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  1. To name a few examples: When facing crews with good range threat, ability to remove destructible markers, attack buried targets, crews with Hard to Wound or other models with defenses against charges.
  2. I would like to see more reports of people trying Snipers, all Monks, Ohaguro Bettari, Tengu, Kamaitachi, all of Youko's crew, Obsidian Statue, Brothers and Terracotta Warriors. All of those models worry me to some extent, mostly in the way that they might not see play or in that I haven't seen anyone even try them. I myself plan to focus on Youko for a while.
  3. Paradigm


    I tried Yasunori in two games with Misaki this weekend in a beta tournament. I wasn't really impressed with the effects I got out of him in those two games at least. I had a hard time actually positioning him close enough to be able to get more than a single AP of attacks, and ended to doing a lot more damage with both Ototo and Lone Swordsman as things turned out. I tried going in early in the turn in one game, and my opponent used his cards against other models and then went after Yasunori once he no longer had damage reduction. I get the feeling he will be surprisingly vulnerable against quite a few crews if they have some combination of card draw for staying at 0-2 cards in hand, irreducible damage, Wp attacks, stunned or shutting down triggers. Only two actual games is obviously not enough to give a decisive verdict, but I wanted to offer my impression as I'm surprised to see so much discussion suggesting that he is overpowered. So far he feels okay, though not really so strong or interesting that I can see myself picking him over thematic beaters and Lone Swordsman all that often.
  4. Strategy Corrupted Idols Scheme List Search the ruins Dig their graves Detonate the charges Deliver a message Vendetta Time & Rounds Played 2,5 hours, 4 rounds. Final Score 4-3 in favor of Misaki Forum Name Paradigm Leader Misaki Crew List Misaki, 8ss cache -Masked Agent Shang Ototo 10 Minako 8 Yasunori 10 Lone Swordsman 8 Effigy 4 Strategy VP Scored 2 vp Scheme 1 & VP Scored Search the Ruins 2vp Scheme 2 & VP Scored Dig Their Graves 0vp If you could play this same Encounter again, what would you do differently? Focus less on the very difficult to kill Coryphee Duet to instead focus more on the strategy and maybe trying to score Dig against a model that is actually killed rather than Replaced with another model twice! Probably drop Masked Agent as it seemed much better against Colette on paper, but I realized she never really needs to stay on the table long enough for it to matter. Probably drop Yasunori as he once again didn't do quite enough for a 10ss model. Switching him and the Effigy for two Torakage would likely have been better. Also bringing some sort of condition removal would have been a good idea. MVP model (and Why?) Lone Swordsman. He managed to almost single handedly take down the Arcane Emissary with Focused some lucky flips, which made room for scoring Search. He didn't accomplish much after that other than absorb quite a few AP from Colette and her crew when they drowned him in Distracted, Stunned and Slow. Forum Name valkirsWrath Leader Colette Crew List Colette - 5ss cache Dove x3 Coryphee Duet 12ss Arcane Emissary 5ss w/Diesel Engine 2ss Cassandra 8ss Ice Dancer 6ss Showgirl 5ss w/Magical Training 2ss Strategy VP Scored 2 Scheme 1 & VP Scored Deliver a Message 1vp Scheme 2 & VP Scored Dig Their Graves 0 vp MVP model (and Why?) As the opponent I thought Colette herself had by far the biggest impact on the game. She was incredibly slippery and managed to pop out at just the right place, dishing out some really strong control effects through her conditions and place effects. Concerns and/or Confusions? This was my second time trying Yasunori, and much like the first game he somehow failed to have much impact on the game. I miss his high mobility from M2E, and although he is quite tanky I haven't been very impressed with his offensive capabilites so far. He might be solid, but doesn't really feel interesting when compared to models like Ototo, Minako and Lone Swordsman. The Coryphee Duet is really cool, but also quite confusing. The mechanics around it being able to get two activation and somehow healing a lot by splitting and refusing the activation after felt strange. It definately should be strong given its' cost, but I get the feeling many crews will feel completely helpless in trying to stop it or take it down. Detonate the Charges feels like a very difficult scheme that I pretty much can't see myself taking in any scheme pool.
  5. Strategy Plant Explosives, Corner Scheme List Outflank Assassinate Power Ritual Take Prisoner Claim Jump Time & Rounds Played 3 turns, 2,5 hours Final Score 2-4 in favor of Marcus Forum Name Paradigm Leader Misaki Crew List Misaki 10ss cache Ototo Yasunori Lone Swordsman Minako Rei Effigy Strategy VP Scored 1vp Scheme 1 & VP Scored Outflank, 0vp Scheme 2 & VP Scored Power Ritual, 1vp If you could play this same Encounter again, what would you do differently? First of all make room for two Torakage to better be able to score the strategy. I had a hard time actually getting beyond the centerline with Explosives in Corner deployment, especially with the threat of a Cerberus threatening to strike back if I advanced too far early. Also focusing more on scoring early rather than building long term advantage by trying to kill. MVP model (and Why?) Misaki. She was the only model in my crew fast enough to be able to drop an Explosive, and she also did a good job at threatening enemy models trying to score the strategy. I believe she only killed a single model, but instead managed to tie up quite a few models that otherwise would've scored more points. Forum Name Local Arcanist player, unsure of his forum name Leader Marcus Crew List Marcus Jackalope Cojo Myranda Cerberus Order Initiate -Magical Training Blessed of December Hoarcat Pride Strategy VP Scored 2 Scheme 1 & VP Scored Outflank 1 vp Scheme 2 & VP Scored Power Ritual 1 vp MVP model (and Why?) As the opponent I felt like the Cerberus had by far the biggest impact on the game. With a threat range of around 19" without help from other models coupled with the potential for five attacks at minimum damage 3 at the price of 8ss, I would absolutely take two and have Myranda turn into a third one as soon as possible if I had the opportunity. I've only faced the Cerberus in this one game though, so it might have other weaknesses that I don't realize. Concerns and/or Confusions? Most of my models did a good job. This was my first time trying Yasunori, and he honestly felt quite underwhelming. I tried to get more impact out of him by staying back a bit in turn 1 to keep him safe and pick up some Focus for more damage in turn 2. He had to act early in turn 2 to support Misaki who went in first activation to stop a couple of models from scoring Explosives. He did do a moderate and a weak for a total of six damage, but was then quickly killed after my opponent dumped most of his hand on other models and then proceeded to attack Yasunori with a single card remaining while replenishing his hand with the card draw from Marcus' upgrade switching. I'm curious to see if Yasunori performs better or is more fun to play once I play more games with him. Now that his speed feels pretty average and his damage a bit on the low side for a 10ss beater, I'll probably be more tempted to pick other models in the long run. Additional feedback Marcus himself seems to be an interesting support master with good upgrades to give out and impressive efficiency with his card draw. The entire crew felt really tanky with help from Myranda's healing. Seems solid! Misaki continues to be very fun to play!
  6. Strategy Turf War Scheme List Breakthrough Harness Dig Hold up Vendetta Time & Rounds Played 5 rounds, 2,5 hrs Final Score 8-1 to TT Forum Name Paradigm Leader Misaki Crew List Misaki 10ss cache Shang Ototo Minako Lone Swordsman Archer x2 Strategy VP Scored 4 Scheme 1 & VP Scored Harness 2vp Scheme 2 & VP Scored Breakthrough 2vp If you could play this same Encounter again, what would you do differently? It went pretty much perfectly for me with easily achievable schemes thanks to Misaki and summoned Katashiro. MVP model (and Why?) Misaki. She killed three models, scored Breakthrough pretty much alone and flipped a strat marker. Forum Name Parien Leader Zipp Crew List Zipp 5ss cache -Inferiority complex Earl Gracie First Mate Burt -Twelve cups of coffee Iron Skeeter Merris Strategy VP Scored 1 Scheme 1 & VP Scored Harness 0vp Scheme 2 & VP Scored Breakthrough 0vp If you could play this same Encounter again, what would you do differently? Use pianos more aggressively in turn 1 to hinder opponent's advancement. Play more defensively early to force Misaki to over extend or stay back. MVP model (and Why?) Gracie for being amazingly tanky and still doing a lot of damage. Concerns and/or Confusions? Misaki might be too strong. I had amazing use of unburying her with Shang's heal to get full movement late in the turn. Maybe make From Shadows trigger if she unburied for any reason this turn? I'm a bit torn when it comes to Archers. I've consistently felt that their damage is very low, but I did get good use out of Trick Shooting to remove two key scheme markers over the course of the game. I've suggested before that it would be really cool if Archers could get a built in crow on their attack so that it has more impact against models in concealment or if you line up shots with use of Shadow markers well.
  7. I was the Misaki player from the third match. My impression of Colette is that she seems really fun to play. I get the feeling that she has a high skill cap with her ability to threaten large portions of the board, and her ability to dump a ton of debuffs on chosen models could be very potent. It did feel like it was just Colette and the Coryphee Duet that did everything, with some help from the Emissary. Maybe it would be fun if her in theme models had a bit more variety in what they do?
  8. I've been experimenting with crews with a full cache of 10ss and good soulstone users in some games and smaller cache but more or better models in other games. So far my impression has been that a big cache used for mostly damage prevention, card cycling or in some important cases added suits feels very strong. Masters and Henchmen with solid defensive rules have been ridiculously tanky in a way that has been well worth the spent soulstones. It's obviously still important to have enough models to actually score VP, and this kind of crew can be counterplayed by crews with access to irreducible damage (although this is quite rare). Do you think big cache is too strong?
  9. From the Shadows allows a model to be deployed "at the start of the game" rather than during deployment. When precisely is that?
  10. What Version of the Playtest Documents were you using? 1.31 Strategy Corrupted Idols Scheme List Breakthrough Harness Leyline Search the Ruins Dig Their Graves Assassinate Time & Rounds Played 2.5 hours, 4 rounds before calling it. Final Score 6-3 to Ten Thunders Forum Name Paradigm Leader Misaki Crew List Misaki, 9ss cache Shang Minako Rei Yamaziko Lone Swordsman Sniper x2 Shadow Effigy Strategy VP Scored 3 Scheme 1 & VP Scored Harness Leyline, 2vp Scheme 2 & VP Scored Assassinate, 1vp If you could play this same Encounter again, what would you do differently? Switch Assassinate, which was difficult against Zipp, for Breakthrough or Search which in hindsight would've been easier. Yamaziko and the Snipers didn't have much impact on the game, and I believe that Ototo, Dawn Serpent or maybe an Archer for threatening scheme markers would've been better. MVP model (and Why?) Misaki. She made a huge difference by removing unactivated small-to-medium sized models to swing activation advantage, and also punching through a weaker flank with two enemy models and still managing to have an impact on the other flank in the end turns. Forum Name Erorior Leader Zipp Crew List Zipp Earl Arik First Mate Midnight Stalker Merris Iron Skeeter Flying Piglet Strategy VP Scored 2 Scheme 1 & VP Scored Dig Their Graves, 1vp Scheme 2 & VP Scored Search the Ruins, 0vp If you could play this same Encounter again, what would you do differently? Maybe remove Flying Piglet for bigger cache, which could've compensated for a couple of weak hands in important turns. Made a bit of mistake that cost 1vp on Search. MVP model (and Why?) Probably Arik. He was a big threat and managed to take quite a lot of attacks before finally going down after he ran out of Soulstones. Concerns and/or Confusions? Misaki and her crew are fun and feel pretty well balanced. Misaki herself might be on the strong side due to her long threat range, especially once you've accumulated more markers on the board. Yamaziko feel weak outside of her buff aura, which might be too strong in certain crews. Katanaka Snipers feel lackluster and a bit boring for their cost. Lone Swordsman might be a bit too strong with his current version of Last Breath. Maybe it would be enough to give positives to the attack generated by Last Breath, not during his whole activation?
  11. There is definitely room for counterplay, but I'd still argue that most summoners are significantly hampered. If Ariks aura covers the markers many models need to summon, or in the case of Dreamer enemy models that you can Unbury summons by, it can change the game dramatically. I'm not saying it's super overpowered and needs change instantly, but I'd very much like to see what people think after this sees more play. I'm guessing Arik in his current form would show up in most Outcast crews even if he didn't have Gravity Well due to his combination of high damage potential, tankiness and mobility. Gravity Well makes him even better as a counter to many masters.
  12. Interaction with shadow markers would be super cool! It would be awesome if they had the ability to measure shooting into a shadow marker and out of another one to hit enemies behind a wall or something like that. Might be too late in the beta to hope for big changes like that though.
  13. Wow. Most of the summoners will be sad, especially Dreamer. Ashes and Dust and McCabe as well due to their replace mechanic. Could the ability be worded in a way that is more intuitive, if it's meant to affect all of these things? A mention of "Enemy models may not Place, Unbury, Replace or be Summoned within 6" would prevent some nasty surprises for the crews that are heavily dependant on those kinds of effects. When I first read it I had no idea of all the implications.
  14. Arik has an aura that says "enemy models may not be placed within 6". It's pretty clear this stops effects that explicitly tell you to place the model, like Flight and many different teleportation abilities. Does it stop Summoning? Does it stop Unburying? Does it stop Replace effects?
  15. I've wondered the same. Been playing it as only on effect when she uses it to unbury.
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