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  1. Are they purchasable separately? I have the rest of that box already.
  2. I don't see any such thing when I looked at their site. Maybe I missed it. Share link?
  3. Seems like that box makes sense on it's own as 60% is used by either faction. And some who collect both get 100% benefit.
  4. That's how I interpret it as well.
  5. newsun


    Crit strike is a big deal in conjunction with rapid fire and the ability to guarantee this with stones and cards can make sh6+ shoot min 4dmg 3x. Fuhatsu is the shooter hands down. Fooling yourself or not reading everything if you think otherwise.
  6. newsun


    I've been running one with Fuhatsu and while I think they are very good, especially as tank. I could easily see taking other models at same cost. I'm taking for tank and some range in a mostly melee crew, they fullfil that role. Though if you are getting negatives on damage, 2 min is not stellar so even hard to wound can be a real pain. Samurai is asking to be used against armor in melee ultimately. They may be better than good in some cases, op only probably at less than 9ss.
  7. Some friendly sparing before going to battle seems like a good warmup.
  8. If her problem is hiring as second master increase her cost.
  9. Wandering River style can if the enemy is nearby.
  10. Sorry about that, I thought was regarding the low River monk still. I still think the same applies though in that they will often be considered and not auto included. Though there are less condition removal options like this.
  11. As others have pointed out this model dies easily. 4hp is one moderate most of the time. You can also kill your target instead of leaving the option to heal. You can pull models out of healing range, you can pick schemes which don't play into this healing. There are a lot of things to mitigate there low monk. Perhaps the attack was performed to early or without enough follow up to ensure success. Will you play differently now that you know how much they can heal on their burst turn? Because the large heal is a 1-2 time per game thing with how chi builds up. Also an entire activation to heal is A not killing your models, B not likely advancing their schemes, C consuming good card from hand likely which is not available to beater or Master now. While this guy is useful, bringing one will not always happen. Tanuki might be a better pick or maybe all models have Juggernaut or master can heal. Honestly I like that they will be looked at often and selected when appropriate. To me that says they are in a good spot.
  12. Samurai are good consideration. Yasunori as well. Also the models already suggested.
  13. Interesting find. This does get wonky. Revealed is simply that. Put back on top of deck unless otherwise stated.
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