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Hey, speaking of re-railing this topic:




As far as DM ambient music goes this is a fantastic tool. You can mix multiple channels of ambient track together. For example you can do Malifaux city with Medieval Town, Sewer Reverb, Rats, Steam Engine (randomly 1 time every 10 minutes) with some low Water Drips to make a very moody setting.


Or mix whatever setting you happen to be in.

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Internet search in whatever your prefered engine is using terms 'vintage photos'. There's a lot of public domain websites with a plethora of photos that are suitable for Malifaux inspired NPC's and settings. You can even be more specific if you want particular image types.


Out numerous FM's just load the images onto a laptop or ipad and show them around when required. Helps players get the 'image' right in our heads.

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Hey Folks,


I created these TTB deck mats for demos I've been giving of the game.   I've been working with a local RPG community who haven't had much, if any, exposure to Malifaux and its card mechanic.  They are more for demos, or new player groups.


There are three sheets in the PDF.   The central fate mat is easy enough, but then there are two variations of the twist mat.   The variation adds a spot to record the more transient updates to a character sheet like wounds, munitions & script.    I tend to suggest to my groups that the more transient stats are recorded on their mats and then transcribed onto their character sheets at the end of a session.


I laminated up my mats so I can just wipe them clean at the end of a session, ready for the next group.


Link here:

Colour Version - Download Here

Greyscale Version - Download Here

B&W No Artwork Version - Download Here





Fate Deck



Twist Deck Variant 1



Twist Deck Variant 2




Hopefully they are of use to some of you.   If you have any suggestions then let me know.

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was making a list for myself and figured I could share.


published Tarot Tie-Ins:


Chronicles 14: CRSC 12C

Chronicles 15: CRSC 10C, CRNC1C

Chronicles 16: CRNC 9C






IV. CRSC 7M, CRSt 6C, CRSt 2C, CRSt 7R

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Academic - Fated Almanac p.80
Animator - Into the Steam p.76
Augmented - Into the Steam p.80
Bokor - Into the Bayou p.80
Boomer - Into the Bayou p.84
Boozer - Into the Bayou p.88
Buckaroo - Into the Bayou p.92
Bully - Under Quarantine p.88
Chemist - Under Quarantine p.92
Collaborator - Into the Steam p.84
Copycat - Into the Bayou p.96
Criminal - Fated Almanac p.82
Dabbler - Fated Almanac p.84
Drudge - Fated Almanac p.86
Engineer - Into the Steam p.88
Forgotten - Under Quarantine p.96
Ghost Eater - Under Quarantine p.100
Ghoul - Under Quarantine p.104
Graverobber - Fated Almanac p.88
Guard - Fated Almanac p.90
Gunfighter - Fated Almanac p.92
Illusionist - Into the Steam p.92
Infiltrator - Into the Steam p.96/Monday Preview June 29
Mage - Into the Steam p.100
Medium -  - Under Quarantine p.108
Mercenary - Fated Almanac p.94
Necromancer - Under Quarantine p.112
Overseer - Fated Almanac p.96
Performer - Fated Almanac p.98
Pioneer - Fated Almanac p.100
Primal - Into the Steam p.104
Pugilist - Into the Bayou p.100
Sawbones - Under Quarantine p.116
Scrapper - Fated Almanac p.102
Swineherd - Into the Bayou p.104
Tinkerer - Fated Almanac p.104
Trapper - Into the Bayou p.108/Monday Preview 26 July 2016
Wastrel - Fated Almanac p.106
Advanced Pursuits, with suggested Factions
The Powers That Be
The Guild 
Death Marshal - Fatemasters' p.210
Exorcist - Under Quarantine p.124
Nephilim Hunter - Penny Dreadful: In Defense of Innocence
Miners and Steamfitters Union
Demolitionist - Into The Steam p.118
Steamfitter - Fatemasters' p.214
Outcasts and Mercenary Bands
Abettor of Obliteration - Under Quarantine p.122
Freikorpsmann - Fatemasters' p.212
Secret Factions
The Arcanists
December Acolyte - Wyrd Chronicles 11 p.5/Into The Steam p.110
Demolitionist - Into The Steam p.118
Shapeshifter - Into the Steam p.116/Monday Preview March 23
Showgirl - Into The Steam p.114 - Possibly Invested
Silent One - Into The Steam p.112
The Resurrectionists
Grave Servant - Fatemasters' p.216
Revenant - Under Quarantine p.128
Revivalist - Under Quarantine p.126
Student of Transmortis - Under Quarantine p.130
The Ten Thunders
Torakage - Fatemasters' p.218
Rampager -
 Northern Aggression p.106
- Possibly Guild/Arcanist/Resurrectionist
Autumn Knight -
Nythera p.150
Big Hat - Into the Bayou p.116
Lightning Bug - Into the Bayou p.118
Rocketeer - Into the Bayou p.120 - Possibly Arcanist/Guild
Taxidermist - Into the Bayou p.122 - Possibly Resurrectionist
Virtuoso - Into the Bayou p.114
Showgirl - Into The Steam p.114 - Probably Arcanist
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So, I'm wondering if anyone has made a sheet that has space for skill triggers. fewer sheets is better as well.

On a sidenote, one of my players really likes to get expanded complex rules for crafting and has asked me to get into more details on how long stuff takes to make. Here's my quick and dirty ruleset that I'd love to get some thoughts on. Primarily, the "cost" is a point of concern.

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22 hours ago, harlequeen said:

Does anyone have a printable version of the new character sheet for under quarantine? I noticed it wasn't available in the resources section on the site

Hi! The character sheet found in Under Quarantine is the same that the one in Into The Steam.

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4 hours ago, Druso said:

Hi! The character sheet found in Under Quarantine is the same that the one in Into The Steam.

The sheet in the PDF of Under Quarantine is the same, but the tarot spreads are different for the two supplements much like between the Fated Almanac and Into the Steam.  There should be distinct character sheets for each of the three books to reflect the different spreads.

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Soul I think its a bit early for the Bayou character sheet to be available as the book is not officially out until October, if Wyrd don't change that.

No doubt.

Wishful thinking maybe, but seems it'd be an easy addition though if the file is being updated anyway as the sheet at the back of the Bayou book appears properly gremlinized already (iirc)

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