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  1. I like to think of it as a bonus attack against opponent's hand that situationally is good at stealing a ss or killing a model. Crit is usually the better trigger to cheat a ss for the way i see it.
  2. This is actually untrue. Pass tokens remove one negative aspect of being out activated, which is having to commit to a model's action way before your opponent's models. The player with more models though definitely has more actions and thus out activates the other.
  3. newsun

    Sun Quiang

    I posted a bit in the ancestor thread, though I don't see how he's not valuable. Unless you kill him in one activation here's likely going back up to full if he wants to and can support the rest of the crew or just walk in anywhere and start scheming. No damage track does make him fully into support. Also some condition removal which basically does not cost an action via assist because of fast. Now if you didn't need to heal or scheme or remove conditions I could see him being worthless.
  4. This is what we can do, though as a company to basically ignore a faction (or part of it) because they are lacking in unpaid beta testers is also foolish. I think they need to look at the monks hard and think what fits theme, then what is fun, and finally move that towards functional. Right now it seems lacking in all of that.
  5. I think Sun healing takes the pressure off Yan to have to take care of his crew. Don't mind me is also really powerful and his stats are high so likely will survive unless really focused. I think I'd always take him with Yan. And is a strong consideration as +1.
  6. Increasing difficulty seems okay though difficulty to start and how much they increase looks to still need adjusting on some.
  7. newsun


    I agree with the sentiment here. He is still cheaper by 1ss. Revel could use tweaking to be net positive. Currently it's one good thing in gaining you cards and masks (maybe) and two negatives (cards and damage for them). Seems like it is either more negative or barely breaking even.
  8. They fill very similar roles. I used both in an event this weekend and found them both to be useful. Fuhatsu is the better ranged option with rapid fire getting still likely get two shots off even while moving, Samurai is more mobile and threatens melee better will tank heavy damage better without stones.
  9. Please elaborate on why the gun is too good.
  10. That's simply not true. You must do at least 4 to even reduce the HP at all since they're at 11hp to 8 and armor 2 on core mean entirely possible to suck up 2 models activation just to remove it, and that's already after you dealt with a&d.
  11. So the way to deal with this one models is that I must commit multiple model's AP and maybe I'll stop or reduce the amount of hp it comes back with? How is that not busted? Typically we are taking about 6-10 models total so minimum this model requires 2 of those to deal with and you need to be close with at least one of those where min 4 will possibly get you murdered with two swings. In no way did the above show how he's easy to deal with after already knocking all the HP to 0, which is effort required no matter what. Currently I think hard to find a list which won't want this model in faction. It's simply too good not to consider even with +1ss.
  12. Can easily wait till last activation for A&D before committing to make this basically impossible to stop the first time. Once in there, this becomes more feasible. Most games this is at least 29 hp worth of model (s) played by a smart player.
  13. 14" reform seems to strong for full health. 10-12" would be less NPE especially from a model who can easily be min 4 damage and severe at 7. All for only 9ss. This model is bonkers even losing it's third AP from m2e.
  14. newsun


    This was my original thought though you can suffer damage to make your attacks trigger with his bonus action so you do have some control even late in the turn.
  15. This is cleared up in today's release.
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