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  1. The true master is the friendship we found along the way
  2. Are we absolutely certain this isn't a weird art for the Guild book in TTB?
  3. Guys, how could I ever forget Grandmama? That goes without saying even if building the chair is going to make me kill someone, I hear. But you guys have given me tons to think on.
  4. Ok so then I'm leaning towards Spinebuster's list. I have some metal death marshalls for utility (just need to get the cards). The push from The Judge seems really too much fun to ignore though so guess I'm going for Ghost Rider marshalls. Parker got me obsessed with out of turn movement. I'm leaning heavily towards the Peacekeeper vs Ryle, but I mighhht be able to swing both and stick to budget, which should satisfy my needs quite nicely. Thinking of picking up Alison next month because I dig the sculpt. Thanks guys for the help!
  5. Thanks for the suggestions! Think I know what I'm going for. Question though since I quite honestly have never seen the Peacekeeper on the table. When would I pick it as opposed to Bishop or Ryle?
  6. I'd say I am not interested in collecting the entire faction. Last year I learned that I work much better with mastering fewer tools then having a tool box filled to bursting (My first win was when I committed to mastering two masters rather than getting good with four). I have Bishop, Ronin, Sue, and Big Jake from Outcast. I hadn't considered the Peacekeeper though since I've never actually seen it on a table. So, I'd say I want to be able to accomplish schemes, beat down, and maybe heal/protect reasonably well.
  7. I've recently decided that I want to get new models to paint and play, so instead of rebuying my Outcast stuff, I'm going to dip my toe in Guild for 2017. So, I've settled for Perdita and Nellie being my sole two masters. Besides the outcast mercs that I already have for Nellie, what are some good things to consider for these two? What are some neat combos that these two can help each other with? Let's place my budget at $200 for now.
  8. Heck yeah! I want to take part this time!
  9. I'll admit I'm not a base maker but I was tempted on making a corner turnbuckle for the flesh construct holding a man over his head. But I like your idea better. The first thought that came to mind was small fire pieces at his left and right with thin wires spread out holding colorful and shiny golden foil or something as the sparks.
  10. Sure thing. Here's what I have. 50 SS Outcasts "All-Star" Crew Viktoria of Ashes + 6 Pool - Sisters in Fury (2) - Survivalist (1) - Synchronized Slaying (2) Malifaux Child (2) Taelor (10) - Oath Keeper (1) Viktoria of Blood (0) - Mark of Shez'uul (2) - Tally Sheet (1) Sue (8) - Return Fire (1) Freikorps Librarian (7) - Oath Keeper (1) Johan (6) - The Bigger They Are (1) For this one, I play it if I see center of the table schemes/strats hunting party or killy schemes. The way I figure it, it isn't really going to be able to hunt scheme runners, but if the strat requires being in the middle then I have enough of a threat bubble that anything that comes near is insta-gibbed. And since Malifaux Child hangs WAY in a lonely corner doing sick tricks, I never have to worry about Hunting Party. This list is assuming Arcanists, but I'd be switching the 10 spot for Hodgepodge if I sniffed out that I was facing a fellow beater crew (cause Hodgepodge Emissary can scheme run on his own and pull people out of danger), or Strongarm Suit if Quick Murder is in the pool, where he will NEVER go into melee and charge my own guys to get out of engagement (and will have scout the field as an emergency NOPE button). 50 SS "Experimental 9 Models" Outcasts Crew Viktoria of Ashes + 5 Pool - Survivalist (1) - Sisters in Fury (2) - Synchronized Slaying (2) Malifaux Child (2) Viktoria of Blood (0) - Mark of Shez'uul (2) - Oath Keeper (1) Sue (8) - Return Fire (1) Johan (6) - The Bigger They Are (1) Freikorps Trapper (6) Freikorps Trapper (6) The Winged Plague (4) The Winged Plague (4) The two 6 slots are completely dependent on the pool. If I see things that require pinging enemies to half and then cutting their heads off or if I feel like doing Inspection and the center line is a firing lane, then I do this. Otherwise I put Ronin in their place OR I might feel cheeky and try out 1 Wokou raider + Desperate Merc or Hodgepodge Effigy depending on need. The winged plagues are my minions of choice for any "interact with enemy" schemes since they get that end of turn push. PLUS, they are good for pinging damage and burning cards because I'm never going to give a model blight outside of a Hamelin crew, so that's free positive flips, almost as if I smacked a Desperate Merc around. Usually though, assuming I don't need trappers or plagues, I've experimented with 1 Desperate Merc + 1 Hodgepodge effigy. Two Freikorpsmenn, and Big jake, as my usual sweet spot for Stones in a Viks crew is 3. Now, I know the question is "why not use void wretches" (My local meta asks me that all the time...all. the. time.) In truth, I don't like them and I enjoy playing with the hand aspect for the positive flips for the twins, so I'm already playing juggle the cards and don't want to burn stuff just to make them tougher targets. Plus, the local meta doesn't use enough Bury that I ever missed being able to chomp on Papa's underpants. (Edit: Plus, why slow or fast when I can give out the best condition in the game. DEAD...the blood lust in Viks play is very real). In short, my Viks crews are all centered on threat projection and bubbles of not-so-unsafe. They can't scheme run for crap unless it's interacting with opponent (Plagues are AMAZING as a first wave when Marked for Death is in the pool). But that's what Parker is for.
  11. Good Lord man! My cat ran out the room when I finally realized what I was looking at and destroyed my gut laughing! Good show.
  12. Hey Guys, I got my hands on some alt models that I'd like to sell. I am open to sending overseas, but I don't know the cost. Right now I have them available on ebay (is it ok to post about auctions here?), but the ones without bids I can take down if someone is interested. You can see my auctions here. Doctor Dufresne (Alt McMourning) Alt Kaeris Master Model Alt Perdita Master Model (I have two) Alt Barbaros Henchman Model Black Friday Guard Sergeant Model I also have an Alt Rafkin and a second Alt Guard Sergeant that I haven't listed because I'm waffling whether to keep them for hobbying or not. I'm leaning towards not to keep myself from dipping back to Ressers or into Guild (even if Lucius lures me)
  13. My brother plays this very combination of masters (and is selling his McCabe stuff on ebay), so I'm interested in this thread. But how do you feel about the Wastrel trick for Yan Lo? My brother hires one every game for turn one kills, then has the Daimyo summon an Ashigaru in it's place. Is there a more efficient way to get the three chi he needs for Impossible and Incorporeal? Also, how useful is Huanpo Assault if you don't have the emissary?
  14. As a Viks player, I can tell you that one of my most hated things are paralyzes. Things like the Nurse medicine work great since you don't have to beat me, you just have to tie. Or Bishop (if you don't mind the merc tax) hanging near Blood and giving her a haymaker for most the game. Viks don't tend to have a lot of soul stones and likely burned one or two to get the Whirlwinds. I've also seen Hans run with Shen Long to get two focused shots a turn that wrecked my Viks AND lazarus for free. I had one amusing game where my brother used Sun Quiang to place Blood on top of a building where she'd insta-gib if she hopped off. Finally, shoot them. Ash has a gun and is good with it, but Blood can be shot with impunity. The key is to remember that Blood is strongest at the top of the turn and Ash is strongest at the bottom. Don't rely on the Black Joker being in the deck, because I promise that if a Viks player gets a Black Joker, they'll sandbag it unless they have a pretty darn good reason. But as Aaron said, the bloodlust is very real for a Viks player and even the best of players can be baited into overextending. So put a juicy target just within range and, if they go for it, capitalize. Typically, the Viks go last in a turn, but if you can force them to activate earlier, then one of, if not both, will probably die. Edit: For more 10T advice. The scariest thing I can think of is Brewmaster obeying Blood if she's standing anywhere in reach of my guys. Since she always has mark of Shezhul. Don't let them get close and focus on the range game or throw Yin at them. Control (hi Lust) really helps to prevent them from having easy charges.
  15. Get out of my head Daniello! Seriously, I'm finding that the more I play Viks and do well, the less often I use her. When I do, I'm using her to shove Lazarus around. I realize that the Sister heal is great! But I'm relying more on Blood to get that done. In fact, I'm thinking that she fits better with Iron Levi (but I don't play Levi so this is purely speculation. Parker/Viks are my otp apparently). I've had 9 model crews with Viks that did well at my local meta, but I'm finding I usually end up playing the all star team. Malifaux Child though is stapled to that crew. Gotta say though, nothing says love like the Malifaux Child securing me points after casting Sisters in Fury. "Just like you" indeed.
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