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  1. newsun

    Anna Lovelace- do you use her?

    I always consider her against NB as she make it tougher to tangle shadows.
  2. newsun

    Nicodem Players - Dealing with the nerf

    Maybe using Toshiro to summon and Nico to heal and make fast will be better?
  3. newsun

    My thoughts on Torakage & the 5-6ss minions

    Oh they are still good, just don't think they are 6ss worthy. Torakage might see play at 5ss.
  4. newsun

    Holes in Ten Thunders

    I'd rather melee 7 and min 3 than RT
  5. newsun

    My thoughts on Torakage & the 5-6ss minions

    Mostly because the way gg18 is. And I played a lot of Asami as I think she's probably top master in 10t.
  6. newsun

    Holes in Ten Thunders

    How many masters does 10t have who do 3+ min damage on an attack? How many who do this with a 6+ hit stat? How many have a good defensive trigger? How many models have attack start 7+ and min damage 3 how many have min damage 4+?
  7. newsun

    My thoughts on Torakage & the 5-6ss minions

    10t Bros already barely see play time now. 5ss is fine for them. Terracotta at 6 is out now for me too. Torakage at 5 would be considered at least. 10t struggles in the 2-4ss range more than this spot.
  8. newsun

    Rolling Over to Thunders - How to Start?

    Need a min 3 beater. Yas, izamu, Kang, graves, katanaka boss, ama are all ones I look at to fill this role.
  9. newsun

    Holes in Ten Thunders

    Min damage track is a problem though considering how many ss pay for support pieces. Misaki needs the no reduction on her bisento really. Missing ways to generate extra AP or companion into plays after support actions are taken.
  10. newsun

    What is our Answer to Sonnia?

    When I've run snipers with Shen, I always try to keep them 8-10" apart or so for this very reason. No need to clump most of the time.
  11. newsun

    General Draw Methods in Ten Thunders?

    Asami had rush of magic as does shan. Anna love lace or Hannah add rush and increased hand respectively.
  12. newsun

    Yan Lo Tactica?

    If yan also was fast and casting expert he could do it six times times in one activation.
  13. newsun

    Protec ya Neck

    Borrowed time already lets her summon tons of oni and not bringing at least one of our oni beaters seems a shame with her 1ap charges.
  14. newsun

    Shenlong Sniper Crew

    Use terrain and hide, there should be plenty of terrain on the board including blocking and hard cover. Continue playing the mission. Don't let them cheat severe damage. I have generally found this list lacking against tournament level lists. It's too gimmicky.
  15. newsun

    10T against Summoners

    Yes Asami summons much easier now with borrowed time. It's a huge win. If only she had a good way to get the resources to bring in models other than monkeys who still only last two turns most of the time.
  16. newsun

    10T against Summoners

    This is terrible. This discussion is about summoners who are bringing extra activations and the ability to shrug off most assassination runs with innate abilities and 10t gets to use their less activations to maybe heal back up? It does illuminate further some issues the faction has though. Now this is not saying it's all doom and gloom as Asami certainly has game with summons who charge the turn they arrive and her mobility is stellar and this can be done without resources, there is just some planning around flickering out which needs to be taken into account.
  17. newsun

    What about Ten Thunders erratas ?

    I like the buff ideas, every nerf idea kills the model in question and we are not topping tournaments regularly to require that in the first place.
  18. newsun

    New player starting with Asami

    Asami, heavenly design, borrowed time, equality, yasunori, ama recalled, bettari taste, terracotta, lrm, amajaku Get peaceful waters on someone, more recalled, and smoke. Summon yokai all day, then jorogumo when it makes sense. Three nasty beaters all able to 1ap charge over or through stuff. Plenty of schemes with yokai. Asami is super strong, very flexible, highly mobile.
  19. newsun

    Amanjaku + Shadow Emissary

    I find yasunori, ama, and bettari all better picks before emissary, lately I've been running all three. Hard to beat 1ap charges with flying or through things.
  20. newsun

    Shenlong, what should he be doing?

    Just need different targets. Only once per friendly target.
  21. newsun

    Yamaziko with Asami

    Asami most likely should be summoning 2-3 Yokai turns 1-2. The rest of the game it becomes more fluid. As to limiting charges, grasping strands does this fine by limiting charge attacks.
  22. newsun

    10T Beaters - Best way to smash faces?

    Emissary often fills that role, with his double focus he'll often drop six damage and can cast into combats. No one hits quite like Yasunori does, he's our only true beater, the rest are meh after him. Mostly, I try to keep him alive long enough to kill a few models.
  23. newsun

    Fuhatsu - Memory of Ho'dor

    It could have been anyone failing the wp duel can be targeted with the shooting attack.
  24. newsun

    Fuhatsu - Memory of Ho'dor

    His better shooting stat and moderate damage are why he's better than a samurai. The problem I have is he directly competes with emissary, yu, ama in that 10ss range among many others and they are much more likely to help me actually win the game. I do keep meaning to play him more, then I slot in something else that I feel will be more useful.
  25. newsun

    What's in this swill? Sell me on Brewmaster

    Consider a performer or two if you're attempting any poison stuff, plus they scheme around people, which can be handy in some situations. I'd consider this for head hunting, put on negs, lure, then slice. Fingers could easily be subbed then no need for the terracotta. Just start with misdirection, grab it either way, let brewie dump hits onto samurai as needed. Can always obey on the samurai to shoot, too. 50 SS Ten Thunders Crew The Brewmaster + 5 Pool - Running Tab (2) Fingers (10) Samurai (8) - Favor Of Earth (0) Wandering River Monk (7) Performer (6) Performer (6) Terracotta Warrior (5) Akaname (4) (exported from CrewFaux)