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  1. WalkingInBlack

    Gremlin Multi-part Kit ???

    I have been considering getting someone to make me a custom Gremlin Multi-part kit/set as it seems we won't bee seeing any from Wyrd or they would have made them a long time ago, but the problem is that getting a custom Gremlin Multi-part kit/set made is going to be expensive, but what else to do.
  2. WalkingInBlack

    Monday Preview - Bayou Bash Rooster Rider

    So we have a pig, a animated tree stump, and a Naked Rooster, I'm guess the next ones will be, a big voodoo doll, a alligator/crocodile without scales.
  3. WalkingInBlack

    Gremlin Multi-part Kit ???

    I'm still wondering when the Gremlin Multi-part kit will come out or if there will be any at all, its been some years now and the human multi-part kits came out at the same time as the core rule book for TTB RPG and the Into the Bayou book have been out for a long time and the new core book have come out and still no Gremlin Multi-part kit, I wish Wyrd would just say it strait out that there won't be any Gremlin Multi-part kit so we can get them somewhere else instead of getting annoyed with them for not just making the decision and be straight out with it... *sigh* I think one should probably just give up trying to get Wyrd to make a Gremlin Multi-part kit and just find other options.
  4. WalkingInBlack


    That does look amazing, great, wonderful, and hell of expensive.
  5. WalkingInBlack

    Monday Preview - Bayou Bash Pig Rider

    What will the sizes of the models in Bayou Bash game be, will they be the same size as Malifaux models?
  6. WalkingInBlack

    The TTB Spell Deck

    Sorry for a late reply, password issues and life Well I noticed it in some stores, now I just have to wait and see when it will arrive in my country
  7. WalkingInBlack

    TtB Modular kits

    Well that is one way but that can't be done easily with all the female legs.
  8. I know there are some art of Doctor Dufresne out there but they are small and its not easy seeing the details which I would like to see for painting reason, I think there was a big art picture of Doctor Dufresne on Wyrd's webpage but it seems to have vanished, or is it somewhere hidden away do to all the changes over the years??
  9. WalkingInBlack

    TtB Modular kits

    Sadly the female kit also have limited options and don't have the same weapons or equipments as the male kit has and vice versa, I tried to use the mechanical arm of the male kit for one of my females... lets just say a lot of cutting and clipping were done and it still doesn't fit, if you have both kits you will know why I had to use the one from the male kit for a female, its a matter of left and right
  10. WalkingInBlack

    The TTB Spell Deck

    So it won't be available in retail store only Wyrd's webstore??
  11. WalkingInBlack

    TtB Modular kits

    They said a long time ago they would not change the issues with the female kit.
  12. Heja Erik, jeg høre du er Henchman her I Danmark så jeg ville lige forhøre mig om du har nogen ide om hvor I Danmark der bliver solgt Malifaux or Though the Breach, min LGS her I Næstved har en leverandør som ikke har Wyrd ting og jeg høre det tit, er der virklig ingen der føre Wyrd's ting?


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    2. Erik1978


      Dragons Lair i Lyngby gør vist, og måske Fanatic Roskilde. Men det er vist også dét. Intet i KBH. Jeg gad godt have en stor Malifaux hule derinde, men butik og spilleklub. :D


    3. WalkingInBlack


      Hmm jeg troede der kun var Dragons Lair butikker in Århus og Odense.

      Jeg ved at Faraos Cigarer har reglbogen til Malifaux men ikke andet, jeg ved ikke om man stadig kan få lokket dem til at bestille noget hjem.

    4. Erik1978


      Tja, måske. :) Den lille regelbog har Rogue Trader vist stadig til salg.

  13. WalkingInBlack

    Gremlin Multi-part Kit ???

    That is an option, but its way more easier to get male gremlins then female gremlins as it is now, the Bayou Gremlin pack give 4 male gremlins with a bit of accessories and they seem to be easy to mix and match then most, and most of the other packs is pretty much male gremlins as well with the exception of the Lightning Bugs pack which have one female gremlin. The reason why I mention a female multi-kit is that there really isn't any options for female gremlins for making RPG characters.
  14. WalkingInBlack

    Gremlin Multi-part Kit ???

    I would have liked to get a female gremlin multipart kit and gremlin accessory kit, seems very unlikely or at least it feels like it.
  15. WalkingInBlack

    Gremlin Multi-part Kit ???

    Well Trixibelle cost almost half of what the box would cost add that site you linked to, and that is one of the expensive things about buying single minis from places like that.