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  1. When I've run Molly, I only start with one crooligan and use Marshall to bring more to field.
  2. Having trouble into dreamer and all his deck fixing along with stiched just wrecking stuff. What are you playing into him to keep him in check?
  3. While yes you do need to track the Poison and probably a lot of it, in addition to damaging huge bursts you can also use blood poisoning to heal a model for 5 with no heal flip and this is not something anything else in the game can do. Most other heals are 1-4 and require you to burn a severe for the nice heal. And you have this as bonus action on two models who can use stones. This forces your opponent to really strive to kill in one activation which is hard with the number of wounds this crew boosts.
  4. KI will earn it's points back so it's simply free movement. Asura is for the exact reason she was good with her previously. Mobile corpse markers. With the added bonus of scoring for you at times by dropping markers from Rottenburg.
  5. Will do I'm waiting on my Drauger to arrive.
  6. This is what I want to try with her Burn With Me (Resurrectionist) Size: 50 - Pool: 4 Leader: Reva Cortinas Totem(s): Corpse Candle Corpse Candle 2 Hires: Draugr Draugr 2 Lampad Killer Instinct Lampad 2 Killer Instinct Asura Roten Restless Spirit References: Corpse Candle Mindless Zombie
  7. I have one which will be listed on bartertown today/tomorrow. Be the lucky one to purchase from me.
  8. It's really not relevant the number of people arguing one side or the other as this is not decided by vote. It could be ruled both ways or this discussion would not be going along with the thread in the rules sub forum. I brought up my post regarding obey there as the originating action controller may or may not get credit for the kill based on this decision and it's further reaching than just more pyre markers.
  9. If someone obeys a model to attack another and the attacked model is killed, who gets credit for the killing?
  10. I would love to see official rulling in this.
  11. It's in their store in the Through The Beach section.
  12. Wyrd has this kit for their rpg which has some good bits to customize with.
  13. Also it's possible that a model/upgrade will be able to add a suit to another in the future as well. Some things in m2e had some auras which did this (unsure if still there). It's just for consistency and future proofing the rule.
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