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  1. What if instead of a spell book, make it an artifact (made of silver?) that confers a spell like ability. Twist... instead of feeding off of the souls in a stone (the golden promise as suggested above), it slowly consumes the user. Mcmorning knows all about it but wants to dupe someone else into using it to see what it does to them. The guild wants it so they can investigate alternate sources of power.
  2. and the prologue for that poor soul whom I will be picking on first... Your first thoughts as you start to awaken are of the pervasive, alternating patches of aching pain and disconcerting numbness. As you try to move, your head starts to throb. You manage to drag yourself out of the straw you find yourself surrounded by and manage to locate a vertical surface to drag yourself up on. You can smell horse. You start to stumble towards a sliver of slightly lighter darkness and manage to discover a door. You step out into a brisk night. There is a tiny glimmer of light on the horizon. Somewhere in the distance a rooster crows. It is dawn. You find a water pump near the door and manage to get it working. You stick your head under it. The cold water and the effort of pumping start to clear the fog from your consciousness. In the rapidly growing light you make out a train station across the road. It starts to come back to you in a rush. You are on your way to Malifaux. This is Breachworks station. You arrived early yesterday. The coach dropped you off at the station. You decided to grab a drink in the bar before heading into town to find a room for the night. Somehow you ended up playing cards and having some more drinks. Everything after that is black. You vaguely remember someone offering something called Soulstone Gin for a second before it is banished from your mind by a cool breeze passing across your knees. You look down to find yourself wearing a floral print pleated knee length skirt. You briefly ponder why you are in a skirt, followed immediately by what could have happened to your trousers. This leads you into the realization that you are not in possession of your suitcase, or your ticket which was safely tucked away inside. A quick search of your resting place yields no suitcase and even fewer answers.
  3. here is the prologue for the rest of the fated The weather is still warm, but you can definitely feel the impending autumn on the cool breezes coming down out of the west. You arrived in Breachtown late yesterday. It was a long trip and you were weary from the road. Your impending exodus coupled with the rumors and 'stories' told by the numerous other travelers you encountered on the way, has filled you with both excitement and apprehension. Getting a good night's rest is not going to be easy. Fortunately, the Last Chance Inn always seems to be able to provide some sort of distraction for travelers in just such a predicament. It also happens to be a unusually well suited place to rest your head and get a good hot meal. It is almost as if the earth is leaving a poignant reminder as to what you are leaving behind. Horace, the venerable owner (and bartender most nights), is a quick witted and chatty sort. He is always willing to impart upon you, his inexhaustible supply of advice regarding life on the other side of the breach, despite his having never been further west than the edge of town. You have no trouble finding rooms. This time of year, the town is rather subdued. Winters on either side of the breach are not the best times for starting a new life. An increase in the amount of laborers, reflects the apparent focus on exports coming in from Malifaux and getting them processed before the impending snows. After your final repose earth-side and a decent breakfast,Horace advises you to take advantage of the good weather and walk the few miles to the train station and save the 50 cents a head that it would cost to take a cab.
  4. So my first session should be coming up this weekend. It will be the first foray into the world of Malifaux for a bunch of veteran D&D players. We have already generated characters, but I have not told them their fate yet. I plan to reveal that during the crossing with a nice dramatic flair. One of the fated has the first step of 'As you walk backwards through the knife.' Since I have placed the breach in the Rocky mountains, having it surrounded by knife-edge canyons is an easy leap to make. I figured I would have him lose his ticket and have to retrace his steps (walk backwards) to find it. In the process, I can throw in some simple duels and maybe a brawl or two to teach the mechanics of the game.
  5. What I am currently using as Malifaux Station...
  6. So I am getting ready to start my first TtB campaign. I want to start earth side and make the transition into Malifaux a big production. So I started writing and planning and realized there is little refference material regarding trains and stations and other basic way-of-life type things. So I did a little digging. Enjoy. I know there is no official location for the Breach, so I came up with my own. I wanted the breach location to be remote and defensible (to deter interlopers) but I didn't want the guild to be so isolated and I also wanted a substantial train ride to get to the Breach. Ultimately I decided to place the breach in a knife edge canyon somewhere in the Laramie mountains in Wyoming. I then placed the breachworks station just west of Kendal Nebraska. More specificaly, just west of Cottonmill Lake, Ne to the mountains near Heela, Wyoming which is now roughly the north side of Crystal Lake Reservoir. This gave me everything I wanted. Figuring a private guild-owned split in the line near the wyoming border, It was a trip of about 340 miles. I got looking into train speeds for the time period and read that the average freight train went about 25 MPH and passenger trains got up to about 40 MPH, so that gives a travel time between 8.5 and 13.5 hours. Here is an old rail map that shows the trip... Here is a map that shows the destination a little (but not much) better... Next I actualy wanted to plan out the breachworks station since my first session is going to be spending a lot of time there. I got looking into old train station plans and found one for the new CNR station in Dauphin Manitoba that I like and thus used as my core concept. I drew a quick maps of the station (and upstairs) and the surrounding area. I will expound as I have time
  7. was making a list for myself and figured I could share. published Tarot Tie-Ins: Chronicles 14: CRSC 12C Chronicles 15: CRSC 10C, CRNC1C Chronicles 16: CRNC 9C IDoI: I. CRSC 11T, CREC 9C, CRSC 3T II. CRSt 2T, CRSC 12M, CRWC 3T, CREC 11C III. CRSC 9C, CREC 7R, CRWC 1C, CRNC 3R, CRWC 11M IV. CRSC 7M, CRSt 6C, CRSt 2C, CRSt 7R
  8. just a heads up, Calvin's "for not all treasures glimmer in the light" (9 of crows) step was just featured in the chronicles #16, 'A dragon and a vase'.
  9. You could always throw a "dummy" session in later that focuses on that character but never resolves anything.
  10. I'm just getting to a similar point in my TtB campaign. The first thing I noticed was four fated and four masters... do you want each character to have a nemesis or do you want the whole party to be against all four masters equaly? I'd lean towards the former but have one session each where they go against a different master just to mess with them. Here is what I came up with... Hope it gives you some ideas. Alice definitely seems analogous to the dreamer in a lot of aspects. Cauldron born are traditionaly just celtic zombies dispatched to gather corpses (per wikipedia). You can easily tie that into McMourning, but I still like the idea of using bigger and bigger summoned nightmares instead that Alice starts attracting as she progress alongs her dream quest. The Birth it refers to could be when she finally awakens from the dream and boom LCB is there to drag her back in. The witless man fears the child.. oh yeah, confront dreamer, but do it in the dream world and try to make him see that he is more than just dreaming, try to get him to reject LCB. Have her dream quest spark some latent uber ability as a reward but it gains the attention of the witch hunters and thus Sonia has to step in and reign her in and teach her to control/dampen her power. Which can lead right into the ordeal shall be your own, with the dreamer gone, LCB latches onto Alice and starts to manifest through her and she has to choose to accept or reject him. Calvin can be paired against Sonia at the start and she and the witch hunters could be constantly hunting him (as a dabbler he falls under her jurisdiction). Once your silver thread spends like golden promises, he gets a new magic ability that goes awry and draws guild attention. You'll take up the sword of your father , he has to take up a family profession (circus penguin seems appropriate) that reveals answers to controling his power. For not all treasure glimmer in the light, Further develope the powers / decend into madness. Escape is impossible, freedom is inevitable, He starts to think the power is under his control but then it turns on him and he is too far entrenched to let go (enter Pandora to push him / drive him mad). The only way to escape is to become insane. You’ll burn the oldest page could be related to somehow triggering Sonia to release Cherufe (sp?) and purging the madness with fire. Sandra can be pit against Mcmourning. After the reaper has come for innocence, McMourning is abducting test subjects (kids, elderly, ...?) Force her to choose between rescuing the innocent or persuing the villian. The mud flows like a river into the sky, yup head to the sewers, need an obligatory fountain/explosion of poo. For the coldest court will bow their king, Death is pretty cold, and the now-undead teswt subjects are serving McMorning. Spirits run sour in your weins, NIghtmares are spirits. Dreamer can pop in somehow and mess up some plans. And you will forget yourself, Have Mcmorning poison her so she cannot rely on her resilience to damage and then require her to solve some sort of challenge whe would normaly bull rush through. Slugger gets to face off against Pandora. If you beware oblivions hand, is currently unfolding as the group is lured into a trap in the streets of Malifaux. A simple robbery, nothing fancy... so they think. The sting of a single wasp will light the agony, During the previous step, Pandora managed to somehow link herself to Slugger and can now channel her abilities through him. For the stars illuminate your path. You see starts when you get hit, maybe he needs to get pandora's influence beaten out of him. Denying the battle will win the war, put him in a position where violence is not the answer (ie Pandora is using her ability that makes you hit yourself). and you will unshackle the prisoner, McMourning could have some sort of toxin that will purge that part of his brain from neverborn influence but leave him partialy lobotomized.
  11. Addendum: the 1/8" disks work great, but you have to ream the hole with a 1/8" drill bit to make it just a tiny bit deeper so the magnets sit flush.
  12. Amazon has lots of different types of lap desks. I use a metal duct cap as a work surface and to keep all my tools and mess contained. A small baking sheet would serve the same purpose I suppose. http://www.homedepot.com/p/Master-Flow-24-in-x-8-in-Rectangular-Duct-Cap-RDC24X8/100210779
  13. I use one of the masterson ones and they recomend adding pure ammonia to your pallete to keep mold from growing. You can buy it in any grocery store. Dont use glass cleaner it has other stuff in it. http://www.mastersonart.com/faq/faq.htm
  14. brib4169


    this is the stuff I use for all plastic models, it works great. The metal needle tip is fantastic. It does 'melt and fuse' your plastic so fair warning if you plan future conversions. http://www.testors.com/product/136942/8872C/_/Liquid_Cement_For_Plastic
  15. I sell Bruglyother and Nitestalker their magnets. If you intend to grow a massive collection (like we did) and want to carry them with you everywhere. Magnets in a metal box is really the way to go. The storage density is greater, and it is cheaper in the long run. I have nowhere near as many minis as the others, but here is what one drawer of my box looks like. If you want a little detail on the process... http://wyrd-games.net/community/topic/98274-magnetizing-bases-how-i-do-it/
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