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  1. Dont forget to adjust prices for location. Your flophouse in Malifaux city is still going to cost more than an Inn in the Northern Mountains because its always going to cost more for a shitty place in Manhattan than a nice place in rural New Jersey.
  2. It was the Winter Campaign, more wins for a faction got more story for them. You only have yourself to blame if you weren't winning for your faction!
  3. Not sure if bug, but Nathan's email footer still links to the old webstore. It redirects just fine to the new one though Account confirmation email's signature has a green facebook square and a green.... nothing square. Probably supposed to be for twitter or something? Also a broken image beside the office.assisstant email addy?
  4. I generally have an idea of where I want my story to go. There's often a timeline of events that are happening with or without the Fated's knowledge. I'll often remind them of the passage of time to emphasize this. But I leave the details to the players. I have an idea of paths they can take to get to the next plot point, but Im more than happy to let them have their own ideas. You should always be working towards "Yes". If the players have an idea of what could work it either should work or work them towards the goal. SO lets say they want to drink an NPC under the table, like in your exa
  5. I wouldnt even call them failings. That'd be like saying that Deathwatch has major failings in its combat system. It can certainly be a lot of fun for characters to really shine in combat, but I just wouldnt make it the focus of the campaign. I've said it before, but this game reminds me of a combat-reversed Call of Cthulhu. It shines brightly in social/non-combat situations and then combat exists (but instead of getting murdered you do the murdering)
  6. Which it should be pointed out, isnt necessarily a bad thing. If the players all want to play "Outlaws: Badasses of the Victorian Horror Gothic West" thats fine! Just so long as everyone is on the same page about what they want the game to be, FM included
  7. And then youre just indebted to the Dragon instead of the Ram
  8. Remember that the Guild wants to wring out all the money you could possibly bring with you so that you 1) Have to rely on them for all future supplies and 2) Prevents other factions from gaining a strong foot hold as you cant just bring whatever you like So the ticket cost is more like {N minus Cost of Living for A Week} where N is your net value as a person
  9. I hope so, my nearest retailer for free rpg day is in a different country
  10. You can always judge your players and adjust starting cash. Newer players can start with full/more scrip because they come from wealth/pulled a successful heist earthside/claimed a huge bounty whatever and veteran players can start with less having sold everything for their ticket/didnt have time to grab anything because theyre on the run etc I mean, talk with your players about it first "Do you want a greater challenge?" but the kind of players that want to make combat beasts are also the kind to play Deprived in Dark Souls, so just phrase it right I guess
  11. There's the mechanics listed above, but the impact of the destiny step is up to the Fatemaster to write. Not every destiny step is going to be super easy to work in, but as adventure hooks and inspirations they are an amazing tool to use. I personally try to set each step up referring to someone's death or loss of something important and if the Fated will save them or let them die/be lost. So for example I had the step "And You Will Drown In Not But Three Tears" (or something similar, book not in front of me) and I had the Fated slowly being drowned by spirits that were holding them down w
  12. I always see the as being more focused on the task at hand. So if you have a :+fate to your melee, you are concentrating on nothing but that punch and the target of your punch. Which, if you borrow from Cthulhu mythos, is a very bad idea. The more you focus on something wrong like an abomination, the more it works into your mind, the sicker it makes you. I mean, flavour this stuff however you like (I do consistency as much as I can within a campaign so there are established world rules) but the general idea is that the revulsion a normal person feels from seeing human limbs attached to
  13. Have a Height cap. I've been using 5 as I've never seen a 6 in Malifaux Skirmish. Unofficial but makes sense IMO
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