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  1. Xavian and Deathgrip

    Monday Preview - Mysterious Gentlemen

    Why do none of them have eyes?
  2. Xavian and Deathgrip

    Next Allegiances

    Events from the Obsidian Gate event also suggest that their forces will contain Arabian Djinn, Hindu Asura and Chinese Yoagai, and hopefully even some European demons. Albeit I must admit that I cannot confirm the last. Banasuva also seems to be one of such creatures.
  3. This is primarily out of curiosity, I have been wanting to try out the Through the Breach system for a bit but have nonetheless picked up on a few things about character creation. First is that is seems that characters receive two class skills and one generic skill at game start, as well as stats that equal (2) due to both mind and body cards having a total of zero. Characters then alternate generic skills with class skills. Yet some of the characters have differing numerical totals, two have stats above 4 (which I thought was impossible?), Kimber seems to lack a generic stat, and I frankly have no idea how a character receives a trigger, just random questions basically. Also what are the two class skills the alchemist receives, the other characters are obvious, but I can't figure her's out. edit: So I had a bit more of a look, and it seems that you gain a trigger when a skill reaches level 3, but can only gain skills like this once per level, or you can sacrifice a generic skill for a trigger in a skill you have at least 3. So that would mean that the chemist's class skills were the flaming bottles doctor trigger and the flask of formaldehyde? Edit 2: No wait, the chemist's skill is why she has so many infect triggers yes? Still, why do some characters have no triggers at level 3 while other do?
  4. Xavian and Deathgrip

    2" range of needle fist?

    Well that seems like an interesting tool then, but it seems a bit strange that the medical arm is better in combat than a normal one.
  5. Xavian and Deathgrip

    2" range of needle fist?

    Just a question about why the pneumatic fist has the range of a spear, is this a perk that he has, is it intrinsic to the weapon?
  6. Xavian and Deathgrip

    Is Kimon purely comprised of Oni?

    I am in the campaign, and an Indian spirit makes an appearance at one point.
  7. Xavian and Deathgrip

    Is Kimon purely comprised of Oni?

    Question is exactly what the title says, in the current game there are more than just Japanese creatures that are posing a challenge, with creatures from other mythologies making appearances. My question is whether Kimon is going to be comprised solely of Oni, or if western Demons, assorted mythological creatures, as well as Indian, Korean, or Chinese spirits will also make appearances.
  8. Xavian and Deathgrip

    Possesed advanced Pursuit?

    Thanks, that answers things.
  9. Xavian and Deathgrip

    Possesed advanced Pursuit?

    A possessed advance pursuit is mentioned in the rules, but I cannot find it on page 48 where it is claimed to be?
  10. Xavian and Deathgrip

    Monday Preview - Wanyudo

    So is the Undying Box basically an alternate starter set then?
  11. Xavian and Deathgrip

    Monday Preview - Propagandist

    Yeah, I should have seen that response coming. I did not properly articulate the concept I was describing. I was meaning along the lines of a very generic pursuit, like the one's in the core book, based around social situations and being good at cunning to complete an intelligence/academic charm/performer triad for social pursuits. Should have just said that. Also, I feel like 'Agitator' would be a better name than Propagandist. Different conotations come with the word. One suggests someone whose entire purpose is to rile people up and will them with strong emotions, the other suggests someone who "interprets" facts and distributes them through a network.
  12. Xavian and Deathgrip

    Monday Preview - Propagandist

    So this is basically the agitator class then? Definitely seems very interesting. Albeit is means that the investigator and face (cunning, talks their way out of things, acts like they belong. etc.) pursuits that I feel are missing from the game will not appear for a while, NB book will likely contain much more specific classes like those form under quarantine.
  13. Xavian and Deathgrip

    Monday Preview - Bureaucrat

    So it is basically a fixer class? A class that has you begin the game knowing people who are important who can help you rather than having to forge these relationships through gameplay. This feels like something that will be very GM dependent on how interesting it is, a bad FM will have this class feel very mechanical while a good one will make it feel like you are playing the powerful connected character. Interested to see how this plays out.
  14. Xavian and Deathgrip

    Monday Preview - Marksman

    More likely a reporter will be placed with other investigative characters in a sort of investigator class. Along with a cunning/face pursuit it is one of the two pursuits the game needs to add. How about players who want to dedicate themselves to heavy guns? Also, 10T book? Is that replacing the Avatar/high level play book, or is it going to come after it? Especially since I thought the avatar thing had been acknowledged as a sort of failed gimmick.
  15. Xavian and Deathgrip

    Monday Preview - Marksman

    Would this also work for players who would like to dedicate themselves to bows or thrown weapons?