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  1. Really only if you lose because those models didn't do their work and you would have been served with other models.
  2. Molly, machine, Archie gst, Manos, Marshall +whisper, crooligan x2 plus another 4-5pt model. It's great when he can summon. I like him for a nice reliable 5-6 damage shot from 12"
  3. If you need a model who can scheme, kill, and is mobile with no support he fills this role just fine. Is he always the best pick, No...could he do this work, definitely. Most of the time direct synergy is only needed with 2-4 models in a crew unless you are planning to bubble in the middle for claim or something.
  4. Archie is very good and a consideration In almost all lists. Because he's self sufficient it would even be okay in Urami where most things have synergy in keyword usually.
  5. She also needs an always useful bonus action or at least less conditional.
  6. Best I could see for it is with Reva since she brings corpses as well. No experience yet though that's where I plan to test.
  7. One of the other Rezzers Masters. Pick the one you want to paint or look at the app and see if any rules perk your interest.
  8. I've run a bunch in Molly. He's part of the triad (Rider, Archie, Manos). I also plan to try him in trans once I get this crew. One issue I have with him is we have a lot of 9-10ss models who do much of what he can making it feel 1-2ss extra. I was considering a df6 list with Doc him and emissary as the base. Kirai does not really need him and she's got a lot of play by me. Yan, he's often got a solid in keyword base that mostly leaves room for smaller scheme runners etc.
  9. I like one crooligan and Marshall with whisper. Most of the time turn one will be summon second crooligan I'll even use a good crow for this. Then later can shoot and/or summon risers. Archie is destined to run off and likely eventually die. They can recover with heals. Not really that tanky. A dedicated beater can and will remove Archie. He's more of a pricey scheme runner who eats those other runners in his way.
  10. This is an interesting idea which strays some from standard Kirai into Dreamer New Kirai Ankoku Crew (Resurrectionist) Size: 50 - Pool: 8 Leader: Kirai Ankoku The Whisper Totem(s): Ikiryo Hires: Seishin Seishin 2 Seishin 3 Shikome Toshiro, The Daimyo Shikome 2 Lost Love Onryo T1 you should be able to shove both Shikome and Ikiryo into the enemy crew. All the corpses can turn into Ashigaru. Also with the fairly minion heavy nature Tosh can use his power to good effectiveness. I consider 2ss free to keep or as something else, though I'd save at least 6 for summons and prevention.
  11. Made some progress on a couple of models as I watched Toni take on Levi the other night.
  12. Vincent is also a consideration into dreamer since he can remove summoned models as long as not ones from widow as she does not attach upgrades. The suggestion to kill day dreams while can help is a somewhat fruitless effort most times as they are not significant, so cheap that you are wasting valuable ap and usually way behind the meat of the list. If you have any blasts put damage on them around dreamer can be good. Missile Ikiryo into something valuable t1 for sure. Either she is on the mix for t2 or she's summoned again t1. It's really hard to kill models dreamer's crew can summon until the summoners are gone, so priority needs to be dreamer, widow, chompy (not necessarily this order).
  13. Toshiro need corpses to summon. Marshall can bring in keyword models who can also get reactivated.
  14. Cool, looking forward to seeing finished results. I've tried airbrushing though could not get things well for fine detail work. Unsure if skill, device, or both were issue. Ended up going back to brushes.
  15. Just because it's more expensive than base set and still desired, does not preclude from having a budget to fit.
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