when a target them the previous day. They were not happy, when given the previous day, I told them to bugger off. Like so many special abilities the wording is poor which leads to confusion
  8. In the event that Stitched flips lower, is there any basis for the opponent claiming they can cheat the damage flip. Despite the ability saying nothing to that effect it came up in a game and my opponent pushed to be allowed. despite loosing the flip the gamble remains the stitched action so why should the stitched not be the one to cheat?
  9. James should have bought a ticket on my behalf
  10. interesting topic. There are two active Neverborn players using Dreamer in the still surprisingly vibrant UK tournament scene, I'm one of them. The nightmare keyword, Dreamer and Lucid Dream are strong but by no means oppressive. The crew has a whole function well and the combination of terrifying, the very cool summoning mechanics and the over buffed Stitched (cost six, six wounds, def 6 armour +1 , built-in card cycling on their main ability and a powerful (especially for them) free action) makes damage output, mobility and resource drain a winning combination. They are however vulnerable, Dreamer cannot be used too aggressively with 7 wounds and chompy, widow weaver and Coppelius are all vulnerable to crews with either ruthless, high wp or positive willpower flips. Like all good crews if you let them play their ground game and don't tune your crew/approach they will stomp you. Lucid Dream is a double-edged sword, you don't want too many good cards for stitched out of your deck but it is easy to cycle out high moderates / severs if you get a couple of bad flips in rd 1/2, I've had at least one game where a Lucid Dream has contributed to a loss. On a final note, as thing stands Dreamer is not the best Neverborn master if you don't like playing against a well-played Dreamer, Zorida is really going to upset you.
  11. I've not got enough brownie points for a meal out along with two days of gaming, therefore my care in the community teammate and I have to toddle off straight after last game Saturday
  12. The Bandersnatch is buried so it is essentially off the table. When you activate the Bandersnatch you can take attack action from the enemy model, with an extended range, but you cannot move or do other actions unless you unbury.
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