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  1. Silent protector: Take the Hit: After an enemy model targets a friendly model within @a2 with an Attack Action, this....
  2. Thanks to devs and all those who participated in the beta (open & closed) for all the work. The product is looking good and I'm really excited for v3. May the release be smooth and the $ flow.
  3. That's how I interpret it as well.
  4. newsun


    Crit strike is a big deal in conjunction with rapid fire and the ability to guarantee this with stones and cards can make sh6+ shoot min 4dmg 3x. Fuhatsu is the shooter hands down. Fooling yourself or not reading everything if you think otherwise.
  5. newsun


    I've been running one with Fuhatsu and while I think they are very good, especially as tank. I could easily see taking other models at same cost. I'm taking for tank and some range in a mostly melee crew, they fullfil that role. Though if you are getting negatives on damage, 2 min is not stellar so even hard to wound can be a real pain. Samurai is asking to be used against armor in melee ultimately. They may be better than good in some cases, op only probably at less than 9ss.
  6. Jokers = reflip is dumb. Agree with some changes needed. I like the loser chooses, though I think that should only be if it's a repeat location.
  7. This makes me think a Waldo section might be needed for those new to gaming and some general terms definitions. Even if they are defined later, it could be helpful for the Waldo sections to prepare them early on.
  8. Some friendly sparing before going to battle seems like a good warmup.
  9. ... Who is Waldo and where is he?
  10. Unresisted then a model dying sucks. A lot. I dunno specific examples of this happening now in m3e, though in m2e losing a model due to 5-6 burning on a voodoo doll being set on fire with nothing you could do once hemmed was possibly one of the worst NPE I experienced.
  11. If her problem is hiring as second master increase her cost.
  12. Set or Put if changing. Drop sounds like no care is given to the thing which wins games.
  13. Wandering River style can if the enemy is nearby.
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